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  1. Goddamnit, Pushwall. I had a scathing reply to him, and was just about to post until I seen you say who he was. Nevermind that then, knowing who he is, how he understands nothing even with being slapped in the face with an encyclopedia series.
  2. My responses after your post, Einstein will be in that pm.
  3. That's not the point Jonwil, you can replace your own name with his. That's why I said "stupid shit rolls downhill", because it'll never end. *Edit* Just to be clear, when I was talking about zunnie and scripts, I was referring to Apex, not W3D.
  4. That has nothing to do with any of this right now, Dblaney. From what I seen, they went back to D3 maps well before the day I yelled at you and KTFF when finding out about this whole Launcher thing. That is a whiny thing by the way, the "I'm the dev, get rid of my stuff after it's been on here for ages and I'm leaving". It can also be said that you should get rid of every single script you have that zunnie made, considering MPF was zunnie(stupid shit rolls downhill after that). Did you notice him throwing a fit all the times he left and tearing that server/community apart? It's the main reason people like me think the way they do; I've been through that, and have also scrapped a few mods and went back to pre-them. Community comes first. Period.
  5. OWA, I do not know of any other way other than allowing the whole Renegade community to be on that. Anything else gives whatever lone server on it an unfair advantage(that is the crux of the problem: you guys do not see it as such with any amount of reasoning/proof I've given by your own words). You're putting a solution on us for a situation we didn't create, nor even know how to fix other than what I've said since my first post(last sentence) from October. Short term: blocking it. Promoting: My question to you; why would you promote a whole other game(how would you, and how would you think we could help?), when they will round-aboutedly go into Apex? Why wouldn't you just cut out the middle man(Renegade) and have them go directly into Apex? That's why I find that odd, it makes no sense to me. You know why I am not going to advertise like my guys said, it'd be depressing to watch it go on. Long term: all or none on it. Sometimes, OWA, the easiest solutions are the best. If you did that, there wouldn't even be a problem and people that come after us down the road would also be on equal footing.
  6. You know what we want OWA; equal footing(we cannot do that part). We all can go back to ignoring everything, it's mostly worked out(minus some things). Just don't pretend to people that RC & MPF had no legitimate rational reason for blocking it("didn't appreciate the competition that we brought into their space"), when you know full well the cause/effect.
  7. We cannot fix a thing, that part was always on you guys. You enabled all of this, I did not nor how to. We have 2 developers left in Rencorner, one is Whitedragon, the other is Blacky. WD has been afk for the better part of a year(minimum), Blacky comes and goes. The only thing I could do was keep people from freaking out. "I just want to also take this opportunity to ask that you please refrain from venting these issues in public." You posted calling us out, I would've gladly kept to myself as I have been.
  8. It isn't 'MPF vs W3d', that's your problem Jeod. It's you guys screwing Renegade over all. His comment was 17 hours before I posted, not 17 months("stop! stop! it's already dead"). If you want it to be dead so you can go back to whatever sand your head is buried in; then stop bringing it up and lying about how it went down.
