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  1. des1206

    Can we make Chornoshift range a function of CT's health? Full-health is 300m radius, half health 150m, quarter health 75m. This way, damaged CTs can't retreat too far. Or is that too much coding changes for the staff?
  2. des1206

    -People are extra cautious with the CT due to its price. Maybe if we decreased the price (we can even nerf the unit in exchange), people would be willing to take more risks? @PushwallI don't suppose we can add a code that prevents the CT from chronoshifting within X seconds of taking regular/tesla damage? Or if it's below a certain amount of health? - Or maybe the problem will just solve itself if Migs get introduced. The CT may run away at half health, but the Mig can hunt them down and kill it. - Whatever changes you guys make, please remember the C&C rule of tank combat: No unit should ever win 1-on-1 versus a mammoth tank at full health.
  3. des1206

    It has been ~2 weeks since this unit has been in play. I'm curious how do people like it so far?
  4. des1206

    You guys remember the old Aftermath mission where you had to hop from island to island with 2 Chronotanks to take out the SAMs? I feel like that when I play the Chronotank these days. Great job dev team! If only Shallow Grave is back, then we can get the CT onto the center island!
  5. des1206

    I think we can either make him a dedicated long-range sieger (as discussed above), or a walking mammoth tank that doesn't do much against buildings - exterior or MCT. For the latter, we can try this: - AT DPS is old Volkov, range is new increased range. (Allied vehicles FEAR him!) - Get rid of Voktillery, so he does almost nothing to buildings. - Keep the shotgun and nades, so he can still clear defending infantry. - Use the molasses speed, so he can't run away from fights and run circles in the Allied base. - Price should be ~$1,500, significantly more than other AT infantry. - You can play around with his damage per shot to further differentiate him. Alpha strike is good, we can also do more damage per bullet but less ammo total so each "shot" carries a lot of power, but penalizes you for missing. Wnat to deal with fast Allied units? Maybe a shock is better. This way, he doesn't hunt units, but forces everyone he comes into to "deal" with him. Great for spearheading an attack and absorbing enemy attention while the more fragile units do the real damage. Just like the mammoth tank.
  6. des1206

    This way, ironically the best counter against Volkov will be Allied light vehicles, and also snipers. At long range, the kovtillery should still give artillery/demo trouble, and wear down Medium Tank over time. You should also make it that at VERY close range, the tri-shot can still do very good damage to all vehicles - it encourages Kov players to ambush! To discourage infantry CQC, maybe up his own vulnerability to his own nades a bit? Lastly, I do worry people may point whore with him.
  7. des1206

    How about just Kovtillery + nades? Long range anti-building/infantry, but NO Anti-Tank rounds or building infiltration ability, and give him his speed back. Want to kill tanks or hit MCTs? Better grab another unit. Long range building & infantry killing? Get a Volkov.
  8. des1206

    Like the new changes. Just one thing, if Volkov is supposed to be the infantry equivalent of the Mammoth, he should have a harder time against fast and nimble units than say the Shock / TT, which is hit/scan. Maybe lower his ROF (but hold DPS constant) to make missed shots costly? This will further differentiate him from the shock.
  9. des1206

    I don't disagree with your point that having 1 player short is a big handicap to the Allied team, and no notification to the Soviets makes sense to me. But I would still lobby for a delay in infiltration refresh (like every 2 minutes?). In APB surprise attacks matter a lot. Buildings in APB are best taken down by a sudden concentrated attack before the defenders can react or repair. As the Soviets in a medium sized game, I would much rather face 1 more Allied defender but get my 15 seconds initial attack on a building in, than they know we are coming everytime. I don't care if my entire attack force gets owned, as long as we manage to kill a building each time. You can't get airdrops without relay, but it doesn't matter if Allies still have their War Factory. On many maps I remember being able to get a spy and ranger after our radar was down and get relay back within 2 minutes. Again surprise attacks are really powerful in APB, and being blind should be a big penalty (and reward for the Soviets for killing dome).
  10. des1206

    We should give a cool down time to the Barracks/War Factory/Subpen ability, as well as a notification to the Soviets of infiltration, or else a good spy in base would mean Soviets can never do any sneak attacks or flanking again. A required time deplay near the MCT would also make things more realisitc (the spy is "hacking" enemy records) and fun, there is a thrill of waiting try to not get caught. Also not sure about the radar dome delay to 6 minutes. I feel the Soviets should be adequately incentivized for destroying Allies' radar dome. What's the point hitting the radar with 20 minutes left in the game if the Allies can just infiltrate 3 times and get radar back no problem? Also it would be great if we require the spy to stay near radar MCT for a bit to "activate" the relay.
  11. des1206

    I think I'm starting to see what Volkov is to the Mammoth tank as what shocks are to the TT. If I want to bring an extra durable (but slow) tank to my attack, I will buy a Volkov. This could work. "Hey Soviets we heard you love tanks so we are going to let you put a tank inside your tank!"
  12. des1206

    So instead of a tank-hunter, Volkov will be more like an infantry version of the mammoth tank - can soak up a lot of damage, decent firepower against everything but slow and can not choose his engagements. Unique for sure, but I'm not sure people would like a 6m/s infantry on most maps. Also does being that slow make you really vulnerable to headshots? Lastly, can we give him more armor than health in keeping with the theme that he is a cyborg?
  13. des1206

    I'm not too familiar with the stats, but does Tanya lose as much accuracy as other units when she's running/jumping? Ideally, she shouldn't, since she's supposed to be a crack-deadshot commando great with her desert eagles.
  14. des1206

    What if we let Volkov fly? No Soviet infantry can fly as far as I know. But seriously, I like the Kovtillery idea. There isn't any anti-building siege infantry (oh how I miss the old nader!) so Kov could fill that role. I say we should turn him into a long-range all-around fighter by keeping his nades, let it do a lot of slow burn damage and no direct damage so he can "siege" attacking infantry from long range before they get to him. Group rushing a base? Better bring a mixture of shocks and flamers. Going solo to annoy enemy from afar? Get a Kov. However, let him keep his mobility since Allies have fast units that can respond to siege units quickly. The only potential downside of retooling his battlefield niche would be giving the Allies a boost given their fast and stealth vehicles that can easily escape shocks and RPG,, and you just wait until the Chronotank comes, who's going to chase it down and counter that? If we keep Volkov's current role, we should up his price to $1800 so he's not overused.
  15. des1206

    Why don't we just give Volkov a medium range, super accurate, specially modified AKM machine gun (assume you have the model somehow) like the Ra2 Boris? Vs. infantry its DPS can be like an accurate PKM, and vs vehicles it can have the current handcannon DPS, but the gun does next to nothing versus buildings.