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  1. PETROGLYPH: Thanks, GraYa! Frank Klepacki is a talented guy and really fun to hang out with. We're definitely fans of Renegade and you can see that in Earthbreakers. It's still early so we are still in development of the game. Not so much Battlezone and more Renegade however. We also liked the graphic style introduced with Borderlands.
  2. He actually saw it! Thanks to Facebook, now I can sleep calmly...
  3. Here is another one joke, lol. When a lot of old school gamers were angry at C&C. Well, I partially explained a plot of C&C4 in this video, but not much.
  4. This is some funny and old video I found in my account. Sydney gotta go fast, ha-ha!
  5. Well, this gameplay is something that I wanted and I began to make that in late 2010. Also, years later I had a short conversation with community manager about C&C Renegade and Commando Assault, their thoughts were like "we are still thinking about to make something like Renegade+Assault, but there is no time for it yet". But this graphics in Earthbreakers... dear God, it is really weird, I am actually dissapointed why developers decided to make that cartoony graphics... I hope this is only the effect which may be disabled. Time will tell, how good this game will be and how long multiplayer will stay, I already sent to Petroglyph some questions related to Earthbreakers and to entire RTS/FPS genre.
  6. @Chad1233, @Mojoman - really good stories, I enjoyed a lot. I think I will read that document completely later.
  7. And Red Alert 2 again! Two-three days of work, but I have to say that wasn't too hard to remake this. Unfortunately, original vibe is gone, but kind of good experiment with guitar. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Grinder.mp3
  8. This is how do I draw today in perspective. Amazing picture that was made on smartphone. You never know what also can I do, this was just a quick drawing. Enjoy :)


  9. Does anybody even remember that beta of APB with GameSpy Comrade was a thing those days? When GameSpy Comrade came out, I switched to it from regular GameSpy Arcade and was playing for Soviets and Mother Russia. Lol.
  10. This actually gave me good idea for a meme:
  11. That was a thing in one of my very old dreams, when I was a child. In my mind, I played with soviet and allied units against Nod from Tiberian Sun era, and there was also a place for balance. So... yeah, good idea.
  12. Maybe someday, but as I said, I am lack of skills and samples to do that yet. At the moment, I am trying to replicate Grinder and other things, as well as doing my own soundtracks, also preparing music for commercial Warcraft clone, so I focused more on orchestra instead.
  13. Will do, thanks! Grinder from RA2 is next, I think
  14. And yet again... available for download! http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/RA_Main_Theme.mp3
  15. Available for download as well as other of my melodies! http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Wind_In_West_Depot.mp3
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