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  1. With the sole exception of ECW, which does require a login to join even with the release build.
  2. I honestly feel the Spy right now is only situationally useful, and is biased against newer players. And this is something that only the Soviets need to worry about; buying a vehicle far from the war factory isn't punishing as an allied player like it is as a Soviet player, and honestly if the Spy does it to a new player, they will learn not to do that and then the spy isn't very useful. There's a lot I feel that would need to happen for the spy to be both useful without being broken. But two things that I feel should happen: - Get rid of the discount hijacking, as this is only useful in rare circumstances, mainly involving a new player. I do not feel that this adds to the gameplay as much as actual abilities for the spy would. - Don't switch the spy's team. This makes it immediately obvious that someone is spying (plus it can confuse moderators and players who think that the teams are unbalanced, rather than just a lot of spies on the team). Instead, spoof an existing player on the enemy team. This does provides a risk of you being detected by the player you are spoofing, but it's made up for by the loss of an obvious spy that was just shooting at you a minute ago.
  3. After playing around with this for a bit, I don't think there should be any warning that a Chronotank is teleporting into an area until it actually does so. Right now it spawns a vortex where it will be teleporting; this is fine for AR's Chrono Miner that could otherwise end up landing right on top of you and crushing you, but for a vehicle designed to ambush all it does is signal the enemy "please point turret here". This alone could give the Chrono Tank the first shot advantage that it should have to allow it to be more effective at being an ambusher.
  4. APB does have one, but the texture is ancient. It's on-par with the MCV right now, as it was made for .993 before it was cut from that.
  5. I don't think becoming a dog is a good idea. It means you're useless for the entire rest of the game if you combine it with the previous idea. Back in the day though, it was proposed that purchased dogs could roam around the base as passive defense. Rather than this, perhaps purchasing a dog means that you become a dog handler. Basically your standard infantry unit (maybe a Starshina or Kapitan could also purchase them, but I see it as a bad idea to give Volkov or Shock Troopers this ability) gets a dog that follows you around, sniffing down spies and hidden infantry units. This also prevents issues with melee weapons that this engine has, since the AI would be handling that and not a human.
  6. Description Binding and locking vehicles has no effect on bots. They will enter any locked vehicle ignoring the lock, and if you have a bound vehicle, the bot will clear it rendering the !vkick command useless. Reproduction Steps Grab a vehicle in a bot map with a war factory Bind it Wait until bot enters the vehicle !vkick command will claim no vehicle is bound to you -or- Grab a vehicle in a bot map with a war factory Lock it Bot will enter vehicle anyway
  7. He claimed 3 minutes before the hammer. By the time I saw his claim, Mojo was already unvoted. Me claiming at that point would have only painted a target on my back for the mafia, and then Shade would have had the choice of either protecting me or mojo. And if he chose mojo, then I would have died before giving an actual investigation result. It was too risky to claim at that point.
  8. Trying to change the topic? Yes, KY might have been the miller. You would know, considering you're scum. Yes, I gave you the benefit of the doubt yesterday. But you were acting suspicious, hence my plan was to investigate you. Your claim of being a cop however (which was extremely last minute and screams of desperation) made that pointless, since I knew you were either bait or scum. And now you claim to investigate me, but I want to ask you. Why? This quote from you, at the time when everyone unvoted you, implies that you would have investigated Category 5 or Shade. They did go on the vote train against you. Failing that, NodFan was pointed out to be a potential scum. But instead, you decided to "investigate" me. Did you suspect I was the cop since I didn't talk too much? Or did you just choose a random townie to kill that you thought wouldn't be able to defend themself? Considering this, I am inclined to point towards Category 5 or NodFan as potential scum along with Mojoman, whom I know is scum. I already cleared Alp as an innocent townie (whom I investigated due to his own questionable voting manuevers, and I was debating him or Shade. Glad I chose him), so that doesn't leave too many people left. I'll probably be killed tomorrow unfortunately due to the loss of our doctor, but if I do somehow survive, I plan to investigate NodFan tonight.
  9. Because you claimed you were a "cop". I was hoping you would blame Shade or Category 5 for trying to kill you so I could receive some confirmation on who else was innocent, but I guess that's not happening. Alternatively, I was hoping you would retract your claim and put some excuse out for trying to "bait" the "actual scum". But it's clear to me that's not what you're doing. For the record, I am the -actual- cop. And my investigation results have revealed that Alphoca, whom was rather trigger happy with voting yesterday, is actually innocent.
  10. So Mojoman. What did your "results" say last night?
  11. The fact is that everyone is jumping on this Mojoman train, with barely any evidence, raises a lot of questions. Yes the quote is suspicious, but it could easily be taken out of character to mean that this game is interesting. Quite honestly? I'm disappointed in all of you.
  12. The concern I have here is that a claimed doctor protecting themself would be worthless to prevent the cop being killed (the cop would inevitably need to reveal themself to give reports), thereby ruining the chances of a town win. That being said, Nodfan voted KY for basically no reason and allowed him to get one vote away from being hammered. That kind of thing is something we absolutely cannot afford... Which makes me wonder if Nodfan is really town.
  13. The failure of you two to honor our traditions sickens me! It is clear that either you two are mafia, or just really bad at this! Per our tradition, I shall bring the Lynch to the first day target that we always chose back in my day! ##vote Voe He may not be in this game but he is getting my vote anyway!
  14. cries in Hind Gunship
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