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  1. I'm still not entirely done with work and will have a busy week or two still ahead of me.
  2. Are you alright lad? EDIT: I actually mean this as a serious question. If you need a talk or anything, just ask, there's more than enough people who would be willing to talk.
  3. Sorry, I still can't. Despite sitting at home nearly 24/7, I'm still too busy. And in a few weeks we'll be slowly going back to our classrooms, which will become a giant mess with how things are organised. So long story short: We're also going back to doing more tests as TSR is getting back on track again, so even more arbeit. (And the time that I have off, I'm spending on doing other things.)
  4. If they don't respond, contact me, I'll give them some roles...
  5. Jeod, why the hell did you spam my email?
  6. That sucks to hear, iLTS. Hope you get well soon! Keep us updated!
  7. No can't do. Even though I work from home and have a ''lot'' of spare time, I have too many things on my mind right now.
  8. I've been reduced to teaching via Microsoft teams. Man do I hate that program already...
  9. IIRC, that video was from 2016. The real location for the appears to have been Wuhan's wet and live food market. As we all know, hygiene isn't the most important thing on the minds of the people living there. The fact that such conditions are great for decease only serves to show that they dun goofed.
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