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  1. thedisclaimitory

    MODERN WARFARE 2 REMASTERD THEY DINT RELEASE A TRAIELR BECAUSE SOME DUMB ^$# DECIDED TO SHOOT UP A SCHOOL SO IT GOT POSTPOWENED to what like October or after bo4's release and yes it will be campaign only for a short while but people believe they will put in multiplayer because they don't want to lose there money and they have hinted at mw2 remasterd in a live stream so and mw2 got me into fps games because after renagade I was like ehh il stick with elder scrolls for a good bit until I got into cod and the ac universe and battle field and also battle front 2 the original and the new one and if you dint know they complete overhauled the game and now there doing a clone wars season but anyway mw2r is coming out before Christmas but after bo4's release and if you dint know 2019 is when mw4 is coming out because there were a hole chunk of leaks and rumors and hints form the creators them selfs and reveal has been hinted in a mwr special beach themed map remake on a fence outside a construction sight hinting at a summer 2019 reveal
  2. thedisclaimitory

    I think it needs do more damage as it is a 2400 credit vehicle am I right and it does not much to buildings but all its gud against is hinds and maybe yaks but its not supposed to be an anti air its supposed to be an anti building or no I think its anti tank idk but its anti something other than infantry because when I tried it did almost nothing to buildings about the same amount of damage as close to a Medium Tank if you slap another barrel on it and reduce the damage a tad bit and there you go a teleporting heavy Medium Tank basicly lol I feel funny saying this but it feels true to me
  3. thedisclaimitory

    oh so you were the one who posted that I thought that was another person. See this is why I luv the new modding community group of w3dhub not the community devs the modding alliance I just call them a modding community group of w3dhub anyway id like to think of them as a branch. But anyway I digress what im saying is are you going to reskin this since it does look quite old to me even then I think it was a mod back in the bhp days of apb or in other words bhp's apb but you don't have to im just sayin.
  4. thedisclaimitory

    ive seen this in a bhp post some were a long time ago I forgot who made this but pretty cool find. one question though, would you update this skin for kov or just leave it???
  5. thedisclaimitory

    cool I reeeaally want to see a reskin of the beta version of the Medium Tank on the delta Medium Tank as a skin to buy with the tank thanks 😃😃
  6. thedisclaimitory

    Will there be a Medium Tank reskinof the beta Medium Tank skin in this file as a choosable skin to buy with the Medium Tank or will this not be included or will it come later???
  7. thedisclaimitory

    on the cruisers topic if migs and or yaks would counter cruisers would the cruisers have some sort of anti air defense capability's like sams but they would be put on each side just one on each side or aa guns because I don't see how cruiser's can defend against a mig or a yak if migs would be a good counter against a cruiser with its main guns unless it is bigger than the destroyer because it would have more room to fit more weapon's but other than that I think cruisers need a sort of anti air defense against migs or yaks, and the only thing to counter migs and yaks is to use destroyers but for that to happen you to have a fleet and if you have people who don't have enough money to buy a destroyer or none have one then your cruiser is basicly screwed but with this new lock on feature it takes away and brings the need to have anti air to cruisers but I think migs should have guns and missiles so they don't have to just use it on ground use as it takes away the ammunition use of missiles. Speaking of missiles I noticed a missile silo and also why is there no conyard is there a reason for this. Abd about the new hostile waters it seems smaller map wise
  8. thedisclaimitory

    will there be a separate testing group for this alliance or for short I would call it the wham anyway will it be the normal testing group or just let the devs test it? And by the way I think this relieves a lot of stress on map makers and or devs on the devs side of the community of w3d hub and its games so they can focus on patches and maybe even map changes or adding things to infantry like a new sniper rifle or scope and ect. But how will this play out I don't know
  9. thedisclaimitory

    its nice to see some body making maps lol just kidding your doing a good job man keep it up and if your new witch I suspect you are so welcome to our community and I shall pay my respects to the great zunnie himself and well I hope these maps of what you say you are making are gonna be good so keep up the good work 👍
  10. thedisclaimitory

    thank god finaly some info on how to do bots in lan mode thank you pushwall I can finaly play with bots and it may have seemed easy for all of you but I could not figure it out so
  11. thedisclaimitory

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAAAATTT it says in the article and I quote "the renagade wiki claims it once(in February 2008 boasted over 6000) monthly players AND WAS PROMOTED BY EA els were on w3d". Does this mean EA likes this or us doing this or does it mean EA wants to destroy our fun because if they like this then that means we can do what ever witch might be in there standards but hopfuly they wont copyright w3dhub and the rest of the renagade modding community because why the h*** not because there EA but is this true I hope it is and I hope its not just fake news or is it
  12. thedisclaimitory

    I just want to say this right now and its the fact that I never knew theres people in this community who play Minecraft even chopbam I never knew he played I thought this community does not have people who play Minecraft
  13. thedisclaimitory

    wow I never expected a patch or update if you will but good work
  14. thedisclaimitory

    i think EA as a hole cough c cough did very well no they dint dumb #%(. EA has been very stupid with c&c like they canceld c&c generals and tiberium and what els do they know nothing about c&c they may own it but westwood knows more about command and counqer more than anyone but there gone exept for maybe some devs who may have joined EA who knows they might not even care for the old westwood devs that have joined EA if this is all true because they don't care about command and counqer why do I say this is because they focus there time on battlefield and battlefront and there big games. And they have never done an rts other than command and counqer and this is why they have resorted to mobile because they don't simply have the time to focus on c&c so it either gets sold off to modders or maybe even dice itself or it could get sold off to maybe even Microsoft who knows right now we can only guess why and the reason why EA never announced c&c rivals was because they knew we dint want mobile games for c&c maybe they did this to keep us busy and there working on something big for c&c that we might actuely like who knows and hopefuly its not some tib twilight rip off because then id be very very pised much like a very drunk and pissed off old fat man who gets up in the morning drunk and grumpy and pissed at the same time only because EA screwed us all and put up the middle finger straight to our faces. But anyway they might not wan tto do it anymore because they might think its not prophitable like for instance dice dint know why people still like battle field bad company 2 and they had no idea im serious that's like saying to your daddy I made this for you and it looks so nice to him but not to you so your like why does he like this I made this to be likeable but I have no idea why he likes this and its your own creation and you wonder why hes marveling at it when you made it to be marveled at ,it makes absolutely no sense
  15. thedisclaimitory

    welcome to w3dhub then were you have no idea what is going on and it all changes everyday not in bad way but in a good way