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Found 33 results

  1. Hi everyone! We're currently actively looking for talented hobby programmers to join our code team! Who are we? Just in case you didn't know already, since 2015, W3D Hub has been the authority on developing game projects for Command & Conquer Renegade's W3D Engine! Building off the back of the now-defunct Bluehell Productions, W3D Hub has served to unite the majority of the fractured W3D Engine modding scene into a single community from where we can continue to assist each other and grow. Over the years we have cultivated a strong infrastructure and knowledge-base that continues to expand and evolve every year. We have built our team with developers who have a large amount of experience creating mods in the W3D game engine; some of whom have been actively developing content ever since Renegade was released back in 2002. The W3D Hub community is welcoming and is home to a plethora of developers and fans from all walks of life. We are a satellite team, so many of us are scattered across the world; despite this though, we do our best to maintain a high level of communication using tools such as Slack, Invision Power Board, Trello, TeamSpeak and Discord. We are a strictly non-profit organisation due to the IP we work with, so we run the community as a hobby. Our mission statement is to preserve the knowledge of how to develop games using the W3D Engine, as well as to create projects that push the envelope in what the engine is capable of. Recently we have been working on a replacement for the game's primary editor, Commando Level Edit. The new editor, "Mammoth", has been written from scratch which allows us a high degree of flexibility when developing new content. What games do we make? Now a lot of you guys already know this, but it's useful to reiterate! We currently house and develop several projects that use Renegade's W3D Engine. These include Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Expansive Civilian Warfare, and Tiberian Sun: Reborn. Red Alert: A Path Beyond (which is based on the original Red Alert) is currently released and receives healthy player counts on our organised game nights. Through our server-side plugins we have been able to tie statistics and achievements into the game which allows players to see how they stack up against each other. Here's a trailer for Red Alert: A Path Beyond Why Renegade? C&C Renegade's W3D Engine is an enigma of sorts. Around the time when the Unreal and Quake engines were popular, Westwood Studios released C&C Renegade, a game with mixed reviews that didn't do too well financially. The singleplayer left a lot to be desired; the multiplayer however, was a completely different story. Two teams attempt to destroy each others bases with infantry and vehicles that are purchased using credits from an RTS-style resource system featuring harvesters and refineries. To this day there has not been a game that has come close to emulating the unique experiences found in C&C Renegade. It's worth pointing out that Renegade X remade and expanded on the core Renegade experience, but our aim takes Renegade in a different direction by experimenting with new gameplay features that require a step away from the Renegade formula a little bit in order to achieve. For the time, Renegade's W3D engine was actually very advanced; featuring very robust vehicle physics, tessellation, flood-fill pathfinding, as well as a robust AI conversation/dialog and action system that allowed for fairly complex AI interactions (for the time). When the game was released, a modding SDK was released that allowed modders an incredible amount of creative freedom. Artists could model, rig and export their own assets into the game and programmers could script custom logic for gameplay objects. Over the years, knowledge of the engine has developed to a point where we have managed to reverse-engineer a significant portion of the code base. This means that the engine itself is more flexible than ever and has allowed us to really push the boundaries in terms of what features we can put into our various games. We still develop on this engine today because it's fun and we have a good amount of flexibility with what we want to accomplish for each game. The engine is also fairly easy to develop for which allows for rapid iteration on a large scale. What are we looking for? We are currently looking for seasoned hobby programmers who are looking for a new challenge, as well as newer programmers that are looking for some experience working on games and mod projects. We are strictly a non-profit organisation, so we don't offer any kind of salary however, our community is a constant base where no work will ever go to waste. Too often, mod and game projects are created that don't see the light of day. By providing a community platform to support the W3D engine and its associated projects, we protect ourselves from ever being in the position where we are forced to abandon our projects, as the theory is that there will always be caretakers around to maintain and curate them. Here's what we are looking for skills-wise: Essential Qualities - All of the following are preferred: Intermediate to High level of C++ programming knowledge. Working knowledge of Visual Studio 2017 for Windows Development. Working knowledge of Git repositories. Good communications skills, being as we are a satellite team. A passion for video games and programming. Desirable Qualities - Any of the following are preferred: An interest in Command & Conquer or Frank Herbert's Dune would be nice, but is not necessary. A friendly attitude and the ability to work well with others. Experience reading existing code (particularly code related to graphics engines) and understanding what it does and looking at what it does, as well as being able to write technical documentation about it. Knowledge of how to profile code to find out where slowdowns are (and identifying how to make code faster or better on memory use, especially math heavy code). Experience with reverse engineering with IDA (x86 assembler and HexRays output). Experience with Direct3D 11 (including HLSL and programmable shaders) as well as other graphics-related features such as anti-aliasing and screen filtering. Good 3D Math skills including