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  1. Right then, the first part of round one has finished. The game isn't done yet and we'll be finishing it at a later date, but here are a few screenshots to show what has happened so far. Note that I do not have any good screenshots that show the progress in Asia.
  2. Game will start in one hour. Be there before that time! Game password will be W3D.
  3. Nodlied

    Ah, that's fine too. Looking forward to a normal game! Oh, and if you have enough sign-ups yet don't have a co-mod, you can put me in that place instead.
  4. Nodlied

    Despite not having found a job yet (although a temporary spot to finish my education is within my grasp!), I'll sign up. Can we pick our role character or will we be assigned one?
  5. I'd say that four hours will be a good period of time for the first game and/or the first part of the first game. I don't expect it to finish this week, so even if we're not done after four hours, we can still save the game and continue it later. We can also end it a bit earlier if necessary.
  6. That's fine. The timespot is the moment where we meet up, the game probably doesn't start until later, so you won't miss anything. As for communication, I'd say Teamspeak works well.
  7. Remember lads, five more days until the showdown. Go prepare, be there, or be square.
  8. Nodlied

    Good to know!
  9. Nodlied

    >All those people not voting for Command and Conquer on a CnC forum. You're all heretics.
  10. Alright, so we've completed today's test game with Voe, Liten, TheIrishman and Fraydo (for a bit). Voe as the UK, Liten as Sweden, Svea Rike, and later the Scandinavian Empire, and Fraydo as a short lived Czechoslovakia (he had to leave early anyway). I played as Belgium. Test has been completed successfully and, even though there was a slow start due to the connections, the game could handle speed 4 until the late game anti-Soviet war started. The big game will be set for the 22nd of September, be there or be square. :v Also, the following spoiler contain a few screenshots of today's game. Not really worthy of an after action report, as we didn't adhere to the rules and we were simply dicking around, but eh.
  11. Alright people, Voe, Liten and I are on TeamSpeak ready for the test game. Just hop on in and once we have enough players, we'll start tonight's game.
  12. Yes we are. Game starts in about 4.5 hours. See you all there (although where do we meet? TS or Discord?).
  13. Considering that most people have voted for the 22nd, what would you lads think about playing the ''big'' game on the 22nd while having a smaller ''test'' game this Saturday where we'd limit ourselves to the combatants of the early war? That way we'd be able to calculate how long a ''real'' game would take while ensuring that we'd be able to finish the shorter game. However, if we were to go with a smaller test game first, I'd also suggest that people are allowed to change nations to suit the smaller game (in fact, I'd even dare to pick France). Let me know.