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  1. How’s it going everyone? You may have been asking, "Where is AR at the moment?" and through this video you can find out! We are happy to announce that we have hit Alpha! This means that the features that we wanted to include in the first release have made it ingame. Thanks to the efforts of the team over these past few months, we have cleared this milestone! Today we’re excited to showcase a few of these new features! In this video we have included the new HUD and UI, improvements to the Allied Prism Tank including an all-new refraction projectile, and a physics overhaul of the Allie
  2. Much Signal Flares, such Iron Curtain Allied & Soviet Signal Flares @Kane000 has been going crazy recently with lots of development updates! Today we’re showing off WIP of both the Allied and Soviet Signal Flares. These items have needed an update for many years, so he decided to knock this out very quickly. We'll hopefully bring this to you in a future update coming soon! Soviet Iron Curtain It’s finally happening! We’re getting closer to testing the waters with super weapons. Here’s a shot from our recently modeled Iron Curtain by user Tumamaloca! We’ve been br
  3. Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce that we’re pushing out patch 1.6 today. We’re sorry for the late notice, but this should hopefully make the event a little better compared to what’s currently in 1.5. Below you’ll find the changes that we’ve made, and should be available on the launcher soon! GENERAL -TSR 2.0 Menu and Intro Movie backported from 2.0 -Rocket warhead effectiveness VS flying vehicles increased to 1 (was 0.8) -"Unit Ready" announcement no longer plays twice Infantry -Veterancy purged from all infantry units, effectively removing it from the game -Th
  4. And you thought we had abandoned TSR... Silly you! We got a present for ya! Changes in this update: Update from a 4+ year old build of scrips 4.3 to the latest version of scripts 4.6. This update adds 4 years of engine improvements in the areas of performance and stability - Thanks @jonwil and the Tiberian Technologies team for the continued work and support, 17 years and counting! Goodbye Disco-Sludge! You've been great fun to look at, but you've melted your last graphics card! Yes thats right! Grand Canyon has been patched to fix the iconic yet n
  5. A new update is now available for the W3D Hub launcher, which contains a few small bug fixes and one major new feature. For the first time ever, parts of the launcher UI have been localised into new languages as part of efforts to make the launcher more widely accessible. This first implementation does not cover all parts of the UI, as not everything currently supports localisation, but I intend to gradually expand this to cover more and more of what you see in the launcher. As of today, translations are available for; German Russian Turkish Croatian I
  6. Hi everyone, I have this Installation Failed problem whenever W3D Launcher has finished downloading the files and then installation always fails when installing "msvc-2013.zip". It won't go anywhere beyond that point. *Here's what I've tried to fix the problem but to no avail: - I have cleared the APB cache, deleting everything in "C:\ProgramData\W3D Hub\Launcher\package-cache\games\apb" - Re-downloading all Red Alert APB files through the launcher, no download problems. - Download finished smoothly but installation fails every time when installing the "msvc-
  7. [blurb]Hot on the heels of version 0.7.5, version 0.8 of the launcher brings you the first functioning version of the chat lobby! This has been a long requested feature and I hope everyone finds it useful.[/blurb] Hot on the heels of version 0.7.5, version 0.8 of the launcher brings you the first functioning version of the chat lobby! This has been a long requested feature and I hope everyone finds it useful. Additional changes include; Tweak how URLs are launched to try and fix issue with Chrome crashing (#50) Login dialog now focuses the nickname field when opened (#4
  8. An update is available to the W3D Hub launcher which improves the login process and integrates with the live forum environment correctly. Thanks to @moonsense715 for his efforts in reverse engineering the missing parts from the original IPB v3 integration. Note that, as has always been the case, unless you are a staff member or tester there is no benefit to logging in at present.
  9. [blurb]Version 0.7.3 of the W3D launcher is now live. [/blurb]Version 0.7.3 of the W3D launcher is now live. This version fixes some issues with the server list when logging in and out multiple times and includes additional diagnostics for cases where non-english versions of Windows are having problems downloading packages. If you are running a non-english version of Windows, please report the errors.log contents if you have an installation failure with this version - it will include additional information about exactly which package name it's having problems with.
  10. [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb] [blurb]Version 0.7.2 of the W3D launcher is now live.[/blurb]Version 0.7.2 of the W3D launcher is now live. This version adds under the hood improvements to the server listings to make them more reliable.
  11. Version of the W3D Hub launcher is now available. This update includes an improved package downloader for users with less stable internet conections Version of the W3D Hub launcher is now available via the automatic update mechanism. This update includes an improved package downloader which will recover from transient network drop-outs during a download. This should improve the install and update experience for users with less stable network connections. Note that this is only a first pass at improving the entire download and install process and doesn't resolve a
  12. Another patch has been released! Get more information and the changelist in the full update! Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update Hey everyone! Another patch has just been pushed to the launcher and server based on your feedback! This patch contains mostly balance changes, but there are other things in the update as well like an overhauled MCT, a few new sounds, changes to Coastal Influence's Soviet base, and more! But many of you want the long version, so here you go: Changelist INFANTRYThieves take 3 seconds to steal money, and Soviets are now notified about the stolen money as well. Rock
  13. Not sure how many people here are/were fans of the Tribes series of games, but today Hi-rez released an update for Tribes: Ascend! Its been over 2 and a half years since an update and the game has undergone a major overhaul. On top of that, all the previous Tribes games are free now as well and you can download them here! Lots of really good (AND FREE) games here, just thought I would let everyone know!
  14. Between 1400 and 1600 BST today (Sunday 17th May) there will be a maintenance window for all W3D Hub services, during which time several updates will be applied to improve security and resolve bugs. During this maintenance window the forums may be unavailable for a short period of time. We do not anticipate any downtime for the launcher.
  15. Hey everyone! It's been a long while since the last update, but here's a new one to stop those AR blues. Plus, we simply couldn't have APB and TSR releasing new updates without us! We missed the boat on posting an update last month, so here's a new one to cover January and February! We've done a fair amount of work (or rather danpaul88, dtrngd and ChAoS have) since the last time we updated! Here's what the team have been up to recently: One Winged Angel recently turned 23. He's still a handsome devil though. dtrngd has been working on AR's presets recently and there have been a lot of upd
  16. Welcome to this November/Movember update comrades! We're celebrating this month of growing charitable facial hair by dedicating this update to the man with the most face fuzz in Red Alert 2! You guessed it; it's General Vladimir! Anyway, here's what those scoundrels on the AR team have been doing recently: - OWA grew a moustache for charity (pictures to follow), he's also been working on the Conscript model. - dtrngd has been working on optimizing the base buildings so that they don't lag the game out. He's currently working on a quick fix using LOD, but they will be VIS'd later. - danpaul8
  17. Let's jump off this blog the right way and wish the fans a HAPPY HALLOWEEN Now lets get straight to it. If you read last weeks blog you might have a few questions well maybe this will help..... -EMPs: We are going to make EMPs in the Renegade engine a real thing. Basically the way this is going to work is when you’re hit by an EMP, your unit will no longer be able to move or fire for a short amount of time. This will make things like the EMP cannon and the Mobile EMP a real possibility. -New infantry units: We have a few new units coming to the roster: Toxin Trooper for Nod,
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