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  1. GraYaSDF

    Cool works, realistic and very detailed 😃
  2. GraYaSDF

    Hooray! "The Sea of Mighty Sand", "Insidious Night", "Poisoned Extended" - these three tracks are now in Expanse RTS, playing randomly! I hope, developers will continue the great work on it, that game has a classic feeling of real-time strategy similar to Dune 2000 and also positioned as a mobile single and multiplayer game, so you can play it even on your smartphone.
  3. It could be a huge fun to join, but... eh, Jonwil will reject me anyway, even if I apply by myself, lol)) We discussed it already. I prefer to compose music instead. And yes, I like Chronicles of Dune.
  4. GraYaSDF

    I already posted a commentary in MPF topic ( if you wish to read it, click here ). In addition, Zunnie was one of my closest foreign familiars. We never met in real live, but I saw his face in Skype, and I of course heard his voice several times. I remember the last time we met in Skype, he was ill, and, as he explained to me, it was just a common cold. This was months ago, we were setting up the server for Commando Assault, so I don't know what happened to him. And no matter, is it a joke to cover him or a real event, I will be always missing him. P. S.: Coffee time! Yep, definitely.
  5. The second masterpiece I made from scratch after Barren World and before the remake of Red Alert Menu Theme. Just about perfect. Almost. If only I could make it more diverse... P. S.: Suggested for Expanse RTS devs too. They appreciate it.
  6. GraYaSDF

    Thank you for kind words. I thought it may be unusual idea to put harmonica into, for me it feels more like western music. Otherwise, this melody would have gone into the trash very quickly, this is my hobby, and I am not a professional composer. I see that you are a producer of RA2AR, so I have a little question:
  7. GraYaSDF

    Lol, nice joke. You, guys, made my day. I laughed heartily. I also noticed that colour scheme has been changed. It now reminds me old Bluehell Productions forums.
  8. GraYaSDF

    Unusual mix made by me and inspired by two soundtracks at the same time. I was experimenting with Dune universe, and I tried to put some Red Alert style inside. Suggested as a music for "Expanse RTS" videogame. VSTi "Synapse Audio Software DUNE I" is included, as well as classic Roland sounds. Frank Klepacki, however, is using SAS DUNE II. As he said, it is more comfortable to use, and it has more sounds.
  9. Tiberium landscape must be in TSR "as it is" on a picture. Realistic!
  10. The best orchestra and electronics mix I can offer today. I hope you enjoy it, I was composing it from scratch. I also extended it, but during the process there was some mess with rhythm, but it is okay. Also suggested this to developers of Red Sun RTS, they said it is a good soundtrack for their next videogame, Expanse RTS, and they will probably add this and other tracks from this line to their new real-time strategy game which is already on Google Play! P. S.: I've read four books of Chronicles of Dune, and almost finished fifth book.
  11. GraYaSDF

    I leaved VKontakte, but still available through PM tab. Sorry for any inconvenience, I was there for the reason of admininstrating of Commando Assault page, but now that page is gone, and I moved my stuff to personal website, and I will keep doing it and update my website with new stuff.
  12. GraYaSDF

    Strange, but the fact is it always reminds me Fallout 3. I was playing Fallout 3 and finished first part of the game, i.e. launched the reactor and saved the world, while composing this. And I have to say, Fallout 3 did a lot of influence.
  13. GraYaSDF

    Frank supported me to do more nostalgic tracks, such as this, heh)) Here is what he thinks about his far past:
  14. GraYaSDF

    I sent this remake to Frank Klepacki recently. He likes it.
  15. Made this funny animation recently))

    DJ Gardevoir Has A Party Tonight (animated)