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  1. thedisclaimitory

    Those aren't eyes. Think about it for a minute, or at least that's how I see it. You must have a certain mind to see what it truly is! Anyway, from that we finally get the road map. It looks really bright, though I hope we will have a lot of updates this year and hopefully we can finally see an Apocalypse Rising release! I was wondering what that Renegade thing was in the launcher. Nothing was mentioned of it so I had assumed they could be making a Renegade-base remake. I was right that it was Ground Zero, but I was also wrong because it was meant for the importation of other Renegade servers such as the MPF and Jared's co-op server. This all looks promising so I hope we will have more news on the new TSR 2.0!
  2. thedisclaimitory

    dblaney you should make it so that veyrdite's island has people and buildings on it and label it Veyrdite Island
  3. thedisclaimitory

  4. thedisclaimitory

    lol thanks
  5. thedisclaimitory

    omg that Luigi stalin needs to be my new avatar hold on changed it BETTER GREEN THAN DEAD AM I RIGHT
  6. thedisclaimitory

    I dont get it
  7. thedisclaimitory

    does *SPTING TIME* Stalin count as one
  8. thedisclaimitory

    finally some long awaited news for I thought the game had died already. But anyways I like the new gdi barracks ,but is Nod getting a new one as well?
  9. thedisclaimitory

    the same thing happened to me yesterday were this dude was using a flame tank and destroyed our entire front part of the Nod wall then he leaves the flame tank and buys another vehicle next thing you know we got rushed and lose the game I'm not blaming the guy but it was quite annoying ide say
  10. thedisclaimitory

    I never had this nor have I seen somthing like this but idk but when are we gonna do another apb game night I haven't seen one in a long while
  11. thedisclaimitory

    please make this into a meme I'm already meme material
  12. thedisclaimitory

    yeah ive never seen a server go down for this long and I never encountered a reborn crash I mean its quite rare for me but I only crashed once on reborn but that was when it was on the bhp engine witch is known to crash quite a bit
  13. thedisclaimitory

    they forgot IA lol
  14. thedisclaimitory

    idk I kind of like the low player ai bot matches because ,one your basicly playing 1v1 and, 2 you dont feel like you have a command over your team so its basicly straight up c&c red alert in fps mode at its highest ;why I say this is because one you can command your entire team depending if it works or not ,and 2 you can organize a rush a lot better with ai because they fallow your command instead of entire team in ,say a live match ,basicly not agreeing to rush when all the defenses of the enemy are gone ;okay you see what I mean :what I'm saying is you can organize a team better with ai ,than say a live player base in a live match on apb ,so I dont see your point but as far as maps I get that there are less bot automated maps for low player based servers but ,I dont think bots should be limited to say idk 3-6 maps I guess thats how many maps they can be playable idk if ,your an apb dev map creator or somthing like that please fix bots again because in say the map seige the bots dont even do anything they stand around at the purchase terminal for say atleast 3 or 4 seconds they spawn in and they die ,for some unknown an verry odd reason, anyway please fix bots so they can be available to all maps because 3- maybe 4 maps that bots are available is not good in my opinion ,anyway please fix this as we are all asking you guys to fix this problem either it be to get rid of them or to fix them please do somthing to the bots but atleast fix them.