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  1. GraYaSDF

    That early attack of Orca Fighters which we suggested, lol. I remember that. Certainly, one of good examples of team work)) I know something about, because he is UltraAOW developer, he made some 3D-models, and he suggested to do also few for Commando Assault. We were discussing it, but I came to a conclusion that he would love to see Tiberium Wars shooter instead of continuation of Renegade.
  2. GraYaSDF

    Decent 36-inch strike (and pretty well covered too).
  3. GraYaSDF

  4. So, it will be nice moment for me to come back and write few new songs too, hah.
  5. Never be sure that everything was preserved in its original form. Few projects were lost completely, some weren't. Also, there is one problem there. As he said to me, he does not own the necessary rights to record or even release something for Command & Conquer series. I guess, maybe even some project files, but... if EA ask him to do remakes... who knows, maybe they together will find those ancient folders and restore WAVE-recordings from there and re-write whole songs. Anyway, it is just a matter of time for Frank to make a similar copy of or to remake that or this melody. As he said in our last interview, he can easily make something in Red Alert style, and Fogger was one of suggested examples. He has ancient vintage instruments from that age when he was writing songs for classic C&C, I relatively recently got samples from them too and some new extra also, so... can't wait for remakes, really)) Since his music is constantly evolving, maybe his remakes will sound better.
  6. GraYaSDF

    Decided to stream my mod a bit. Started my first stream in Steam yesterday. https://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561198045488643/ Who wish to see the mod in action, you can join and watch. Also will be streaming Interim Apex as well. Not in YouTube and Twitch because of weak PC, but next year maybe I will upgrade it.
  7. As somebody from russian forums said... movies. In Full HD. I want them so hard. Especially from Command And Conquer Renegade and Red Alert 1. I hope that something still exists on video cassettes or on hard drives. And also... music. Some tracks do not exist in high quality, for example, I cannot find Fogger or Map Select from the first Red Alert. I could make a remake of that, I have necessary Roland samples and instruments and stuff, but have no specific mood to finish that, and I still hope there is a possibility to restore that in at least 128 kbps. Also... if players already bought the Ultimate Collection in Origin, I think it is better to make a 50% discount for them.
  8. Ah, I remember music from KKND, that was a sweet music, even from Xtreme. 4th tracks of Survivors and Evolved were the best.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/terminal-2080 And "2080", as you may guess, is an instrument from Roland soundbank.
  10. GraYaSDF

    But it also means I cannot launch it in 24/7 format. Basically it is up and running at weekend and also every second week in the evening on Moscow time zone.
  11. GraYaSDF

    Just as I said - Extreme Co-op. Earlier it was Winter Assault, because I made the first script in winter, but decided to rename it to Extreme... because it is really not skirmish anymore))
  12. GraYaSDF

    In December 2017, I decided to make my second best mod - Extreme Co-op. But this time, this is a server mod which sometimes appears in RenList. Just usual maps plus fanmade maps. But, there is one interesting thing: strong computer-controlled opponents, no mercy. They are challenging each other, blowing up bases, doing really dirty work, diffusing beacons, placing explosives, getting into empty vehicles, and so on! I've tried to play this with 7-8 players against bots with no bots in our team, and we somehow were losing tanks and characters. I have no time and ability to record a high-quality video of it, and screenshots are useless because they do not show all the chaos that is going on there. The idea was actually obvious: "Ok, I am tired to play online, why not to make some research and program smart bots, so I don't need to play online anymore and I can have fun from usual Skirmish mode." I started to make the first algorithm for rifle infantry from scratch. When I made it, I laughed and laughed for a long time, and still laughing. AI is almost completely random and making funny and crazy mess there. Today, I am adding new algorithms, fan maps, features, bots are slowly progressing to their final result. Maybe I will add base-building as it was in Commando Assault, who knows... ...Just wanted to let you know that I did not abandon the work on C&C Renegade, and there are always several ideas in my head about how to make old game a bit interesting. Also, I need to say thanks to people who played already and are still playing on my server. Have a good time!
  13. GraYaSDF

    Me again going to say thanks to Frank in Facebook! Thanks for the interview, @Coolrock, I will read the full text later. The previous interview about one of his solo albums can be found here: http://download.ccassault.com/museum/articles/frank_interview_2/index.html Still listening to Digital Frontiers and Transform. I think it is the best part of what Frank Klepacki did for a wide range of listeners. The best is that he even inspired me to create and finally release my own album (which is Imaginary Frontiers, of course) and I have to say... this is very good to have such a person! 👍
  14. GraYaSDF

    GraYaSDF: Hi there again, Frank! I of course have two new questions since our last conversation: 1) Which style did you choose for your next solo album? Does it sound like something between Static-X, Metallica, and/or Bon Jovi, or is it something completely new and incredible? 2) Do you plan to record your voice for upcoming metal album?