boxes, lines, frustums, vectors, matrices, quaternions, collision detection math, curves and splines. Knowledge of physics types and how to create/edit them (e.g. Fixed Wing Aircraft, Walkers/Mecha etc.). Knowledge of the FMOD sound engine. Knowledge of font rendering. Why should you join us? Joining W3D Hub presents a unique opportunity as our mission to unite C&C Renegade mod developers under one banner continues onward, so here's a few reasons why you should consider joining us. If you're a fan of the Command & Conquer series who is looking for some fun projects to work on. if you're looking for a new programming challenge. If you want to have a hobby you can enjoy and put on your résumé/CV at the same time! If you're looking for the unique opportunity to work with Renegade's W3D engine and build upon it's code base. If you're looking for a reliable team that won't fall apart as well as projects where your work won't go to waste. If you're looking for new friends (inside and outside of the games industry) who enjoy developing and playing games together. How to apply! If you wish to join our team, please send an email to jonwil, our lead programmer, at jfwfreo@tpgi.com.au and let him know why you're interested in joining us as well as what skills you can offer! Hopefully, with your help, we can further development of C&C Renegade's W3D Engine! Here are a few quick links: W3D Hub Official Website: http://www.w3dhub.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w3dhub/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/w3dhub?lang=en YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPVori4l3Rq_AkWHEjTKdEQ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/w3dhub ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/company/w3d-hub Thanks for reading! - OWA [blurb]We're currently actively looking for talented hobby programmers to join our code team! Come and take a read and see if this is for you![/blurb]
  2. Here is my take on the Soviet battle lab from the RA2 alpha screenshots: I added the flags and the classic hammer sickle to add more interest. As usual I was indifferent with how this turned out.
  3. General Guidelines for W3D Forum Game Moderators As requested, I'm starting a GGWGM thread, which will hopefully guide players and future game moderators on the W3D board. You can also use it as a main Game Forum thread to ask questions, post suggestions, seek guidance or announce forum game related topics in W3D community. Feel free to reply directly in this thread if you require guidance, or if you have a suggestion. This post will be edited periodically once there is an update. It will also serve as a place to organize larger games, in case more community players want to host one at the same time. Please note that this thread is still Work In Progress [WIP] If there already is a game going, don't start a new game. Either announce it here at least a week in advance, or if there are no other games scheduled and/or announced, you are free to start a new interest thread for your game. It's better to ask players before actually making your game, since you can't tell if players will be available or willing to play your game. Good GM (game moderator) etiquette is to push off making a sign-up thread as long as possible if there's an ongoing game, and to never start your game until the current one ends. Don't ask players privately, it's better to come up publicly to get more attention and awareness. If you only want to discuss new game mechanics privately, that's fine though but you still have to reveal it publicly if you want to host it. Any forum game that is hosted here should follow these guidelines, to make sure that games are not spoiled or train-wrecked. If you're not sure or don't want to follow certain guideline, that's OK, but make a suggestion first so we can discuss it before something making exception. In case of dispute, forum moderators have a final say. Let's work together to make every forum game as much fun and fair as possible! Basic Game Creation Guidelines This section is mainly for new game moderators who seek advice how exactly start a forum game. Since there are multiple approaches and a lot of things to look into, this part will be updated once in a while to include thoughts of other GMs as well observations from other games that took place. Before you start creating the game: Make sure you have an idea of what you're doing. If you just want to make a game but you don't have any clear idea or inspiration, then you risk making something either unoriginal, not entertaining enough or just plain stupid. Try to come up with something of your own, since nobody likes to play same type of game all the time. Try to establish basic things first: What type of game? What flavor? Do you want to make a classic mafia style of game or do you want to make something special? RPG perhaps? Competitive or Cooperative? In what kind of setting? Is it going to be based on something? If you're not sure about this, try asking others whether it would be a good idea. Don't try to make something complicated if you don't have experience. It could turn against you or become overwhelming. Once you have this figured out, you can move on thinking about details. If you already know what type of game you want to do and in which universe, you are good to go designing the actual game. This is the harder part as from now on, you need to make a lot of predictions, thinking and analysis. If you attempted to make a game before, you probably don't like this part as much as dreaming about the game in general. But it can also be fun if you "play" your own game and work on the details from players' perspective. The most important detail here is to establish for How Many and for How Long the game should be played. To determine that, you either need to do a research first about the demand, or, you can assume based on previous game. Don't expect that everyone will rush to play your game when you want, so you should consider that it might be less players, but if more players will be available it can be also more (up to 25% of the active community base can join or not join). So don't start designing games with more players than is actually available. Depending on the number of players, you can tell how long the game will last (e.g. in case of standard mafia setup with periodical player elimination and game