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  1. In that case it adds nothing to the gameplay. Just being yet another, bigger sentry gun.
  2. Just to comment on another possibility, we can also make the battle bunker a static vehicle to avoid messing with keycards, doors, etc. In that way it would work like a battle fortress, the more people enter it, the stronger it becomes. This makes it very easy to use, but then of course it cannot be repaired from inside, under cover (not that other base defenses can be repaired from inside, mind you). Note, if the soviet battle bunker gets ingame, I'd like to give it an allied counterpart, which would be garrisonable similarly.
  3. Back in 9935, everyone hated it because it Iron Curtained any vehicle sitting on it for free. History is going to repeat itself if it goes back in like that with no restrictions when under fire.
  4. @ OWA Biggest trolling ever: mind controlling a bus with 16 enemies inside it?
  5. I love the recreation of the elevator music, nice work!
  6. W3D Hub isn't 10 people working on 1 project at once, it's every single person working on their own project.
  7. I fixed the code while working on your account so it should be fast now
  8. Your stats-saved username is Cncthang. You should either use that or tell me if you want to move your stats to a differently cased version.
  9. We've deleted the account spamming you with ads.
  10. @Coolrock When are we doing a devs + moderators vs regular players gamenight event?
  11. Just skip calculations and give the prizes out right away to GaryOak, Guard55 and SilverShark. Player's choice is AZ-Stalker. End of story.
  12. Ah yeah excuse me. I watched it as well just didn't write anything, it was pretty good. Well done AZ!
  13. I was just reminded: vehicle weakpoints. Either communicate them blue in the face or they should be removed. I just got to know even some top APB players didn't know about its existence and therefore it is a hidden feature and an unfair advantage for those lucky to somehow know about it. Actually let's see if the problem can prove itself: how many of you don't know what this is?
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