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  1. Nodlied

    I 100% agree with everything you've said, Threve. Let it be known that we're (including myself) are always here should any of you need a listening ear!
  2. Nodlied

    You know what? You know what? I was going to tell you that you don't have any power over me. But you know what? I'm 100% fine with being fired. Gold over green.
  3. Nodlied

    Ah, in that case you can put me on a maybe, as I'll likely have my final exam on the 29th. (After kicking Uni's arses all along the way as they don't want to do their jobs.)
  4. Nodlied

    So you're saying that you'll start in April, right?
  5. Nodlied

    I prefer to stay with what I have right now. (Too lazy to recolour.) USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR NOT WEARING GREEN.
  6. Nodlied

    And that's precisely the reason why you should shitpost as much as possible during D1. (Ok, I'll leave again!)
  7. Nodlied

    Hey, I still use skype.
  8. Nodlied

    Sorry lad, I'm a bit in a busy spot still.
  9. Nodlied

    While there are plans to exchange the whip for something else, it won't be a leather one. Rumours have it that it will be exchanged for an ice pick.
  10. Nodlied

  11. Nodlied

    The gun, or at least its mechanics, was/were a mistake.
  12. Nodlied

  13. Nodlied

    That TibDawn Obelisk (and the TibSun Nod PP behind it) are part of the base game.
  14. Nodlied

    Sorry lad, no can't do. It's do or die time this month, and even when it's do (or die), I'll be very busy the upcoming weeks/months after that.
  15. Nodlied

    I guess that that could work. However, I still don't know when I'm ''done'' being busy due to a lot of uncertainty coming up soon.