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  1. This was quite fun, Jeod. Thanks for hosting! I hope it was entertaining for the people reading, as well.
  2. Haaaaa. Good one! iLTS you did really play well this game, trying to fit right into that insane role that Voe left behind. I mean, it was pretty lucky for him to have a town report on you and for you to open the game with a mafia report on him. In terms of likelihood and guessing, you would have been more likely to have been the real insane guy with those reports, so it was pretty natural to fall into that role. Kept me second guessing because some of the things you did really were what decent town would have done (such as stopping the D1 Voe lynch). Nice work, and you didn't give up with all the pressure I was putting on you.
  3. OH SHIT HI @Louis!!!!!!!
  4. iLikeToType is taking a while in his rebuttal and I doubt there's much he can say that hasn't been said already. ##vote iLTS @Jeod
  5. I will note that from reading over this big "rehash" post and your other posts, you haven't really reinforced or restated anywhere the idea that you are the insane cop and got a town report on Orange. You keep going over "arguments" like a machine. I know if I was an insane cop in your shoes, with this kind of resistance from Orange, I would be going more crazy over my report which to me would confirm as 100% solid proof the fact that Orange is scum. You haven't done this however. Just mentioned the report at the beginning of the day and then forgot about it... This is your extremely rhetorical followup post after your initial and only claim on your very "positive" report on Orange. No mention of your report. I'd certainly have much more of an "aha, gotcha" attitude if I really saw such a cop report in my PM's. But nope, nothing at all. Additionally, the way you tried to deviate from the plan yesterday and suddenly start some kind of bandwagon on Orange when it wasn't so cut and dry to everyone else also still rubs me in the wrongest way possible. Let's look over part of that post again: Why lynch when you can just nightkill him and then claim for townie points later that you weren't part of the Voe bandwagon, therefore you're a good guy? You had already started momentum on the no lynch idea, why not follow through for townie points? You seem to be capitalizing on this very strongly now, which to me gives you motive to have done exactly that.
  6. I still don't think you're getting it. In iLTScum case, Killing_You would have investigated Orange, and from that investigation would have 100% seen Orange as town (regardless over whether he was sane or naive). I'd like to think that KY would have considered only two possibilities about himself: he is sane or he is naive. In the binary consideration that he is sane, then Orange is good and you are left as the scum. In the binary consideration that he is naive, he would assume that the sane cop was Orange or Voe. If Voe, then Orange is scum. If Orange, then you are scum. So KY investigating Orange would still have a greater than 50% chance yield of you being scum. If you had killed me, KY would have had the above chance crackers to munch on, as well as the idea that the one person pursuing you was scum reading you and you would have gone after him in revenge. No, the best way would be to kill KY and galaxy brain it to try to change my mind with all these nice arguments you now have at your disposal as a result of these decisions.
  7. I totally understand. I used to love doing logic puzzles in school, so if there are two possibilities in a chart like that and you can declare or negate one, then the other one falls into place naturally, which can lead to more conclusions down the line.
  8. Simple. From the chart above, in the scenario of you being scum, if Voe was sane then KY was naive and all remaining reports would be useless except that from ILTS.
  9. At the very least, what I'm getting out of this is that I came up with a model for iLTScum's motive to have killed KY last night rather than some big brain time.
  10. Hold on, lemme look at the Orange scum chart too... Hmm, I guess the sanity could have been shoved onto Voe as well. Screw that Voe guy.
  11. At the time, assuming iLikeToScum, he wouldn't have known which of you was sane. If I had died, my scum read on iLTS may have been more legitimize in KY's brain to reconsider his scum read on you, Orange. Even if he investigated you and got a town read, he may have considered himself naive, yes, but if KY considered himself naive, that would have made you the sane cop by necessity and iLTS would have been outed because of his multiple mafia reports (impossible to be sane or naive). Pressure's back on you, @iLikeToSnipe. Killing_You couldn't stay alive in your scum case because whether he investigated Orange as naive or sane, you would have been outed by logical process.
  12. In addition to KY's scum read on Orange (seen in other posts of his), this post is affecting me a bit too. He basically announced that he's investigating Orange, so iLTS as mafia would have had less reason to kill KY on N2. This game of deflection has multiple angles all supporting the same conclusion: iLTS' innocence.
  13. @OrangeP47 do you have any followup for this reasoning you had before, which is basically a town read on iLTS? How can the Voe kill make sense if iLTS is mafia (which you currently contend)?
  14. I also am busy/away most of the day tomorrow.
  15. I'm assuming a 24h phase. What time is hammer?
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