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  1. moonsense715

    Or a bad registry key installed by ECW?
  2. moonsense715

    Thanks for your efforts! The APB Stats/Ranks pages also have the login fixed now!
  3. moonsense715

    It sounds like it would fit the Yuri's Revenge soundtrack with the bit darker/funkier tones
  4. moonsense715

    AM I the only one who finds it weird that in "Red Alert", Yuri replaces the Soviets? I have seen soviet units in the videos yes, but the gameplay still seems like "Allies vs Yuri" all the time.
  5. moonsense715

    I'd even pay someone to finally do it.
  6. moonsense715

    The environment looks great, good job
  7. moonsense715

    We will not distribute Renegade on the launcher for free. At least not until it becomes abandonware or in the state like Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun.
  8. moonsense715

    We hope to avoid this, at least it should never show enemy unit positions. Otherwise it would be a Spy Satellite.
  9. moonsense715

    I mean the Harvy should be following a waypath that leads from the vehicle creation zone to the front of the building. Do you have those set up? You know, all vehicles do tha when created, so they don't pile up on eachother inside the creation zone. So the harvy should come out before following the path to the Tiberium field.
  10. moonsense715

    Hm, why doesn't the harvester get out of the Weapons Factory?
  11. moonsense715

    Have any neat links?
  12. Wow, I didn't know the definat was that hard to damage. OP pls nerf
  13. moonsense715

    Indeed. If the naming is correct, the object will appear in LE and will be locked in place. You can unlock and move it, but on the next map load it will go back to its original, proxied position. There's a tutorial on proxies here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/414693-proxies/
  14. moonsense715

    It's invisible, but it's there and you can click and move it.
  15. moonsense715

    That is only a model, you need to place a Purchase Terminal object. More level setup stuff here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/414755-generic-level-creation-guide-max-leveledit-heightfield-ingame/