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  1. moonsense715

    @Pushwall @Silverlight @Einstein Bump! @OWA you still haven't answered a single question! D:
  2. moonsense715

    Hahaha 15 ion cannon beacons... GG!
  3. moonsense715

    Excellent work, thanks for the report Oxanna. Agent Hasak is getting promoted to the Confessor rank soon.
  4. moonsense715

    Happy birthday Renegade! Thank you Westwood guys for creating it. It made me get into serious modding and get a RL job thanks to the experiences gained from it.
  5. moonsense715

    What is this ultimatebattles thing? It sounds cool, maybe we could revisit it?
  6. Damn that looks SO crap compared to now. Every piece of art in that screenshot XD
  7. Except that you couldn't enter the vehicle list screen at all to be 1 keypress away for a vehicle purchase after it became unbusy, while waiting.
  8. moonsense715

    I think a better solution would be making more maps get AI support so it's not just a few in the list.
  9. moonsense715

    Dev kit: it is under development currently. Making it clean and only keeping the essential engine files plus a few example characters/vehicles/buildings for a sample game. It works right now and the game is roughly between 10-20 MB, but i'm still cleaning it up and the examples are not finished. Renegade on the Launcher: danpaul88 is working hard on Renegade support but he has little free time so please be patient. IIRC the plan is to allow the Launcher to detect your Renegade installation and use it to connect to XWIS/GSA Ren servers (so I'd guess whatever custom content you added to it will be in it naturally). So it will not download the game from anywhere as it is not freeware. No 5.x as it will stay on 4.x. Newer scripts versions do not support Renegade at all (this is why the code is a lot cleaner and easier to change, no compatibility required). As for updating the game? I can't answer that, but I think it will be able to download and install the latest 4.x branch script updates. Under-dev projects: we are pushing TS Reborn right now, fixing up the balance and some assets. This should be out this year but I have no exact date. I'm also going to give a mega push to Apocalypse Rising this year. Whether it will result in a release or not I do not know, but major milestones will be met and the game should be very much in a Release-able state before 2020 I can promise this.
  10. moonsense715

    If it was up to me you'd have had it with Nodlied for years now. But it's not up to me.
  11. moonsense715

    Sure. Bots are primarily for multiplayer (you can play against them alone on the servers or on LAN too), but as I've separated their logic into 2 big components, the simpler AI can/will be used in the Tutorial mission. We don't have a single player campaign planned though.
  12. moonsense715

    I also have questions to my fellow team. I'd like to encourage others too to just ask whatever. 1. When will clanwars be held again? I want to fully support this with my knowledge and most of it has been enabled on the stats pages already. 2. Would clanwars happen on a separate/temporary server or on the main game servers (this would not let other players play the game while the war is going)? 3. Can tools and a guide be posted for clans to be able to host their own clan practice server and let their clanmates join it? A git repo similar to APB SDK along with Asterisk might help this.
  13. moonsense715

    Dear Comrades and Commanders, We are pleased to announce that W3D Hub will be 4 years old on Sunday (27th January)! Can you believe it? Time flies quickly in the brotherhood. Faster than some people even think. Thank you all for hanging with us for so long and we hope to continue providing enjoyable games and events for many more years to come! APB Game NightTo celebrate, we are holding another official APB Game Night on Saturday 8:30 PM GMT like last time. The event will be streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/w3dhub. Additional streamers are welcome to join the streaming bandwagon! Community AMA We're also celebrating our 4th birthday by holding a Community AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread here! Here you can ask members of the team anything you darn well please! Note: If you want to ask a question anonymously, feel free to use our Idea Box found on the frontpage! After the AMA is over we'll take a look at the questions and do a round of answers! Please check the thread for all the details, including the question format! Community Meeting Last but not least, we are hosting a Community Meeting on Discord on Sunday 8-9 PM GMT, on our birthday. Hop on to chat with your fellow community members and some of the developers. Oh and expect a surprise at the meeting too! See you on Saturday and Sunday, prepare for some kickass games and some chill talking! [blurb]It's W3D Hub's 4 year anniversary! Let's celebrate![/blurb]
  14. moonsense715

    If you squashed a rifle guy on the iceberg tops, that was me
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