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  1. how do you get bots on maps that can do it
  2. I like the work on the new patch great work I like seeing new games progress I have good hopes for this game I see it will become one of the popular games soon maybe GOOD WORK
  4. I like to see this improvement NICE JOB on the airfield hopefully they add this to apb
  5. pls add cruisers to this map or something as a special it would be cool but over all nice work raap the new details on the walls even the terrain changes nice work!!!! And what other maps will come back to apb????????
  6. I have been waiting for this game wondering when it will come out THE TIME HAS COME FOR A NEW GAME TO ENTER and good job on the game its pretty good for a renegade mod but now I don't need the renegade game I mean I have the disc but I'm afraid to get a virus on my windows 10 pc. but over all this is a good game pleas continue the good work I like this game and it looks AWSOME!!!
  7. yes but is he made of steel or silver or did u just steel his name
  8. oh ok
  9. you mean Jesus or another guy who is this god or the devil if u talking about someone else then who is this man with on his head has a red hood, holding what looks like a wooden spear of some sort maybe a sword idk
  10. nice pic owa of admiral who I forgot his name in ra2 he's an admiral that owns a dreadnaught oh and I'm not gonna get to spooked out this year
  11. first comment and no wonder the servers were down I was gonna play but meehh. And this is what tri attack was doing to the discs
  12. I have a question about the launcher could you login to your w3dhub account on the launcher but with the same password or a different one cause I tried and didn't work idk if im putting right password in or something els and gud work on launcher
  13. look all I'm asking is ruled for apb all I'm asking to want to go in circles just for rules so id dont do them i don't even know all the rules it's not like I can go on google and look for them
  14. ok but can you see what the 2 warnings were cause for some reason I saw the warning the first day of that week next week I looked still 2 warnings then I asked my self why do I have 2 warnings for 2 weeks now and is the game glitched is it bugged I don't even know
  15. ok I just blocked or trucks 2 days ago and abusive lang ok but can you tell me where I can find these rules so I don't do it