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  1. i think dogs could work out in apb, so where's my furry pen so I can launch an army of cosplaying dog furries at the allied base in apb. In all seriousness though, I think dogs could bring a good balance to the table if done right, if it has been done with ants then surely it can be done with dogs on a smaller scale probably.
  2. me like-y and hate-y all jokes aside though i think its kinda sick that the churchill tank is going to have like 10 variations of itself in game or something
  3. he,he,he. I am Kane, uh, Don't worry about Yuri comrade general, he will be alright but i will take over your... "Mother land" as you call it. don't worry general everything will be just fine, but don't expect your old "regime" as they say, too last any longer, but in the meantime, we must keep the peace.. through, power.
  4. I know right!!! its almost sounds like your leaving a car unlocked with doors open in an open parking lot in a bad part of town and expecting it not to get taken or used for any means *and then not knowing why it was used or taken in the first place even thought you knew you did so accordingly*
  5. Idk, hes kicked and banned me for 24 hours for no reason and someone unbanned me but 1 reason was credible but the others he just kicked me and said oh you're afk, oh you're setjoin name is racist when i had it for like a year and a half so i changed it and he didn't even give me time to change it. Like wtf, if you're going to kick someone it has to be like hacking or some shit don't just kick people because they fuckin take you're shit i mean, don't mods have like a !vkick command for people even if the vehicle is asigned to that specific person. why cant we have an unbiased and fair moderati
  6. nah just aim for the head when up against a pic it always worked for me as a free rifle unit and swith to secondary pistol when out of ammo in your ammo clip/mag and aim for the head ive found it very useful when facing one or two pics
  7. the rhino tank reminds me of the Russians new t-14 Armata tank a little bit because of the turret design
  8. this actually kind of better than apb madness in some ways
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