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  1. Truly Tiberian. Just about perfect. This better make it into Reborn. And not on one of those horrible maps with the barns everywhere.
  2. It's very good. I like how it's emotional, soft and bright. I think the choice of title fits it perfectly. It's like being in a dream with all this awe and wonder of the tiberium world. Like you said, not too close to tiberian sun. Though personally i would have liked if you had gone a little bit darker. I was looking for that little bit of grit and dirt or background noise like that on the menu screen (HAL9000 soundbite or what sounds like a shutter or heavy machinery close by) which made tiberian sun so atmospheric. Please keep making these though, this one in particular is quite special, it is a dream.
  3. Doctor699


    LOL! I could make a joke there, but i won't.
  4. Will these affect frame rate if many of them are placed?
  5. So basically an alternate 9/11?
  6. Perhaps, but i'd prefer a hybrid of infantry if that were to go ahead. By hybrid i mean some from the current version, some from the inf beta, and so on.
  7. Just don't make the barracks too big if it's something which you're going to enhance. For the scale in that image, looks like something better found in a campaign. Like Renegade, you have the small buildings for multiplayer, and huge buildings during the missions, with self contained kitchens, beds, gyms, etc.
  8. Nice smoothing Wolf. Looking forwards to more updates ^^. If you're able will you maybe leave an APB easter egg? Like a very old broken baracks or refinery or something? Just an idea.
  9. Hang on, i've seen this somewhere before? This design rings a bell. More screenies.
  10. Always loved this map in APB. Hope it see's the light of day here again as well. Of course you're going to have to do something about that Nod base, because i agree with Timeaua, Nod does have a disadvantage.
  11. Awesome as always Wolf. Nice bridge and overall design. I'd like to get back into basic mapping myself. Where can i get the building presets and trees and that stuff? And what about textures?
  12. I think it should be out for a while until infantry get properly balanced. However i also think this map should expand into a vehicle map. Maybe like the infantry one being the beginning of the battle for wherever it is, and then the vehicle one reflects an ongoing struggle. I'd really like to see that bridge in the middle collapsed, and other terrain irregularities. Then maybe a third which introduces aircraft. Also maybe setting up two hands of nod, the one from the first map being destroyed and a wreck, and the second or third map having another hand of nod in another location. Just putting some ideas out there.
  13. Well i won't be posting food itself. However it is a kitchen, and that's where i mix my alcohol. The frozen bubblegum smoothie. Very simple. You'll need that, and a bottle of vodka. (Coconut vodka if you want to experience heaven on your tongue.) You go down to Burger King (Hungry Jacks if you're down under with me) and you get a large frozen bubblegum smoothie. (Or 10 because they're just too addictive.) Open the lid, pour about 3 shots worth of vodka into the frozen bubblegum and stir it. Drink up, and relax while playing some C&C or League or whatever it is you play.
  14. Doctor699 present and accounted for. Formerly known as Cyberman and Cyberman09. I've been around since late 2007 and 2008 when the Reborn Infantry beta was out. I'm recognising some old names here, amazing how quickly things change. When the Reborn team moved the mod to BHP around 2010 i believe, i lost a lot of interest in the mod. Now that it's become sort of independant again i'm hoping it'll reignite my curiosity. My allegiance is to Kane and the brotherhood of Nod. For the technology of peace.
  15. Fuckin beautiful! Takes me back to the old days, and the real old days. Keep up the great work. Also on a side note i'd like to know what happened to DarkAngel and Renardin. Staff on the old team dating back to 2007.
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