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  1. I don't know if I'll be able to play. D: The game starts shortly before work starts again, and I'm having trouble finding enough time to do any non-work related things during the normal working week.
  2. Oh nice! I have the German version (for whatever reason). It's quite nice!
  3. You are fake news by implying that Santa is Satan. We all know that he's the American version of Saint Nicholas, hero of Roman Empire. You're a heretic, Liten.
  4. Well, to be fair. Getting a nice gift for being nice is always nice. But getting a bunch of coal is also nice, as I'd be able to spend it on Wargaming's coal ships.
  5. Don't worry, it didn't get abandoned and work is slowly progressing behind the scenes. It's just that most of the effort is currently concentrated on getting TSR 2.0 out of the door.
  6. Might also have led you to be lynched. If anything, I'm surprised you lived through the entire game.
  7. Chop did well by staying hidden as the cop as long as he did. (Although his foolish offensive on me was certainly something I welcomed!) I don't think that we've had a normal game where both the doctor and cop survived until the end.
  8. Btw, I'd like to nominate the KY-Sunflower-Chopbam trio for being the absolute bosses they were this game.
  9. You did well, KY. Other than that, what trap?
  10. Honestly, I think that scum (especially Cat5!) could have kept hidden with the inter-player confirmations if they weren't so unlucky on N1.
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