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    Setting Name Type Default Description Filename Sound Filename N/A Points to a sound filename. Valid extensions are: .WAV, .MP3, .OGG (5.1 only), .FLAC (5.1 only) Sound Mode (5.1 only) enum Compressed Sample See below for details m_VirtualChannel int 0 Sets which channel this sound should occupy. 0 allows m_Priority to automatically set the virtual channel. Drop-off Radius float 40.00 With the default roll-off model, determines at what range the sound will cut-off. Max Vol Radius float 20.00 With the default roll-off model, determines at what range the maximum volume will be heard. Is 3D Sound bool TRUE Determines if the sound is subject to attenuation and panning. m_LoopCount int 1 Determines how many times the sound should loop. 0 is "infinite loop" Loop Type (5.1 only) enum Normal Determines if the loop should be a normal loop, or a bidirectional ping-pong loop. Loop Start Point (5.1 only) int 0 Determines where a sound should start looping at, in milliseconds. Loop End Point (5.1 only) int 0 Determines the end point of a loop, in milliseconds. 0 is "length of sound." m_Volume float 1.00 Sets the volume level of the sound. m_VolumeRandomizer float 0.00 Determines how much randomization to apply to volume. m_Pan float 0.50 Sets which speaker to pan towards. 0 is left, 1 is right. m_Priority float 0.50 Determines the priority in setting channels. Lower priority channels will be muted before higher priority channels. m_Type enum Sound Effect Determines what channel group this sound should be assigned to. m_StartOffset float 0.00 [UNUSED] m_PitchFactor float 1.00 Scales playback frequency of the sound. m_PitchFactorRandomizer float 0.00 Determines how much randomization to apply to pitch factor. m_Doppler (5.1 only) float 1.00 Sets the amount by which to scale doppler. Display Text string N/A [UNUSED] Create Logical Sound bool FALSE Determines whether the sound should be sent to the logical sound engine, for processing by AI. Logical Drop-off Radius float -1.00 Determines the drop-off radius to use for the logical sound. -1 uses the same value as Drop-off Radius. Logical Notif Delay float 2.00 Determines how much to delay adding the sound to the logical sound engine. Logical Type enum None Determines what this sound will be marked as in the logical sound engine. Sphere Color color (0, 191, 191) [UNUSED] Sound Mode FMOD has three ways to play a sound: Compressed Sample: The sample is kept compressed at runtime, loaded into memory, and is decompressed during playback in realtime. This uses CPU, but little memory. This should be used for most sounds, and as such is the default behavior. Only supported for MP3, IMA ADPCM WAV, and OGG files. This is not supported for uncompressed WAV, and FLAC files. Uncompressed Sample: The sample is decompressed at runtime, and loaded into memory. This avoids the overhead of the CPU, but uses more memory. It will also increase the load time of the sound, so this should be only be used for very small sounds that are played often. Stream: The sample is decompressed at runtime, playing directly from the disk. This uses no memory, but the sample can only be played once at a time. This should be used for large sounds that are unlikely to be played more than once at a time, such as music, EVA voiceovers, or long ambience. This should -never- be used for any sounds that may need to have their state change at runtime, such as engine sounds.
  2. Tiberian Sun: Reborn - Patch 1.5.7 Changelog We're back with another exciting update for TSR! This patch is focused on quality of life improvements, along with some lingering bugs and balance issues ahead of the upcoming game night! General Ghost Stalker, Confessor, Enforcer, Toxin Trooper, Umagon are now armed with pistols Removed veterancy crates Disruptor Reduced damage from 22 to 12 Rate of fire increased from 15 to 30 Clip size increased from 50 to 100 Attack Buggy Changed warhead from Shrapnel to Steel (slightly better against armor) Wolverine Changed warhead from Shrapnel to Steel (slightly better against armor) Damage increased from 6 to 8 Cyborg No longer tilts while reloading Cyborg Commando Now has an ammo counter and reload for his plasma cannon Ghost Stalker Increased projectile velocity from 399 to 950 Mammoth Mk.II Re-did physics to reduce instances of floating Increased projectile velocity from 350 to 950 Juggernaut Replaced reload sound Artillery Added a reload sound Replaced firing sound Titan Replaced reload sound Increased projectile velocity from 350 to 400 Tick Tank Now has a reload sound Reduced reload time for deployed Tick Tank from 1.8 to 1.7 seconds Increased projectile velocity of standard Tick Tank from 320 to 360 (equalized with deployed variant) Harvester (Player only) Increased maximum engine torque from 7000 to 8500 Now have regeneration like the AI Harvesters Added a unit limit of 2 We also hope you will join us for Today's game night, at 8 PM BST/2 PM CST!
