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  1. That's actually a good question! At the moment, they're AI controlled, I'd rather not have players have to constantly man defences if I can help it, as it's not the most fun thing in the world. However, I am considering some defences that are unmanned that a player can jump into as well. Those would be smaller affairs, more a gun on a mounting than a full position like these. Having a few positions where the defences can be bolstered if needs be is a fun idea. (They could even be purchasable and deployable/undeployable... Plenty of ideas for things that could be done, but ATM I'm trying to keep it simple with an anti-infantry, an anti-vehicle and an anti-air defence for each side.) As an addendum, I've got ideas for larger defences, for larger, higher tech bases (stuff like artillery guns, full sized SAM defences, CIWS type things...)
  2. If you mean the pistol grips, it's an attempt to replicate the checkering on the bakelite grips. It's very tricky when you've got 9 by 6 pixels out of a texture that's 16 by 16 pixels! 😋
  3. @CMDBob here, and I think it's time for a proper announcement for my W3D game; Cold War Confrontation. The Situation The year is 1987… more or less. The forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact (WARPAC) are facing off. Escalating tensions between the two factions have led to a situation where one small spark will be enough to set off a war. Then, out of the blue, both sides come under attack. NATO forces begin tactical airstrikes, and WARPAC tanks begin pouring over the border. The cold war has gone hot. However, forces beyond both factions are moving, deep underground… At this point, neither side knows, though. Even if they did, neither side cares. Each believes the other struck first, and it’s now a fight to the finish, be it the Red Army at the Rhine, or NATO at the Russian border. Will this end in stalemate, a victory for one of the armies, or nuclear fire? That remains to be seen. The Game Cold War Confrontation is a W3D based FPS game, involving combined arms warfare, with a unique visual style for the engine. Use a large number of weapons and vehicles across a variety of terrains, from urban city centres, luscious islands, and cold winter mountainsides to destroy the enemy team. Not every mission is a search and destroy, however, as sometimes, your objectives will be things beyond simple destruction, and may require more strategy. At this early stage, the 2 main factions are the US Armed Forces and the Russian WARPAC forces. The initial release will be infantry and light airdropped vehicles, as to give people a taste of the full warfare that is coming. The plan for the future is a full US/Russia release with full land/helicopter combat/bases, then releases with more NATO/WARPAC factions (such as the British Armed Forces, Czechoslovak People's Army, Bundeswehr, Nationale Volksarmee and more), as well as fixed-wing air forces and naval at some point. Know Your Equipment - Issue 1 I'll be presenting some of the weapons, vehicles, buildings, etc, that make up Cold War Confrontation. For this announcement, here's the basic weapons of the NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact infantry. The Beretta M9 and MP-443 Grach pistols are the primary sidearms of all soldiers. Every soldier has one (except for a few certain classes, which get something with a little bit more of a bang...), and these have infinite ammo. They aren't the most effective weapons, but it's better than nothing. The M16A3 and the AK-74 are the basic rifles for the basic infantry class within Cold War Confrontation. Reliable, dependable and sturdy, these weapons are good starting weapons. They also have numerous variants within the game, which I will expand upon in later updates. Keep your eyes peeled for updates within the W3D weekly updates. A final word from @CMDBob So, finally an announcement. I’ve been working on this for quite a while (the first Git commit to the project repo is on the 15th of December 2018, but I’d been working on it a while before that point. Plus, a lot of the vehicle models date back to as far as 2014). Glad I’m finally formally announcing the project. I’m having a lot of fun making it, and I hope that people eventually have fun playing it! As for my plans: I hope that I can get a build of the game out to testers as soon as possible. The main thing that I need to do is content at this point, as I’m essentially building everything from scratch. However, the more content I make, the more stuff I can use in other maps, so it’s not all bad. 😊 I’m not sure on the public release timeframe, as I want a fair few more maps before any sort of release. Still, I’ll try and release some news as often as I can. Might only be a short update on a weapon, vehicle, building, or even a game mechanic, but it’ll be something to keep people's attention!
  4. Here's some quick screenshots I've taken of RA_Bunkers and RA_TheWoodsToday. Oh, and here's a quick couple of shots from Shallow Grave, showing the gem island in the middle (that's missing from the original RA map), for reference. My own thoughts? I do quite like Shallow Grave, but I do also love The Woods Today, and with some nice work could be something really nice.
  5. The roadmap is looking really good, and I can't wait to see some of the new stuff in action. I'm really glad that there's tools being worked on to replace the ancient LevelEdit and Max 8 W3D exporter, should make modding W3D a whole lot easier with the more modern toolchains (especially 3ds max, it's such a pain building stuff in a newer version of Max and having to backport it to 8... not fun.)
