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  1. thedisclaimitory

    I want to aim down the sights in apb Ive been wanting this for so long thank God I can finaly do it within an unpredicted amount of time
  2. thedisclaimitory

    wolf is correct when has the renegade community not been toxic
  3. thedisclaimitory

    w3dhub dont close or destroy this post this is history
  4. thedisclaimitory

    wait what I thought gdi had an m2 Bradley in the cutscene's of TD maybe it was to be seen or represented as an apc because I think both Nod and gdi had an apc in TD and idk why they did this maybe it was to resent it as an apc instead of a battle vehicle because as we know the m2 Bradley was not just the main fighting vehicle of Nod and just refitted with a 75mm gun and or a 30mm squeeze bore maybe im just thinking of what they might have done to a tank/apc but it was an armed apc with 2 tow missile launcher's: but anyway; I digress; heres my next question: will the rocket soilder actuely have like a realistic looking rocket launcher instead of that of a waist held rocket launcher because in renegade the rocket launcher looks like a cannon but its a rocket launcher it fires rockets, right and that to me, just dint look like a rocket launcher it looked like I was firing a hand held cannon like a hand cannon unless the rocket launcher is firing a tank shell rocket like an atgm then it would make more sence as to why it looks like a cannon
  5. thedisclaimitory

    YES YES YES YEEESSSSS this kind of sounds like a renagade 2 remake or somthing and that commando looks like logan please keep him I would have loved logan to be a main commando, havoc just looks like that autistic 90's kid and his hair looks almost like Andy's hair from toy story two. question one is this a stand alone or a renegade re-make or is this just like a normal renagade stand alone game. question 2 will there be weapons that were supposedly in the early versions renegade but were taken out for an unknown reason question 3 will all the vehicals look like its actuel appearance in tib dawn, because in the final version of renegade some vehicals did not look like it came from tib dawn, witch frustrated me and it still does to this day like why does the Nod buggy, look like somthing straight out of mad max, and why does the apc remind me of a mad max version of a fat mini van I forgot the name of, and why does the light tank look like some sort of future-istic slash mad max type vehical when it was the 90's when this all went down, when in reality, Nod used like many different versions of the m2 Bradley and why does the Abrams tank for gdi look so cheap why do, the harvesters look like somthing out of mad max there so many things wrong about the art of the game witch is why this concerns me the most: Now I like the flame tank and the harvester and Logan may need bit of a touch but he looks good even then he still looks cool; but over all the game looks amazing I would love to see this new project come to life and well maybe we will get a game some time in 2020 I'm guessing maybe 2021 idk I'm just pulling numbers out but dang this game looks soo dang good, it looks kind of better than interim apex I mean I'm sorry but this it looks a lot smoother like look at the harvester it looks so smooth and I would love to see like a flame tank skin from that one cutscene were it flames a town and the colors are yellow and it has the testing symbol on the sides and front; that I would love to see but I digress I love this game it looks so good I hope you complete this project and I never knew you guys had so many canned projects man but still this looks like it will be a success keep dooing what you guys do best and make renegade great again
  6. thedisclaimitory

    yeah that is true ice but theres modern tanks in ra1 like an M1 Abrams, why there is I have no clue; and I think the heavy tank for the soviets is based off of the t-80 I forgot witch tank but these tanks are not from the 1940's to the 50's these tanks are cold war tanks not tanks from ww2 witch means you will have 100 to 130 mm guns or more, and if your going to have cold war tanks you must be true to keep to the information of the tank not just slap a 100mm gun to say idk a Sherman and say it was in the info now yes you did well on the Medium Tank for the allies but soviets they did not slap a 105 mm gun to what ever tank that was atleast maybe a 135mm gun maybe more
  7. thedisclaimitory

    it does: and its a heavy tank it shouldn't have a 105 mm gun its should at least have a 120mm or 130mm gun bigger than the Medium Tank why because its classified as a heavy tank the gun has to count for the name heavy tank not just the tanks gun but armor; and a Medium Tank can easily shoot off its health I killed, 3 med tanks in like 1 min and 30 second's on top of a hill pLease upgrade the health armor and gun to the heavy tank and the Medium Tank needs a little bit better armor PLEASE, and in ra1 I was rushing with hts against an a1 allied player and med tanks can destroy ht rushes so I dont see your point there push wall
  8. thedisclaimitory

    camos crossing needs to come back
  9. thedisclaimitory

    wow voe is on the naughty list, dint expect that one coming. forgoten1 is on the naughty list to dint expect that one coming either
  10. thedisclaimitory

    heres something a bit better IT IS TIME TO CLAIM THE FEILD'S
  11. thedisclaimitory

    thank you but part of the reason I dint punctuate was the fact that there was a last minute emergency so I had to leave my home, how ever, I will edit the post when I can
  12. thedisclaimitory

