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  1. ChopBam

    I'd think the LAST thing scum would want to do is clear town as being town. It would narrow down the scum list to themselves. The definition of dumb. Let's let it be for now, k?
  2. ChopBam

    Dude I already cleared you from having attempted to kill iLTS, what more could you want besides a full roleclaim from me??? 😛
  3. ChopBam

    I'm on board with lynching one of the three notables. ##vote TheIrishman After all, he didn't post a chart for what seemed like dayyyyyys.
  4. ChopBam

    Nor is it helping scum.
  5. ChopBam

    My report doesn't work exactly like a tracker's.
  6. ChopBam

    I didn't actually know that you visited nobody. :X But I know you didn't visit iLTS, and that was the useful bit, so that's what I said.
  7. ChopBam

    Also, fam: if I make my report and leave, maybe I have something like a job to go to. It doesn't automatically mean I'm a baddie. At least I'm trying to report after day start when I can. Tomorrow's day start this may not be immediately possible, because I'll be working till late.
  8. ChopBam

    Can somebody remind me why Category 5 isn't on the suspicious list atm?
  9. ChopBam

    I don't have a nightkill action, but I can nail scum through secondary means.
  10. ChopBam

    I mean like, actually kill them.
  11. ChopBam

    My ability goes beyond that though. If I can make a really lucky guess tonight, I can nail scum.
  12. ChopBam

    *and This heavy California smoke is getting to me.
  13. ChopBam

    That's what I was saying at day start. You can FRAYDO didn't visit iLTS. You aren't cleared of being scum, but you didn't attempt the kill. There's a 1% chance you could have tried to kill him by passing some special item to him, but I think that's a virtually nil possibility.
  14. ChopBam

    Yes. Yes, for last night. Honestly I hadn't read that FRAYDO was planning to visit you.
  15. ChopBam

    Mafia edit: can confirm *whom two people visited* every night