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  1. thedisclaimitory

  2. I swear if there dooing a total remaster of renagade with new kind of multiplayer im sold im buying the series cnc remasterd pakage
  3. not if they can do a good job "have faith brother" kane said and kane should be left alone the units need more words or well more stuff for them to say idk what the name for that is and the music I think they could remix them a little bit if they can do it the right way like a lot of other people have done on the internet or just use Frank Klepacki to remaster his music and after all it is a remaster not going for stuff like that is well a little lazy I should say dont be a Sheldon cooper to command and counquer if EA want to do it the right way if they do it the wrong way I would get pissed off more like a guy who goes to the bar gets drunk because EA made me depressed and in the morning a very very unhappy and a grumpy old man who has nothing to do but be angry because his child left him to well drop out of high school of course because c&c is like a child to me
  4. well EA is a walking talking mobile mistake even if they get rid of there pay to win but I'm just hoping pay to win is just going to be super mild and not overly used for example we get the ability to have like say a super units and 3 new other units as for dlc it might costs idk its EA so lets say 20 bucks and premium uh 40 bucks plus the game ultimate edition includes all the remasterd games including early access for all the games um lets say at the least 120 bucks in total maybe 10-20 less including all dlc if they have any , now this is in American currency but what I am afraid is will they add new units to balance out others now hopefuly if they go for new units in this route I dont want them to over do it maybe they will add units that were taken away from the game before release or that was on the drawing board but taken off because it was maybe to op like I saw a spider walker type unit for the soviets but it was never added and Im also afraid that if ra2 remasterd is gonna turn out to be like ra3 but even then hopefuly it wont suck because remastering the redalert games and or the tib series was my ultimate dream because I would always see those games like halo wars halo wars 2 and sometimes think why cant the tib series or the red alert series have these graphics witch was why I kinda stopped playing ra and the tib series for a long time and why I was an off and on player but even then its a good game but I would love a remaster this cause is for classic games in 4k ultra hd or somthing like that but hopefuly it will include a frostbite engine of some sort to make it look stunning
  5. wow has it really been 6 months since last update jeez I thought it was 8 or less months ago but even then it still felt longer but its nice to see an update and that your trying to get the game out sooner a lot of changes have been made as well since Iv last seen it in development great improvements as well
  6. thedisclaimitory

    this was my dream and I have said this in the past in my post on cnc rivals they are either done with cnc or testing our feed back with the worst possible game to see if we still w
  7. thedisclaimitory

    this is why allies need a jet or somthing because we had an allied grenadier for like 5 updates I believe but we need new units to balance out the game like an allied air feild with jets or p51's or somthing it does not make sence that the soviets get yaks migs and mi24 hinds and all the allies get are apache's and chinooks for air units; BUT DISCRIMITOWWY IT IS DERE FOR A REASON. I dont care if it is there for a reason back then they dint have much balance changes but today we have tones of balance changes in games like this one including the bigger titles so why cant this game have just a little bit of change like Renagade did to c&c this game changed command and counquer by a little bit by making an fps game and if you think about it ,it was developed for years and came out finally in 2004 I think I forgot when renagade came out; but still it does not mean we cant have new units to balance out with other units apaches dont work against migs apaches are to slow and you would be forced to heavily nerf the mig just to have balance and migs are supposed to be a ground striker and the yak is a multirole fighter in this case because its fast it can deal with air targets and ground targets now this would change if the mig had lets say idk 30 mil cannons on it but it might not change the role because if it does the job of a ground striker then I might consider it as one but this might change okay for a balance example lets say idk all the maps have fully maxed out levels and we have all the watter units everything in this mix we have migs cruisers mammoth tanks chrono tanks yaks and all the other crap now we face these units up to see what balance there is in order to have a chance at balance or in other words a 1v1 first of all the heavy cruiser cant really defend against a mig or a yak it needs some sort of aa system and the soviets can barley defend against chrono tanks because it can go almost any were and if you have a crap tone of them or a rush full your basicly screwed at that point next we have apaches vs migs or yaks maybe both ok so the apache losses because one its slow two its easy to kill 3 it also depends on the skill level and 4 it needs more maneuverability in order to deal with such threats; now its a good thing the chrono tank has weak armor because then it would be considered op just by itself but I was only gonna compare the new units to old or other units. Now I would like to see either allied jets or an allied ww2 fighter plane or somthing like that or some other jet like the me262 it was shown in the briefing room in ra1 as a picture on the wall anyway what I'm trying to get at is we can make a more balance if we make a new unit to counter another unit such as a multirole fighter somthing thats actuely decent enough to deal with threats such as ground or air units
  8. thedisclaimitory

    thank god new game I hope it goes well for this new game and now all thats left is that one battle for dune game and AR witch both I have been waitng for years now... it comes out when im 40 years old with like a frostbite engine and all the good crap lol
  9. thedisclaimitory

    what is this apb echo I keep hearing oh wait its just Tanya in the back still playing fortnite dooing nothing reason I say this is because theres a modified default character that looks almost like Tanya from ra1 and I bought simply because I was amused that it looked like Tanya from ra1 but still what is THIS ANNOUCMENT wait its Romanov saying he has a special announcement to make but it appears were unhappy as we dont have one
  10. thedisclaimitory

    um actuely I was joking in the last part of my post but if your taking this as if I am actuely dooing this then thats fine ,and idk how you dint see that I was joking but thats fine I geuss???...
  11. thedisclaimitory

    I can agree I tried getting this gif that currently using and it took thousand times to find one gif on google that was less or at 2MG or what ever that crazy number is and I was basicly hunting down for this gif that im using that was a smaller one and thats when I found this one but yeah its kind of crazy but I could not agree more with you both OWA and Threve ,gifs are rather large but the does not mean we cant have a 2MG gif but we should be able to some how decrease this number and in order to do that I think we should consider using that gif compressing software or just create your own and then compress them but yeah its a crazy number 0.94296847... yeah pretty big but maybe small... Who knows I totally work at AT&T I should know this oh wait they fired me because I tried to get data out of some ones at&t cable to get free tv... $&%@. well on that note never do what I did I really hope you dont do it but really please dont do it ,and make gifs smaller again please I want meme gifs to be smaller and I might consider getting this software gif compressor but in the meantime have a nice day and note that true C&C fans are always great and again have a nice day
  12. thedisclaimitory

    Ya just some jokes thrown around and digression but ya its kinda true what I said there about Fortnite and cartoon violence though cause all the people do is look at the cons instead of pros because I was watching fox news the night before and this guy talked about the cons of it so not saying I like Fortnite I'm just sayin it cause it kind of pissed me off when a bunch of people said some stupid bs about it come to think of it to me it sounds like a type of bias but other than that ya I'm fine man
  13. thedisclaimitory

    Happy birthday man
  14. thedisclaimitory

    My birthday is today and happy birthday to yall who's got one I also edited this as u can see fully edited birthday
  15. thedisclaimitory

    I like the yak personally because it's does a lot more damage to enemy units and it has a lot less spread than the hind in my opinion and I always take down enemy infantry in a yak on siege and it's quite fun UNTIL I KEPT GETTING RAMED BY AN APACHE ATTACK HELI it was very annoying but my new profile gif is not ,and if your wondering hank went on a huge killstreak killing those little kids and making them mad in Fortnite as you see here anyway I digress. Have a nice day people and don't let your mother rate Fortnite T for teen simply because you didn't do you're home work and they also say cartoon violence is teen rated now because why not so get your 4 year old off of cod and have good night folks I really hope you do.