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  1. It's true, it does not work very well. The aiming is way off, and is better with the default dual dots.
  2. Nice bump, fgd56. Having said that: No, Roz, that reticle is shit for mammoths(my main is the mammy). It works really good with helies, though.
  3. I have not seen your name in a very long time, Oxi.
  4. I don't believe in coincidence(s); it's definitely someone who reads all of our forums. They decided to hit the one they didn't do once previously. Attack away, dingleberry, that one isn't important in a playercount aspect.
  5. That guy was the one who's been flooding RenX and parts of W3D(TT servers). It stopped after we got the right settings for the firewalls, then he went back to hitting RenX more after that. I prefer him to not, thank you very much. You weren't just now joking; you were pissed that I didn't unmute you yesterday. Yeah, Dblaney did rework Siege, and we added it. Maybe it was a goodwill sort of thing.
  6. We'll be having a tribute server setup this coming weekend("Wyld's Cookies", or something on the MPF servers). There's no hard date as of yet, but it'll be between April 24th-27th. The topic for any info/changes will be here. If you plan to show up and need help with your Renegade setup; just let one of us know, so we can help. irc.multiplayerforums.com / irc.rencorner.com / irc.exoduscommunity.com
  7. Believe it or not, but anyone who's been playing before/after 4.0 knows that the stealth effects do these things. You can't "recreate" it once or twice and call it a day. The video clearly shows darius jumping around like a madman.
  8. RGH does not work with scripts 4.0+(not one that's been released as 0x90 doesn't play anymore). The way darius is jumping around will get him seen(they "flash"). After scripts 4.0 came out you can see sbh easier when they are: hugging walls and jumping. As an sbh you do not want do either of those. As a stealth tank you stay away from walls as well. It did have its ups though; the old core patch problem of non-cp users seeing sbh doesn't apply anymore. Mrls will 6 lock them on occasion. Staying cloaked while scoped and/or scoped-walking is a thing every one of you can do. I
  9. Actually, that happens a lot in Rencorner, too. P.S. The end goal is drama.
  10. Goddamnit, Pushwall. I had a scathing reply to him, and was just about to post until I seen you say who he was. Nevermind that then, knowing who he is, how he understands nothing even with being slapped in the face with an encyclopedia series.
  11. My responses after your post, Einstein will be in that pm.
  12. That's not the point Jonwil, you can replace your own name with his. That's why I said "stupid shit rolls downhill", because it'll never end. *Edit* Just to be clear, when I was talking about zunnie and scripts, I was referring to Apex, not W3D.
  13. That has nothing to do with any of this right now, Dblaney. From what I seen, they went back to D3 maps well before the day I yelled at you and KTFF when finding out about this whole Launcher thing. That is a whiny thing by the way, the "I'm the dev, get rid of my stuff after it's been on here for ages and I'm leaving". It can also be said that you should get rid of every single script you have that zunnie made, considering MPF was zunnie(stupid shit rolls downhill after that). Did you notice him throwing a fit all the times he left and tearing that server/community apart? It's the main reason
  14. OWA, I do not know of any other way other than allowing the whole Renegade community to be on that. Anything else gives whatever lone server on it an unfair advantage(that is the crux of the problem: you guys do not see it as such with any amount of reasoning/proof I've given by your own words). You're putting a solution on us for a situation we didn't create, nor even know how to fix other than what I've said since my first post(last sentence) from October. Short term: blocking it. Promoting: My question to you; why would you promote a whole other game(how would you, and how would you
  15. You know what we want OWA; equal footing(we cannot do that part). We all can go back to ignoring everything, it's mostly worked out(minus some things). Just don't pretend to people that RC & MPF had no legitimate rational reason for blocking it("didn't appreciate the competition that we brought into their space"), when you know full well the cause/effect.
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