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  1. I fixed the code while working on your account so it should be fast now
  2. Your stats-saved username is Cncthang. You should either use that or tell me if you want to move your stats to a differently cased version.
  3. We've deleted the account spamming you with ads.
  4. @Coolrock When are we doing a devs + moderators vs regular players gamenight event?
  5. Just skip calculations and give the prizes out right away to GaryOak, Guard55 and SilverShark. Player's choice is AZ-Stalker. End of story.
  6. Ah yeah excuse me. I watched it as well just didn't write anything, it was pretty good. Well done AZ!
  7. I was just reminded: vehicle weakpoints. Either communicate them blue in the face or they should be removed. I just got to know even some top APB players didn't know about its existence and therefore it is a hidden feature and an unfair advantage for those lucky to somehow know about it. Actually let's see if the problem can prove itself: how many of you don't know what this is?
  8. This. I agree that jumpspamming around the mct with the engi wrench to disarm the bomb was annoying for the Tanya player (happened to me as well), but now you have to stand still to disarm it, ready to be headshotted by Tanya. So in any 1v1 cases, you either have luck and kill her very fast and THEN buy a repair unit and disarm bomb, it's pretty hard to pull off within 30 seconds. Or ignore her and just disarm the bomb, she either has to be really bad at aiming or you need 4 engineers/techs around which is usually not the case (or even if it is, that's a lot of players required to counter a si
  9. Also, nerf Tanya C4, like, right now. Split it to 2 C4s with a 5 seconds reload time so she can still solo a building. 30 seconds instantkill from full hp is absolutely uncounterable once placed. "but get better and mine the base" - did, the mines are 90% of the time killed by tha tanya transport or one single friend and from then on it's gg. No thanks.
  10. Elevate the soviet base. Sitting at the bottom of a cliff is a sitting duck base. Also totally blind to incoming attacks. Demos can roll it from the clifftop into the base (with gap gens if hinds are present). All the while the allies are on a clifftop, very easy to defend, see the whole map from, and it's hard to attack it. This has been a problem since always, not Delta specific. Elevate that dang soviet base on ridgewar please.
  11. Humble beginnings, nice. I played a bit with my bots, and aside from pathfinding issues, we had a cool battle. Interesting how I don't think anyone back then thought this was possible in the future, let alone such an old version of the game being playable by modern bots :D
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