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  1. Nodlied

    You never managed to get inside in my games?
  2. Nodlied

    Of course I am.
  3. Nodlied

    I'm going to pre-empt his upcomming proposal and ##Nominate Shade.
  4. Nodlied

    Knowing him a tie automatically lynching him would be his weakness.
  5. Nodlied

    This sentence can be interpreted in so many different ways.
  6. Nodlied

    You are quite the talker this game. Now, including the fact that you can't be voted and the fact that you talk like the lone star state, may I ask if you are, in fact, the Sheriff?
  7. Nodlied

    To be fair, that's pretty Shade like. He always jumps onto anyone that's even midly suspicious of him. You know, at first I didn't feel like nominating you after last game, but ehm.... .... this attitude just rubs me the wrong way. ##Nominate OrangeP47 >Big Iron >Not Boltgun Phathetic.
  8. Nodlied

    You fucking what m8?
  9. Nodlied

  10. Nodlied

    Is that so? In any case, he's still a heretic. (Should have signed up as the Emperor's Holy Inquisition!)
  11. Nodlied

    Because I'm not a heretic you piece of filth. Also, because I don't bring bad luck.
  12. Nodlied

    Why not Fraydo?
  13. Nodlied

    InB4 he's also a jester and thus automatically wins.
  14. Nodlied

    Are important.