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  1. I have a bad news. My HDD is half-dead now, and so I restored only important files, and so no more updates for a long period (because working on Avorion API in parallel). The only good news is I added a music player into the game, so it does work even without TT FDS. Extreme Co-op server is offline now. My apologies.
  2. I made it not as good as I wanted... so, this remake now sounds like the first Red Alert. But I really enjoyed the process of making, this mood is kind of new for me, it was mostly changing from one piece of sound to another, I did many jumps.
  3. Try original version from 2002 with Tiberian Technologies update which I've sent to you, and type here does it work for you or doesn't.
  4. One big update after another! IGNORING OF STEALTH UNITS No matter what did you or your allies choose, Stealth Tank or Stealth Black Hand, any stealth unit will be ignored by hostile bots as soon as they do not see it. However, if bots spotted you, they place a marker "Spotted!" on you, and then enemies will keep pursuing you for few seconds. Feel free to do sneak attacks with your friends and bots, but caution is advised. And, as before, watch out for stealth units of opposite team too.
  5. GraYaSDF


    Cannot say Global Defense Initiative are op in case of vehicles or not op, but Brotherhood of Nod has more variety in tactics because of stealth technology, so you always need to invent something that will allow GDI to win and to push faster than Nod.
  6. It was definitely a blast from very far past, sure! *soviet victory march*
  7. The parameter is RefillLimit, length of time in seconds, I know.
  8. Thanks to W3D Hub Community, you made it well! Unfortunatelly, no infinite refill PT which was off in early beta, but it is ok. I played with different classes, everything looks as good as back in 2000s when we were playing it, except some graphics changes and maybe some bug fixes (well... because Flame Tower was still firing at direction when it already destroyed hostile unit). I took few screenshots, here is a good one (rocket infantry rush is so good!): P. S.: to @FRAYDO: Please, calm down, it is just a game...
  9. Welcome back, commander. Yes, me too, I upgraded my specs after these two years, so now I am with Intel Core i7-4790 and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ventus and 16 GB RAM. Running now most of my games on Ultra and High settings (Avorion, HoTS, Star Sonata 2...). Updated Red Alert A Path Beyond Beta is going to be released soon, and I cannot wait to try it in action with comrades from CnCSeries.ru, W3D Hub, and from regular C&C Renegade gaming too. I sent messages to any people that I know and who played beta of APB before, I sent news to CnCSeries as well, I hope, they will be glad to participate.
  10. I added a 2-3 seconds gap, so you can purchase your own vehicle even during the preparation for assault with AI-tanks. I also added new old map - C&C_Uphill - bots really like to play it, and maybe you too. And... I did also few fixes which I do not need to mention here, there is no changelog, and I forgot what did I fix, LOL.
  11. Okay, I reworked vehicle owning system to similar technique as in multiplayer with live players. Here are some changes for you: - automatic binding to the first player who entered the vehicle; - bots will not get inside if vehicle was binded to player, and player is not far enough from it; - bots will not get inside if vehicle was LOCKED (always do that if you wish to buy something from terminals which are very far from your vehicle); - bots will not get inside if vehicle was built by player not so long ago (i.e. temporarily locked); - if not locked but binded, bots will get in APCs and Transport Helicopters, if driver is inside the vehicle; - if not locked or even not binded, bots will get in the vehicle anyway; - bots now consider empty vehicles and aircrafts as their VALID TARGETS, so no more repairs while you are outside (or you can count on your friendly engineers, who knows...); - and, as usual, bots will try to steal empty vehicles of opposite team, no matter they are binded/locked or they aren't (watch out for Stealth Black Hand).
  12. Guys, I have two funny words for ya: TUNNEL FISSURE Who remembers it, will laugh uncontrollably for many minutes.
  13. This was my first game from which my multiplayer career in Internet began (2008). We will see about this "beta", how good is it...
  14. Heh, after your message I tried to install a server, it worked for beta 1.2.0 and Windows 7. I even joined through Internet with multiply accounts playing at the same time on one server. LOL
  15. Not only hits different, but is a GREAT source for music (for example, C&C 64 Memorial ):
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