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  1. i kind of like the second vulcan cannon mount on the apc it looks cool and has alot more detail to the turret other than the turrets found on the mk2
  2. I'm baffled because well one I don't want to offend anyone here but what happened to Roz what's the change?; You were fine before and now its just okay lets be like Idk fooker or something and just use having mods to your advantage to make people do what you want so wth is going on okay this is the reason why IA Barley has a player anymore base and 2 this is also why IA sucks because who wants to play a multiplayer game were you just get kicked for 24 hours just because you did not do what a modder wanted only to get the modders benefit and not the games benefit such as the other players benefit and I think its safe to say alright now granted Roz is not fooker however I'l be verry honest I am comparing Roz to fooker in this case (why, because well things like this happen all the time) and yes so let me put this into perspective HOW THE *#@@ DiD THESE PEOPLE GET MODS in the first place. Okay even if lets say idk Push wall worked with you on a game since idk pre-alpha that doesn't necessarily mean they can become a mod; they need to take a survey, sign a contract, abide by rules of the game and mod rules, ect, etc or something; and if they don't within say half a year or so then they can't be a mod it shouldn't be a walk up to the door situation because that's mainly how Roz got a mod and some of the other people as well except for the newer mods this goes for some of the older mods but seriously it makes sense I cant walk up to the police station and say can I become a police officer and then 1 minute later I have become a police officer thats not how it works, And I'm hearing thats how some people got there mods on IA back then I got threatened by Fooker after he got his mods or something and he threatened to ban me and do things to my team just because he didn't get his way all because he wanted upgrades and said that we would lose if we don't give him all of our money for upgrades so why does this game have a bad modderration the answer, is power and abuse people use there power over people to gain a say over other people such as Roz trying to prove an old point that should have been dealt with long ago and has CJX0r has done nothing I suggest you take his modding privilages away or suffer the playerbase seriuosly who would play a game where you get kicked for doing somthing a moder didn't want you to do simply to get the moderators way.
  3. Tib sun: *Finally, I'm an Adult*. Oh, and I hope TSR is going well hopefully its development should we say; hadn't hit the Tiberian sun hopefully. my puns will brighten the mood a bit
  4. yesss now i can put my 360 controler just sitting around to use
  5. I KNEW it. I felt like there was an apb update around the corner somewhere this week. but this patch or update whatever you call it: this is a pretty good patch/update but idk how the new burst fire mechanic will work for the hind and the mig while fighting
  6. I like the graphical improvements to the main w3dhub engine I think it will improve the best in maybe 3-4 years or 2 if not less, but I like the way this engine is going and changing
  7. not with Triple a or (aaaaa) he does it on a daily basis on forums and needs to have his topics reviewed by a mod if this continues because it's getting annoying seeing the same crap about oh this dude a so-called quote-unquote "N00b and needs to be told that he sucks and needs to die" or something its stupid I tried telling him to stop because I'm sick and tired of it so I mean do you walk up to the guy at the hot dog stand and tell him that his hotdogs are shitty when you haven't even heard of how good or bad they are??? no, you try them you see how good they are you can't judge something before you have seen it or tried it. what I mean is he doesn't know these people and he's calling for bans and everything sooner or later something is gonna happen and someone might get banned when they haven't done any wrong and it has happened before but this time it might be because of (aaaaaa) I can see this happen it might happen one day I bet you, this has to stop or it might get out of hand: one way or another something bad might happen to him or to someone in this community because of (aaaaaa) all because he loses or something. Something must be done now before a disaster happens that includes mods and admins and what not.
  8. that's not a surprise that is pretty accurate and well deserved
  9. do you not know what raytracing is its been around since like the 90's
  10. really I never knew this and I'm serious for the longest time I've played renegade I've never known this. is this were the tiny flame tank can be found because i have been looking for that
  11. bruh I just gave you a history lesson also the p1000 ratte would have had a battleship cannons from either the Tirpitz or just one custom made
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