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Found 15 results

  1. Picked up stealth create, and... Just imagine GDI see floating UFO type TOW thing, that fireing them XD
  2. I'm experiencing a crash that every time I start a LAN game the client will just hang. My theory is because my main IP address is V6 and not V4 because this also happens in Renegade as well. Can anyone with a V6 IP address try to make a LAN?
  3. So question, I'm trying to "revive" C&C Ravine. This map doesn't seem to work with recent TT updates. I have not played this map dating back to almost 2004. I thought if I converted it back with Level Redit, I could fix whatever issue it's causing. I attached the crash dump file. Can anywhere look at it and tell me why this map won't work? ravine.zip
  4. As I have mentioned before in-game, I think there are many flaws with the carcinogenic map known as RA_Siege, A.K.A "who even made this map?" or "!skip pls". I know there are some people out there who like it, but it's my impression that most players don't. I might be wrong, though. I also have the impression that players usually leave when this map comes in. Now, what's wrong with siege (note: this is my very own personal opinion): 1- It's way too big (we all know that). 2- Also due to the size, it takes a lot of time for the harvester to get the ore. 3- A lot of unused space in the castle (See first picture). Some AI "ghosts" would be good, like in the church on Stormy Valley. 4- The rainy weather makes that map depressing. This may have a psychological effect on players. Rainy weather = bad weather; rainy map = bad map. 5- This section of the Soviet base (see second picture, compare to third picture). Additional suggestion: How about a secondary path for vehicles/infantry over the lake? (See fourth picture) I think it would be good to make a community-designed map, so we could all contribute with ideas and make something great. Also, what happened to Fissure? And who designed Siege? I am open to discussion.
  5. So recently, I noticed that Red Alert: A Path Beyond got an update, but when I tried to update it, it keeps saying "Installation Failed". I checked the details and the file "RA_RiverRaid.zip" was failing to install. All of the other files that it listed were marked as "Downloaded". It's annoying because now I can't play. If someone knows what's going on or has a solution, please help.
  6. As I promised, here are the weird messages I get on APB. The second one in particular is disturbing, and makes me wonder what kind of people are behind APB and W3D.
  7. The forum removes, instead of relocation the forum location shortcuts at the top of the screen ( Home > General Discussion > Help & Support) This applies at least for 1080P when half screened (This is a built in windows feature). As I am often busy I usually have two windows half screen as I can work on both back and forth quickly, and most things handle being half screened fairly well... However these shortcuts to move around the forum completely disappear for me. Which is likely not an intended feature, as they do not even come close to taking half of a screen. TLDR; Can anything be done about that? Having to full screen to have access again is a pain. EDIT: Forgot to mention I saw it in the green bar, but is it not possible to have extended tags, rather than only 1 level up?
  8. As I said, a bunch of crashdumps from Hope these can help diagnose what's wrong. crashdumps.7z
  9. Everything was running fine originally. Grabbed a rocket soldier and headed for the back flame tower. Upon firing the first shot on the FT, it gave a little FPS hiccup and then crashed with the 'Renegade encountered an unexpected error' message. crashdump.20170521-160745-r8474-n1.dmp
  10. The "Report a Bug" section of the forum, ironically, does not work for me, so here is where I'm going to upload my crashdumps from Guard Duty If a mod would like to move this to a more appropriate place, that is fine. crashdump.20170521-135721-r8474-n1.zip crashdump.20170521-140339-r8474-n1.zip crashdump.20170521-140646-r8474-n1.zip
  11. So I'm not really sure where to put this as I've been meaning to post this all day but I wasn't too sure where exactly, as the bug tracker is gone and the Report Bugs link is also broken so I guess I'll stick it here? Anyhow I recall this bug was actually fixed sometime ago in a changelog but it seems to have resurfaced as I discovered several days ago and I wanted to be sure if this was the case but anyway, standing in a certain spot between the small passage of the barracks allows you to use the Golden Wrench or Repair Tool at the full repair rate. It may not seem like a big deal but on certain maps this could be exploited by the Soviet team to repair without much retaliation. Could it be because of the enlarged (and new) MCT? That also reminds me, if you hug certain spots of the barracks, you can access the PTs from the outside, again, might not be a big deal but it's kind of a crappy thing. Same could be said for the warfactory terminals but it's near impossible to do that. None of these apply to the Allied Barracks to my knowledge.
  12. Hello everyone! Zost here, I was a player back in when there was a bluehell hub and then I stopped for a few years and now am returning. I tried to start up the launcher after downloading and It won't work, i tried as admin and still no dice. The problem details are consistent and are as follows: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: W3D Hub Launcher.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 54df8a8c Problem Signature 04: System Problem Signature 05: 4.0.30319.34239 Problem Signature 06: 53e4531e Problem Signature 07: 22be Problem Signature 08: 24 Problem Signature 09: IOIBMURHYNRXKW0ZXKYRVFN0BOYYUFOW OS Version: 6.3.9600. Locale ID: 4105 Additional Information 1: ed57 Additional Information 2: ed579fd13e3b700440a8ea1b7d26c071 Additional Information 3: 9b31 Additional Information 4: 9b3158f77583449beafb1d95194521f4 I was thinking maybe it's a path error ? I remember having a problem like that with the bluehell launcher. I'm working off a windows 8. Thank you in advance!
  13. Using version of the W3D Hub client, I attempted to install Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The installer always fails when trying to install the contents of msvc2015.zip, even after I manually remove the ZIP file to force re-downloading (the monitor icon doesn't bring up anything). I think I may know why the installer always fails at this point: I already have the latest version of MSVC 2015 installed due to doing some hobby-programming with Visual Studio 2015 Community. Below are my system specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v. 1511 CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.40GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 970 w/4GB memory Memory: 24.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 793.1MHz
  14. Hey Danpaul, can you fix your launcher to not ask for admin rights every single time it starts up? That'd be great, since even the documentation from MSDN says to not run a program as admin, you should ask first. Alternatively, what's the URL to download packages from?
  15. This is TSR new Juggernaut.It's broken? This is old one ------------------------------- What happened to cycom...... -------------------------------- this fire animation wrong? -------------------------------- ...... ------------------------------ This wheel cannot moving arty Q key, it apron wheel texture will change,and....,, --------------------------------------- GDI Defense Towers no explosion animation ------------------------------------------- and umg Sniper Rifle,If the relaod animation is not complete, it will shoot 6 times ----------------------------------------------- btw:Hunter-Seeker deleted?
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