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  1. We closed everything here in Hungary slowly, within a week, one step a day. We are doing "pretty good" so far, I hope this serious lockdown will help slow down the spreading.
  2. That sounds like a rigging issue, the muzzlea0 bone is not linked to the barrel/turret bone.
  3. It was also shorter in RA, in APB this would make it harder to hit, especially for V2s. The normal Pillbox is so easy to hit with a V2 atm.
  4. Yeah, maybe you actually have more edited files than just those. Especially check TTFS files if the 100% clone of your Data folder doesn't work on his machine.
  5. Santa's been AFK for a week. You ok?
  6. If you just want to try out the soviet vehicles, you can start the game in single player mode, and then host yourself a local LAN game, there you can switch teams.
  7. Hey, I have too high framerate now .. oh wait, that's a good thing, yes?
  8. Would you consider having a go at a RA2 - Power remake sometime?
  9. For history's sake: the original MP5 model was created by @Ric and textured by TheBeerinator
  10. params.MovePathfind = false; Commands->Action_Goto(obj, params); / Commands->Action_Attack(obj, params); Only in the case of VTOL bots
  11. Jerad told me you have to disable use pathfinding for VTOL bots in their movement order.
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