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  1. You can create a bunch of maps and connect them using campaign.ini to create a campaign (check the Renegade one). Then you can play the campaign and your maps should load after eachother how you defined it (you can even create bink videos between the missions). Just have to use a lot of existing scripts to create objectives, cinematics, play sounds, spawn enemies, and trigger mission complete when you prefer to. This is not very much different from creating multiplayer maps, aside from objectives and mission complete. (And yes you need a modelled terrain file, whether existing or complet
  2. We also fixed the server map rotation so Snow and Crossroads are now also playable.
  3. Wait how is the game over so fast? I thought there were 3 allies ANd on Day2/3? wow, wtf. Just select a soviet guy as defected Terrorist and continue! :D
  4. Wow, just from an outsider's point of view, allies are having a hard time.
  5. Do you still have the higher polycount dam version?
  6. Tested, the problem is pathfinding, the weapon switching works perfectly. He does not use any weapon on the Pillbox because he didn't reach the repair goto location.
  7. We are having problems in the infrastructure and manually have to fix the login problem every day. I fixed it a few hours ago which is why you could suddenly log in. It will fail again soon until we find the source of the problem
  8. The lack of organized Among Us games in this mafiahood is disturbing.
  9. For me, the second player is booted for hacking now, so this behaviour has changed since then I think. And no it's not better.
  10. I've seen this issue in other games as well, e.g. AR Prism Tower. I think it's a code related issue.
  11. If I jump on this piece of rubble, I get stuck.
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