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  1. That sucks to hear, iLTS. Hope you get well soon! Keep us updated!
  2. No can't do. Even though I work from home and have a ''lot'' of spare time, I have too many things on my mind right now.
  3. I've been reduced to teaching via Microsoft teams. Man do I hate that program already...
  4. IIRC, that video was from 2016. The real location for the appears to have been Wuhan's wet and live food market. As we all know, hygiene isn't the most important thing on the minds of the people living there. The fact that such conditions are great for decease only serves to show that they dun goofed.
  5. I live somewhere near Rotterdam and the Hague, the Netherlands. Things have become quite wild over the past two weeks over here. My mother became ill last week but didn't want to go to the doctor until I made her cry. Due to the lack of fever, she didn't get tested, but all other symptoms are there. She's been recovering well now, doctor adding that that it's a mild infection. Since the first minor lockdown began last thursday, I've seen quite a few idiots panic buying whatever they could in the super markets. Some of them don't seem to realise that they could just purchase things as they normally would, as these crowds only serve to further the spread of the virus. However, yesterday it was decided that everyone should work and stay at home unless they either had not choice or were on a list of highly important professions. (People like doctors, nurses, transport sector, farmers, supermarkets, energy, water, public transport, etc). Schools were closed as well, but despite that, teachers like me still have to show up for work. One of my schools simply wants us to show up on monday and thuesday to work on administration and to prepare some digital classes. My other school simply wants us to show up every day, not even truly knowing why they want us there... So yeah... Life's not fun, but eh, I've survived worse.
  6. You think you have it bad? I have a sick mother here at home who refuses to go to the doctor because she's suffering from a ''cold'', which it likely is. Still, I'd like to know for sure. Even then, I see hundreds of different kids every week, so I'd be screwed either way. Sorry, no can't do. I just love being a Spice Merchant.
  7. As stated on discord, I no longer have the time to participate in games. D:
  8. It's a new class, although the old Reborn team (from before 2011) also intended to include the flamethrower. We have a new model though.
  9. It's in the internal beta for TSR 2.0. It's not released to public yet.
  10. It doesn't really look like a T-34. If anything, it's an odd mix between a T-72 mobility pack, A KV-1 hull and a unique modern turret, plus an assortment of comically sized bits and pieces everywhere..
  11. I don't know if I'll be able to play. D: The game starts shortly before work starts again, and I'm having trouble finding enough time to do any non-work related things during the normal working week.
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