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  1. hey man, took me some time to figure out it was at documents folder lol, here you go. https://www.mediafire.com/file/nairo8nwg2wg1zp/errors.log/file
  2. thanks a lot for all the suport guys, but i have installed all the aupdates, the registry fix is still in place, have reobooted several times and still nothing, all this is prety much quantum physics for me, i dont want to make you lose any more time here, will shure come back whenever i update to win10 in a near future, again thanks a lot for all the help.
  3. hey, time and zone seems to be fine, dont know what else could be, the pc seems to work just fine and conect to everything else so far, despite the TT unable to connect to server, i can join renegade and the map downloader works so dont know what else to try. could it be related to internet certificates or something along those lines? remember i had some issues connecting to some whebs due to win7 out of suport or something, pasted the sertificates of my old pc and fix it.
  4. thanks a lot man for yor help and good will i really apreciate it, i installed win 7 on a new ssd resently and set up most of my stuf so i am kind of unwilling to do it all over again and with a OS i am not familiar with plus it sucks dark parts ;p, though my father must have a copy of win 10(he loves the thing lol) i may hijack from him and give it go some time soon. about my pc current status, i have standard win firewall disabled, have avasts installed but i disabled it when i tryed with the launcher, still nothing, no proxi/vpn or stuff alike i dont even know what are those for lol ;P in case this info serves for something, so far got renegade working online just fine, though TT launcher still says cant connect to update server, maybe is on my end or jonwil have been gone, there entire renegade ecosistem has changed since i last hang around, renegadeforums is ofline, renhelp too, guess have been out for too long lol.
  5. yea i already tryed the host fix with out result too, sorry man for not mention it before, i am with out ideas, it use to work fine in the past, gess win 7 is not suported anymore? and i dont own win10 plus i have cheked it on otter pc´s and is awful lol, will satisfy my lust for basekilling on renegade in the meantime, will keep lurking the forums in case someone find an otter fix or work around, thanks a lot for your help man.
  6. yep. also installed asked frameworks, 4.6.1 4.7.2.
  7. win 7 ultimate x64 user, reinstalled resently, use to play fine on the past (same machine) got the error trying to connect to w3dhub backend api allready tryed the regedit fix from the above atached post but no results. any more ideas of how to fix? really looking foward to play again.
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