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  1. this actually kind of better than apb madness in some ways
  2. OOOH retro. Not to mention the animation cutscene's were cheesy but it was still a good game
  3. hmmm more good people this year wonder if anyone will be on the verry naughty list again
  4. im on the naughty list again hmmm *"SURPRISE MECHANICS"* maybe its just not that much of a mechanic than a bug
  5. I've been good all year round. I was accused of doing shit but it's fine, it's all fine. *80 people outside of my house telling me that I'm a rapist and should km*. You know it is nice knowing people try to prank you but they end up pranking not only you but everyone around you because they became so dumb and gullible all of a sudden, it's like they're not even themselves anymore. *Jesus walks in yet again*."So you've finally realized how to be a good man?" Yes. "here's some money, now buy yourself something"
  6. Well, what if he had to use the bathroom to take a sh_t or something? You don't know and honestly I think @Threve is right if you buy something its yours its not the teams unless you want it to be for you and you're team; so what Im saying is leaving a vehicle out in the middle of the base and locking it, is not team hampering, team hampering would be basically blocking the ai harvester from getting out of the warfactory or something of that sort so you're team gets no money; that right there is way more credible for team hampering other than just locking a vehicle. *(And Im just gonna say this right now)*. Please just quit complaining about what we can and cannot do on IA that is normal like locking you're own damn car or something, I'l say this right now I'm sick of seeing this type of stuff where people complain about other people and calling for bans and kicks when all there doing is being normal just please lay off of it please its getting quite F___ing old.
  7. finally the EZ rushes are going to be decreased by 10 percent also i love the new map
  8. i think the m24 chaffee is the true light tank of Ra1 because its got a rounder turret, its fast, its not an apc, and it was made during the start of the coldwar and i think it was used during the Vietnam war and I think it was a popularized tank so im definitely sold that the Ra1 light tank is the m24 chaffee light tank
  9. i kind of like the second vulcan cannon mount on the apc it looks cool and has alot more detail to the turret other than the turrets found on the mk2
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