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  1. 3. They take a crap-load of time to create. All the trigger zones and scripts that need to be placed... and that doesn't even include modelling the maps
  2. There once was a mod called Sole Survivor for Renegade which had a pretty nice single player campaign.
  3. Try contacting Staude. I worked on that mod for a while. Alot of assets werent rigged though. Just the Humvee from what i can remember. The soundtrack was pretty nice
  4. Thats what i ment lol :P A new game based on RenX. Im not sure why they C&D that VR Game, Perhaps because of the overwhelming attention it got?
  5. Thats true. But Renegade X has been out for years now. A new game will definitely attract more players. Renegade was never a really popular game to begin with. Just slap Red Alert on it and servers will start smoking. Red Alert 2 outsold renegade by 10:1 IIRC just for reference: that one video showing a VR version of RA got nearly 300k views in just a few days for christ sake. And it barely resembled RA
  6. Whats the point when you have original .max assets? I really like unity, but all gameplay code would have to be written from scratch. Which takes a long ass time. I actually did a complete port of AR to RenX a while back. But never shared it because i got all assets from a dev and didnt want to get said dev in trouble. Although i dont think thats relevant anymore now. So lemme know if its OK to post up what i was working on 😉
  7. No need to talk. Its gonna happen. Definitely not just for the graphics alone. W3D is very limited in what it can do, and while UDK also has its limitations, its alot more flexible coding wise. The video below is not my work, but it shows Reborns HMRLs using floating physics instead of having to resort to invisible wheels to create the illusion of a floating vehicle.
  8. UDK But yes, ive been apart of both the Reborn and RenX team for some time. Porting APB/TS/AR to UDK would be a walk in the park. I still have Reborns source files and am considering doing just that. Just to show its possible :P
  9. Some of those points are just plain BS tbh. You can always find people who possess the necessary skills. UDK still has an active community, its far from dead. And i bet some of the Renegade-x community would be willing to help out to a certain extent.They didnt put in nearly half of Tiberian Suns vehicles for no reason. Nostalgia is a very bad reason to stick to W3D. Do you still work with GMax out of nostalgia? I doubt it. How about you opensource all of your content so others can do what you are incapable of doing? A functioning port would be up and running within a few months, i can guarantee you that. I think its misleading to claim that its too hard to too difficult to do a proper port to UDK. its a piece of cake with the tools that are available right now.
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