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  1. Don't let judges cloud your grudgment.
  2. Are you sure that's not just the herpes flarin' up?
  3. Yay, another scapegoat player joins!!
  4. Only Thor is.
  5. I can at least confirm that someone went through my things last night. Mojo was the only person to claim responsibility for this, so I don't think he killed anybody.
  6. Wouldn't that render the investigation kinda useless, being that you can't check for sanity?
  7. Well color me convinced. ##vote OrangeP47
  8. Is that something you get every other night?
  9. Can also confirm that somebody went through my things. Mojo's report can be trusted.
  10. I shielded Irish.
  11. Yay happy birthday!!!!
  12. Two reasons they may not target you tonight: 1. You're pointing this all out, and scum are usually more successful at nightkilling when they do something that any town protectors, trackers, roleblockers, and watchers won't expect. 2. There are two other people about as town as you are, in my book, who could also be targets: Mojo, who actually killed Shade, and Jeod, who exchanged verbal blows and a bit more with Shade on D1. Here's how I see our living player list right now: Jeod OrangeP47 iLikeToSnipe TheIrishMan Mojoman Category 5 Sunflower ChopBam
  13. I could also be biased toward Sunflower because she "believed in me" on D1. I try not to fall for stuff like that, but it's hard with somebody who has such mesmerizing powers.
  14. I probably would stop it, frankly. Not because I'm sure she's town, but because of due process and the timing of this. Not right before hammer.