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  1. GraYaSDF

    It reminds me that topic of @FRAYDO, lol. If you know what am I talking about))
  2. GraYaSDF

    You are not alone, tovarisch)) I also know Andrey from UltimateBattles, we were configuring some sort of server plugins to run them on TT FDS 4.6, I as a programmer was busy to compile those for UB. It is sad to know that any of my work for UB was a waste of time, but it totally worth it, you know))
  3. GraYaSDF

    LEAD THE TRIBE >> https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/lead-the-tribe << This is something new to hear from me while I am working on Extreme Coop. Experimental track for sure. I think, I will upload this later to YouTube too.
  4. Sorry, my bad)) That song is actually the ancient and unknown one.
  5. This is a remix from Scott Peeples called "Pharoteknical". But I think @fata1b1ade is talking about something different. I remember the very first and old C&C Reborn Beta, before TSR Infantry Beta came out, and I downloaded it somewhere and I was playing it a bit until my antivirus removed installation file from my PC, lol. Sadly, I cannot find that anymore. I remember Crush song from Red Alert, that song was playing on one of maps with rocks in the middle and with infantry tunnels inside, and you could also fly on Carryall there and buy and deploy a very glitchy Nod Tick Tank. The design and graphics were almost the same as in original game, C&C Renegade.
  6. GraYaSDF

    Yeah, good times 😃
  7. There are also few short videos with Frank Klepacki and Tiberian Sons practicing few Command & Conquer songs, check them out too:
  8. Frank Klepacki at big MAGFest stage played with The Tiberian Sons the whole set of Command & Conquer music, including C&C Renegade too! Amazing show, definitely worth watching!
  9. GraYaSDF

    I've tried to code in Unity as well. For me, it is a bit more complicated than UE4, but before that, some guy was making the game called "Renegade Tiberium Wars", he is a Unity game maker, and I was testing that game. It was not bad for very first alpha, I made a whole soundtrack for that as well! Few months later, the project was canceled, guys behind it partially moved a project from Unity to HF Source, and from HF Source to another engine. With these moves there is a little probability that project will be abandoned.
  10. GraYaSDF

    That's actually a good example! I remember few men (they asked me to do some music for a trailer), they were working on Kosmofront videogame made in UE4, and even then it was a bit hard to code and test new physics. TibTech partially have the necessary codes for physics, but they are mostly focused on anti-cheat, bug fixing and new engine calls, so I cannot start normally to program these physics (and also other features). I already had some successful experiments in classic Renegade, it was hard to make because of huge limitations.
  11. GraYaSDF

    I could suggest to connect with cncseries.ru admins in Discord, because that large portal unite people from different communities and publish or share news about their projects dedicated to Command & Conquer franchise, and they even make conversations with developers, but... you know, it is a gaming community only. Usual users and players do gaming events ("we" did it once for TSR, also recorded few long videos), organize tournaments, editors publish news, developers and writers which exist there do whatever they like to do - they all together use the portal as a platform to showcase what they did. But W3D Hub is not only a gaming community. W3D Hub is also a modding community, community of developers, and it of course has its own launcher for games, that's a bit different from what I had before joining.
  12. GraYaSDF

    By the way, I did not see any problem to join this community. On Renegadeforums.com I had a problem of communication. On MP-Gaming I had the same problem. It sounds like each foreign Renegade community lives on its own, and it mostly happened after Red Alert 3 release date or even earlier. In earlier days, Command & Conquer was something... unifying.
  13. GraYaSDF

    Then why should we make games for free, lol?)) For example, to add more languages to each game is not an easy task, I agree, without cash it is going to take months. But people can just launch the game, and at least see notifications and interface on their native, this feature partially breaks the language barrier. The reason why we cannot buy games made by W3D Hub is obvious. The necessary rights to a whole Command & Conquer franchise are still in Electronic Farts hands (maybe even in legs, I do not know how are they holding them).
  14. GraYaSDF

    Thanks for the info, Kevin. By the way, when I was thinking about which GDI and Nod vehicles to choose for AI-tanks, I discovered that Mobile HQ was also an experimental unit in Interim Apex. It has a special script "z_MHQ_Death_Endgame", and if that vehicle is destroyed, the opposite team wins the match.
  15. GraYaSDF

    Meanwhile, I ported Extreme Coop from C&C Renegade for Interim Apex, so it is now... Extreme Apex! I got much more craziness and dynamics than in regular multiplayer, LOL. Extreme Apex is the second funny thing after Jerad's cooperative missions. For example, that Nod MRLS with two missiles just perfectly killed me and my vehicle from very long distance. In addition, I failed few fights in a row against the same GDI Officer with chaingun as my Nod Officer. And yet again, AI vs AI battle proves that Interim Apex is a GOOD game to play. I will maybe showcase that little addon for Interim Apex later, still working on some things.