  3. Should be present here: https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/a-path-beyond-fds The Readme on the Git contains the information you need to know about hosting a server.
  4. Is there no love for Krampus this year? Who else would punish those who were truly naughty this year?
  5. The web is a very badly designed mechanic, that is unfun to fight against. Basically it removes an enemy from the game, with no real counter-play. Re-introducing the old mechanic where you cannot shoot at all just spreads the frustration to both sides, as now neither player can actually play the game. It's planned to get a rework, but with the old engine build it's not possible. A better system is in the works, but with the old engine build and the bad design for veterancy (there's a complicated reason for this), it was decided to temporarily suspend it. I have been made aware of Cyborg buffs being too much. Granted, GDI has their own near-OP counter in the Enforcer, which eats them for breakfast. Both units may receive nerfs in the future. GDI's Vulcan killed infantry too easily, but the RPG was not very good. Those changes serve to equalize them to make the Vulcan slightly worse, but in exchange for the RPG being better. Overall it's a nerf against infantry but a buff against vehicles. Auto-healing is incredibly powerful, possibly too much so. We'll see about the rest. Impossible for an old engine build, but 2.0 has this implemented fully. Can't really improve the handling this version, 2.0 already completely reworked it to handle significantly better however. This is the first time I have heard of this, I'll look into it. There's a reason for this. The original secondary firemode was a burst-fire mode with four missiles... that was only good against Air units. It definitely didn't look the part, so new players who join just think it's a straight burst fire, and got frustrated with the lack of damage. When I was designing a new alternate fire mode back then, I thought of Tiberian Sun's HMLRS which could fire over walls; this is where the Siege Mode came in. However, this also had its own issues. We may look into a new or updated alternate fire mode, but for the game night we decided to cut it temporarily.
  6. It is possible to get stuck between the rocks in the Allied Base on Seamist. Attached are pictures of the location.
  7. With the sole exception of ECW, which does require a login to join even with the release build.
  8. After playing around with this for a bit, I don't think there should be any warning that a Chronotank is teleporting into an area until it actually does so. Right now it spawns a vortex where it will be teleporting; this is fine for AR's Chrono Miner that could otherwise end up landing right on top of you and crushing you, but for a vehicle designed to ambush all it does is signal the enemy "please point turret here". This alone could give the Chrono Tank the first shot advantage that it should have to allow it to be more effective at being an ambusher.
  9. APB does have one, but the texture is ancient. It's on-par with the MCV right now, as it was made for .993 before it was cut from that.
  10. Description Binding and locking vehicles has no effect on bots. They will enter any locked vehicle ignoring the lock, and if you have a bound vehicle, the bot will clear it rendering the !vkick command useless. Reproduction Steps Grab a vehicle in a bot map with a war factory Bind it Wait until bot enters the vehicle !vkick command will claim no vehicle is bound to you -or- Grab a vehicle in a bot map with a war factory Lock it Bot will enter vehicle anyway
  11. He claimed 3 minutes before the hammer. By the time I saw his claim, Mojo was already unvoted. Me claiming at that point would have only painted a target on my back for the mafia, and then Shade would have had the choice of either protecting me or mojo. And if he chose mojo, then I would have died before giving an actual investigation result. It was too risky to claim at that point.