phases, you can calculate how long a game can last). It's good to have all kind of scenarios prepared and determine the maximum and minimum. If the game seems to last longer than expected, you can modify the game later on (decreasing game phases, adding extra player elimination mechanic, etc). It's always good to check this step again and again whenever you modify your game concept, otherwise you may risk that the game can too early or drag on forever. In this step you should validate all the above 3 steps by actually asking players what they think about it. It is necessary to ask for demand, so you know if it's worth creating and hosting your game. You may even discover new concepts based on player feedback! If your concept doesn't get a proper recognition, there are always ways to improve it or push it along with other ideas. Ideas never die, they just evolve (or in worst case, recycle), so don't worry much if something doesn't go right on the first time. For example I never thought one of my most basic concepts will get evolved that much few years later! So if you haven't made a public post about your game yet, now should be a good time to do so, otherwise you won't know if it's even worth doing it! In this final step, when you already know what you want to host and what players want to play, you only need to determine When to start. Based on a game setup, prepare that as a GM you need to invest a lot of time into your game. Not just making it, but also hosting it. Make sure you don't have any major life events, trips, family vacations, or work related stuff during the period you'll host the game. Otherwise all your work will be in vain. So in short, if you know you'll be or may be busy, make sure you have time first. If you feel there might be something but you're not sure, you can always ask for a backup moderator to make announcer posts and resolutions while you're gone. Once you're sure about timing, ask players the same (preferably already in the game thread and see who can play when). Making the game [WIP] There are numerous ways how to make a game. I'll keep this section open as there is a LOT to say. I'll also explain my way of doing games in detail when I get time. There are some handy template setups for newer GMs. These setups are called Micro Setups and fit anywhere from 5-9 players. There are also Mini and Large setups to choose from here, and several standard roles to use when building custom setups. Roles can of course be adapted and modified for flavor setups and/or more complex setups. Starting the game: Check Timing! Check if no other game is colliding with your scheduled game. If there is a game being played, it's best to start your game after it's finished. Not only you can get more players to play but you can also get more players to know you're about to host a game of your own. Some players already do preparations while other game is being played, which could be a good idea, unless it's disrupting the currently played game. Make a game thread! Don't start the game unless you have proper player feedback already (check previous points if you skipped!). To do that, make a interest thread, where you describe your game in much detail as possible. Make sure players understand the basics of the game and their rules. You can copy a general set of rules from this thread (once they are finalized), or you can make your own. Make sure the game is understandable, clear and fair. You are not required to reveal everything (save the best for the last they say), but don't try to hide very important details. Sometimes it's hard to determine what is and isn't suitable to reveal. You can determine it by the answering the following questions: Does it concern all players, do all players need to know? Will there be a major confusion if this is not explained properly? Will revealing this info won't disadvantage any other player or faction in your game? Are there no other benefits or game balance reasons hindering you revealing this? If all the answers were Yes, please do reveal it. You can do the same visa versa for things that might be better hidden from public.You also don't have to reveal all your know-how or things you don't see appropriate. Besides the rules, games mechanics and introduction, make room for player information, flavor text, additional general behavioral guidelines, etc. I'll make a general template for you if you wish [WIP]. Sign up phase - see how many players are signed and willing to play. Make sure everyone knows when your game starts or for how many players are looking for, this is the most important thing basically. Once you have enough players, you are clear to start the game unless there are some major objections. Don't wait too long for players to sign up, if you don't get enough players by at least two weeks, then you might start rethinking about making a smaller version of your concept. You may need to start all over as well as balance can break easily without some key roles. As a GM, please ensure your Hammer Times are planned timely. Usually the time when you start the game will also determine the hammer time. Pay attention to who has signed up for your game and what time zones they're all close to. For instance, my RA: APB Mafia Games have a standard 10 PM UTC/GMT (0 AM CET/6 PM EDT) hammer time. Please note that American players usually have a 9-5 work schedule and so anything after the 6pm EDT matches up nicely, but don't make it too late otherwise EU players won't be able to attend. Before starting the game, make sure you have all role information prepared for all players. PM each and every one a PM and please double check all the contains at least three times to make sure somebody doesn't get too much info, or too less, or in worst case, somebody else role! Make sure you setup the google docs properly and set the viewing/editing permissions to players who should have access in the first place. Here's how you do it: Open a file in Google Docs, or create a new document. In the top right corner, click Share. Under "People" in the "Share with others" box, type the email address of the person or Google Group you want to share with. Tip: Search for contacts by typing a name in the box. Ask players to provide you a valid email address in PM. Alternatively they can ask for permission once they click on the doc link that you see