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  1. Nodlied

    It's not unusual to have all factions (even those on the same side!) fighthing one another and to have enemies ally up for a mutual goal. Anyway, for my flavour, Officio Prefectus or Cadia (the Guard still stands!)
  2. Nodlied

    >Lamenters Oh man, we should tie you with Fraydo for a lynch and watch the universe implode.
  3. Nodlied

    >Doorhammer Mafia Sign me up! I'll provide you with flavour info later.
  4. Nodlied

    Hmm, I see the no-plan paid off, at least until Inferno came up with a cop claim out of the blue, which almost put the entire clean sweep in jeopardy. Hey! I've been legitimately busy and I did what I could to be active. I did call the other lackies out on it though. I'm pretty sure that it would have been a different game should I have been able to play more. Also, from the deaddoc
  5. Nodlied

    That's enough evidence for me. You're unwillingness to vote a likely fellow scum player says enough. ##Vote iLTS I've made up my mind and I'm sticking with my guns. Take the veteran out of the equation and it'll be a lot easier to nail down the final remaining scum member.
  6. Nodlied

    Right then, I only have a few minutes before I head to bed again. ¶_¶ So my list probably isn't as detailed as it can be. (Can't wait to be done with uni so that I'll actually have regular schedule instead of things popping up all the time.) Cat5: Pretty much guaranteed to be town. There's no reason to fake claim Oracle. His manner of play has aided us to where we are as well. Shade: As obnoxious as always. And, to be fair, he hasn't really been that useful. Potential scum right here. iLTS: Bastard that has been on everybody's scumdar for the entire game. If Inferno is a scumbag, then iLTS might be cleared. However, it has taken a long time for iLTS to contribute to the right place. Most of the reasons as to why he's likely scum have been given already. Inferno: Comes up with a cop claim this late into the game. The true question is how much we believe him. If he's fake then it's likely that iLTS is innocent. If he's correct, then we'll finally nail the one that has been getting away from his fate this entire time. And thinking about it, unless the cop was killed during night one, he's likely to be the cop, and a safe one at that due to the lack of possible counterclaims (the ones that wouldn't be suicide that is). Mojoman: To be fair, he's been posting more than I had thought, but pretty much none of it has stuck with me. He's been mostly echoing what others have said (which has been said by others ¬_¬) and it took a while for me to realise that he's been an active player. Potential scum. TheIrishMan: I thought that he was scum at first for the reasons specified on D2 (me nagging him for actually following Cat5's wishes) but Cat5's response to that has removed that suspicion. Has been trying to contribute the best he can since then. Well then, time to put them in order from scum to not-scum. iLTS - Shade/Mojoman - Inferno - TheIrishMan - Cat5 I put Inferno in the middle on a ''null'' read. While the odds are agains the cop dying N1 we shouldn't rule it out and should he lie about all of this, my entire table will need a rethink if we're even able to do that. Why not? I'm pulling out from voting just yet as I'll be here for another 15 minutes or so to observe further developments.
  7. Nodlied

    We were at a potential MYLO, waiting for more possible scum tells is a rather shitty decision. There isn't much of a reason to wait. I get why you flipping, if you are the cop, would allow us to go back to your earlier reports and nail potential scum. Besides, iLTS has been a suspect on pretty much anybody's list. Your reasoning is, therefore, iffy.
  8. Nodlied

    I won't make a decision until we hear back from Inferno though. If he doesn't have a good reason for his claim then it is more likely that we've found ourselves a scum candidate. Whether that clears iLTS will be up for debate though.
  9. Nodlied

    Why have you waited with pushing iLTS? I can't counterclaim. So we're at a crossroads, do we believe Inferno's claim and go after iLTS who has been tingling on everybody's scumdar for the entire game? Or do we not believe Inferno's claim and lynch him instead, potentially nailing us a scum? Of course, there are other possibilities, the first of which is Inferno being a scum sacrifice to clear iLTS, the second being that Inferno is just sure and simply claimed cop while the final one is that Inferno is speaking the truth while iLTS is a miller. However, I consider these to be less likely than the ones written above.
  10. Nodlied

    I'll take a look at it once I get home tomorrow.
  11. Nodlied

    Unless Fraydo ended up being the miller. (Which he thankfully wasn't.) It wasn't a guaranteed positive for us.
  12. Nodlied

    Beyond that, why would Cat5 going after you suddenly make Cat5 scum? It may look a bit suspicious, but your attack feels a bit counter-offensive, which is something that scum tends to do.
  13. Nodlied

    I don't have the time for that, not with only 8 minutes left on the clock.
  14. Nodlied

    To be fair, that shitpost was pure heresy. My ears and eyse are still recovering from that horror straight out off the domain of lawlessness.
  15. Nodlied

    You didn't need to vote no-lynch as you were already pretty much safe. (Beyond that, I didn't have enough time to pay a good look at the CVC, sorry about that!)