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  1. ChopBam

    TYTY being TYTY.
  2. ChopBam

    Upgrading those Mammoth Tanks with railguns, tho'. 😁
  3. ChopBam

    I totally get what you're saying here, but there were serious tensions between John and the team. Try to see it from the team's perspective. They may have been paranoid from your perspective, but from their perspective, you may have been the paranoid one, being that you were collaborating privately with him. Take the situation as a whole, and clarification becomes more genuine.
  4. ChopBam

  5. ChopBam

    Epic infantry rush. Stopped by epic infantry rush. 😄 Phase Tank silently protecting a Tanya and Engineer from my stolen Ranger. We kept circling round and round. xD These d00ds all just popped out of a Chinny.
  6. ChopBam

    I remember back in mp gaming, when I had zunnie's full support during the days of ChopBot. I remember the days when I would log in to his computer using TeamViewer to help him with something in gmax. In recent years we've grown apart, but at heart I think from what I could see that he was a good man. He tried his best to bring smiles to many faces for a decade-and-a-half in the Renegade community. RIP man, you will be missed by many.
  7. ChopBam

    I feel you there, man.
  8. ChopBam

    Honestly it feels more popular than Beta these days. It's easy to see the Beta days with rose-colored glasses. Difficult to remember that there were also a great many days with no activity at all.
  9. ChopBam

    Thrash300 confirmed.
  10. ChopBam

    Holy shit, does anybody else love FRAYDO as much as I do?
  11. ChopBam

    It's Coolrock, hi Coolrock! Actually, APB hasn't seen drama for some time now. People just playing and having fun. Crazy, right? Unprecedented!
  12. ChopBam

    Naval yard engie fun. Opposing teams' ore trucks clamming it up and honking like mad geese in the middle.
  13. ChopBam

  14. Yes, it's a great theme! Brings all the feels for the oldbies, and is a nice forum facelift for the newbies.
  15. ChopBam

    War Factory dance party and other stuff.