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  1. You're welcome! I did get a response; the launcher disallows these characters for a few reasons. One of them being that it would mess with the way nicknames work in the chat tab.
  2. It works if you direct connect, but not currently when you use "set nickname" on the launcher. I am inquiring about this. Keep in mind, if you direct connect to the APB server with these characters, they may appear to be shovels instead of the character you want. We can fix the shovels thing in a future update if people really want to use that character or the [ and ] characters (which show as other icons). P.S. your forum avatar is fitting. :D P.P.S. Welcome!
  3. You don't need the 3.5 folders.
  4. Here is a C&C Memes compilation.
  5. There is a settings page on the launcher (accessible by using the button on the top right of the application) lets you select a package cache folder, or you could use it to locate and clear out the default one.
  6. Typically it's grayed out if it's not installed or up to date. What does APB look like in the games section of the launcher?
  7. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_09/Screenshot_11.png.ccb9973e698a6bc0f46deb565c2aa444.png
  8. ChopBam

    Screen flashing

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. You can crouch while holding still.
  10. If you hold still for 1 second, your blip falls off your opponent's radar compass. If you shoot or move, you will become visible again. Prior to 3.5's release, players could crouch walk to stay hidden on radar, and it proved to be an abusable mechanic, making it impossible to find attackers in one's own base. In any event, the new indicator is intended to give players feedback on whether they are currently off-radar or not.
  11. Patches won't generally be this frequent, but we wanted to get things smoothed over for the planned games today. Thanks for your patience folks! Hotfix MapsBonsai Fixed misplaced swimming plane. Now the Soviet missile silo basement can be accessed properly. Guard Duty Fixed a hole in the ground behind the Soviet War Factory. Players who manage to hop the blockers at the two hills near the Soviet base will be rewarded with death.
  12. Happy weekend, folks! Seems like a good time to update APB with a hotfix. Hotfix General A bug has been fixed with MAD Tank explosions which previously made them do a lot of damage they weren't supposed to do, and rendered other things immune to them that aren't supposed to be immune. New sneak indicator is on the HUD, next to the radar compass. When you are visible on radar to opponents, it gets muted. When you hold still and are "sneaking," or invisible on radar, it becomes mostly opaque. Low ammo count now displays with a red color. MapsBonsai Fixed the Allied Ore Truck AI getting stuck in the field. Guard Duty Made Soviet hill blockers even more aggressive. This one is on the hill directly across from the Soviet Refinery. Pipeline Re-added physical boundaries around the map. Siege Removed VIS, since there were some serious issues occurring with objects disappearing. Stormy Valley Time of day has been set to 22:00 (was 00:00). This makes the sky just a little bit lighter, and enemy helicopters easier to see.
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