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  1. Also FYI the latest installer accepts a /skipDependencies flag explicitly added to help with Linux deployment - it won't ever try to install the dot net framework if this command line flag is set
  2. danpaul88

    The problem seems to affect Windows 7 only from what I've seen - which is why it wasn't caught early as all my test environments are Windows 10. Given that Microsoft's mainstream support for Windows 7 ended years ago I didn't expect so many people to still be running it
  3. danpaul88

    I can't believe I've been modding the w3d engine for more than half my life 😮
  4. Having done a bit of googling to check up on the status of xaml standard 3, it looks like Microsoft are not actually intending to bring WPF to the cross platform part of dotnet core but actually put it alongside it as a Windows specific extension. Somewhat disappointing! I have however found a xaml based cross platform UI library which is inspired by WPF which I intend to keep an eye on - http://avaloniaui.net https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/w3dhub-launcher-net/issues/92
  5. As a quick follow up, I just wanted to mention that I'm open to suggestions to ease Linux support - in fact there have been a few code changes contributed from one of our staff members aimed at improving how the launcher runs on Linux. He's posted forum topics about getting it working in the past too. The next update to the launcher already includes a command line switch for the installer that skips the dotnet install, a feature requested to aid Linux support. Also if you've got the dotnet environment already installed it'll check the registry keys and see that it doesn't need to try installing it at all.
  6. I have been moving a lot of the launcher code into dotnet standard recently which is cross platform compatible. Ultimately once dotnet standard 3 and xaml standard are available then we can cross compile the launcher directly as a dotnet core 3 app, but that's probably a long way off yet. The drawing code is pure WPF, so rendering issues suggest that the wine implementation of WPF is behaving questionably. Might be related to the high CPU usage. FWIW, the launcher doesn't do any mining or whatnot
  7. danpaul88

    Did it have any special features or was it just regular CnC mode? I used to run a DM server way, way, way back in the day running a whole heap of custom DM maps (haunted house, area 51, carnage club, etc) - but in the days before the TT ingame downloader it was hard to keep player counts up since people would drop out when it hit a map they didn't have.
  8. danpaul88

    W3DEx (WIP)

    Version 0.2


    A prototype replacement for RenegadeEx and XCC mixer built upon the W3DHub code libraries which intends to resolve the deficits of both those tools whilst also introducing brand new features. Currently it features a simple tabbed interface which allows you to view the list of files in any W3D MIX (or DAT) archive and extract one or more files from the archive onto your disk. It will also show a preview image for any TGA or DDS files when they are selected. Please report any issues and/or request features on the issue tracker: https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/w3dhub-w3dex-net/issues
  9. danpaul88

    I'm not really a fan of voice chat and haven't had TS3 installed in years. Used to have Skype back in the day but that's kind of died now. Occasionally pop into discord but never used the voice chat features so don't know how well they work. In other words... Get yer new fangled computer phones off mah lawn and stick to forum chat 😂
  10. I've always preferred the original Renegade PT menu personally for that very reason. Requiring scrolling for anything not on the first screen is so clumsy when everything on the Renegade PT was keyboard accessible
  11. danpaul88

    The pertinent bit seems to be; Inner Exception (System.IO.FileNotFoundException) C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\engine.cfg Looks like you've not run the game at all yet, so that config file hasn't been generated. It shouldn't really cause a crash so I'll look into that, but as a work around simply running the game should get it working.
  12. danpaul88

    Last time I heard EA were refusing to put CnC games onto Steam since they were busy trying to ram Origin down everyones throats. Guess they had a change of heart at some point. Doesn't really change the fact that we don't actually own the CnC IP though. I rather think EA would take a dim view on us listing our games on Steam.
  13. danpaul88

    We don't own the IP rights to the CnC universe and as EA hasn't listed any other CnC games on Steam it would be very risky to try and put any of our games on Steam - that's assuming we could even raise the money required to submit the game to Steam in the first place. Even if EA were to put CnC games onto the Steam store, trying to list ours would probably still be a non starter. If we ever made an original game with our own IP and no ties back to the CnC franchise then maybe, just maybe, it might be feasible... but of course then there is the engine question to consider.
  14. danpaul88

    Back in the day there WAS a Linux version of the FDS (known as the LFDS) but since nobody used it scripts.dll stopped supporting it a long long time ago
  15. danpaul88

    Whilst this isn't directed at me I'll just mention that if jerad approved I can add a link to it from the ecw game page in the launcher really easily - just an XML tweak on the ftp