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  1. Nodlied

    Among Us

    I'm going to sit in TS Mk.II on Gibscord. Hopefully people will be able to join today.
  2. This is some amazing news! Didn't think we'd ever get to this but man did this make my day.
  3. Nodlied

    Among Us

    I do have a tester interview on Saturday. But I'll find a way to join. (Unless actual testing or real life gets in the way.)
  4. Nodlied

    Among Us

    Generally two hours before what has been posted. But on Saturdays and Fridays, the stated time would work as well. (Although I can no longer be sure if I'll make it due to ad-hoc things organised at the last moment by friends.)
  5. Nodlied

    Among Us

    No can't do. First of all there' will be a testing session, although it won't take that long, I suspect. But, more importantly, I work 5 days a week and start at 8. So 0:00 for me simply isn't possible anymore. That said, Fridays and Saturdays are an exception, but even then it depends on plans and the ability to stay up that long. (Hey! Worked tonight! :v)
  6. Nodlied

    Among Us

    I'm honestly interested in the game and I'm wondering whether or not I should aquire it.
  7. apply for Testing

    How long have you been playing/following our games?: 5 ours a day

    Why do you want to be a tester?: i love work

    Wh y should we hire you?: i can break evry game

    How often do you expect to be available during our standard testing time? (21:00 BST/ 13:00 PST/ 16:00 EST on Saturdays): 7 days a week 19:00- 21:00

    Extra information we should know about you: i have a day jobe from 09:00 till 16:00

  8. I'm still not entirely done with work and will have a busy week or two still ahead of me.
  9. Are you alright lad? EDIT: I actually mean this as a serious question. If you need a talk or anything, just ask, there's more than enough people who would be willing to talk.
  10. Sorry, I still can't. Despite sitting at home nearly 24/7, I'm still too busy. And in a few weeks we'll be slowly going back to our classrooms, which will become a giant mess with how things are organised. So long story short: We're also going back to doing more tests as TSR is getting back on track again, so even more arbeit. (And the time that I have off, I'm spending on doing other things.)
  11. If they don't respond, contact me, I'll give them some roles...
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