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  1. It would be cool to have an ant map where you have to defend for the first 15 minutes, after which the difficulty gets turned up, but you get access to gas trucks to exterminate ant nests before they exterminate you.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. C&C mode is suppose to favor attackers and discourage defending/turtles. If a Tanya is able to sneak into a base past the mines, or with the help of a spy on KotG, good for them! If two Soviet engins are able to slow walk and C4 a MCT, good for them! They should be rewarded with such high-risk team-based plays. Speaking of KotG, i'm against getting rid of that Soviet ore-field entrance for the reason i just mentioned. There is a very rewarding thrill when you try to pull off a covert op. You don't really get this with other FPS games. I sincerely feel takin
  3. I like most of the changes! But i'm also against the Sneaking and Engineer shovel changes. Crouch sneaking into a base has always been a fun, high-risk/high-reward and heart-pounding strategy to try to pull off. Why the change? Allies lay TONS of AT mines on maps. If anything Soviet engineers should get an even bigger disarm radius along with unlimited ammo.
  4. Why the Phase Tank nerf? It has paper armor to begin with.
  5. If you don't think Age of Empires is one of the best RTS ever made, i have just one word for you.
  6. I see failed rushes and no one taking my nader strategy to heart.
  7. Upgrades should not just be a simple direct armor +2, attack +2, dmg +2, that's too lazy and may make the game really imbalanced if one team's tech center goes down. Instead, upgrades should widen unit abilities and strategies. A couple of ideas: - Mammoth/Volkove Armor regen/full heal - Engineers can get an extra block of C4 - Mobile GAP gets extra range - Tanya speed increase - Chronotank reset time decrease - Hind carries an extra passenger - APC refills weapons
  8. Any discussion on balancing needs to include opportunity costs (for non-AI units). As effective as a specialized unit is, what alternative unit would a Soviet player give up playing to be a dog? Same as spies. Ineffective spies can really cost Allies an valuable extra tank or mech/medic. A good spy game-play video Also, can someone explain how spies work in Barracks/War Factory?
  9. Bonus Tip: Because of the Mammoth Armor's resistance, 1 vs 1 a mechanic could actually out-repair a Volkov or Heavy Tank. So if you found yourself teleported next to the wrong person, as long as it's 1 vs 1, and you still have your armor on, pop out of your CT and start repairing! A CT continues to recharge whether you are in or out of the vehicle. Just try to survive 30 seconds before getting out of there.
  10. Okay, first, here are some stats I collected. - Damage wise, vs armor the CT has the DPS of the Phase Tank (2nd highest in game after the TT), and vs buildings CT has the DPS of the medium tank. It's not effective vs infantry. - Health wise, at 300/300 the CT has same health as the Light Tank. But with Mammoth armor, it is more resistant to bullets, flames, heavy tank shells, and even Volkov's hand cannon. This effectively give the CT medium tank health (or better) vs many units. Vs Tesla weapons and Mammoth Tank shells, there is no resistance bonus and the CT is just like a Light T
  11. Can we lower the crash speed on the airstrip some more? Lag is a killer when landing planes.
  12. APB is a game that favors specialized units. Need to rush a building's MCT? Buy a Shotgunner/Flamer/Shock. Counter Allied armored? Shocks/RS/Volkov. Speed rush the other team? Use LTs. Counter Soviet Armor? Mech/Med combo or Longbows. Counter mech/med combo? Use Hinds/Shocks/TT. Counter Longbows? Use a TT or Yak. Ambush and infiltration? Use Phase or Chrono Tanks. Overall, almost all units have one or several unique "battlefield niche" that they occupy. The Devs have done a really good job designing fun to play with units that are strategically deep. This brings us to the ever (un)po
  13. The trick to a safe landing is to approach from already a low altitude. You should be descending long before you are near the strip.
  14. I want to add Migs do best on large maps with significant Allied vehicle usage. It would be awesome to see them in action on maps like TotheCore and RidgeWar where Soviets often have trouble keeping up with fast Allied units.
  15. Did you know: - Vs. buildings, Migs do more damage than Longbows. Numbers needed for buildings: Silo: 2 Migs or Yaks Allied buildings other than War Factory/NY/CY: 3 Migs/Yaks War Factory/NY: 4 Migs/Yaks - Vs. vehicles, Migs do 66% of damage of a Longbow. Still, Migs can two-shot (in one run) or less all Allied vehicles except the Medium/Light/Chrono Tank. - Migs have 66% of LB's health. - Migs fly at twice the Longbow's top speed (50m/s vs 25m/s), but because they need to circle around to attack and slow-down to land, realistically they don't always travel a
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