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  1. That indeed does look very spooky.
  2. Unexpected, thanks for the laugh xD
  3. Hi trunkskgb! I'm glad you find the tutorial base useful. I copied a lot of them over from the original renhelp websites so they wouldn't get lost. Now those sites are down, so glad I did. And yes we added a ton more that never existed before. If you are missing a tutorial on something, please let me know. We should have an answer to anything engine/game related. And yes as the others stated, we are indeed looking for developers, especially mappers at this moment. So if you are interested, let me know!
  4. Probably, yeah. Most of Yuri's stuff are fun and awesome, but the main focus of the team is the power of mind control however. I remember that, but we found it unfair if a player permanently lost a character, especially if the Barracks was dead already, robbing their teammates of the ability to kill the Yuri clone and free their character.
  5. There's also one thing wrong with the Yuri faction in the fps perspective, the entire mind control mechanism. It's hard to make fun for players, and we still haven't come up with a good implementation idea.
  6. I'm not sure 3 or more teams would benefit the gameplay at all, until the ingame player count is above 80 at all times. I mean unless we fabricate specific rules, I don't see how we could force any teams to not make a temporary alliance with another to annihilate the third team before turning on eachother again. Since this isn't an RTS, 3 teams at the same time would probably make the gameplay a little overcomplicated. I mean it could happen on some specific maps than the 2 factions make an alliance against a third team, but that third team would not have units controlled by real players then.
  7. Yuri as a team isn't planned at all, but a few of his units are actually planned later on to be a neutral AI team guarding things on maps or harrassing both teams.
  8. http://cncnz.com/radio/ :D
  9. Hahaha, I forgot how slowly those guys elevated xD
  10. welcome

    Hey, welcome back! I remember a few of your concept arts back in the days. Some good memories... And man, 3+1 kids? That changes life a lot, even getting married alone does. How do you even find any time at all to play? :D Anyway, good to see you around, after 8-10 years
  11. The flag is drawn on a 600x400 canvas. I don't know how to extract that...
  12. Moon bug

  13. A bit late but I enjoyed it, thanks