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  1. I still think my CT anti-armor idea is worth exploring. It encourages more of a combined arms tactic. For example: +30% armor dmg/-30% health dmg let CT keep its DPS the same, but make it really useful in large battles as it helps to strip armor off of Soviet tanks for allies to take advantage of. It could "zip around the battle field stripping armors" XD On the Phase getting health regen, I just think this opens the phase up to infantry combinations that's other than Mech/Phase.
  2. Some Allied-buff balance ideas then to help direct confrontation 1. Make APC/Ranger's machine guns a little better vs Soviet infantry like shock and Volkov 2. Shorten shockie's range a little more so they are easily kited in open field without cover. 3. Make Tanya more useful in open field by increasing her Colt .45 range, but also her C4 throw range and C4 dmg vs vehicle. 4. How about a Chronotank weapons logic that damage tank armors more, but health less? Alternatively, give the CT a small bonus dmg vs Mammoth armor 5. Increase CT dmg vs buildings slightly more so they can join in on a base attack easier. 6. Give the Phase Tank full/limited self-repair abilities. It did that in one of the Aftermath missions. Increase its price if you have to. This will drastically improve its lifespan in the field for skilled operators.
  3. I wonderful if this is because Soviet units are easier to use in direct attacks and require less coordination/teamwork, and in larger games, it's harder for Allies to pull off shenanigans like infiltration and ambush with more Soviets on the map.
  4. I have a small gripe about the Mammoth Tank's self-repair ability. Because the game makes vehicle armor more superior than health (a great mechanic in-of-itself), the tank "repairing to 50%" isn't really at 50%. Another to say it, in Red Alert, a Mammoth Tank self-repaired to 50% health would be as strong as a light tank. However in APB, it's repaired 600 health would be inferior to a 300/300 light tank. I really appreciate this unit's design and the beautiful balance this game currently has. You can tell a lot of hard work has been put into testing and balancing. So i just want to make it clear i say the above out of thankfulness and as a "for your consideration". Slow vehicles are usually at a disadvantage on large maps, since the enemy has plenty of time to respawn and attack you over and over to whittle you down. Can we consider some sort of full-heal upgrade for the mammoth tank? But armor self-repair only starts if the tanks has been out of battle for a while?
  5. Using the pitch and binding the rudder to Z and X really helped, thank you!
  6. Compared to the Hind and Mig, i found the Yak very cumbersome to use and having small practical benefits. Would anyone care to weigh in on how to use it more effectively, or balance suggestions?
  7. I wonder if we can have certain units "spot" for Migs and other aircraft.
  8. Dislike. Half of the fun of this game is the heart pounding thrill of sneaking into an enemy base undetected commando style, wreak as much havoc, then take out the last silver of health in a building before dying. This nerfs seems to cap the skill curve of skilled players, and buff defenders instead of encouraging aggressive and risky but high-pay-off gameplay styles. PS: Thank you Dev team for all the great work that you continue to do on this game. Please don't misunderstand my constructive feedback.
  9. Now you guys can set things up for the Spy Plane. Periodic flyovers that automatically revealed all cloak Allied units and mines with objective markers.
  10. It would be cool to have an ant map where you have to defend for the first 15 minutes, after which the difficulty gets turned up, but you get access to gas trucks to exterminate ant nests before they exterminate you.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. C&C mode is suppose to favor attackers and discourage defending/turtles. If a Tanya is able to sneak into a base past the mines, or with the help of a spy on KotG, good for them! If two Soviet engins are able to slow walk and C4 a MCT, good for them! They should be rewarded with such high-risk team-based plays. Speaking of KotG, i'm against getting rid of that Soviet ore-field entrance for the reason i just mentioned. There is a very rewarding thrill when you try to pull off a covert op. You don't really get this with other FPS games. I sincerely feel taking out crouch-sneaking takes out half of the fun as an attacker. Based on my experience, one dedicated Allies minelayer can shut down almost the entire Soviet armor usage on maps. Allied Minelayers can deploy 5 mines in quick succession on the move, and reload instantly on the SD. It takes a lot of time for Soviets to hop out of tanks to de-mine, giving up one attacking infantry, and Allies can put down another 5 mines for the time it takes a Sovet engin to find and disarm 5 mines. Minelayers are also nimble enough to get away from any danger most of the time. I feel AT mines make the game less fun because it is so one dimensional. If anything, I really suggest we give minelayers a deploy, reload, and refill delay, and maybe a dmg nerf. If anybody feel differently based on their playing experience, i would be interested in hearing your view.
  12. I like most of the changes! But i'm also against the Sneaking and Engineer shovel changes. Crouch sneaking into a base has always been a fun, high-risk/high-reward and heart-pounding strategy to try to pull off. Why the change? Allies lay TONS of AT mines on maps. If anything Soviet engineers should get an even bigger disarm radius along with unlimited ammo.
  13. Why the Phase Tank nerf? It has paper armor to begin with.
  14. If you don't think Age of Empires is one of the best RTS ever made, i have just one word for you.
  15. I see failed rushes and no one taking my nader strategy to heart.
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