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  1. Hi @LeonardMT, apologies for the delayed reply. To run a server you'll essentially need a separate build of the game with server specific config files and scripts hooked into it. We're working on making something public that will let people host their own servers.
  2. He went on vacation and his fiancee asked for absolute minimal screentime.
  3. It's a wishlist item for emitters on weapons. At the moment, the only way this plays out ingame is if you are jumping with a flamethrower, which increases the spread, and that's not an issue in the test builds because we removed that huge jump spread.
  4. They must mean something else because there's no function that I know of called AutoLink. The closest thing I can think of is simply Linking which is actually near the top left. Do you have a URL to the tutorial so we can see what's trying to be done?
  5. I have updated the SDK to include a simplified version of the APB Proxy Masters in gmax format. This doesn't have the tunnel versions of the buildings, and is missing a few very minor items but should otherwise work for anything you need. https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/a-path-beyond-sdk (check the Source folder)
  6. Upon further inspection it appears gmax's w3d importer doesn't work as far as importing meshes that were exported from Max 2017. So I used the .3ds route and set up a basic proxy masters file in gmax. I didn't clean this up too much and I haven't tested exporting and trying the things ingame, but it should be relatively close to what you would need to get started. Let me know if you have questions. Edit: removed, am doing some more cleanup on this and will be adding it to the SDK soon.
  7. Hey PwnCall, so good to see you here! You can have as many different LevelEdits or Mammoths as you like without needing to uninstall them. There aren't any gmax building files to be found to merge to maps, but fortunately they are just proxies, so you should be able to prepare your own building proxies without too much difficulty. You could try w3d importing each of them but what I'd actually recommend is not bothering with that and w3d importing the proxy masters file instead (poke me sometime to export it first). There you will have the proxies and the temp ground shapes. In theory
  8. @Tank_Killer Thank you for your report. However it is a duplicate report of this issue, and was fixed a few test builds ago.
  9. But the pubbies already have [Bot]Kevin and catting.
  10. @1000MammothTanks It should be in the next release
  11. It's a feature that's in the works, with many others! 👍
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