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  1. Which version of it? They're all purely DM maps for starters. One has heavy morning fog. Another has teleporters.
  2. It's a completely new map. The terrain is built fresh from the ground up with a different concept and gameplay.
  3. The public SDK and FDS have been updated. Note for anyone who uses a custom hud.ini file: There have been some changes to hud.ini, including support for HUD scaling at different resolutions, seeing players' names on target boxes, and some aesthetic changes regarding the fonts used on the weapon type and bullet count as well as the airplane airspeed/landing gear/etc information. [New Map] Legends speak of an ancient village deep in the swamps of Transylvania. Once a peaceful community, it is said that they angered the forces of evil late one St George's Eve, cursing the land around them forever. The disturbances began small at first; the wolves howled a little louder, the insects buzzed harsher, and the fog rolled thicker. Then the sightings began. First it was a light in the distance, then shapes stalking the villagers in the night, and finally, fellow townsfolk driven mad. As the afflicted destroyed their own homes, the remaining villagers took shelter in the Church, as it was the final standing refuge against the horrors lurking in the swamps. When a wandering traveler next visited the village, there was.... nothing. There were no bodies, no fresh graves, not a shred of evidence that humans once lived there, save the ruined houses and the still standing church. Now, Allied and Soviet forces find themselves in conflict over this very land. Each one hopes to establish their own listening post hidden away from the front lines. But they may not be alone amongst the trees... Features a Barracks, Radar Dome, and Refinery for each team. Limited units can be purchased via airdrop from the Radar Dome. There is a church in the center of the map, with a few scattered routes surrounded by water. [New Map] Could it be? It could! We are bringing back Fissure but this time it is Limited Edition Holiday Spirit Fissure™. For the uninitiated, Fissure is a classic DM map from the days of old, and it has had several iterations, from basic tier, to tunafish tier, to "how the hell do I get out of this tunnel?" tier. The version we are bringing back is most reminiscent of the tunafish version (which is essentially "Tunnel Fissure" from the APB Beta era). Like our other Christmas map, we don't plan to run it in the rotation year-round, but for the holiday season as well as for any special times that players feel like playing it. Features a Barracks and an Ore Silo for each team. The Barracks provides two credits per second, and the Ore Silos (up top as in the original) heal slowly up to half health if they are unattacked for a moment. The thief can steal from one particular spot inside the Soviet Barracks. The objective marker will say where, and it is a small zone. General Airplanes landing at Airfields now destroy objects in their landing path, rather than sitting on top of them. Docked aircraft now refill their partially full clips along with their inventory. Enabled fast weapon switching and reload dilating. Added incremental sprays to jumping for all infantry weapons excluding Sniper Rifles. Surface Effect sounds now play if the surface effect detail setting is set to low. Fixed human pain animations not playing. Starshina bots now attack buildings. Certain vehicles no longer get stuck when colliding with the Pillbox. Adjusted the reload sound for Volkov to be a mix of the older and newer sounds. Added the text "(default)" next to the B & M keys on the escape screen menu. Fixed a missing texture that would sometimes fill the screen at game startup. Miscellaneous fixes in the back-end. Updated credits. HUD Now scales to fit different resolutions. Players playing at 1080p may not notice much of a change. Player names now show up with their target box, and the distance readout is next to the health bar instead of the armor bar. Defenses which are being attacked now have their icon flash on the radar compass. Weapon info uses a font consistent with bullet count font. Airplane info readouts adjusted. Artillery New model and texture. Heavy Tank The twin barrels fire slightly faster together. Tesla Tank Alt fire (right click) now fires a burst of three electric bolts. Mammoth Tank Missile pods no longer tilt (this fixes an issue with bots firing the cannons). Missile pods now lock on after firing the primary cannon, without needing to fire a missile first. MAD Tank Replaced the treads with a more appropriate style. Slightly improved plunger model. Destroyer Reduced price to $850. Projectile extension has been adjusted. Missile Sub The missiles fired by its primary weapon now slightly follow the player's cursor. Tesla Coil Has the potential to fire chain lightning. Maps Fixed an assortment of errors with textures, floating objects, stuck spots, and collisions. Added a dead Refinery in the Allied base. Shifted some props around the map, and provided additional trees. Cosmetic changes regarding ore in certain places around the map. Blocked off ability to climb a rock to get above the Soviet silo. Fixed missing kill messages. Fixed an access point behind the Allied base which would let you climb a cliff meant to be inaccessible. Fixed a broken string for the fuse boxes. Players can no longer get out of their choppers on the hills behind the Allied base. If their vehicles are destroyed while they are up there, the characters land to their death. Added some decorations to the naval area.
  4. Hey there! Yes, you can remove those files to save space and it won't affect your installed games.
  5. I would join GoT or HotD this time since I've now watched the GoT show and read the books (and watching HotD).
  6. I'm not either! But this game is quite fun regardless.
  7. Note: There have been a number of items changed on the backend that aren't listed explicitly in this changelog, so keep an eye out and report any new bugs you find. Note x2: The SDK and FDS are updated. If you are a user of the SDK, there is a new method to how temp and global presets are stored. Let me know if you are a modder working with Mammoth in this version going forward and we can help you out. General The B/N/M keys can be remapped. With this change, you may need to set these keys in your config to get them working again, or you can "reset to default." Added new console commands whereami and cinematic_camera. Reduced lag for crashlanding aircraft. Fixed a couple missing strings on the "attack controls" menu, including one for toggling sniper scopes. Fixed the broken textures that were on the Yak/MiG encyclopedia entries. Fixed a minor texture issue on the standing trilight prop. Added a vehicle blocker at a wide entrance on one of the civilian houses (BTRs no longer get stuck here). Bots Now use the vehicle weapon when they drive a Ranger, APC, or BTR. AI Rocket/RPG troopers fire RedEye/Strela weapons at enemy aircraft, and have slightly improved weapon accuracy. No longer steal abandoned Artilleries/V2-Launchers. Increased sniper weapon error. 14 -> 20 Ore Truck Improved details on the geometry. Objective markers now appear or disappear based on their full or not full status. If the Ore Truck is not full, it will only show objective markers for the fields, and if it is full, then the field markers disappear and the marker that indicates where to dump at the Refinery appears. Phase Tank The barrel's hitbox now tilts appropriately. Maps Any time pathfinding generation is updated on a map, bots will start respecting the locked doors there. Set the HUD mine limit to 0 on some maps that don't feature mine laying (GuardDuty, PacificThreat, RiverRaid, Wasteland). Improved AI paths. Added an Allied Turret.
  8. Saberhawk isn't here anymore. Nobody else wants to make a port.
  9. Also great job setting this up @ Killing_You . Felt very smooth.
  10. Hey thanks! I had fun this game. And there were definitely things you did which made me hesitate. You can pull off that pro investigator look quite well.
  11. Let's admit it--Jeod failing the "r u scum" test was the start of the end for this Harkonnen mission. Only went downhill after that.
  12. I know you only need just one of us to change our minds, but being weirdly aggro to Shade isn't gonna do it.
  13. The point would be that Category 5 could convince just one person to tie the vote. Convincing people to vote away from them is kind of a main job for scum. Yes, yes, so that's why it is good that you unvoted.
  14. Lmao. Or just shitty forum formatting when you add and remove quotes in posts.
  15. I noted that your penalty in the pinned message is not in your vote slot, but just tacked on to your name. So I assumed you could still vote, with just an extra out-of-game one tacked on to yourself. Is this not the case? The pinned message would be confusing then.
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