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  1. Description Getting stuck here Reproduction Steps Enter map Get between the rocks in front of the Soviet ref Get stuck Get sad
  2. I'm pretty sure that my unwavering support of Sint Nicolaas also extends to Santa Claus, who is based off the good old Saint Nic.
  3. IIRC, Ground Zero is going to be a more objective based game. But I'm sure that @ Killing_You could tell you more about that.
  4. You mean, after having played the internal builds for a while, it's hard to play the public one?
  5. That game was more that 4.5 year ago... D: Time flies.
  6. It's different for everyone. A colleague of mine was very ill for a month and took another one to recover. Another old colleague of mine lost three family members in quick succession to the Coronies. Meanwhile yet another one didn't notice anything whilst sitting at home. I've also been infected back in June. Though for me, I only had a very shitty Saturday evening and Tuesday afternoon. The rest of the week consisted mostly of being a bit tired. No other effects. Sad to hear that you were hit like that though.
  7. Oof, that sucks to hear. Hopefully you won't notice too much. Get well soon! (Hopefully not even required!)
  8. The B model is literally an M110 with return rollers. There's nothing F3 155mm about it. They literally meant it as the M107/M110. The M107/M110 also fits the Allied aesthetics much better as well than the unholy combination of a Chaffee, Crusader SP, Panzer III and a KV-1 that is the new/C model. It feels too WWII ish whilst the B model fits the Allied aesthetic of end cold war US army.
  9. I still really prefer the B variant of the artillery. It feels a lot closer to both the game and the thing we have ingame now.
  10. If this game gets going soon enough and will end before the 31st, I might join for one final round.
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