on the sharing window. To choose if a person can view, comment, or edit the file, click the Down arrow next to the text box . Click Done. The people you shared with will get an email letting them know you've shared a file. Make sure you have a tracker to track player actions, votes and general info you need in order to run the game. You can either create a sheet on google docs or create your own file, but make sure it's on safe place and you make backups of it. Forum Game Rules Guidelines General Forum Game Organization Rules: A Forum Game should only be hosted inside the Forum Games Section. A new GM may be asked to review his/her game plan by an experienced GM. This rule should assure that the forum game quality is somehow consistent, playable and can be finished without any issues in adequate time. The end goal is to keep a routine flow of forum games so everyone who wants to host can host, and everyone who wants to play can play. If you want to host a game a month or so in the future, please register it here first and the GGWGM thread will be updated. You can use this template. There are exceptions in case the game doesn't involve players to sign up, such as running games with words that do not need a GM and don't have particular an ending goal. Don't register multiple games at once and wait until games in queue are finished. If a game is not hosted/played, the next one in queue is asked to post a signup thread. Any game that is hosted outside of the queue system, it will be reported and viewed by another GM or Forum moderator first. If the issue isn't resolved or there is a further dispute regarding hosting games, it will be resolved by staff member(s) in forum moderation area (aka not public). Until then all games will be on hold. Every GM is responsible for his/her game, setting up rules, roles and game mechanics. That also involves moderating that particular game and also punishing current active players (setting up penalties in that game or in worst cases also bans from his/her game). GMs can and are encouraged to ask for a Moderator assigned to help with moderating, or, they can be assigned temporary moderation permissions for the duration of the game. The current GM always has the last word when it comes to resolving issues between players. If the a GM is hosting a game alone and doesn't ask anyone else to assist, please DO NOT get involved in moderating/policing his/her game without permission. Any disputes should be brought up first with the GM, and if that doesn't help, with senior staff member. Disrupting games (for whatever reason) is considered an offense and can result to a temporary ban, demotion or permanent ban from forum games section. As a GM you should report this offense to active staff members in forum moderation area (or by the report post system) first and postpone the game until it is resolved. Active players should not be involved in resolving any disputes in the current game or outside of the game in Forum Game section, unless they are part of the Staff that was assigned to handle the issue. In case the current GM goes inactive for a longer period of time (e.g. more than a week) and leaves the game unattended, without assigned co-mod, the game will be suspended and next game in queue can be hosted. If the inactive GM returns and the new game is already running, the game will be postponed until the new one is over. If the game takes too long to finish (without being announced in the first place), active players can vote wherever they want to continue or end the game. Voting is recommended before announcing to leave the game or making other statements that could disrupt the game. The current GM can also suggest to shorten the game on the go if majority of current active players agree to it. If majority of current active players vote to end the game instead, the next game in queue can be hosted. Please note that this rule can only apply if the game is taking longer than a month from start and wasn't announced to last as long in the first place. We are all here to have fun in the first place, not dedicate time for personal disputes or over-competitiveness that is hurting the community. Hence for all other disputes/issues that cannot be resolved by the current GM, a Forum Game Staff should be assigned to be resolved. If there is no current Forum Game Staff assigned/available, a senior staff member(s) will be assigned to resolve it. Please try to keep all disputes under control, outside of public and in professional matter. General Mafia Rules: Short version for GMs to put in their games to remind players what are the common sense rules: Try being as active as you can, report any long term absence to the GM. Unreported Inactivity can be punished by the GM. Await your Role PMs before the game starts, if you have any questions regarding your role, let the GM know before the game starts via PM only. Don't discuss your role in public. Do NOT edit your game related posts during the game. If you want to make a correction, always post a second post saying "Mafia Edit:". If there is an action to be resolved by the GM other than normal mafia vote (such as ##shoot), please do not do any other actions and wait until it's resolved. Discussion can be permitted also if GM announces it in such a case. Please be civil! No spamming or swearing. It's just a game. Let's have fun! If you are not in the game, please DO NOT post game related stuff in chat! DO NOT discuss the game outside of the thread unless you are specifically given permission by GM. DO NOT quote private mod communications. DO NOT attempt to break the game. No trying to get people to make toxx clauses, encryption, or fake day actions. Basically, if you're about to post something you're a little too proud of as a way of breaking the game, think twice before posting. Long version: http://mafiawiki.notesmash.org/wiki/Standard_mafia_rules Templates and References Choose Your Own Role - Order of Action Resolution Guide Choose Your Own Role - Basic Tracker Template Future Planned Games Game name: Halloween CYOR Mafia GM: Retaliation Co-GM: N/A Type: Flavored CYOR Min. Players: ~10 Date when game is ready: Mid Oct
  4. So on infinite isle some GDI guy was trying to make a bridge to the mountains and possibly shoot into our base from above, is this allowed? Edit: Sorry for bad clip, it's this one.
