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  1. GraYaSDF

    News from the extreme battlefield: DEFENSIVE ABILITY - now bots are laying mines on a floor, so be careful when you go inside the building - engineers are repairing buildings better and much longer than before BOTS MOVEMENT It was improved a little bit. Just a little bit, made them to move even more crazily, so it is harder to actually aim at them if there are not too many bots around. P. S.: I tested new update locally, and after couple of tests I installed the update on public server. I have to say that now it is extremely hard to win the match against 4-6 bots without superweapon beacon... Mines everywhere on a floor, engineers are repairing buildings like berserks...
  2. GraYaSDF

    Forgot to say also that one of my iconic songs, Barren World, contains industrial loop from there.
  3. GraYaSDF

    https://www.looperman.com A great source of cool royalty-free samples. This is almost infinite fun. Here is one melody which I finished today, many thanks to those samples and their creators: https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/industrial-drums-funky-guitar
  4. GraYaSDF

    This screenshot is just about perfect)))
  5. GraYaSDF

    For those, who wanted me to fix spawners (especially @Learonys), I made a small plugin (it took me 1 hour to code that), so now I am able to fix spawners on each map.
  6. I have Ubuntu Linux 14 installed as a second OS. I used it when my friend said that I need to test Avorion before we run an own server on Linux. Good to know there is a topic on W3D Hub that shows you how to prepare Wine for Renegade-games. Thanks a lot! =)
  7. GraYaSDF

    I saw this in RenList before the news. Good news, anyway. I downloaded all the content without launcher and with no problem, and it works fine. Unfortunately, I mostly play with my bots which I wrote for vanilla Renegade, so I have no free time to spend on playing IA anymore...
  8. GraYaSDF

    By the way, if you didn't know, I love meme songs. I have a full playlist of the best of mashup and memes, but I also carefully select them, there should be no place for violence. Virtual genotype replicators (memes, in short) do not have to be as an instrument to destruct, but to construct and deploy, as those Construction Yards from Command & Conquer.
  9. GraYaSDF

    It is a paradox, but with the latest update of W3D Hub Launcher, which is now a good alternative to Ren List and Master List, I believe in what you are saying. The same is for me, people are not only taking a conversation with me about their problems in Renegade and interviewing me. I also continue to be as Zunnie, I also talk about life, about living matters, about some kind of moral support even. But moral support means everything. Even Commando Assault could not stand up without that support, I had a lot of problems, but then solved them when talked to people to see what do they need, how they see it. I have connected my entire life with that mod, continued to develop it for whole 8 years, even while serving in military forces, even in stress situations at work, but I always was thinking about them to whose I dedicated my life. And I have to say, that was totally worth it!
  10. GraYaSDF

    I recently introduced new options for Extreme Co-Operative: SEPARATE NUMBER OF BOTS For AI vs AI battle, if needed, admin can now change the number of bots to desired for each playable team. With less infantry units in your own team, it looks like another Co-Op mode which is even more interesting and intense. AUTO-BALANCE When new player joined, the number of bots (soldiers + engineers + tanks) slightly increases. And decreases slots for bots, if player left. So I do not need to adjust settings manually anymore. I tested the "auto-balance" feature in singleplayer matches with bots playing against me. As a single unit, regular player can resist only 4-6 bots on maps with no defenses and no vehicles, and even win the match, but there is a probability that AI-opponents can bring you some huge trouble (to eliminate harvester, to try to C4 a building, to place one beacon or even two). I also successfully installed and tested this update on my temporary dedicated server, so you are welcome at any time when the server is up and running. I will keep doing updates to introduce more exclusive things for bots if there is proper time for it. I wish you good luck. Keep your pants on. P. S.: And also thank you for playing, I am glad to see so many people on my server! I relatively recently upgraded the server, installed fast iCore 7 processor and an excellent futuristic router from Tenda, also expanded connection up to 60 MBit, so it should be a bit faster if not much faster =)
  11. GraYaSDF

    I had the same problem yesterday. Just remove manually any files related to launcher (not games), download it from W3D Hub website again, and install. I do this every time when something does not work properly in any game or launcher after updates.
  12. GraYaSDF

    I use: - 3D Blender - 3D Google SketchUp - 3D Sculptor (a bit, not actively) - 3D Studio Max - SolidWorks Unfortunately, I cannot help with programming of plugins for these five 3D-editors, I am only programming Renegade and Adobe Flash games/mods, also a bit of LUA-mods for Avorion. Sorry about that...
  13. GraYaSDF

    Can you, please, make that W3D-plugin for 3D Blender, so we can rig animations and bones there. Anyway... it is GOOD update, and damn WWSkin is finally deprecated.
  14. GraYaSDF

    Lol, nice
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