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  1. welcome

    Hey, welcome back! I remember a few of your concept arts back in the days. Some good memories... And man, 3+1 kids? That changes life a lot, even getting married alone does. How do you even find any time at all to play? :D Anyway, good to see you around, after 8-10 years
  2. The flag is drawn on a 600x400 canvas. I don't know how to extract that...
  3. Moon bug

  4. A bit late but I enjoyed it, thanks
  5. Very nice! MC Madness videos inc!
  6. It's a lot of fun, with bazillions of things to do and secrets to find out.
  7. I thought there was a !rules or !serverrules command already?
  8. Server rules can be server specific, so it would be a little problematic if there were 2 APB servers next week which are for the same game, but have a different set of rules. Rules could appear in the server browser next to each server though, but a tab to me would be strange for the reason I stated.
  9. This is good. I'd add a few more images, icons from the game since it's an announcer topic, but other than that I like this a lot.
  10. I'm not sure if those Game Settings are used anymore by the Launcher. Engine.cfg comes to my mind.
  11. I already have working bot paratroopers, they appeared first time years ago and were implemented properly last year september/october. You can read more here Since then I improved the bots a lot to act like real players (spawn where players do, have names and money pool), physically get into vehicles, join transports, fly aircraft, react to radio commands, follow mouse pointed orders etc. I just don't have time to blog about it.
  12. Have you missed the ECW carryall? It can carry vehicles already (although just one at a time).