  5. Just received this email an hour ago so I just thought I'd put it up for those who haven't checked or gotten an email. TL;DR You still get the game on time, but physical shipping won't begin until August/September the earliest.
  6. First project is an SSM redux. This is not a completely original project, rather it is a reskin of an MLRS I did a while ago, with the missiles that I did recently. Next project is a rather stocky stealth tank: I tried to add some contrast using the launcher, but I might just darken it, have not fully decided yet.
  7. Caught him abusing the !stuck command to glitch himself on the buildings on Vile Facility. Posted clip with timestamp.
  8. So this is my take on the War Factory from RA1. I made a number of changes for gameplay reasons (the height of the structure is again so vehicles can exit without clipping the top frame), and also to make my life easier during unwrapping and texturing. First example is me making the front face symmetrical (it is not in RA1), so I could split the main building down the middle for unwrapping and texturing purposes: For the rear I decided to have some fans (done using alpha texturing) to have some movement, and also to have some detail for a player to look at. While I was struggling in the early part of this structure, and also really struggled with the texture (C&C3 has no proper shader for glass, and getting the right balance for large areas of glass can be tough), I really like this a lot! Here is a look at the structure in motion:
  9. Hello! Welcome to the Help and Support section of our forum. We are here to help! But we can't do that very well without having some important information from you first! So before posting a thread stating that "AHH MY GAME CRASHES HELP ME", please provide us with the following things: An accurate description of the problem. When does the game crash? What game (because we have quite a few here)? Can you reproduce the crash by repeating a certain action? (If so, please describe the steps in detail) Are you running any "add-ons" like Fraps or other recording software, modification to the game of ANY kind, etc. What kind of computer do you have? The more information you can provide, the better! But we MUST know the following things, else we will be unable to help you! Brand of PC (and model numbers are great too if you can locate it) What Operating System do you run? (Windows 7, Windows 10, or whatever) What Processor do you have? What GPU do you have? How much RAM do you have? How large is your hard drive(s)? Is there enough free space available? What Antivirus application (if any) are you running? Anything else you feel we should know about your system. How long has the problem been occurring? Did a certain game update cause it? We need your crash dumps!! They are located in "Users\username\Documents\W3D Hub\games\GameName\". If there are none, please let us know this too (it usually means that the crash is happening somewhere in the code before the crashdump code runs, so this is useful to us too). Any extra information. Anything at all that you can think of. We are not magicians , we are nerds . The ONLY information that we have available to diagnose your issue is whatever you provide us with. Patience. We will do the best we can, but sometimes it takes a little while to figure out exactly what the heck is going on. If you insult us while petitioning our help, we may decide to stop helping So, do this for us, and ask your questions you wonderful people! We will do all that we can (within reason) to help fix what ails you. Cheers!
  10. I remember a couple years back finding a website that had some archived images of the BHP website with limited working links. Does anyone happen to know where I could find that again? I've done some Google searches, but came up with nothing.
