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  1. The server listings are showing again. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Thanks for reaching out! It's something that we need to fix on our end, and nothing you need to do except wait.
  3. ChopBam

    crash dump

    Changed Status to Closed (Other)
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2023_08/buggystuckspot.PNG.6aa418ce963c0cc6f95ea9e240d51f76.PNG
  6. Sounds like from Discord chat that you got it working. Great to hear!
  7. If you're running 64-bit, the path to the proper registry entry may be slightly different. Did the Westwood Studios folder pre-exist or did you have to add a new one? If it didn't already exist, try looking in Wow6432Node under Software.
  8. Added more bot taunts. Fixed some general map and building stuck spots. Improved a barbed wire map prop. Easter egg removed from lighthouse on Seamist. Tesla Tank Reload time increased. 3.5 -> 3.75 Max spray angle increased. 1.5 -> 3 Damage radius on the secondary weapon decreased. 7 -> 6 ROF on the secondary weapon decreased. 6 -> 7 Ants Now have kill icons if controlled by players. Now have the 5 second damage refill limit that regular soldiers have
  9. We're going to need a bit more info. Does this only happen with vehicles? Specific vehicles? Do you have custom keybinds?
  10. Changed Status to Needs More Info
  11. @ Timeaua We have plans to make the cliffs no-go areas, just didn't quite have time to add it for this patch. Making the flight area higher also is a good shout.
  12. ChopBam

    Seam on TS_Dam

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. What file specifically does it freeze on?
  15. ChopBam

    Stuck spot

    Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Changed Status to Closed (Other)
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