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  1. Did you perhaps have multiple copies of the launcher running whilst it was updating? Looks like you've got a mixture of files from multiple versions. I'd suggest installing a clean copy.
  2. Can you post the errors.log file from documents/w3d hub/launcher please? We're not aware of any known issues at this time
  3. What server are you trying to join? Could be a problem with the server itself
  4. Ok that's an entirely separate error - please try running a repair install of the game in the launcher to begin with
  5. Could also be another player is actually using the same nickname
  6. If you're worried about bandwidth, it uses a tiny amount to update the server list. In fact, with push notifications it'll use less traffic than it did before this update, since it used to constantly poll each server individually
  7. I'm not sure I understand - you don't want it to update when there is new information??
  8. I seem to recall there was an age old bug with GSA stuff where you couldn't see servers running on your own machine. Worth leaving it running for a bit and see if it shows up on https://gsh.w3dhub.com
  9. A new update is now available for the launcher. This update aims to improve performance and provide quality of life features such as saving server filter options and customising paths. Launcher Preferences Pressing the new 'settings cog' icon in the top right corner will open a new settings dialog to configure the UI language and the paths the launcher uses to install games and store package files used to install and repair game installations; Game Server Hub The launcher now uses our new 'Game Server Hub' service to provide its server listings. This is a new web service which aims to provide 'instant' updates to the launcher (and other clients) when a server status changes via the use of push notifications. This service will be receiving various feature updates over time to add more features and functionality which you'll hear more about as we release them. In the meantime, any communities interested in using this push technology on their websites can contact me for information. Localisation This version of the launcher supports two new languages - Chinese (Simplified) thanks to @DoDoCat, and Polish thanks to @TrollekPL We are still working on supporting localisation in all parts of the launcher. If you wish to contribute to this effort please check out the localisation topic in the forums for details.
  10. The old GameSpy master server is no more afaik, using a newer version of scripts.dll will help, plus you can use the GameSpy plugin for brenbot
  11. Unless a majority of voters also voted yes the map wouldn't change. Either none of you bothered to !vote no or more of you voted yes... FWIW, vote outcomes are calculated like this; if ( $totalVoters < ( $totalPlayers / 3 ) ){ RenRem::RenRemCMD ( "msg [BR] Only $totalVoters out of $totalPlayers voted, at least a third of players must vote for the vote to pass. VOTE FAILED." ); } elsif ( ( $gdi_yes_votes + $nod_yes_votes ) <= ( $gdi_no_votes + $nod_no_votes ) ) { RenRem::RenRemCMD ( "msg [BR] More no votes than yes votes. VOTE FAILED." ); } else { RenRem::RenRemCMD ( "msg [BR] More yes votes than no votes. VOTE PASSED." );
  12. Brenbot long, long predates the existence of the logging port, by at least 10 years. It's been on my back burner to also send command via that port but it's never been a high priority since it all runs locally anyway. There is even a comment I left in the source code suggesting it could use it; https://gitlab.com/danpaul88/brenbot/-/blob/master/Source/fds.pm#L37
  13. Translations up to and including today have been imported into the launcher code ready for the next patch. Also, some new translation tags added - have at them!
  14. @Taiko There is no .NET framework version check in the source code for the launcher, so I suspect the check is being compiled into the executable as part of the standard pattern for any .NET based application. The installer allows you to skip the installation of the .NET framework in case of issues detecting or installing it, but it must still be present for the launcher to be started since it is a .NET based product. We've had community members run the launcher successfully under WINE previously who may be able to offer some suggestions - the linked topic might be a good place to start
  15. Perhaps an odd suggestion but have you tried rebooting your PC? It's been known in the past for w3d engine games to not work properly until after a reboot - as far as I know we've never figured out in what circumstances it's required though
  16. We had already been considered random spawn locations for things like trees in AR to make it less obvious when a mirage tank is hiding when people have learnt where the trees on a map are... Although you don't need flat terrain for a tree since you can embed it in the ground a bit, so less sensitive to placement issues
  17. The player counts use UDP queries sent to the server directly, possibly either the outbound or response UDP packets are being blocked by the firewall
  18. The launcher will show 0/0 players if; The server is offline The servers GSA reporter is not working correctly Your internet service provider cannot connect to the server for some reason Your firewall is blocking UDP connections to the server (which the launcher uses to detect the player count)
  19. A new update is now available for the W3D Hub launcher, which contains a few small bug fixes and one major new feature. For the first time ever, parts of the launcher UI have been localised into new languages as part of efforts to make the launcher more widely accessible. This first implementation does not cover all parts of the UI, as not everything currently supports localisation, but I intend to gradually expand this to cover more and more of what you see in the launcher. As of today, translations are available for; German Russian Turkish Croatian If your Windows regional settings are set to one of the above languages, the launcher should automatically apply the appropriate translations. Thanks to @NoSoldier, @__nEmPoBu4__, @Sheila and @AZ-Stalker for their help in providing translations Localisation Help If you spot any errors in the translations, or would like to help us translate the launcher into more languages, please drop by our translation spreadsheet (created by @Jeod) and update it with your new entries / corrections. Alternatively you can contribute via the localisation forum topic.
  20. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game won't do anything that the repair option won't do... In fact it's likely not even redownloading anything since it's already cached the downloaded files. It would be more useful to upload the errors.log file from your documents/w3d hub/launcher folder. It's also possible that the launcher is starting the game just fine but it's crashing or hanging for some reason, in which case you might have a crashdump file in the ia install folder
  21. I've pulled the latest Russian and Turkish entries from the spreadsheet into the launcher codebase - can anyone confirm if any of the other languages are fully checked and ready to copy across now?
  22. A second batch of translation tags - this covers a lot more of the "games" page now, along with a smattering of other parts of the UI. Making good progress so far, will probably leave it here for now though as it's getting late in the afternoon If we can get the translations for these extra parts I think we could start pushing partially translated builds out for testing and feedback FYI @NoSoldier @__nEmPoBu4__
  23. Sorry, I meant I'll dig into the translations in that spreadsheet on my next pass, not that I'll create a spreadsheet
  24. First pass at the Russian translation - looks like I've still got quite a few bits of UI to add translation tags to, but it's a good starting point I've also done the German translations too. Thanks @NoSoldier and @__nEmPoBu4__ for your help thus far, I'll update this topic once I've added more translation tags to update more parts of the UI. @Jeod that's a good idea, nice way to map it all out - I'll dig into that when I do my next pass
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