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  1. Wallywood

    Heated ? You came in here last night with a decision already made with MPF, to pull the server listing if we didn’t comply with what you wanted. No matter what was said the server listing was going to be taken off. It was a strong arm tactic... so I can fully understand why the players are pissed. They are the ones that got screwed by this.
  2. Wallywood

    I haven’t seen ANYONE here “agree” with you. I have seen people try to empathize and find some sort of logic in this whacked out idea you insists is fair.
  3. Wallywood

    Still not seeing how “Do as we say, or we’ll do it for you.” Is fair. Would it be fair if the tables were turned?
  4. Wallywood

    That is not me trolling at all. That is a literal comparison of what is going on here.
  5. Wallywood

    You’re asking, about something you no nothing about. I actually went and had a talk with Zunnie a few years back about trying to find a common ground for both teams. It was MPF that turned away the Discussion.
  6. Wallywood

    Please don’t speak on his behalf. That’s bad form.
  7. Wallywood

    This like Coke threatening to ban all soda, because more people enjoy Pepsi. 🤔
  8. Wallywood

    So then what seems to be the issues? They’re not in competition with Renegade. They are their own mod. Is W3D Hub not aloud to promote our own games ? And what’s stopping MPF from making their own launcher ?
  9. Wallywood

    So you’d rather take something away from the players rather than help grow the Ren community?
  10. Wallywood

    So let me get this straight. You claim to come over peaceful but have already decided that if we don’t remove it you’ll just remove it anyway. Seem more like a strong arm tactic than a peaceful decision.
  11. Wallywood

    So here’s how I’m reading this... do what we say do or we’re banning you. That seems really fair.
  12. Wallywood

    Thank you
  13. Wallywood

    This is not me “fighting”. Trust me you should take this as friendly banter.
  14. Wallywood

    You left me alone!? I thought you were just playing hard to get.
  15. Wallywood

    Yes. Next question... edit: This opinion is based from Wallywood and does not reflect the views and opinions of W3D Hub