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  1. next try, im at 800mb now and i have to eat.... Wish me luck, and thank you.
  2. i'm trying an installation repair, now.... still 1.6gb btw, interim kicked again from renlist?
  3. Here i am again... sorry! tried to join via w3d launcher, got games tab with renegade installed, clicked "play now" and nothing happen. went to server browser tab, clicked join server on interim apex official server an got nothing... Help!
  4. i downloaded 1.3gb of data... and i need to redownload the entire renegade game? C'MON!!!! EDIT: no, seems there is some file missing, sorry.
  5. I cannot join interim apex renegade. I downloaded launcher, installed it, logged in, set my ingame name, but the button "join server" is not clickable. (already restarted pc and launcher ofc) Some help? TY!
  6. Hi, i'm wezza. i'm an old player, i've used many names in past years. i started when Muratarum was young (ahahahahahah!) and Stanislav was a n00b (he still is, but i love his determination!) After Apex was kicked out GSA a few days ago, i observed this during my normal game times: i think lot of player left renegade. Rencorner gained some good match sometimes, mpf too but Apex lost really crowded matches and some player just load gsa and play coop maps. I think it's very sad. (if i lost some big match on apex, fell free to notice me, i'm not always online, i just check in the evening.) I think it's a lose-lose situation. My 2 cents.
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