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  1. danpaul88

    Lets keep this civil - the people who need to know already know what was done and subsequently undone, lets leave it at that and try to move forward in a more constructive way. This topic has gone off on several different tangents now (IA being a more complete Renegade client than we thought, server 'competition' & listing platforms, etc). I think it's high time to wrap this up and open more focused topics on those specific issues and leave behind the heated comments and whatnot which have accumulated here. I shan't actually lock this topic immediately incase anyone has any closing remarks or thinks I'm trying to shutdown the discussion but I hope people can follow these suggestions and open new topics for the relevant subjects.
  2. danpaul88

    That is not what I was lead to believe so I will certainly be chasing this up. Thanks for the information (for what it's worth, I don't think I've even launched a single W3D based game, Renegade or otherwise, for a good few years now!) With regard to mixcheck, I'm not sure we can do much about that since its basically designed to download all the data for any 'Renegade' client and would probably also download stuff if you ran it on APB, TSR, etc since, as far as I know, it just assumes any "incorrect" file is corrupted and needs fixing, so I don't believe there is any way to stop mixcheck just downloading a full copy of Renegade from whomever hosts that.
  3. danpaul88

    It's worth pointing out that 700mb is almost the size of the stock always.dat so I think whichever server you were joining was filling in the entire always.dat from it's ttfs. You might want to let the server owner know so they can fix that - it's not what ttfs is meant for.
  4. danpaul88

    I will look into this once I'm home from work - my understanding is that the IA client is meant to have removed all non essential files as they've been replaced by IAs own models, maps, sound effects etc. This should render it unable to join a traditional Renegade server. You didn't indicate whether, after downloading the map, the client was successful in actually joining the server? It's possible ttfs has advanced to the point where it can effectively bootstrap an entire copy of Renegade from an empty shell, which would raise some interesting questions for those server owners in that case as they'd effectively be supplying downloads of most of the game content. Worth investigating.
  5. danpaul88

    Firstly, let me to clarify this - the IA client downloaded by our launcher is *not* a complete Renegade client and cannot join Renegade servers. This was and remains an explicit precondition to our hosting of the downloadable client via our launcher. Until such a time as EA chooses to release Renegade as freeware we will not change this policy. In relation to the wider topic, it may help to consider that I am actively looking into supporting users joining stock Renegade servers using our launcher and their own installation of Renegade. Thisis tricky for the launcher as a lot of code was written with the expectation that it can install any game you don't already have on your behalf, so I'm in the process of adding interfaces which allow it to check whether these features are supported for a given application and adjust the UI appropriately when they are not. Thus your Renegade servers will also get the 'best of both worlds', as you put it. I also plan to provide an alternative presence reporter which can be used in place of GSA, allowing server owners to stop opening the GSA firewall port and reduce the amount of traffic hitting them asking for player counts etc. This will be an optional alternative. It would be great if you could work with us on this to provide the best experience for all players. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about how our infrastructure works and, as always, I remind everyone that feature requests, bug reports etc are always welcome via our public issue tracker - https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/w3dhub-launcher-net/issues
  6. danpaul88

    The launcher uses secure.w3dhub.com, not www. Also editing hosts files leaves you vulnerable to future IP address changes since it won't pick up new address from the DNS
  7. danpaul88

    You should also try typing ipconfig /flushdns into the command prompt
  8. danpaul88

    Please post the error and diagnostic log files from documents/w3dhub/launcher
  9. danpaul88

    Can you share a screen shot of the problem? Is this on the website or the launcher or somewhere else?
  10. danpaul88

    It's possible the forum image resizing code is outputting it as jpg - perhaps it deliberately doesn't allow alpha in profile images
  11. danpaul88

    Make sure to save it as PNG because jpg doesn't support alpha channels
  12. danpaul88

    The launcher queries Windows for all the supported resolutions for your monitor and lets you pick from those - it's not got a built in list. So if whatever size you want isn't listed that's because Windows doesn't think your monitors support that size
  13. danpaul88

    I still go back and play the original theme hospital now and then. EA gave it away for free on origin a few years ago with a dosbox wrapper. I can't think of any other game I've gone back to over and over again over such a long period...
  14. danpaul88

    I'm currently looking forward to; Two Point Hospital X4 Foundations
  15. danpaul88

    Just noted earlier that you said it didn't work well in some cases, wasn't sure if it was being actively developed to fix those issues or not?