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  1. GraYaSDF

    "When you did not receive one gift, it is a tragedy. When you kill ten millions of pathetic nazies, it is a statistics."
  2. More awesome drawings coming next year on my DeviantArt page! =)


  3. GraYaSDF

    I believe in wonders. Nature (God) and people (servants) are able to make them. Santa (grandpa Moroz) is a God's incarnation. He helps people to make and deliver wonders around the entire world. And he can be in anyone of us. I am an elf. Some people can say that life is complicated, especially when you are an elf. As for me, the greatest wonder is to live in the world. Peace. Unite. GraYaSDFhood.
  4. GraYaSDF

    Frank Klepacki already answered me in our private conversation: "Thanks - I’m just getting started so got a ways before settling into things. But will be a fun journey."
  5. I suggested to Frank Klepacki to add something new into remastered C&C-games if there will be any chance and if EA allow it. What do you think, guys, can I, mmm... collaborate with Frank at some point? You already heard what I did for the series, so I don't need to mention all tracks here. You can also join the conversation on EA-forums too: https://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-The-Ultimate-Collection/Suggesting-new-tracks-for-C-amp-C-Series-Remastered-what-do-you/m-p/7172962 Well, I am not a professional musician, that's why I am talking about that person who can make it even better. And that person is of course Frank.
  6. GraYaSDF

    It has been released recently in Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/758880/RedSun_RTS/ I would say that for PC-version we certainly need better graphics at least. But since this is a fan project, let it be as it is. I do not agree with author as always))
  7. GraYaSDF

    Background is nonsense. Music is... I think not =D
  8. GraYaSDF

    Btw, a dog of KatzSmile was very realistic. I cannot find that photo, unfortunately. The new model... hmm, looks like... doge, not shepherd.
  9. GraYaSDF

    Possibly, because there were several designers who also suggested their ideas, and one idea was better than another sometimes. I only say what I know from one of the former developers, I interviewed him in far past.
  10. GraYaSDF

    Wow, I remember that model. The first model of dog for APB made by russian developer KatzSmile, as well as Yak plane and other models (including... chronosphere stationary device, maybe?), before Bluehell Productions became to be inactive. This is horosho! Da, for the Soviet Union, make it please!
  11. GraYaSDF

    That early attack of Orca Fighters which we suggested, lol. I remember that. Certainly, one of good examples of team work)) I know something about, because he is UltraAOW developer, he made some 3D-models, and he suggested to do also few for Commando Assault. We were discussing it, but I came to a conclusion that he would love to see Tiberium Wars shooter instead of continuation of Renegade.
  12. GraYaSDF

    Decent 36-inch strike (and pretty well covered too).
  13. GraYaSDF

  14. So, it will be nice moment for me to come back and write few new songs too, hah.
  15. Never be sure that everything was preserved in its original form. Few projects were lost completely, some weren't. Also, there is one problem there. As he said to me, he does not own the necessary rights to record or even release something for Command & Conquer series. I guess, maybe even some project files, but... if EA ask him to do remakes... who knows, maybe they together will find those ancient folders and restore WAVE-recordings from there and re-write whole songs. Anyway, it is just a matter of time for Frank to make a similar copy of or to remake that or this melody. As he said in our last interview, he can easily make something in Red Alert style, and Fogger was one of suggested examples. He has ancient vintage instruments from that age when he was writing songs for classic C&C, I relatively recently got samples from them too and some new extra also, so... can't wait for remakes, really)) Since his music is constantly evolving, maybe his remakes will sound better.