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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys iam new to the w3d community and i have some questions listed below if someone could answear them it would be great: 1.Why i cant download and play anything but red alert a path beyond 2.Why the tiberiun sun server is closed? 3.are there more servers to connect? Thank u <3
  2. This is a topic dedicated to answer the questions that have already been answered before. Feel free to ask any questions you like in regards to TSR, and we will try to answer them the best we can. Also if you are not staff or do not work on this project, please do not answer questions for others. Inaccurate or outdated answers could cause confusion to others, Plus no one likes a know-it-all Here are a few questions that have been asked and answered in the past. What is Reborn? Reborn is a FPS based on the Tiberian Sun universe made using the W3d engine. When will Tiberian Sun Reborn be out? When it is ready. Will Reborn work with A Path Beyond or Apocalypse Rising installed? Of course there should be no issue at all with having all three on the same computer, if there is an issue please inform as us when the time comes. Will there be a single player mode? No, As mush as I wish we could its just not something I see possible at this moment. Where can I download C&C: Reborn? Right now the only thing available for download is the infantry beta and that can be picked up over at http://reborn.game-m...ct=view&id=1024 Enjoy How do I become a beta tester? Well, Once in awhile we hire mass amount of testers. We will announce when we will be accepting applications for testers. Will I get to test all three mods? Yes, One your hired you will become a BHP tester and have access to all three. But if you are hired be sure to test all three equally. Will we see units like the Kodiak and the Montauk? Actually yes, but they''ll probably only be in mission maps Will there be drop pods? As much as I hate to say it probably not. But you can always get an Ocra Transport hope in as a Jump Jet and exit out and fly to the ground like one. Might make a fun ambush tactic. Will Ion Storms be in game? Yes.....Yes they will. Will there be Firestorm units in TSR? Yes, units like the Juggernaut, and Cyborg Reapers are already in Will there be only one Ghost Stalker and one Cyborg Commando on the field at a time? Yep, and we're going to be beefing them up a lot. So you really would only want one on the field at a time. Will the Orca Carryall be in the game? Yes, Probably just to drop off other units. Are there really not going to be snipers in TSR? Yes, we have done away with them. But will have a different unit to replace it What about the Mobile EMP and Limpet Drone? Yep, they are both planned to be playable units Can you buy a Harvester and harvest Tiberium yourself? Yep, sure can. So have fun farming Is Reborn going to use a Promotion System like RA2: Apocalypse Rising? Yes, but at the same time we're planning to make it different Will TSR have tech levels like APB:Gamma? If we do it will probably be only about two tech levels one at 5 mins. and one at 10 or 15 mins. Just to make sure we don't have MKII or Devils Tongues out too early in battle. Will Reborn be using those awesome effects that APB:Gamma uses? Fabian has already made a list of effect hes going to be working on. Will there be any APB maps in TSR? Yeah, but we will be changing them a great deal. For example if we use Ridge war we might clear out the middle and add ruined city or something to really change to look and feel to be more like a Tiberian Sun map. And yes we would use TS style textures and assets Will EMPs be in game? YEP Are you hiring for BHP? Sure, if you can model, texture, make maps, ect. and want to apply, PM Chronojam, One_Winged_Angel, or Me and we'll see if you have what it takes. How do I switch to the grenade launcher with the elite cadre? Press Q wait a couple of seconds and fire. Same thing to switch back How do I steal with the hijacker? Smack the vehicle with the crowbar How do I web-trap with the reaper? Right click the mouse bottom *This thread will be updated regularly, so feel free to ask your questions. You never know, you may see your question posted above*
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