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  1. Edit again: forget what i said. I didn't reach what Pushwall posted careful. 😮
  2. des1206

    I just want to bring up a helpful advice that all land-attack seacrafts (Destroyer/Missile Sub/Gunboat) are actually really good against tanks. For the Destroyer/M.S, not only do they out-range every land unit except the V2/Strela/Redeye (yes they outrange Volk and Tesla Tank), they do damage equivalent to a mammoth tank, and their missiles track so they don't miss. The gunboat is even more effective in terms of damage. It has shorter range but has the DPS of a phase tank. Players should consider using ships to counter land units more going forward.
  3. des1206

    It's been more than a week now. How soon is soon? 😮
  4. des1206

    You can have asymmetric unit count yet still have balance. Just make the Mig do 1/2 the damage of a full Longbow salvo, and make the missile speed slow and not homing so it will miss fast Allied units.
  5. des1206

    Can we get an ETA in terms of "soon" so I don't have to check the APB forum multiple times a day?
  6. des1206

  7. des1206

    Thanks for the offer, but I got a 10 months old at home these days and won't be able to commit to any testing!
  8. des1206

    A while ago when I helped out a little on the testing team, someone PMed me a test map with all the units on there. Unfortunately, I reinstalled my game and lost that map. Can someone be generous enough to share that with me again, assuming it still works on the latest APB version?
  9. des1206

    Does anyone like the new nader? I find his damage output just right for the new price. But it's pretty frustrating to use him against infantry. Too far and he can't reach. Medium distance his Grenade curve throw things off. Too short distance his Grenade bounces away without exploding. When/how do you use him?
  10. des1206

    The Yak is pretty hard to master, and it take me usually a min of 2 runs before I can kill an infantry, which is also pretty hard to spot going at that speed. I don't suppose we can give the Yak pilot some kind of infantry maker and/or a more forgiving turret angle?
  11. des1206

    For those who have played Siege a decent bit, what do you think of the different roles these two Soviet air units occupy? Do you feel one eclipse the other? Or do they complement each other?
  12. des1206

    To shoot tiny Migs with of course.
  13. des1206

    The fact you often get stuck when trying to run upstairs from the backdoor like at the end of the video.