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  1. I noticed that Soviets had dogs in RA1 and then later both Soviets and Allies had dogs in RA2 Strangely after the tiberian meteor hits and tiberian dawn rolls around no dogs. Later in tiberian sun this creature emerges the tiberian fiend. I think it is possible that the large numbers of dogs became mutants? This is Lore not cannon, but I think it answers the question
  2. This is a topic dedicated to answer the questions that have already been answered before. Feel free to ask any questions you like in regards to TSR, and we will try to answer them the best we can. Also if you are not staff or do not work on this project, please do not answer questions for others. Inaccurate or outdated answers could cause confusion to others, Plus no one likes a know-it-all Here are a few questions that have been asked and answered in the past. What is Reborn? Reborn is a FPS based on the Tiberian Sun universe made using the W3d engine. When will Tiberian Sun Reborn be ou
  3. Hey guys, I'd like to start by saying I'm very excited to be given the chance to oversee and work on this project with the help of a NEW BHP Team. To clarify what I mean when I say NEW, we have expanded the BHP crew with the former Reborn team members: Darkangel, Renardin, and Spice. Also I'd like to fill everyone in on what this means for Reborn and for BHP. Reborn will now get the attention and work force it needs and deserves. Reborn will now include new game-play, scripts, effects, maps, and tons of other content never seen or attempted on the W3d engine. One of the biggest concerns
  4. Last week we talked a little bit about the roster, and this week we will be talking about the weapons each unit will receive. Now, nothing is set in stone but this is the basic idea of what you can expect from our infantry units. GDI Light Infantry (Free) *Rifle Technician (Free) *Wrist repair tool *Pistol Engineer *Wrist repair tool *Pistol [Model not Ready] *Briefcase Disk thrower *Explosive Disk Medic *Medpack (Medic also heals poison) *Uzi Jump Jet *Rifle (AA Secondary fire) *Binoculars Umagon *Scoped Auto-Rifle *Vehicl
  5. Hello everyone, this week's blog is going to be about NOD! In the past you guys read something about new buildings coming into TSR, so let's check out a few now. Mick has been on a roll lately and modeling tons of new stuff for the mod. Stealth Generator: Pretty renders Now this model, created by Darkangel, was done a long time ago as far as I know, but we think it will fit well with the other nod structures. Radar: Stay tuned for our next blog next week! Team Update: We've also got a new Testing Director that has joined the team...but you'll have
  6. Hey guys, I know your thinking Wally where was last weeks blog? Well last week APB 2.1 was released and with thanksgiving and all it was hella busy around here. So I thought it best to skip a week. Well this week I'm back and have some more info and cool stuff for you guys. So lets get to it. Someone asked about Vehicle veterancy upgrades so lets start with that. [][] Armor/health upgrade GDI *Wolverine- Reveals Stealth *Amphibious APC- (none) *Titan- Reveals Stealth *Hover MRLS- Self heals *Disrupter- Explodes on death *Juggernaut- Bigger splash *Mo
  7. Hello fans! We’re back again with another Tiberian Sun Reborn update. We're going to start this blog by talking about the promotion upgrades, so let’s get started! [][] = Veteran Rank upgrade * = Elite Rank upgrade GDI Light Infantry [][] Armor / health upgrade * Bullet speed/range increase Technician [][] Resistant to splash damage * Faster repair tool Engineer [][] Resistant to splash damage * Faster repair tool / Faster hacking Disk Thrower [][] Armor / health upgrade * Incendiary disk Medic [][] Poison Resistance / Self heal * Heal radius J
  8. Let's jump off this blog the right way and wish the fans a HAPPY HALLOWEEN Now lets get straight to it. If you read last weeks blog you might have a few questions well maybe this will help..... -EMPs: We are going to make EMPs in the Renegade engine a real thing. Basically the way this is going to work is when you’re hit by an EMP, your unit will no longer be able to move or fire for a short amount of time. This will make things like the EMP cannon and the Mobile EMP a real possibility. -New infantry units: We have a few new units coming to the roster: Toxin Trooper for Nod,
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