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  1. We were hoping for a better quality. And it's still a possibility. Things took place that are outside of our control.
  2. One more from hostile waters that I missed.
  3. I'm so pleased you got some matches preceding my recording, including hostile waters.
  4. There is also a 3 hour video stream I did after the 60 player count peak. But still hung out between 40-55 players for a while. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/663405135
  5. Donald Stump This stump that hides the 3-way texture blend seam is in the way of tanks leaving the Soviet base, often stopping them annoyingly if they don't see it (especially big tanks). Maybe remove collisions or put a small collision-less rock there instead?
  6. Screenshots from today's 50-60 player matches.
  7. It wasn't edited at all, I'd rather not go through that process if I can help it
  8. Some real nice games today. Successful supply truck rush on Hostile Waters: Team kills refinery at beginning of NBNW round: BattleLaf returns, and observes our ranger rush as "beautiful blue pineapples":
  9. I followed this game and believed mojo and would have voted camo, but was definitely surprised at Cat5 being the partner.
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