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  1. GraYaSDF

    Strange, but the fact is it always reminds me Fallout 3. I was playing Fallout 3 and finished first part of the game, i.e. launched the reactor and saved the world, while composing this. And I have to say, Fallout 3 did a lot of influence.
  2. GraYaSDF

    Frank supported me to do more nostalgic tracks, such as this, heh)) Here is what he thinks about his far past:
  3. GraYaSDF

    I sent this remake to Frank Klepacki recently. He likes it.
  4. Made this funny animation recently))

    DJ Gardevoir Has A Party Tonight (animated)


  5. Evgeny Yarmosh is my familiar, by the way (I am serious, lol). We became friends on VKontakte when he listened to my music. He creates good music for video games, his melodies are varying from just simple intense (Vector 2, for example) to very creative. He is also a pro in mastering. And I saw this video when he sent it to me. Good stuff, indeed 😃
  6. GraYaSDF

    I abandoned Soundcloud for a while, and I moved back to YouTube. I have two music channels there. One is new, called "GraYaSDF Studio" with commercial "Imaginary Frontiers". Another is my everyday and pretty old account "yuritopoop" which I use for musical videos and so on. But I am not so active there, mostly I am in VKontakte ( https://vk.com/yurikompany ), posting there tracks without video and even reminders about unfinished works. Also periodically updating my catalog ( http://download.ccassault.com/projects.html ) which provides to download those solo works and remakes, and even rare tracks which were not uploaded or removed from social networks. I usually speak my native, it is easier than to translate and use both languages at the same time, but for titles of my recordings I prefer english words. Thank you for the commentary, will do the same with some melodies from C&C universe too, at least I did certain parts for Twin Cannon Remix and Bog. Cannot say, how long will it take to do those pieces of art again. Still need to find appropriate instruments from library of Frank Klepacki's synths or from my own library, sometimes I keep failing while composing remaked or inspired songs, and:
  7. Gardevoir will ranch everything up! =D

    Like This, Like Gard, Like This-This


  8. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Motorized.mp3 I spent few full days on it... and I finally made it recently! Never did remakes of songs from C&C Red Alert 2 OST ("Destroy" from CnC 64 Memorial does not count, it was just an experiment). Still catchy, even simplified.
  9. I recorded it half a day ago, but composed even earlier. Harmonica with slap bass guitar, simple rhythm, sweet nostalgic pad and other sounds. And again, inspired by Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  10. GraYaSDF

    1) First, you need a strong wish to compose music and to keep making it always. Literally saying. 2) It is highly recommended to graduate music school, it makes your music a bit more interesting and smooth. However, it is not necessary to be a professional musician, there are such intuitive programs as FL Studio or Cubase (if you already know how to play music by musical notation, the second one includes notes editor). In case, if you don't know a musical notation, then at least you need to get singing lessons, there you can learn about notes, octaves and chords, about specific things, rules and directions in music, how to listen to song, how to sing it, and how to break songs into notes. 3) Start with something simple. Piano, guitar, drums. Or just with program that may undestand and edit MIDI-format. "Mid Layer" was one of the best MIDI-editors for its time, it does work with 3D sound simulation, also has an advanced music notes editor, so you can learn notes just by placing them on a patterns line! In addition, I have almost no experience in making of chiptune melodies, I did only few tracks, and this is a separate direction in music, but you can try 8-bit editors too. 4) Listen to your favourite music or just to radio station, does not matter which one, try to catch that style of playing, that approach, analyze and fantasize in that direction. That's how I started to make music in 2006. I don't know the most of musical rules, only basic and few advanced rules, so I cannot be considered as a professional musician, but at least I have a simple style inspired by Frank Klepacki, Alexander Brandon and by few other foreign and russian composers and performers. The unbelievable fact is I had to listen closely to Red Alert OST in the late 2000s for few days, few hours per each day before I got what I needed while wearing DJ-headphones. 5) Try to make something new, experiment with different genres and instruments (personal advice of Frank Klepacki, by the way), as well as try to do remakes and don't be scary of. If your music has a success, it will improve your style of playing and music in world-wide. But there is one important thing to remember: if you and/or others don't like your music, it may possibly become a trash, so liking (thumbs up like on Facebook is unacceptable, only real sympathy) and publishing of your own creations in the Internet or showing them to your friends and other people is very important. People then will just come to you and ask for songs for their projects some day. 7) If there are only 2-3 minutes of playing, this is not always a drawback. It's just your good feeling from what did you hear and wish to continue. It really depends on melody, to be honest. But it also points at that I am not a professional musician, and I am recording melodies depending on mood and wish, that's why there are melodies which are short. Anyway, thanks for commentary and criticism, will try to remember that. Often even experienced musicians can't tell, from which part to continue and how to continue, it is up to author.
  11. GraYaSDF

    Maybe it does not work as supposed by default. But sure, if those features in modified CLE will be ported to basic C&C Renegade, it will be much easier, so I don't need to port resources from one to another game for experimental needs. I do. I am still working on C&C Renegade scripts. I made and I am still making good insertions into Westwood 3D engine, was very inspired by Bluehand Studios source codes of scripts. Recently I froze Commando Assault project and made the second, singleplayer/multiplayer mod with smart AI (at the moment, appears as "C&C Renegade AI" in CnCNet and RenList).
  12. GraYaSDF

    If you wish some new music for Tiberian Sun Reborn 2.0, I can help =) By the way... keep working also on W3D-import and WWSkin, that would be incredibly cool! Nice updates for CLE too, I am always waiting for some new tools for C&C Renegade in general after I joined modding community in 2006.
  13. After winter holidays, I was trying to make something new. As a result, I composed this simple melody and published in VKontakte as usual, but only today decided to publish it in YouTube. Inspired by one of my favourite universes which is Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  14. This is how I draw Pokemons today: 

    Gardevoir's Attack (coloured)