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  1. ChopBam

    Oh nice this sounds like a good idea.
  2. ChopBam

    Lord, anything but this. 🤣
  3. ChopBam

    @Jeod joining any of the projects grants you some exclusive access to staff and resources that you wouldn't otherwise have. So I'd say go for it if you're interested!
  4. ChopBam

    I was super into Pokemon like 20 years ago, but interest fell off after Jr High. But more than that, I need to be spending my time doing other things this time around.
  5. Gotta be careful with counterclaiming me though. Remember my response to Sunflower's CC last game? While everyone else was entertained by my all-caps, she ended up giving up. The thing though is that you could pretend you're submerged and I wouldn't know the difference unless you opened fire the next day.
  6. To be perfectly fair to you, it's not easy for me to read you either. You're scum a lot more often than I am, and you've gotten skilled at hiding, and many times it feels like it comes down to 50/50 really.
  7. You know you're ready to join the scum team when other players say this about you.
  8. No honorable mention for successfully protecting Jeod?
  9. Let's let Verti resolve these one at a time before we keep firing, k?
  10. My guess is that the subs that have been teleported/half beached can't be called back to the Sub Pen for shelter and repair. It's probably that simple. Verti has decided town is doing too well so he's actively counterbalancing us with this vortex.
  11. Is there a reason I couldn't shelter you last night Voe?
  12. ChopBam

    ##vote OrangeP47
  13. ChopBam

    Volcano as an island seems popular as well, and could avoid some of the problems that the other remakes would need to overcome.
  14. ChopBam

    All day yesterday, "The Woods Today" remake was beating Shallow Grave's "yes" vote, but today, Shallow Grave's "yes" is winning. "The Woods Today" could very well still be more popular though, because I didn't pit the two maps directly against each other. One's vote was whether to do a remake at all, and the other is a multiple choice "which of these other maps would you [also] like to see?"