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  1. des1206

    Yes, real volcano is a must.
  2. I just want to ask if this is doable (coding-wise) and worth trying? I feel C&C mode favors defenders, especially on larger maps with easy to access gem. Since even if attackers skillfully take down the defenders half way to base, the defenders will just respawn right away and buy the best units they can to defend the now half-health attacking force. This type of game play reward skills less. Only surprise and concentrated attacks can succeed since buildings are not easy to take down. While there is nothing wrong with that, this makes larger maps and maps without cover not fun to play. Would implementing a reasonable respawn time and/or vehicle build time hep solve this problem?
  3. des1206

    Shallow grave should include islands for Chronotanks to island hop. If Allies get cruisers on that map Soviets will need to get Migs. Migs and cruisers will be amazing on A Path Beyond.
  4. des1206

    Pound for pound, Longbows should do more damage than Migs. Migs with their better speed is really more about battlefield patrol and rapid reaction to low-hp allied vehicles. If you want to do REAL damage, buy a Hind and stick around. I lobby for a Mig dmg nerf instead of a boost.
  5. des1206

    Why the damage increase? The previous dmg output seemed to be nicely balanced. I tested the Mig vs Longbow a bit back on Siege. Assuming they were hitting a target in the center of the map, for every 3 attack runs Longbows do, Migs can do 5 (faster speed). Incidentally, Migs also did 60% of Longbow's damage output, which made them perfectly equal in DPS over the long run.
  6. I get they have a specialized niche (CQC anti-infantry base defense), but does anyone feel they are a bit too good at their job for the price? Can we tone their health down to 50/50 at least? A weaker shotgunner will encourage more infantry based raids and also give more differentiation to the higher priced CQC units.
  7. des1206

    GG/MGG bubbles, Phase Tanks, Mines.
  8. des1206

    I think they will be tough enough for the Soviets with the added HP and low body profiles for V2s to target. Hypothetically MADs should be great for defending against Allied armor rushes. Maybe we just take out the friendly-fire penalty? Flamethrower is good for support role if burn damage reduces accuracy. Nader's always tough, maybe just make him a free unit?
  9. des1206

    I still can't believe we are at this point, that we have functioning Chronotank, Migs, Yaks, Cruisers! Thanks a million to all the devs whose hard work make it happen. So what else is left? Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, dogs, Badger Bomber, spy planes, para-troopers. That's all right? Are we finally close to the finish line as far as full unit implementation is concerned?
  10. des1206

    How about Ridgewar? Migs will be good for that map.
  11. des1206

    Let me know when you have the time to send one, thanks!
  12. des1206

    If I can be frank, I also don't like the Cruiser model. The details and models are good, don't get me wrong. But the problem is the model is essentially a shrunk down version of a real life old battleship, with tiny doors and tiny windows on there as well. I know APB isn't going for 100% realism, but a Ralistic cruiser model with an alternative look that doesn't look like it shrunk on-purpose would have been better. All this is not to say I don't appreicate the work that's been done by the dev team. Thank you so much for making the cruiser happen. I also noticed one cruiser turret equals the DPS of an artillery. Having a fully-manned cruiser is essentially equivalent of having 2 artillery attacking you from the ocean. Lastly, on Mig targeting issues. Has the dev team considered slowing down the Mig (50m/s -> 45m/s) and the Yak (40m/s -> 35m/s) a bit? I feel the slower speeds will help players to aim better while still making them the fastest units in the game.
  13. des1206

    - For the APC availability, just let it replace the medium tank or supply truck after War Factory is dead. Allies with full bar and forced to use APC will come up with some pretty interesting teamwork that make the gameplay more fun. - Does burn damage still mess up your aim? Also is there a way we can let flamer's naplam stick to the ground and burn for a few more seconds? - Did Hind's gatling gun used to rotate? It's a really nice animation.
  14. des1206

    How come the destroyer looks like it's made of lego? Especially the chimney. Can we make the Mig missiles disappear after it fires them? On rangers: rangers/mechanic combo is excellent mid/late game to drive around repairing allied tanks while staying out of harm's way. On maps with both Hind and Migs, I wonder if people will use Yaks at all?
  15. des1206

    How do we think about the difference between the Mig, Yak and the Hind in terms of when is the most optimal scenario to use each?