  6. Just a small gap in the terrain, near the Allied hillside turret on RA_Zama. See image here: https://imgur.com/jwpxIE4
  7. Sorry I've not posted anything, I needed a bit of a break (plus work takes up a lot of the day, really...). At any rate, I've been working on the shadow issues with all the props, and I've worked out a nice, neat little solution. I light mapped it. (The first shot is a little older, before I created a proper 3ds max transparent material for the railings. Now, it's not perfect, by any means (and I still need to relightmap the shelving, as that's why there's a really strong shadow, the ambient occlusion was a bit too high, it seems. It's tweakable though.), but it's way better than it was before, AND it'll take less polygons. I still want to get some sounds added, and the chairs won't be perfect, as they aren't lightmapped (but I have, in an effort to try and help fix the shadows on them, subdivided the seat and the backrest part. I might go back and redo that a little bit.) The room lighting might still be a bit off, but it's a tradeoff, make the lights any smaller and they won't cast light properly, any larger and they'll swamp the room out. (besides, it doesn't look that much worse than the existing APB building lighting...)
  8. Since I've last shown stuff off, I've done a lot of work. Took Raap's advice in the mainframe room, and made the new supercomputer fit in better. I also took some advice from Pushwall, and added 2 new exterior doors to the building. Plus, added a small little storage closet as well, makes it feel a bit bigger inside. Then, I also went and made some new props, including some new shelving for the new storage room: As well as a new console to replace the ugly one I ripped right from Renegade: And a smaller miniconsole to replace the old Missile Silo computer box thing: (oh, and some new chairs to replace the roughly 20 poly chairs that were there before, you can see them in the pictures above.)
  9. I was going to change that texture, I noticed it looked like crap, and while it was the original texture, it's outlived it's original purpose. I've redone it with a much, MUCH nicer, higher res texture. I was also going to slap some trim down and make the edge look nicer and carved in, but forgot. EDIT: New trim. Much better.
  10. Right, couple of things: Got the computer centre version of the building pretty much done. I still want to make the oscilliscope version of the tower computer, make a new chair for everything and retexture the sit down desk console that I have at the moment, but otherwise, it's pretty much done. The big dome now has this inside it: A large supercomputer unit, in the middle of the room. The "atrium" room with the ladder to the roof now has a tonne of desks in: Many people on the Discord have said that it looks like it's out of the Facility in Goldeneye. I'd... have to agree with them. (Plus, I wish APB had more posters and stuff in it, it's kinda hard to decorate rooms like this without them... Ah well.) Oh, and one last thing, I did a new version of the Iron Curtain effect on the testbed. It's now a simple two pass material, one with the base vehicle, and then the existing Iron Curtain effect I whipped up alpha blended on top of the vehicle, so you can more easily identify the thing, but it still glows with ominous, red, invulnerable, communistical energies.
  11. I've worked something out for the Iron Curtain effect and it's test vehicle: (it's just a Tesla tank without the Tesla dome. Perfect for filling full of scientific equipment for monitoring the Iron Curtain effect.)
  12. That's a good idea, and I'll probably end up doing that. It'll be a slight squeeze, but nothing too bad. Blinkenlights! As I said on the discord, it's just one mesh for all the 32 lights, with a detail texture set to Scale and using the Step UV mapping, to go through a sheet with the brightnesses for the lamps. 8 different patterns, so 4 lights per pattern. They look quite good actually in game, too!
  13. Well, got the C unit made for the data center. Was quite fun to make, as well. Got some nice scanlines on the screens, as well as a lovely reflective effect. Just got the two other units I want to do (the blinkenlights unit, and a round, radar/oscilliscope screened unit) and then a few other ancillary props, like desks and that. Then layout of the computer center version, then onto the chemlab version with lots of barrels, vats of goo and workbenches. Then, I want to make an Iron Curtain research center version, which will combine elements from both the computer and chemlab centers, as well as a mini-iron-curtain in the largest dome.
  14. Yeah, it's handy to have inspiration. I've taken a little bit of inspiration from Team Fortress 2, as it's computers full of blinkenlights and such are very useful for ideas. I've got 4 of the big mainframe towers planned, the A unit which is just the plain box, a B unit which has a reel to reel drive on it, a C unit which will have some screens, and a keyboard attached, and a D unit which will be lots of blinking lights and such. (I plan to have some fun with the blinking lights and make them flash in patterns and that, using UV scrolling and detail textures for the brightness of the lights...) I might go and make some half height units too, and a console and that, in the same style. (Then, some simple desks as well, for the "atrium" type room.)
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