    I think The apb map should have a lot of content in the map, because, one it would not feel so bland, two I think we should get mountains why because I dont like maps that feel bald or bland, three we could have a tunnel system, and also have a big river system for the naval units, because I hear some were that some one wanted naval units, four maybe we could add a cap-able tech center that allows to make a new unit, in the war factory, bar or naval/ sub pen: But it would be randomized on witch building the new unit would be in, five you could add an under ground missile silo that can fire at any place of the map except for the bases; so lets say theres a huge rush happening with say the soviets, there bringing mammoths tanks, so in order to downsize that number the Allies will use the capped missile silo and if they time it right they will kill maybe half or the entire rush. This is obviously biased but if you can do this whoohoo if not well then onto more pressing matter then: but this is my opinion on what I think should be added to apb to make it a map more a long the lines of maybe objectives or things to cap and yes all tech levels, mountains to snipe people and maybe tunnels or somthing, but what about the Allies getting jets now this came around my mined when migs were coming around and I was like okay how is the allies gonna balance out with the mig in terms of air combat because this is scary to me, all the allies have is an apache and it is not very, maneuverable to say the least, oh wait maybe there is hope you could add flares to the apaches to counter a missile lock, now this would be VERRY useful. and I want to keep the bases in the same place to make the map seem bigger but I like the town idea just add some tunnels and mountains and other things make it feel like its not bland or bald because I would not want it to seem so boring, like some maps. Now if the village or town was big, it would be cool, because imagine a soviet or allied rush, going through the town, and you having to fight the rush, you could use the buildings, and the cover around you, to destroy some-tanks ,and it slows the enemy down, as they have to go through a town fighting you and a couple of other people. this would also be cool as you could have ai in the town and who ever controls the town controls the ai so they could defend the town from rushes and other things somthing like partisans, if you dont know what I'm talking about go to the church in stormy valley blow the door off with a C4 or rocket launcher and see what happens. as of the bunkers map I really dont want to see it, as it just feels boring to me: it would interest me if it was totally redone or somthing because the only map I like, that has a hill or mountain in the middle is the map hour glass; now this I would love to see remade and brought back to apb because it has content, its fun, it had all tech levels in the gamma version, and it had tunnels, caverns, waterfalls, ect.
  13. thedisclaimitory

    yes: the only thing that would interest me more into this map is if it would have a big village on like the left side of the middle or somthing cause it seems so bland I mean yeah theres a forest and yeah theres a cabin with a barn but theres nothing more its just like a plane past all the other things in this map. like bosnia is a good map its got a lot of stuff theres tunnels, a wine cellar, a barn, a camp fire camp thing, a broken down sub pen, and a broken bridge, it does not sound like its plane but the woods today map just feels and sounds like its plane when you talk about the stuff, and they kind of took away the tunnel that went from the house to the barn so they were taking away map content in the process but hey its from the gamma edition of apb what can go wrong??? UUUHH the naval units were taken away for GOD knows what reason, and maps looked totally bland; but then some maps looked bald like stormy valley; then they barley made changes to the maps and they rarely made new maps; idk if they did rarely make new maps but it felt like it was rare to see a new map during the gamma edition of apb. The reason I was always on the mpf server on apb was because of the fact that they brought back old maps on there server like the apb map, the river raid map, the old complex map, old renalert zamma and classic zamma; and it was all running on gamma on an apb server. I had fun times on the mpf server on classic zamma I remember camping in front of the nuclear silo elevator using a Tannya while having the nuke flare in the corner in the middle room one dudes dead body went up and down the elevator and they couldn't get in the door because of his dead body and then we won the game because I nuked the base within radius; I still remember that part of the game to this day. Oh and bring back classic Zamma please I kinda liked the gamma version and the first version of zamma please bring them all back redone.
  14. thedisclaimitory

    but then the map metro took that roll and became a more upscaled version of a city map if only there was a bigger version of metro were we could include elements such from both the metro map and the a new city map
  15. thedisclaimitory

    yes ty