  12. Trying to change the topic? Yes, KY might have been the miller. You would know, considering you're scum. Yes, I gave you the benefit of the doubt yesterday. But you were acting suspicious, hence my plan was to investigate you. Your claim of being a cop however (which was extremely last minute and screams of desperation) made that pointless, since I knew you were either bait or scum. And now you claim to investigate me, but I want to ask you. Why? This quote from you, at the time when everyone unvoted you, implies that you would have investigated Category 5 or Shade. They did go on the vote train against you. Failing that, NodFan was pointed out to be a potential scum. But instead, you decided to "investigate" me. Did you suspect I was the cop since I didn't talk too much? Or did you just choose a random townie to kill that you thought wouldn't be able to defend themself? Considering this, I am inclined to point towards Category 5 or NodFan as potential scum along with Mojoman, whom I know is scum. I already cleared Alp as an innocent townie (whom I investigated due to his own questionable voting manuevers, and I was debating him or Shade. Glad I chose him), so that doesn't leave too many people left. I'll probably be killed tomorrow unfortunately due to the loss of our doctor, but if I do somehow survive, I plan to investigate NodFan tonight.
  13. Because you claimed you were a "cop". I was hoping you would blame Shade or Category 5 for trying to kill you so I could receive some confirmation on who else was innocent, but I guess that's not happening. Alternatively, I was hoping you would retract your claim and put some excuse out for trying to "bait" the "actual scum". But it's clear to me that's not what you're doing. For the record, I am the -actual- cop. And my investigation results have revealed that Alphoca, whom was rather trigger happy with voting yesterday, is actually innocent.
  14. So Mojoman. What did your "results" say last night?
  15. The fact is that everyone is jumping on this Mojoman train, with barely any evidence, raises a lot of questions. Yes the quote is suspicious, but it could easily be taken out of character to mean that this game is interesting. Quite honestly? I'm disappointed in all of you.
  16. The concern I have here is that a claimed doctor protecting themself would be worthless to prevent the cop being killed (the cop would inevitably need to reveal themself to give reports), thereby ruining the chances of a town win. That being said, Nodfan voted KY for basically no reason and allowed him to get one vote away from being hammered. That kind of thing is something we absolutely cannot afford... Which makes me wonder if Nodfan is really town.
  17. The failure of you two to honor our traditions sickens me! It is clear that either you two are mafia, or just really bad at this! Per our tradition, I shall bring the Lynch to the first day target that we always chose back in my day! ##vote Voe He may not be in this game but he is getting my vote anyway!
  18. "Simple" "Throws a Miller into the game" This will be interesting...
  19. Let me in this crushing action too, it's been a while.
  20. This is, quite honestly, the absolute worst time for this kind of drama to pop up, only a few days after the open-source announcement for the benefit of our modding community. Meanwhile, in one corner of the modding community, we have this legal tangle. But I'm sure that wasn't considered when the "terms" were set forth...
  21. I already have the role list finalized for another Back to Basics. It includes a few new roles, some more secret roles, and maybe even a new feature or two. We will see. For now though, I would like Vert to host his game. I think it will be quite interesting. This game I screwed up by not including any backup roles. I certainly didn't expect Mojoman to just be shot right then and there. That ultimately killed any sort of balance this game had.
  22. Role blocks never give messages to their target. Honestly I shouldn't have given messages confirming kills at all, that was my personal screw up. As for your first part: The Roleblocker can indeed not kill and block the same night (in this game). But the roleblocker has friends who can do it. If KY was killed, then yes the Allies would have needed to choose either the Roleblock or the Rolecop. Hence why KY was actually quite powerful.
