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  1. This is undoubtedly the best thing I've read so far and is absolutely true. Build your level 10 forts guys. Random peasant #1234 out.
  2. Lol. Even if I'd like such a setting, still no can't do. There's a reason why I haven't even announced my summer game this year.
  3. Beyond not really being interested in the setting at all (which, to be fair, hasn't stopped me before), I simply do not yet have the time. I can manage a few moments during the week, as indicated by recent testing on TSR, but I'm far too busy with end-of-the-year stuff, preparing for my new exam (part 1 of the 2) and, still, dealing with the injured man downstairs.
  4. So eh, the situation here isn't good, so, as described in my role PM, I'll be asking for a replacement. =(
  5. Thanks Jeod, I'll see him in about half an hour, so we'll see how his surgery went. If he's doing well I may have enough time to continue playing. If not, I'll let you lads know.
  6. So, ehm.... Just a non-game related post. A family member had an accident a few days ago and I've been rather busy with that ever since. I don't know if I'll be able to post much, that all depends on whether or not his surgery goes well today. I'll keep you guys updated.
  7. ##Vote Category 5 Does this make that irony?
  8. What's up with all the non-actions, eh? I thought such things weren't allowed?
  9. Heh, you're not the only one that is cursed with knowledge.
  10. That's disgusting. Also, hi everyone.
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