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  1. Oil Derricks etc don't use actual building controllers and are purely controlled by the scripts we've written around them. In theory we could go in this direction for core buildings too and stop using the building controllers, but that's not the only thing preventing more than 2 teams. Only team 0 or team 1 can win a match for instance... 🤣 Also the scoreboard won't show the team score for other teams and barely copes with showing the players on the extra teams (if you put people on them manually). A lot of the server tooling is based on 2 teams too. In theory all of these things *could* be fixed and expanded to support more teams... But we simply don't have enough people and those we do have don't have enough time to do everything.
  2. Can anyone having problems running the launcher make sure they're running an up to date version of the .net Framework. You can get 4.6.1 from https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=49981
  3. What operating system are you running? The launcher no longer supports Windows XP so if you're using that then no, it won't run the latest version
  4. Login is now fixed as of launcher version
  5. This is now fixed as of launcher version
  6. An update is available to the W3D Hub launcher which improves the login process and integrates with the live forum environment correctly. Thanks to @moonsense715 for his efforts in reverse engineering the missing parts from the original IPB v3 integration. Note that, as has always been the case, unless you are a staff member or tester there is no benefit to logging in at present.
  7. I'm just going to drop this in for discussion - I'm too out of the loop to offer nuanced opinion one way or another. I recall some time ago in AR we deliberately made infancy more bullet spongey to compensate for map sizes - an issue APB shares IIRC. With weak infantry you end up with gameplay that looks like this; 2 minute walk to enemy base 10 seconds fight then dead Repeat ad infinitum. Assuming war factory is out of action or you have no cash. After a couple of cycles that gets really old really fast. If infantry are too fragile it becomes really hard for them to be at all effective at attacking an enemy base, especially with long travel times. Some food for thought ☺️
  8. VB.net and c# are basically the same language with syntax differences. It's not too hard to jump between them.
  9. [blurb]Version 0.7.3 of the W3D launcher is now live. [/blurb]Version 0.7.3 of the W3D launcher is now live. This version fixes some issues with the server list when logging in and out multiple times and includes additional diagnostics for cases where non-english versions of Windows are having problems downloading packages. If you are running a non-english version of Windows, please report the errors.log contents if you have an installation failure with this version - it will include additional information about exactly which package name it's having problems with.
  10. https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/w3dhub-launcher-net/issues/33 I'm adding some extended diagnostics in the next version of the launcher which will actually tell me what the problematic string looks like, because I've added culture awareness to all of the string formatting code I can find and it doesn't seem to have helped. Hopefully that'll point us to what string it's having problems with.
  11. It needs disk space to apply patches to always.dat because it has to create a second copy of the file during the patching process (since the w3d data file format isn't amenable to reading and writing to the same file). As such, you need at least the size of always.dat free to apply the patch (apb is probably bigger than tsr in this regard). A minimum of 1gb free after downloading the patch should be enough...
  12. Can someone translate this please from the error log; Недостаточно места на диске.
  13. Looks like a few files might have been uploaded between @strike copying the forum and the domain being switched... And since I think the old one is deleted now, I guess those are just gone. Whoops!
  14. @Einstein actually those two lines just mean it's on thread 1, the main application thread. I'm on my phone right now so can't load up the code to have a poke around, but it's not one I've seen during my own testing. It looks like a threading issues where a UI update is happening outside the UI thread, but where and when it's happening isn't clear. I'll have a look when I'm next on my laptop, but it smells like one of those that will be hard to track down...