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  1. @ Timeaua We have plans to make the cliffs no-go areas, just didn't quite have time to add it for this patch. Making the flight area higher also is a good shout.
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. ChopBam

    Seam on TS_Dam

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. What file specifically does it freeze on?
  7. ChopBam

    Stuck spot

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Changed Status to Closed (Other)
  9. Changed Status to BackBurner
  10. We'll be seeing some more activity on the Reborn server very soon. Bot support won't be far behind, and this can help keep the server active with lower player counts, similar to APB. Perhaps someone can do this, and in fact I've seen some things in the works lately that appear to be along these lines. This was thought of quite a few years ago and we all want to see it happen, but nothing has been officially started on it. There are co-op maps in the works that are higher priority such as two dedicated co-op maps for APB that are works-in-progress. It's been a common idea that using official missions from the games is a great way to pool for co-op ideas.
  11. Way ahead of you on that one.
  12. Thanks for your interest! Those are interesting points about APB and Reborn polish. Single player modes may not work so well for our development environment as the time spent by our very small development team to build single player story, campaign, and missions would go towards people playing it once or twice and then being done. Co-op is a bit better as you can still get story and objectives out of a mission while retaining the replayability inherent to multiplayer games. I have ideas for a couple co-op maps but there is nothing set in stone and certainly no co-op mode planned for next week's release, unfortunately. But it wouldn't be too hard beyond that date to get something together like the co-op mode against bots on the regular MP maps we see on APB's server.
  13. Changed "Suicide" button text to "Respawn - Forfeit Credits". Added kill icons for ghosts. Soviet ghosts have been made uncrushable. New Game Host Controller Added "Game Host Controller", which is deployed from a secondary weapon on the "d" character. This is meant for moderators to use with the newer coop server game modes such as Infection. Removes all defenses on the map. Gives all buildings massive "ConYard" health boosts each second, to help prevent non-flare base destruction. Removes point/credit bonuses from damaging buildings. Ore Truck Upscaled the texture so it appears higher quality. Map Adjustments Bonsai: Fixed a stuck spot between the Soviet War Factory and Refinery. Complex: Blocked bots from trying to drive through the center hedgehogs. NorthByNorthwest: Fixed a couple stuck spots between rocks north of both bases. RidgeWar: Hanging out on the ridge west of the Soviet base is now dangerous (potential exploit spot). SwampOfIllusions: Replaced "Underlying Thoughts" in Jukebox with new soundtrack "Groundwire Cinematic Remix"
  14. Paste it in plain text.
  15. It's ugly as f*ck and hyperlinks are completely invisible unless you hover over them or drag select the text.
  16. I'm down to join! Now for the love of god, fix your post formatting.
  17. Not sure about the missing stuff, the current team doesn't really offer support for Beta, so you'd be best asking Einstein maybe for those files (as Nodlied suggested). You can have a sneak peak; be aware it's still quite early in terms of visual development. Here's the SS I have on the Trello card, so it's meant to be more of a "this is THAT map" and not really meant to be promotional material. Still, you asked so you shall receive. :D
  18. Try this guy. As a note, we've had a version of this map in development hell for the modern version of APB, coming Soon™️ near you. RA_Soviet_Invasion_Coop.mix.7z
  19. I suspect something messed up or removed your strings file. Have you tried reinstalling the game?
  20. Scripts 5.0 and 5.1 are versions of scripts that ship with newer W3D games than Renegade, such as RA: A Path Beyond, RA2: Apocalypse Rising, and Battle for Dune.
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