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Found 2 results

  1. A new update is now available for the W3D Hub launcher, which contains a few small bug fixes and one major new feature. For the first time ever, parts of the launcher UI have been localised into new languages as part of efforts to make the launcher more widely accessible. This first implementation does not cover all parts of the UI, as not everything currently supports localisation, but I intend to gradually expand this to cover more and more of what you see in the launcher. As of today, translations are available for; German Russian Turkish Croatian If your Windows regional settings are set to one of the above languages, the launcher should automatically apply the appropriate translations. Thanks to @NoSoldier, @__nEmPoBu4__, @Sheila and @AZ-Stalker for their help in providing translations Localisation Help If you spot any errors in the translations, or would like to help us translate the launcher into more languages, please drop by our translation spreadsheet (created by @Jeod) and update it with your new entries / corrections. Alternatively you can contribute via the localisation forum topic.
  2. Following on from a recent discussion about localising our launcher and games I've created this thread to crowdsource translations of various resources for the launcher. Right now this is going to be quite bare-bones and involve a bit of manual effort copying things back and forth and I'll need to add support for localising more parts of the UI, but I thought it would be nice to kick off the process by asking people to help localise those parts of the launcher which already support it. To contribute your own translations, copy (or quote) the table(s) below, mention which language you're providing translations for and fill in the 'translation' column with the appropriate translation. Note that you do NOT need to fill in all the translations in one go - however please do not edit previous posts because once I've taken the translations you've provided I may not notice if you edit extra ones in later. If you need any assistance with the purpose / meaning of any of the translation tags let me know. To help translators keep track of new things to be translated I'll add a new table at the end of this post with the date that the new tags were added and create a new post quoting it so you know it exists - I'd suggest subscribing to this topic if you want to contribute Translation Tags - May 5th 2019 Translation Tag English Comment Translation APP_INOFFLINEMODE In Offline Mode APP_TITLE W3D Hub Launcher BUTTON_EDIT_NICKNAME Set Nickname BUTTON_EDIT_NICKNAME_TOOLTIP Set the nickname you will use when playing online BUTTON_INSTALLGAME Install BUTTON_JOIN_SERVER Join Server BUTTON_JOIN_SERVER_TOOLTIP Join this game server BUTTON_LOGIN Login BUTTON_LOGOUT Logout BUTTON_PLAYOFFLINE Single Player BUTTON_PLAYONLINE Play Now BUTTON_PROFILE Profile BUTTON_PROPERTIES Properties BUTTON_REGISTER Register CHOOSE_NICKNAME Choose Nickname GVI_INSTALLING_APP Installing Application GVI_INSTALLING_APP_VERSION Installing {0} version {1} {0} - Application Name {1} - Version being installed GVI_PSTATE_DOWNLOADED Downloaded GVI_PSTATE_DOWNLOADING Downloading GVI_PSTATE_FAILED Failed: {0} {0} - Error Message (not currently localised) GVI_PSTATE_INSTALLED Installed GVI_PSTATE_INSTALLING Installing GVI_PSTATE_PENDING Pending GVI_PSTATE_VALIDATING Validating GVI_REPAIRING_APP Repairing Application GVI_STATE_DOWNLOADING Downloading GVI_STATE_FAILED Installation Failed: {0} GVI_STATE_FINISHED Installed Successfully GVI_STATE_GET_MANIFESTS Downloading Manifests GVI_STATE_INITIALISING Initialising GVI_STATE_INSTALLING Installing GVI_STATE_PREVALIDATION Validating Existing Installation GVI_UNINSTALLING_APP Uninstalling Application GVI_UPDATING_APP Updating Application LOGIN_STATUS_AUTHENTICATING Authenticating... LOGIN_STATUS_FAILED Login Failed LOGIN_STATUS_LOGGEDIN {0} {0} - Logged in username LOGIN_STATUS_NOTLOGGEDIN Not Logged In TAB_GAMES Games TAB_HOME Home TAB_LOBBY Chat TAB_SERVERBROWSER Server Browser TAB_SETTINGS Settings Translation Tags - May 5th 2019 (Batch 2) Translation Tag English Comment Translation BUTTON_GAMESETTINGS Game Settings BUTTON_INSTALLUPDATES Install Updates BUTTON_INSTALLUPDATES_TOOLTIP Update to version {0} BUTTON_OK OK BUTTON_CANCEL Cancel BUTTON_YES Yes BUTTON_NO No BUTTON_SAVE Save BUTTON_REPAIRAPP Repair Installation BUTTON_REPAIRAPP_TOOLTIP Attempts to automatically repair the installation of this application BUTTON_UNINSTALLAPP Uninstall BUTTON_UNINSTALLAPP_TOOLTIP Uninstalls the application LOBBY_BUTTON_SEND Send Message LOBBY_LOGINREQUIRED You must log in to your W3D Hub account to use the lobby BUTTON_IMPORTAPP Import BUTTON_IMPORTAPP_TOOLTIP Import this application from an existing installed location BUTTON_INSTALLAPP_TOOLTIP Installs this application BUTTON_PLAYONLINE_TOOLTIP Automatically join the best available server for this game BUTTON_PLAYOFFLINE_TOOLTIP Launch this game for single player play IMPORTAPP_DESCRIPTION This dialog allows you to manually import an existing installation of the {1} channel for {0}. Use the 'Browse' button to browse for the executable or type the path into the location field and then click 'Import Application' {0} - Application Name {1} - Application Channel (release / testing / etc) IMPORTAPP_BUTTON_BROWSE Browse IMPORTAPP_BUTTON_BROWSE_TOOLTIP Browse for the executable file for the application to be imported IMPORTAPP_BUTTON_IMPORT Import Application IMPORTAPP_BUTTON_IMPORT_TOOLTIP Import the application from the selected location IMPORTAPP_TITLE Import Application
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