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  1. Why is this thread pinned?
  2. Once more a very good video! I enjoyed the watch!
  3. It is most certainly our lord and saviour Jeb! You have a very fine eye.
  4. That is correct. We didn't have time to port the Service Depot from 2.0, and we do not even have refill pads yet. 1.6 is supposed to be a better release than 1.5. And with all the fixes that went into it in limited time, I have to say that it's much better than legacy 1.5.
  5. That's how they've currently been implemented in AR. And let me tell you, they're broken in that form. They will need a massive rethink if they want to become a good part of the game.
  6. Please ask your question by clicking the link in the post.
  7. It is ''Comrade'', you dunce.
  8. I nominate @Nodlied. He worked hard and doesn't afraid of anything. He was always there when I needed him and never left my side. Always in the line of fire to attract enemy attention, oretrucking a team to victory, or taking part of daring offensives. I like the guy. Please clap.
  9. So you think you're cut out for testing and want to apply? Well you've come to the right place! General information about testing Here at W3DHub, we have a dedicated testing team of hobbyists who spend parts of their free time testing new features and upcoming releases for the games developed at W3D Hub - both for released and unreleased games. Whenever the developers need something tested and bugswept, we step in and deliver on that request. There are many different kinds of tests that we run, each with their own goals. We have playtests that are held to gather feedback o
  10. My line of work no longer allows me to play again. I've said this multiple times.
  11. Now, with this handled and done with, I suggest you lads get back to your game after the glory that was Voe going kaboom. (Yes I edited a post, sue me.)
  12. First of all. I told you in your first application that you'd need to wait for a year before you could reapply. It is stated that the first possible date would be november 2021. Secondly, being unemployed and desperate for cash is completely irrelevant for being a tester. Nobody gets paid around here, nobody makes any money of these projects. W3DHub is a group of hobbyists. We don't make any money or get paid. We do this for fun, but we try to maintain a professional organisation nontheless. I'm sorry that you're in such a situation, but we can't help with that.
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