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  1. Nodlied

  2. Nodlied

    The gun, or at least its mechanics, was/were a mistake.
  3. Nodlied

    That TibDawn Obelisk (and the TibSun Nod PP behind it) are part of the base game.
  4. Nodlied

    Sorry lad, no can't do. It's do or die time this month, and even when it's do (or die), I'll be very busy the upcoming weeks/months after that.
  5. Nodlied

    I guess that that could work. However, I still don't know when I'm ''done'' being busy due to a lot of uncertainty coming up soon.
  6. Nodlied

    Oh, I don't really give a shit about Pokémon being anime or not. I also joined the Debtnote game. However, I have some important things coming up in January so I'll be sitting this one out.
  7. I wonder if it could work in a chat version. Unless the map updates are automated, I don't think that we'll have enough time for the day phases while waiting on coordinate reveals.
  8. I already enjoyed the game as it happened, but holy cow do I like the mechanics now that I've read up on them. I also really like the fact that the game starts out more slowly and becomes more intense the longer it goes on (Helicarrier deployment and scouting/shooting on the map and all). Reminds me of my own games. Also, the inclusion of ''side'' objectives like protecting/destroying the airfield, locating enemy/friendly units, figuring out how to deal with the Chronosphere, and deploying the Helicarrier made for a fun experience. Allies had a bunch of bad luck though! I like the balance so far. 10/10, would play again.
  9. I am gone for one day and this is what happens? Good job! (I'll wait with my judgement on the game until the endpost.)
  10. Easy, teachers don't want to work late on Friday's. No matter how much our pupills prefer to have their parties on Fridays, we're not going to make that happen. We like our weekends (or in this case, holiday) to start at a normal time. (That said, my current internship had it Wednesday last week, until 00:30.... and I had to be back in front of class at 09:00... Yeah beats my why they decided on such a rational thing...)
  11. Just a heads-up. I'll be gone for most of tomorrow, if not the entirety of that day. Beyond my standard classes and visiting family, I've also been invited to the Christmas gala of my old internship. Chances are high that I'll immediately head to bed once I get home due to having to wake up early again on Friday. I might chip in if I can find some time, but chances are that I'll be gone until midway through the night phase.
  12. ##Shoot G9 Anybody else have some shots left to shoot F7 and H7?
  13. Well, I can put you a bit closer to your attack sub claim by simply checking your length. And if you still don't want to give up your coördinates, then I'm quite sure that we can muster some more guns to put it to the test.
  14. That has got nothing to do with my intention. Because if you tell me the truth, I'll miss you, for I do not intent to fire at G7 or any tile next to it.