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  1. Interesting. What OS are you using? What .net-version? I've got the same error a few months ago on Linux and had to change the wine-version to get it working again.
  2. I would really love to see a Tiger II-based Tank ingame
  3. Our government (Bavaria) takes COVID very seriously. They even ordered the homeless to stay at home (The headline literally says "The homeless shall stay at home too")
  4. Doesn't COVID-19 give you enough time for IA*? Why isn't anyone ingame? *I guess you guys also have been told to stay at home
  5. In Soviet Russia, bomb disarms you
  6. I would not even be surprised if your Nod Buggie's Maschinegun shoots fire
  7. Tesla Tank's MG also stays visible, for example when near a Stealth Generator
  8. This would be a great Nod-Counterpart to the Tortoise (image source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagdpanzer_VI_Jagdtiger#/media/Datei:Jagdtiger-Aberdeen.00059se8.jpg by User:Fat yankey, CC BY-SA 2.5)
  9. This bug exists since at least a few weeks: If you build a 183mm Stage II in GDI's War Factory at mt. bog, it spawns either invisible or underground. You can sometimes enter it but you can't drive it out of War Factory (as it should normally do by itself) It's destroyed when the next vehicle is produced.
  10. Why is the torpedo boat so damn useless? It's obviously a dedicated anti-ship-vehicle, but the torpedoes are neither fast nor homeing, and if they hit, the damage done is ridiculous. My ideas: Massive buff to torpedo damage, maybe secondary fire with faster and/or homeing torpedos doing less damage than buffed current ones. (Similar to ADATs) You can raise it's price to compensate, that's not the problem where GDI builds 16K$ Battleships. BTW, a long unfixed bug: On the winter map with the big lake (I never know the names of maps...) where Nod has OB and Stealth Generator building, the naval yards terminal says Nod Missile Ship costs 2K, *1,5 w/o PP. But it coasts 3K/4K5 w/o PP.
  11. I think this does not need further comments... (Kickmofo qkicked him when he did it a 2nd time. I'm posting this log in agreement with him as a proof.) BTW: I've never seen this guy (razor) doing anything not aimed at provoking somebody (his own team or the enemy team)...
  12. 4 tanks and 2 helicopters out of ~50? nope. And they are even detected by def built by pioneers. Compare the effect of a rush of 5 ezeks against 5 railgun mammoths - they cost the same. Infrared costs nearly as much and its dps is a joke. The only things ingame which don't have a counter are GDI's spy and Nod's goliath + stealth generator What makes T-62 so special? 36 inch mammoth is like a (dual? not sure about DPS) Koksan* with very heavy armor and no need to deploy - also no Nod-counterpart, at least it needs escort. Nod's 4K$ heavy tank is comparable to a 2800$ railgun mammoth - more armor but less damage. *One of 36inch's biggest advantage is killing repairing inf in buildings, so does rail titan's secondary fire. I think Nod doesn't have anything doing so but Koksan and Peony <-Edit: i think 36inch/titan vs Koksan/Peony is pretty fair on large maps, powerful rush against long-range attack. On maps without large, open terrain, GDI's advantage increases and Nod's long-range-attack doesn't work Could you please share me this hack you're obviously using? Additionally, they are expensive as hell, detected by conquer-able AA and pioneer-built def, explode when you sneeze at them, even free rifle infantry is a danger to them and Ramjet oneshot-kill them across the map. They are quite good for defending against tier3 swimming vehicles - which Nod simply doesn't have btw, while GDI has at least ADATs and Hover MRLS.
  13. Idea for the devs: Please compare the unit balance now to summer 2018, IA felt much more balanced then and had ~40 players nearly every evening if i remember correctly. The game feels quite gdi-biased atm, nearly at world of tanks' almighty-soviet-level
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