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  1. danpaul88

    I'm currently looking forward to; Two Point Hospital X4 Foundations
  2. danpaul88

    Just noted earlier that you said it didn't work well in some cases, wasn't sure if it was being actively developed to fix those issues or not?
  3. danpaul88

    I can have a look at a bot plugin for rotating maps randomly and based on rules if you like - I've got some good ideas for how it could work 🙂
  4. danpaul88

    I think we should look at ways to integrate this with / into the launcher going forwards so people don't need half a dozen things installed. Will look into it when I'm home in a few weeks, amongst other things. If this is written in c# we could possibly reuse bits of it 🤔
  5. danpaul88

    Is there any info under the stack trace heading in the error log?
  6. danpaul88

    Vis also fails hard when proxied assets change since all the precalculated stuff is now based on the older assets
  7. danpaul88

    It is in fact fixed now
  8. Your best option might be to grab d3dx8_42 (without renaming) from the scripts 3.x release package... But I'm not sure anywhere is still hosting a version that old. @jonwil might know where to find it or have an archive...
  9. IIRC there was a shim version of d3dx9_43.dll which hooked some calls to inject new logic and forwarded other stuff to the system wide variant of the dll - not sure if WINE can support that... I might be wrong though, that's going back a long time now...
  10. danpaul88

    I'd still like to know your regional / language settings as that might be related
  11. danpaul88

    This has been a bug since 2001... At a guess I'd say clients aren't getting an update to tell them to change the emitter states or something. It's always been broken, hence why my damage animation script is used a lot in AR stuff because afaik it doesn't suffer from this problem
  12. danpaul88

    Ah ok. Thanks for uploading it anyway 🙂
  13. danpaul88

    Thanks for uploading that @ganein14 . Is that definitely the 'broken' copy of the file though, from before you fixed it? Reason I ask is that a binary compare against a known 'good' copy shows it is identical to the original, which suggests it downloaded successfully, thus should have installed correctly... If that is the 'broken' file then it suggests the problem isn't a corrupted file (which explain why the launcher doesn't delete it and redownload it), so that blows my original theory out the water...
  14. I'd love to get my hands on a copy of that 'broken' always2 so I can find out why it breaks... As for Linux, the launcher uses .net 4.6 and wpf. Typically it's the wpf bit that falls over on Linux because it's not been ported to wine. I am starting to move some of the underlying libraries over to net standard (which does support Linux) which might give us the option in future of a command line Linux client (I don't see much prospect of porting the GUI any time soon) but there's just not much demand for Linux support in the community so it's very much on the back burner right now. I know Omar got the launcher working on Linux at one point and even contributed a few code tweaks to help improve the support but I'm not sure if he's around at the moment
  15. Hadn't thought of that, although it could be argued holding onto the flare for that long is less useful than a failed attempt which then allows a new flare to spawn - plus if you're lurking as a spy doing nothing for 15 minutes waiting for the perfect opportunity to plant a flare your team is effectively a player down in the field for a long time. Just my 2 cents, it's a long time since I've played so maybe I'm just out of touch.