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  1. that has been in all the maps from the new update including the new tsr 2.0 alpha so im thinking this isn't just a apb problem this is an engine problem itself
  2. I can speak Spanish but I cant write it or type it and google has a typed translator thing as well
  3. yeah I like how I blind fired headshot you with a hotwire and you were a stealth hand about to kill my mlrs but still the ob gun is fine and the agt is pretty gud now what is good is a Nod shock rush get like 3 of those and the base is gone so idk the ob gun is op
  4. maybe it was possible that they had upgraded armor from a crate and you kept on dying
  5. lol 8k is coming out next year when they said they were not gonna have an 8k yet Sony is making 8k possible with the ps5 from the specs of the system so this will already be an outdated resolution spec by next year or so
  6. Well I mean if your talking about an op tank look at the m1 Sheridan and its got a better gun for 500 but with lesser armor and in that category if your getting a Grizzly, your trading a better gun for more armor in the grizzly vs the Sheridan in that 500$ category. So sufficed to say its more of a low to mid range op tiered category, where you trade somthing off in every money teir, like the standard mammoth tier; were if you go to the next vehicle in that tier witch is a pt -91 and your trading off 1 extra gun for a more powerful one; but you get less armor and more speed and only 1 gun but with more power and a better reload speed so :what im saying is, your trading off somthing in every teir .one vehicle in say the 100$ category might have less armor but a better gun whilst another in the 100$ teir same vehicle tab might have better armor and this is how it works so I dont see your point and I think its a really good system, now some vehicles might have both like the challenger, or the amx ,the Merkava and ect so yeah I actuely like IA's balance system because it works.
  7. I haven't seen an update in like ages and this is a good one
  8. nah heres something thats stupid defenses such as the adv gaud tower shouldn't be able to pick a up a stealthed object or person and reason if its not supposed to then this happened I was attacking the gdi base when I died in a stealth tank because of an adv gaurdtower unless its detected when up close and near the adv guard tower
  9. i already saw all of these the game looked better than released
  10. so is this a real thing or is this a work in progress app for w3dhub??? because ive never heard of w3dhub having a mobile app
  11. kaskins just got me hyped for another IA mega update; never thought I would be hyped for an IA update but now I'am
  12. flying into the sunset it seems truth be told. But indeed rest with honor Mr Eric Martin ,as we mourn for the loss of his life
  13. I'm surprised I'm not even on the list considering everyone calls me a n00b or stupid, or even idiotic or even ,a squeaker when I'm not even at squeaker age; I'm 15 guys come the fak on man a squeaker is considered a 6 year old or somthing like that but anyway, I dont know what my first forums post will be it will be an annual thing though such as this but not weekly more along the lines of monthly but anyways this was under informed because I think of more people that should be on this list; not just me but other people as well ,on the noobs list not saying any names'.
  14. THANK GOD WOW I was about to say
  15. well marvel owns star wars comic books or well they make them so I guess star wars could count right but wait why is Fraydo Rigby he has no origin to marvel what so-I mean marvel owns the rights to make star wars comics, right, therefore, linking star wars to marvel in a business perspective this and the fact that may is next month so il be ready when may the 4th comes around
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