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  1. GraYaSDF: Siberian GRemlin found very rare and old beta version 0.09c of Red Alert and released the gameplay and the game itself. Did you ever play it? Frank Klepacki: Lol, I played it during original development!
  2. And here it is, the playlist from Siberian GRemlin himself (from 6th October)!
  3. Oh, I know that guy since 2004-2006. When I searched tools for extracting of files from MIX archives and few editors which I was missing, I found his website. He literally has a LIBRARY of CDs, that's quite a golden treasure to see those in one place. Translations, rare files, archives, old editors... And he has digital library as well, so do not forget to visit! http://siberian-studio.ru
  4. I completely reworked difficulty settings, players can now fight with few bots in their own team against large hostile forces. This makes matches even more insane and intense. C4s and shots are literally everywhere inside your base if server set the difficulty to Difficult or even Hard. The game is now completely Co-operative, no more players vs players battles. New difficulty settings are: Extreme (without reinforcements), Very Hard (with just few bots) Hard (defense tactics) Difficult (less bots for your own team, more for opposite) Normal (the same amount of bots and players vs bots) Easy (less bots for opposite team, more for your own) Beginner (just few hostile bots), and also one difficulty for testing purposes (no bots for opposite team). I removed separate parameters of bots for both teams, instead there are just one parameter and two new fuctions which calculate how many bots are allowed to spawn for each team.
  5. I tried to remove mss.dll from my copy of game, it said the same. Reinstall Tiberian Technologies Update, get the updater from here - http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe
  6. princess_luna_papercraft__10_photos__ver

    And this is how that pony looks like at different angles of view.

  7. Just experimenting with news feed, since I left each social media network, including VKontakte too, and I am nowhere anymore except Steam and Skype. Reasons... But you can always contact me via e-mail form, much faster and much better, because I often check my mail. Or just use PM here.

  8. This is pizdec! My favourite screenshots now, saved to hard drive, thanks
  9. I started to work on Tension, saw it in my dream today playing all over and over again in my head. Here is a little preview, but it is a subject to change anytime soon, and it will be replaced when I get finished remake of original song: "Red Alert 2 - Tension (remake)"
  10. This is NICE looking terrain. At this angle of view I see not too much, but it is totally promising.
  11. Those bots built a whole army to destroy Nod once and for all. I can't wait to try it in action
  12. Uploaded to YouTube today. One of my favourite remakes that I made, it was a huge fun to make it happen, especially I liked the process of composing it from scratch with some of those original instruments from far past. Even 2 years later, I still remember that it was really great adventure, a time machine.
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