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  1. yesss now i can put my 360 controler just sitting around to use
  2. I KNEW it. I felt like there was an apb update around the corner somewhere this week. but this patch or update whatever you call it: this is a pretty good patch/update but idk how the new burst fire mechanic will work for the hind and the mig while fighting
  3. I like the graphical improvements to the main w3dhub engine I think it will improve the best in maybe 3-4 years or 2 if not less, but I like the way this engine is going and changing
  4. that's not a surprise that is pretty accurate and well deserved
  5. do you not know what raytracing is its been around since like the 90's
  6. really I never knew this and I'm serious for the longest time I've played renegade I've never known this. is this were the tiny flame tank can be found because i have been looking for that
  7. bruh I just gave you a history lesson also the p1000 ratte would have had a battleship cannons from either the Tirpitz or just one custom made
  8. Well this is nice, I actually can't wait for this, but if I were to choose which one I was more hyped about right now it would be reborn 2.0, and that's because I barely know anything about this game however; I think if the Bradley was to be Nods APC it should carry like up to 4 infantry not 3 unless like renegade, Nod would have an APC however, I do like the content that's coming out and the game's form taking place here I can definitely see, this game becoming something more than apb or TSR in general. However, I could also see it clash with IA in a way; seeing that it doesn't focus on the endless vehicles, it has or the endless infantry variants now if the vehicles had like upgrades like IA but with more customization, then ide most likely play it than IA because in IA you just get armor upgrades for vehicles because renegade has been modded as if it has endless possibilities like IA they've found a way to make a second vehicle tab and maybe sooner or later add a third. I mean you never know I never thought that you could have like say 20 tanks or cars to choose from or even upgrades but, IA also has its faults: like balancing an op item with another op item and its a 50, 50 here, if your going to balance something that is op with another thing that is op you either don't have the firepower or you don't have the armor and in this game it looks like you will take a lot more to win either a fight with a tank or even a fight with infantry it looks like but we will have to wait and see.
  9. well then your in for some history my boy this is the panzer Vlll Maus this had 2 prototypes but one was captured by the Russians and the p1000 ratte: which was only a tank developed on paper, but was never made; so it was a design slash imagination but, this thing would have been about 3 times the size of the Maus tank, which is huge. The Maus tank alone is about the size of around 3 or 5 minivans stacked on top of each other, but ide imagine that the mammoth tank would have been worse than the Maus tank way worse, and it might have weighed more than this small child of a beast compared to a mammoth tank. However, it might have been faster: this thing (the Maus tank) could go about 12 Kmh/ or 8 mph but I think the mammoth would have gone maybe 12 mph or less. So this beast existed but never saw combat so I guess you could say basically the mammoth tank existed just not the way we think it would. Oh and the p1000 ratte would have had a battleship type autoloader ide suspect because of how big its guns and the tank is
  10. no, there's more to come soon, don't judge, a game when there's little info.
  11. hmm I wonder why this map looks almost exactly the same map as the interim apex map with the tunnels in the middle with daylight well its a new map surely this is a new map the only difference is the golf course
  12. that has been in all the maps from the new update including the new tsr 2.0 alpha so im thinking this isn't just a apb problem this is an engine problem itself
  13. I can speak Spanish but I cant write it or type it and google has a typed translator thing as well
  14. yeah I like how I blind fired headshot you with a hotwire and you were a stealth hand about to kill my mlrs but still the ob gun is fine and the agt is pretty gud now what is good is a Nod shock rush get like 3 of those and the base is gone so idk the ob gun is op
  15. maybe it was possible that they had upgraded armor from a crate and you kept on dying
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