  23. GAME OVER As the the remaining Soviets attempt to find the Allies, you notice that three players are missing from the base. in your vain attempt to find them, they find you... driving a Ranger. Driven by Chaos_Knight, gun manned by Nodlied, and Killing_You in the passenger seat holding a Rifle, they begin a spray-down of the Soviets who have conveniently gathered into one place, and they fall... Alstar the Soviet Rifleman (Townie) has been riddled with bullets! Chopbam the Soviet NKVD Spy (Cop) has been riddled with bullets! Voe the Chinese Spy (Serial Killer) has been riddled with bullets! As the dust settles, the victorious ALLIED players exit the Ranger. Killing You takes out his smokes, and gives one to each of his comrades. They laugh and cheer at the fact that they managed to down all the Soviets (and a Chinese Spy) with no casualties. Nodlied gets an order to deploy his MRJ as an outpost for future operations in the theater, and does so. The three however have earned a long leave for a great success. Each also has a medal awaiting at their home for their bravery and excellence. They each climb into Chaos_Knight's Ranger, and ride off to the west... Killing You the Allied Rifle Infantry (Mafia Goom) is Victorious! Chaos_Knight the Allied Ranger (Mafia Role Cop) is Victorious! Nodlied the Allied Mobile Radar Jammer (Mafia Roleblocker) is Victorious! AWARDS Wouldn't be an APB mafia without some awards, would it? The MEDAL OF VICTORIA goes to Nodlied, Killing You, and Chaos_Knight for a perfect victory! The HONORARY ALLIED MEDAL goes to Voe for significantly helping out the Allies in their win! The PURPLE HEART goes to FRAYDO, who successfully picked out one of the Scum, but was then lynched for their trouble! ANALYSIS VERTi60 vastly underestimated his role. He did a decent attempt at providing information on D1 regardless, but the Allies did not fall for his bait. The intention of the Hider was as a weaker Cop who could town-confirm players, and was also immune to Nightkills. He did not need to hide however, and any action that affected the player he hid behind would affect him. This included Cop Checks. Killing You had a few slip ups in D1, and played very aggressively most of the game. But his "new" status allowed him to hide under the Radar of most of the Town, and he listened diligently to his Allies in the Doc. His role, while it doesn't have a power of its own, was actually the most useful of all the roles due to the fact that he could Night Kill without sacrificing a power ability. The rest of his team would have had to sacrifice a single action at night if they made the kill, unless there was only 1 allied player remaining. Nodlied was absent for most of D2. He also made a massive slip up in assuming a Roleblock would give a message to the target, which could have been a scum cue. However, his decisive actions N2 and N3 decided this game. Chaos_Knight played a risky move. However, it worked. He wasn't suspected of being scum until very late in the game. By then, it was all too late. Chopbam made a mistake in not claiming Cop D2. This action could have saved the Soviets pointless arguing most of the day. While his fear was justified with the Doctor gone, it did help push the game into the Allies' favor. Mojoman made a massive mistake soft claiming Doctor. He was an easy target for allies and SK. Voe helped the Allies by getting rid of Mojoman. He also pushed for a Jeod lynch, which gave the Allies a successful scapegoat to use. Hence his awarding of the Honorary Allied Medal. His power of ignoring investigations did not get used much this game however. FRAYDO was absent for most of D2, which proved to be his downfall at the precious last 4 hours. However, he did pinpoint the scum easily D2. He just needs to get better at presenting his arguments. Jeod... I'm honestly not sure what he was doing. His actions D1 pretty much made him the ideal target as a scapegoat for Allies, and the #2 kill choice for Voe (after Mojoman). Alstar was surprisingly contributive for a first-time player. I think he will be a good player for future mafia games. However, he was easily misled by the excellent Allies, which to be fair pretty much everyone was. Category 5 posted an analysis D1 that was used throughout D2... even though it was wrong. He didn't contribute to this game much however. And a bit of self analysis: The game seemed pretty balanced for the most part, however in hind-sight I should have declared a Backup Cop and a Backup Doctor, so it wasn't so swingy for the Scum. Chaos_Knight was a last minute addition since I managed to completely forget him in the running, but his addition ended up being a positive thing (though I probably should have given him a different role, his Role Cop didn't end up doing much since his first target was killed N1). For future games: Investigation Immunity will be removed entirely. The Serial Killer's option for Investigation Immunity will be replaced by an option for an Ascetic Modifier, and the Godfather will be removed. To replace this, the Grenadier will be reworked into a Miller with a 1-shot Day Vig ability. An additional power role will likely be given to Town in future games like this. I'll avoid posting more possibly meta post, and just outright edit the initial post if needed. And hope you all find it of course. This way there isn't a timestamp you can conveniently use for your arguments. During draws involving Serial Killers, a Lynch may be replaced with a Duel ability, which will have RNG involved in case of tie votes. This way we don't have an inevitable ending like we did D3. Overall, I think this game was successful, and I hope to see you all in VERTi60's next game. Whenever that would be. FINAL DEATH POOL VERTi60 (Hider) Category 5 Hurricane (Townie) Mojoman (Doctor) FRAYDO (Townie) Jeod (Townie) Alstar (Townie) Chopbam (Cop) Voe(Serial Killer) Document Links Allied Document Serial Killer Document Dead Document
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