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  1. Few days ago... I successfully ported bots to... ancient BHS Update 3.4.4. LOL. And guess, which map I've used to do this? Of course, it is C&C_Ancients.mix! The point of such bicycle is to make my old laptop which has Scripts 3.4.4 installed work with bots made for the latest TT Update, so now I can have fun even without Internet connection, far away from home For bots which are for TT Update, I added a map C&C_City, but it seems bots there cannot get to enemy base in time being destroyed at bridge or under it. I hope to introduce flying bots somehow, but this is not an easy task, I do not use any waypaths at the moment. In Commando Asssault, there were flying bots, they were piloting Orca-fighters and Apaches. But Orca was the only unit which had a lot of potential firepower because of rockets as primary weapon, GDI were using it like true aces, even during battles in the sky.
  2. princess_luna_papercraft__version_1__by_

    I made this recently. I did not make papercrafts for 9 years or even more, so I decided to glue it by myself instead of buying. https://www.deviantart.com/imaflashdemon/art/Princess-Luna-Papercraft-version-1-806521499 I know, Gardevoir plushes and pony plushes are adorable, but they also need a proper care and more of free space to place them. This paper doll is 21 centimeters long and tall, also pretty large, but requires less space than regular plush, can always be repaired or made again if needed, and this is great choice for the interior of your room. I am proud of myself!..

  3. I also translated this article for foreign audience, and it is much bigger than W3D Hub. So, good luck with modding the game!
  4. Yes, the game still has those samples. The first tutorial Westwood Studios ever planned to do was with Construction Yard, and Logan Sheppard said some words about it. No, I am just analizing what is new and what was already made by W3D Hub community, by me, and by other people. It will be good if you can return the great Renegade Sole Survivor standalone videogame back to life at some point, with features from W3D Hub games.
  5. Such Commando Assault, lol. Just look at this (I recorded it in 2015):
  6. I remember that thing in first Counter-Strike too, but it was a little bit different from APB. I just shot two snipers on cs_dust2 from basic automatic rifle from a distance of few feets, they were standing on spawn and aiming at gates. Not even bots, but experienced players, so that was lol too :D
  7. https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/sets/red-virus-ost - a soundtrack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=908947822 - for this game While I was working on completely new tracks for Red Alert, I made these melodies for commercial videogame. So, this is my second soundtrack for commercial projects. Author said that he is not working on Red Virus anymore and switched to another matters, so I decided to release it publicly. We had an agreement to sell OST only after the game itself, but author abandoned the project at the moment, so... yeah, enjoy the sound!
  8. dda798x-2afe20d6-50d0-4e59-8bd7-459118da   My new drawing :-) 

  9. While everybody is talking about MEMP, I wish to slightly draw your attention to the texture of weapon. Why did it lose its scuffs at edges? As far as I know, some units change their weapons while being elite, so you can apply those textures to new weapons to make people feeling like they used their weapons a lot to get veterancy points. I think, this is a great idea for you, dear developers of W3D Hub games. I am not forcing you, if you think that this is impossible to do, due to engine limitation or due to less interest in it, just say so.
  10. Does MEMP disable vehicles of teammates, or just hostile vehicles?
  11. News, the fresh ones: NEW FIXES - C&C_Under_EC was added to rotation as a first map in a list, GDI bots will now produce vehicles, finally - bots are mining doors on C&C_Under_EC as well - Nod Stealth Tanks are now not always visible, proceed with caution - vehicle which was purchased by living player will be protected against stealing by teammates with AI for some time - due to balance, bots on server were increased from 20 to 40 for each side of conflict, because... ...BOTS CAN GET IN VEHICLES - bots are now getting in vehicles, instead of just making them as self-driving vehicles, so expect resistance after you destroy them (for example, sniper shots for your Mobius) - bots can get in your APC, so you and your living friends can now organize fast attacks with bots in APCs - and, as in case with players, you can choose in regular Vehicle Menu, which bots have to be kicked out from vehicle, so you can get more engineers instead of soldiers (no icons this time, sorry about that) P. S.: I tested new updates locally, and after couple of tests I installed them on public server, as usual.
  12. Does Daniel work on these bots? I like them, cannot wait to try it in action, as I did it in APB server :D And good work on enhancing of textures, I totally appreciate this.
  13. That's great to hear. I am still thinking about to compose music for Tiberian Sun, did not choose an idea yet.
  14. If you give me the necessary textures (PT, gameplay objects, units, signs, etc.) with empty strings and with english strings, I can do it for russian people as well. I have Photoshop with DDS and TGA plugins installed, I used it in far past to make Chemical Tank and other features, it is still working.
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