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  1. ChopBam

    Some people also use Steam shortcuts and whatnot. It could be good for the game when their Steam friends ask them what they're playing. Just my $.02.
  2. ChopBam

    I'll sign up for this one.
  3. ChopBam

  4. ChopBam

    Representing green things.
  5. Nice to see you abjab, that's super cool news..! I have 3ds max 8 installed but don't see anything of consequence in my 3dsmax8\help\ folder. Anything it might be named? I tried maxscript, help, etc but no dice so far.
  6. ChopBam

    I love doing the work of designing and developing map terrain. There is pride involved in manually handcrafting terrain, as opposed to taking a large plane and using a basic brush to push and pull hills out of it. When I was a kid I loved trains and always lived in wonder at the the paths that were already carved out for them, the mountains, valleys, and tunnels they would be led through. I believe this is a similar principle to mapping and carving out the various vehicle and infantry paths present on APB's maps. The knowledge that, at any point during map creation, I can think about how these particular extrusions of polygons will be walked on, driven on, mined, and fought over for years by players is a pretty cool thing. That all said, Canyon River is probably my favorite recent-ish project, and I'm excited to get back to mapping sometime, although the vast majority of my time is spent fixing and improving things that already exist. Hm I guess I answered this already above. xD Just the passion for carving out paths and bringing imaginary worlds to life, then watching and playing with other people on that terrain. It brings me satisfaction and happiness. I guess this is the part of the show where I plug the RA_ShallowGrave thread. The next APB map project could be any of those, really, but there are still things in the meantime that need fixing with other projects, such as with TSR. At some point I may also be interested in helping AR with their mapping. It's a different style than the APB one I'm used to, and I'm interested to try my hand at it sometime. There have also been talks since KOTG's inception of bringing various iterations of KOTG to AR and TSR.
  7. ChopBam

    Oh nice this sounds like a good idea.
  8. ChopBam

    Lord, anything but this. 🤣
  9. ChopBam

    @Jeod joining any of the projects grants you some exclusive access to staff and resources that you wouldn't otherwise have. So I'd say go for it if you're interested!
  10. ChopBam

    I was super into Pokemon like 20 years ago, but interest fell off after Jr High. But more than that, I need to be spending my time doing other things this time around.
  11. Gotta be careful with counterclaiming me though. Remember my response to Sunflower's CC last game? While everyone else was entertained by my all-caps, she ended up giving up. The thing though is that you could pretend you're submerged and I wouldn't know the difference unless you opened fire the next day.
  12. To be perfectly fair to you, it's not easy for me to read you either. You're scum a lot more often than I am, and you've gotten skilled at hiding, and many times it feels like it comes down to 50/50 really.
  13. You know you're ready to join the scum team when other players say this about you.
  14. No honorable mention for successfully protecting Jeod?