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Found 5 results

  1. You maybe believe it, but I cannot. Roland JD-990 and JV-2080 that I bought are the dream of my arsenal of sounds. After Red Alert remakes, this is probably the best of my works. If there will be possibility to remake some of Tiberian Sun tracks... who knows! P.S.: Interesting fact, and I know it from Frank himself: some names of instruments were chosen as titles for songs for Red Alert OST. As I discovered, "Terminate" is a soundscape instrument included with standard soundbank of JV-series, from which that song starts. And so on.
  2. Voe and I were talking about trying to organize an APB clan war type of thing with anyone interested. Some high level play with teamspeak and everything.The problem is that we don't have the playerbase to support two high-end clans facing it off properly without one overpowering the other by sheer pro-player-snatch-up. To counter that we're going to try and make a community-wide roster and put everyone in teams prior to a match depending on game experience so the team skillsets are somewhat evened out. Anyone who applies to participate cannot expect for their entire clan to be placed on one side, it all depends on how many skilled players we have to put in game. We'll need somewhat evened out teams. We can handle this by having two very experienced W3D Hub staff members picking team members prior to the begining of a PUG (Pick-Up-Game) match on teamspeak. You don't have to have a microphone to participate (but it would greatly boost the quality of the game if you did!), but you do need to be able to listen in and follow directions if a strategy is being put in motion in game. Anyone who wants to join up and apply to play in PUG matches can just leave a reply here. We're trying to see how many people we can scrape up to play in organized matches. Ideally on a weekend for this first test. Anyone can play as long as you cooperate, don't go against a chosen team leader's game tactic and don't team hamper or break any server rules. We also need people interested in moderating and helping organize the thing, just keeping track of people and helping set up teams prior to a match on teamspeak. (moderators feel free to edit and add or remove people from the roster) POSSIBLE PLAYER ROSTER:
  3. Soooooo, long time no see, hope you'r all doing well Anyway, I was digging around on my old PC the other day when I came across an old copy of W3D TSR complete with a (semi) intact version of the modified textures pack I made way back when. For prosperity sake I thought, "aha didn't W3D hub now have a downloads section, possibly some of the people over their might like it, for nostalgia's sake" and decided to rip it and prep it for download... however after checking it (and finding it all still works despite being an older version of the textures) I also discovered that I had some of the other old mods people did back then as well. Namely: - The Blue Tiberium infused flame for the DT. - The altered weapon sounds (not sure what the actual mod was called... classic TS weapons or something?) - The classic TS purchase icons. SO (I seem to be using that a lot this post) My question(s) is/are this: 1) Can anyone remember who made those mods? 2) Do people want them uploading again (as part of the pack) 3) If said Mod creators are still around , is it alright to upload them? (If you give me names, I'll credit them in the description) 4) If said Mod creators are long gone, what is W3D's stance on uploading anyway and crediting the original author assuming I can find said authors name (seems a shame to lose/deny them to players) I can remove them from the upload if it causes issues, although it will probably take awhile
  4. I have returned from summer cottage. With this. Absolutely new song for the fans of Tiberian Sun. Something like psychedelic ambient with groovebox drum machine effects. Vacation was totally worth it.
  5. Greetings! We are currently in the early stages of implementing a new launcher feature which will allow players to automatically download, install and update their favourite game modifications and are looking for community submissions to form the basis of our opening day library of mods. Initially we are only accepting submissions for Tiberian Sun: Reborn modifications which meet the following criteria; Must be compatible with the official TSR game server Must NOT exist soely to provide an advantage over other players Must only contain files which go into the data folder for the game May contain textures May contain sounds / music May contain strings.tdb (ie: a language pack) Must NOT contain ini files Must NOT contain mix/pkg files Must NOT contain model replacements (new models that don't replace any existing model is OK) To submit a mod for consideration, please provide the following; A zip archive containing all the data files used by your mod A name and description for your mod A screenshot showcasing your mod Optionally you can provide a version number, if you choose not to we will label it as version 1.0. Version numbers must be numeric and consist of between 2 and 4 numeric parts. Only the content creator can submit content and all submitted content will remain the property of the creator. The content creator will be clearly credited in the mods browser and will have the ability to update their mod in future via a web based interface. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to ask
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