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  1. That's me, Unknown diagnosed and resolved it, thank you everyone here for your help as well. The problem wasn't the firewall, but multiple connections, like wireless adapter, vpn, LAN, and that kind of thing. It needed a linear path i guess. Anyway i'm very grateful You're all welcome on anytime.
  2. I'm not in a CGN, and i've tried running with the antivirus and firewalls off, but it's still not listing. I've tried what you said Unstoppable, i don't know what else to do. This is all becoming very discouraging.
  3. Thank you Tri, i tried the default port, however it still isn't showing. Can i get you on discord sometime to go through this?
  4. Thank you for all your help thus far. However it is still not listing and these ports are in fact open. Here's a copy of my Server.ini and DA.ini server.ini da.ini
  5. How do you direct connect to it? Is this with Renlist or W3D hub?
  6. So the FDS is running properly now, as is bRenbot, my ports are open and i have opened the value of the one in DA.ini, but the server is still not listing. Even with the firewall off. What's going on here?
  7. Still not showing up on W3D hub list or Renlist. A couple more shots of the console. Perhaps it's the version it's running? This is running with the Dragonade scripts.dll
  8. Hi, so i want to host my own server for CnC Renegade. This is something i haven't done in about a decade now and would like to know how to get it online. Either starting from scratch or how to update the old one to make it compatible with the latest version of Renegade and display on Renlist or the W3D server list. All help would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a screenshot of the old server FDS console running at the present time. Probably last run about 9 years ago.
  9. Truly Tiberian. Just about perfect. This better make it into Reborn. And not on one of those horrible maps with the barns everywhere.
  10. It's very good. I like how it's emotional, soft and bright. I think the choice of title fits it perfectly. It's like being in a dream with all this awe and wonder of the tiberium world. Like you said, not too close to tiberian sun. Though personally i would have liked if you had gone a little bit darker. I was looking for that little bit of grit and dirt or background noise like that on the menu screen (HAL9000 soundbite or what sounds like a shutter or heavy machinery close by) which made tiberian sun so atmospheric. Please keep making these though, this one in particular is quite special, it is a dream.
  11. LOL! I could make a joke there, but i won't.
  12. Will these affect frame rate if many of them are placed?
  13. So basically an alternate 9/11?
  14. Perhaps, but i'd prefer a hybrid of infantry if that were to go ahead. By hybrid i mean some from the current version, some from the inf beta, and so on.
  15. Just don't make the barracks too big if it's something which you're going to enhance. For the scale in that image, looks like something better found in a campaign. Like Renegade, you have the small buildings for multiplayer, and huge buildings during the missions, with self contained kitchens, beds, gyms, etc.
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