  9. You're right, this last year has been bad. What you guys did to us screwed us beyond repair in Renegade. You did not do one thing to fix what you broke, you never had the intentions to do so. If you think that I cannot spot a person(s) who is doing nothing but dangling false hope(while others shoot it down at the same time), then you must think I have not been on this earth for very long. You guys had 2+ months from the start of it all to the block to do something that did not involve you covering your asses legally. Do not think for one second that I do not know about some chats that were had between you guys and dblaney that required Apex to be listed on both platforms as a prerequisite(and only it joinable/visible from both). I was upfront with you guys, I gave you 2 aces-up-my-sleeve that I could've easily used against you to shut that thing down asap. I waited, and got my guys to not flip out. I didn't make it that public beyond (I think) 2 shoutbox posts refuting 2 ignorant people running their mouths. I gave you guys factual proof of what that modded server-dipping-from-renegade-and-only-allowed-on-w3d-platform was doing to us, when it started, how many players it had prior to its W3d Launcher start date, and how no matter what: the two remaining renegade servers could not compete with a launcher from an entirely different community getting that startup player boost that we cannot compete with(unless we advertise outside of Renegade, which I refuse to do, just to watch them filter into there). You were right about one thing OWA: EA does not give two shits about old games, I tried repeatedly to get them to make Renegade freeware. I didn't know about the block until I got home that night, but that isn't me putting blame on someone else. I agreed with it, but was also telling my guys and MPF to wait and not block each time it was brought up. That was hope, even though I knew you wouldn't care about the rest of the community(if you had, none of this would have happened). You didn't care about XP users for scripts 5.0(most from outside of Europe/USA) until I showed you proof that they still exist. I know what the repercussions of all this could lead to, I told you I was prepared for those: 1.Do you remember what I said about MPF and Rencorner would merge to keep Renegade alive? That's in the works game server-wise, and if it comes to it it'll happen. That right there should tell you something, after our history, that we'll put aside any differences and trust one another(individuals and administrations). 2. Scripts builds, I know who started working on those. I also know if it came to it it'd take some time, but if we had to we'd get everyone to revert their scripts: it'd be done(just like how we got the majority to start using Renlist). I know developers throw fits, I've been dealing with that for 15 years in other games besides the ones on the Renegade engine.
  10. Einstein: TemporaryName is referring to me. *edit* Sorry, didn't post that yet, been flipping all over talking and other things at home + did not want to post the reply to Jeod, I've re-written it 5 times(idk how it would've been taken) That was from the heated times in here lastnight if you recall. I asked it to be undone when I got home at 5pm Eastern US. People aren't around or replied yet. I had that all typed out, but did not want to inflame things after db posted the "patch" thing. **editedit** I think that part was undone 20 minutes ago.
  11. We don't have the stock maps put into the resource manager, that way newbies(and those who come back years later needing help) are able to join. So, that might be why. That's one player/mod/admin debate over the years we can't budge on: getting rid of stock maps.
  12. I had been friends with zunnie way longer than most, so yes I believe I have that right. Considering he's the one who trained me and I trained the majority of the renegade moderators over the years with his ideals. Not to mention the personal aspect of things. I know he was screwed over here, we talked about that before. When I brought him up it was when I asked you if this is what you did to him as well. I was not hostile until you guys kept at it with the non-caring.
  13. That may be a thing in your case Chop, but it isn't in this. From my standpoint I see it as being used and slapped in the face and being told to like it. I know what abusers are Chopbam, I've had my own IRL and have stayed single on account of it for 10 years. I'll test more tonight on the direct connecting...as that is no standalone game if it is able to join renegade servers. You guys are fixated on that, I've already showed you screenshot/cell pic that it is possible using those exe/paths. A lot of you can test it yourselves since you have the game(or did). The Renlist thing you mentioned wouldn't be a bad idea, OWA. You probably thought I would have said the opposite? Think about why I would say that...people would intermingle and this whole thing would be moot...it'd be like what I mentioned with competition between servers. *edit* The downside of doing that is the trust thing, after making this topic I kind of don't trust you to care about what's best for Renegade. After seeing the replies even before I got pissy lastnight.
  14. Chopbam: so does you guys using the services my community has paid for years and then doing this to us. OWA: Your APB servers have showed on gsa for years. As of lastnight I do not know.
  15. Would you like me to let as many Renegade players know what's going on so they can have their own say here? I like the pollings ingame, myself, as it is more accurate than from a forum. Forum polls/discussions have the tendency to be backasswards as to what 'players' want. Democracy after hearing pros and cons of what is at stake, since you reminded me I am the only one here. The reason I haven't so far was because this will turn into a gigantic shithow. You know, and I kno, that Ren & APB players are like oil and water. Which is why it's just me right now posting. If you stop and think about that and the fact that I have been the only one from our respective communities posting...you might come up with the conclusion that we're on the same page regarding this. Whether you think so or not, I'd rather see my community die and we merge with MPF/Exodus than see this come to pass of Renegade losing all their players to a ren that gets advantages and locks out people. Also, on the stealing thing: db did that to RC once upon a time with regards to our custom weaps that Blacky made and ported from Ren Demo calling them "his creation". So, I believe MPF after seeing their proof.
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