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  1. So eh, the situation here isn't good, so, as described in my role PM, I'll be asking for a replacement. =(
  2. Thanks Jeod, I'll see him in about half an hour, so we'll see how his surgery went. If he's doing well I may have enough time to continue playing. If not, I'll let you lads know.
  3. So, ehm.... Just a non-game related post. A family member had an accident a few days ago and I've been rather busy with that ever since. I don't know if I'll be able to post much, that all depends on whether or not his surgery goes well today. I'll keep you guys updated.
  4. ##Vote Category 5 Does this make that irony?
  5. What's up with all the non-actions, eh? I thought such things weren't allowed?
  6. Heh, you're not the only one that is cursed with knowledge.
  7. That's disgusting. Also, hi everyone.
  8. After having a lengthy consideration on whether or not to apply for a possition in this detective game, I have decided that based on the previous success and fond memories, I might just as well sign up for a game in such a simple set-up as this one. I declare that I shall henceforth be participating in this activity!
  9. So did I, but I'll be in my 40's by the time Jeod jr reaches the age of playing mafia.
  10. I will probably be doing completely different things by the time your son reaches the age of playing Mafia over here. Hell, this place might have even been abandoned. It is theoretically possible.
  11. I doubt that I'll ever teach your son to be honest.
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