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  1. Might also have led you to be lynched. If anything, I'm surprised you lived through the entire game.
  2. Chop did well by staying hidden as the cop as long as he did. (Although his foolish offensive on me was certainly something I welcomed!) I don't think that we've had a normal game where both the doctor and cop survived until the end.
  3. Btw, I'd like to nominate the KY-Sunflower-Chopbam trio for being the absolute bosses they were this game.
  4. Honestly, I think that scum (especially Cat5!) could have kept hidden with the inter-player confirmations if they weren't so unlucky on N1.
  5. Unlikely, I was deadset on you being scum. The only thing making me think otherwise was if there was a nightkill.
  6. As per final post of the night, may I refer back to these and express just how sad these two posts are. An attempt to get a KY train rolling while claiming that the other is ''the most scummy''? I'd call this a blunder, if not a catastrophic roll of the dice...
  7. Gee, I'd say that I'm surprised, but that would give too much unearned credit...
  8. I thought that he misinterpreted my question. Oh well, time to do my democratic duty then, I suppose. ##Vote Cat5
  9. I think that it is pretty obvious where I am in terms of who I'd like to see lynched, considering that I wanted to block Cat5 before I cooked up the pumpkin plan. I'm withholding my vote until I go to bed to prevent an early hammer though. Can't she just pass the item to someone? Said person can then pumpkin her again for double doctor shenanigans.
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