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  1. ChopBam

    The limit exists with good reason. It keeps the loading/bandwidth overhead much lower and faster on forum thread pages.
  2. ChopBam

    Didn't include Age of Empires in the poll? That one's always been a major contender.
  3. ChopBam

    Did somebody say.... country??
  4. ChopBam

    He did drop by earlier this month.
  5. ChopBam

    Just saw him a couple weeks ago, and will go on a hike with him in a couple weeks. What would ya like to know?
  6. ChopBam

    Looks fun but sorry I just don't have time right now. Best of luck, and you gotta catch em all!
  7. ChopBam

    Commie smoke break.
  8. ChopBam

    Oh it's perspective. For some reason I had assumed it was using the RTS viewer.
  9. ChopBam

    Doable by image stitching.
  10. ChopBam

    I started working on the Shallow Grave remake a while ago. I plan to add ridges so not everything will be so visible.
  11. my avatar remember Dbl3qTs.jpg


    1. ChopBam


      O I remember. ;)

    2. catting



      [03:48:39] Host: (ChopBam@IRC): Catting I have an image that describes you perfectly
      [03:48:42] Host: (ChopBam@IRC): http://i.imgur.com/Dbl3qTs.jpg
      [03:48:43] lynx: cat come mid
      [03:48:52] Host: (ChopBam@IRC): Took this screenshot a few mins ago
      [03:49:28] catting: haahahahahah]
      [03:49:48] lynx: drive
      [03:49:58] ChopBam: that's just you all the time, lol
      [03:50:24] ChopBam: work to do

  12. ChopBam

    We need better window shaders.
  13. ChopBam

    Even if it's w3d glass, they have to be separate objects.
  14. ChopBam

    Are you vertex painting with red? Have you tried with black?
  15. ChopBam

    These issues were fixed for a while for me, but I seem to have drop-down freezing again. Also the viewport performance and export times are surely a legitimate problem on such high fidelity assets.