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  1. It needs disk space to apply patches to always.dat because it has to create a second copy of the file during the patching process (since the w3d data file format isn't amenable to reading and writing to the same file). As such, you need at least the size of always.dat free to apply the patch (apb is probably bigger than tsr in this regard). A minimum of 1gb free after downloading the patch should be enough...
  2. Can someone translate this please from the error log; Недостаточно места на диске.
  3. @Einstein actually those two lines just mean it's on thread 1, the main application thread. I'm on my phone right now so can't load up the code to have a poke around, but it's not one I've seen during my own testing. It looks like a threading issues where a UI update is happening outside the UI thread, but where and when it's happening isn't clear. I'll have a look when I'm next on my laptop, but it smells like one of those that will be hard to track down...
  4. @Mojoman version 0.7.2 of the launcher was released yesterday and fixes some issues with the server browser tab. Please let us know if you're still having issues and, if so, could you attach the errors.log and diagnostics.log files from My Documents/W3D Hub/Launcher. Thanks
  5. @Raap We actually discussed something related to this last weekend when @OWA, @TeamWolf, @CCHyper and myself met up in London. When we all started out with W3D modding the bar to entry was low because we were all finding our feet and had a wider community to lean on for feedback and help improving our skills. The required quality of assets was also considerably lower. Now the barrier to entry for creating assets for the games is incredibly high and there is no realistic "entry point" for newcomers to go into. People aren't going to practice their skills creating things that are never going to have a hope in hell of being used, and they aren't content to practice on low impact stuff like terrain details, props etc but instead want to gun straight for the big, visible things, like every day driver tanks, infantry, etc. This creates a negative feedback cycle where anything they create is passed over due to inferior quality and deters them from continuing to improve their abilities. We really need to figure out what the entry point looks like these days for up and coming modellers, texture artists, level creators, etc. We can't realistically expect Delta level quality assets out the gate, but equally we need to encourage people to create art assets and continue to hone their skills. Thoughts?
  6. Launcher version 0.7.2 was released late yesterday and fixes the server listings occasionally being blank on startup. Please ask your friend to see if they are still having problems and, if so, please ask them to provide a copy of the errors.log and diagnostics.log files from My Documents/W3D Hub/Launcher
  7. [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb] [blurb]Version 0.7.2 of the W3D launcher is now live.[/blurb]Version 0.7.2 of the W3D launcher is now live. This version adds under the hood improvements to the server listings to make them more reliable.
  8. I quite like the default theme
  9. I think the 4.0 forum update is bugged.. tsr has a new (ish) blog post? That's unpossible!
  10. Simply resorting to randomly deleting files doesn't help me track down what actually causes this sort of issue so it can be fixed. It'd be useful if you can attach the errors.log and diagnostics.log files from My Documents\W3D Hub\Launcher to a reply so we can see what the actual error is.
  11. When we upgrade to IPB v4 the stock skin will have a responsive design which works better for mobile browsing
  12. Looks like a firewall on your end disconnecting the TCP connection to our backend system
  13. This isn't actually created by the launcher, it's the location game.exe writes to for ttfs and a few other things Indeed, this is where the launcher actually downloads packages to during installation of a game. The files are retained for use in offline repairs, future updates etc. You can safely delete this directory and it won't re-download (most of) the already installed files in there unless it detects that your installation is corrupt during an update or you select the repair option. That's pretty big... but then again, APB is pretty huge these days. You can go into the games/ subfolder and remove any games you're not currently using if you want to, the launcher will detect they're missing next time you launch it and provide appropriate install options again for future use
  14. Version of the W3D Hub launcher is now available. This update includes an improved package downloader for users with less stable internet conections Version of the W3D Hub launcher is now available via the automatic update mechanism. This update includes an improved package downloader which will recover from transient network drop-outs during a download. This should improve the install and update experience for users with less stable network connections. Note that this is only a first pass at improving the entire download and install process and doesn't resolve all outstanding issues. Longer network drops will still cause a failed download if it is unable to resume within the timeout period and, at present, would require downloading again from scratch at a later time. Support for resuming a download at a later time is in the development plans.
  15. That already exists. Click the play button from the game page and it picks the best server for that game automatically. Of course there is only one server anyway so...