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  1. No wonder the scum didn't fall for my ruse. I kept wondering why they didn't consider me the cop.
  2. Chopbam isn’t cop (KY Mafia on LAWYER PROTECTION) Dammit.
  3. Note that the post of Irish's you're quoting is quite outdated. Irish said later on, when he had much more information to go on, that he's 95% sure you're scum. Why place veracity into Irish's less informed post and completely ignore his more informed newer posts?
  4. So according to you, I was joking when placing three posts putting pressure on KY, before anybody else put real pressure on him. But I was not joking when claiming a bunch of obviously silly things on D1 and D2 when we had very little information to go on at all. Makes sense.
  5. Riddle me this: why would I nightkill Irish? He was tunneling you very hard.
  6. Being that I really don't think it's Orange at this point, ##vote Brigitte I pegged KY as scum on D2 and followed all of yesterday's logic, not taking the opportunity (when there was one) to protect Mojoman or to try to find some target outside of Mojoman. I've also guessed a couple days ago that Cat5 was our doctor, which is unfortunate. But whatever, we've won.
  7. Even after all this I don't see you voting for said suspected scum.
  8. It's almost like you don't believe the game is going to end when Mojo dies.
  9. Also you are writing big defensive responses and you're not even the one on the voting block right now.
  10. You've made even less of a case against everyone else this game because you see the votes have already been cast.
  11. You did something like this last game, too. Case shade and suspicion on everybody else in order to get the attention off you.
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