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  1. Fun fact - we're looking into a new UI framework for the launcher that will make it able to run on Linux natively, alongside other long overdue improvements. So watch this space - I'll be wanting beta testers at some point! (Specifically Avalonia in place of WPF)
  2. Perhaps you could view it more like Elizabeth Castle, which was built as a naval artillery fortification rather than a traditional castle Seen here the tidal water has receded leaving dry land around the walls, but at high tide the water is up to the base of the walls in most places. No traditional towers are present either, in favour of long sections of wall supporting lots of cannon. And since we're on the subject... Here are some of my personal photos of Elizabeth Castle... Because any excuse to bust out the photo album 🤣
  3. As for the installer specifically, I don't have any experience with WINE so not sure what to suggest. It's a fairly bog standard NSIS installer though. You could try installing using the command line, but it's not something I've ever tried myself on a clean install installer.exe /S /D=C:\W3D Hub\
  4. The latest version of the launcher uses dotnet7, which is nominally cross platform, but currently uses the WPF UI framework, which is only officially available on Windows platforms. While I have been looking into porting the UI to Avalonia, this will be a long term project and likely not something we'd be in a position to ship for quite some time. As for the games themselves, I have no idea if they'll run on an M series Mac, but they'd certainly need to be emulated since we don't compile the code for non x86-64 platforms.
  5. Wasn't aware of that, thought all scripts development had moved onto 2019 or newer years ago
  6. I'd strongly suggest using a newer version of a Visual Studio at this point! 2022 community edition for example, which is free to use...
  7. As far as I can see from the error log your machine is losing connection to the server in the middle of the download, which is why it falls
  8. Actually you can change the location of the download cache using the settings in the launcher itself - cog icon in the top corner. Just FYI The errors.log file might reveal why it's unable to download files - also worth noting that it will resume a partially completed download if your connection drops and you try it again
  9. A server migration didn't transfer some data as smoothly as we anticipated which caused some problems, but everything should be up and running now. Do let us know if you have any issues from here on out.
  10. As you may have noticed, our website, game servers and all other services have been offline over the last few days. This was caused by a ransomware attack on our primary host server which took all of our services offline. We are still working to recover our game servers and some other services, so please bear with us while we get things fixed Is my personal info safe? Based on network traffic statistics and other information we do not believe the attackers accessed or copied any information on our servers. As such, we do not have reason to believe any of your information stored in the forum database has been stolen. Additionally all passwords are stored as a salted hash, which means the original password is not known to us, and by extension anyone who was able to access the database However, out of an abundance of caution we would recommend changing your password here and also on any other site where your have reused the same password. Learnings for the future This incident has highlighted that we were underprepared for an attack on the primary host server, and as such we are going to be putting a lot of effort in the near future into making our disaster recovery process more robust going forward. We were already planning some updates to our internal hosting architecture to bring things in line with more modern standards and we'll be taking the learnings from this incident into account as we do that work Further information We'll update this post with any updates and information as it becomes available. In the meantime if you have any specific questions or concerns please let us know.
  11. Not working in what way? The launcher doesn't modify any part of Windows, so it's not clear to me why it would have any effect on the windows action center
  12. Did we see an errors.log file yet? That'll usually tell you what the issue is. Also be sure to install the optional Windows 7 updates linked in the article about using the launcher with Windows 7. You may have to repeat the registry edit from that topic after installing all the updates.
  13. Is that on Windows 11? I don't have any hardware capable of running Windows 11 so I can't test things there very easily
  14. The push notifications use SignalR, and they provide all the information about a server each time that information changes. You can subscribe to detailed information about specific servers (i.e. the player list) or just the headline features like player count, map, etc. The launcher subscribes to the headline info for all servers and the detailed information for just the specific server you've got selected to keep the network usage down.
  15. That log file is from the launcher itself, it's not related to the game not starting properly. I'd suggest trying to repair the game using the option in the launcher to verify the files are all correct. Could also look in event viewer to see if there's any more information there, since without the crash dump it'll be hard to debug for the APB team
  16. Amusingly I was experimenting with building something similar in Flutter, mainly as an exercise in learning how Flutter works. Are you subscribing to the push notifications or just polling for changes? I have no objections to you releasing it - the GSH API was always intended to be public after all. Just be aware that I may change some of the APIs in future to handle some planned new features.
  17. We'd have to update every single game to not use the registry, including ancient things like APB beta, before we could remove the need for the launcher to use the registry... Pretty big ask of all the devs!
  18. Game.exe doesn't read your settings from a file, so we have to match what game.exe is doing
  19. Just so you know, the launcher will be updated to net6.0 sometime in the 'near' future, but it'll be a self contained deployment so shouldn't need any other framework present on the target machine. As it's still using WPF it'll still be a Windows application of course, but down the line I am planning to investigate using avalonia as a UI framework, which would allow it to run on other platforms natively (although we'd still need to write registry stuff to handle game config, so not sure if it'll be possible to actually use it in a native fashion since obviously the registry isn't native to other platforms)
  20. The turret scripts I developed (which were the basis that moonsense expanded into my new bots) have the ability to prioritize targets by health, type, distance, value (on the basis that more expensive = more dangerous) etc... Not sure if IA uses these though, and if it does, what settings it's using.
  21. Okay then. In other news, I recently saw a stream of MMORPG Tycoon 2 and that looks pretty fun to play around with 😜
  22. This was a one off fix for a specific user. If you're using Windows 7 and getting this error check this; https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/423659-running-the-launcher-on-windows-7-enabling-tls12/
  23. See this article for more information about running the launcher on Windows 7
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