  11. Renegade is dead. End of. It doesnt even have what counts as a community anymore. The "communites" that do exists dont work together. The communities that do exists all only exist to flame eachother and claim to be better so they can sit on the throne of a game that fucking sucks. A game that is so outdated it doesnt even have fucking recoil. GOLDENEYE64 HAD FUCKING RECOIL FOR FUCK SAKE Moreover, the community aspect is what made this game good. Because lets be perfectly honest, Renegade is anything but "Good" in an objective view. Until you lot, MPF, and whatever little else still counts as communities anymore around here can work together again, renegade will never again have that community feel. Even internally in W3D, you guys as a community are a laughing stock. You literally have a splinter community because a couple of your admins got overly PC. This is a community of people from a game in the 2000s, PC was never a thing then and in a community that is filled with those people it never will be! I remember a time when the communities werent toxic. Where they all pooled together to create patches and security for the game. Where they shared ban lists, had tournaments, and the communities were all essentially a big community. Because of the lack of this, Renegade and its mods arent that anymore. Its a vanity project for the Game Dev College rejects who couldnt make a fucking java game to beat bloons tower defence. (Not a jab at your skills, some models, maps, etc are great, but is definitely a jab at your dedication to one project and time management) Sorry guys, but thats more or less of whats become the truth to me around here now. Take of it what you will. I'll still be around to play games because as individuals most of you are alright to chat with and hang with. But Owners, Admins, Devs, all of you higher ups. Something needs to change, or these little projects of yours will end like AR, Reborn and Dune. Sat on a back shelf for years gathering dust and an interest in them largely lost.
  12. For some reason, there are new files on the server, but the W3D launcher won't download them. It only says that it fails to download them and nothing more. Also, there is no local file created that the launcher can find and open up. I don't know if this applies to others, but if so, I'd like it to be known. If not, then I'd like to know how I fucked something up without doing anything to it.
  13. The APB official server is showing no map, zero players and no ping as if the server was down, however the ranks site is reporting fine and it's possible to join the server. Edit: seems to be resolved now.
  14. [blurb]The update everyone has been waiting to see![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]Hello everyone! Welcome to the late night update! The update you've all been waiting for the past few weeks! I'm your host, Coolrock-o! I bring you an exciting new showing of what's been in the works for the past few months. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy getting this all ready for the fans that have been sticking around all these years. Be happy that Pushwall is here, otherwise none of this wouldn't be possible! I know I have a lot of you on the edge wondering what this is all about by now, so let's get to it! MiGThe MiG is finally finished, and will be added into the game come the next patch. More details will be released in the developer blog! For now, I have a very nice render to show off the final product. This should be a nice flash back for anyone familiar with the Red Alert cutscenes. Model by @Sir_Phoenixx | Texture by @Fabian| Render by @Dghelneshi With such a flashy new MiG being added into the game, which threatens the Allied Navy, we decided that it was also time to overhaul the naval units. Let's face it, the older models have served their purpose! Gunboat While the best looking of the two ships, we still felt that this ship needed a new look to match the other detail wise. Here's a look at the new Gunboat! Again, more details will be given once the developer blog is released. Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi Let's jump right into our last update for the night! DestroyerThis has to be one of the biggest improvements to a vehicle this game has seen in years. Hands down one of the best looking vehicles currently in the game. This will be your go-to when protecting your fleet from incoming Yaks, MiGs, and Hinds! Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi Along with all this happening, the Soviets also need to see an update also. Currently a WIP, but I wanted to share this with you guys anyways! Missile SubSorry for the picture quality, but it's the best I have for this sneak peak. Hope you guys don't mind! Model by @Kane000 This one won't be ready for a while, but it'll be coming with hopefully a new Attack Sub later this year! With all that said and done, I hope you guys enjoyed this little teaser. I swear I'm forgetting something though Oh that's right! How silly of me! Cruiser Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi IT'S HERE NEXT PATCH! GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!
  15. SToRM


    Hello new member here.. I like command and conquer renegade I have been playing it a lot for many years and i love new things adding to this game at the same time i love the original side ... So I salute to everyone here I am intersed in this site and I have a simple request ... I want you guys to make WWI ... dont change the fighting system just make a world of WWI vehicles and weapons and maybe soliders somehow if it is possible but must importanty vehicles only WWI vehicles it would be awsome to add those things into one map,,,
  16. If you are having problems with the launcher please read this first before posting a new topic and see if your problem is covered here. Version Mismatch joining a server This error means that the version of the game you have installed does not match the version on the server. This means that either the server isn't running the latest version of the game (often this will happen following a game update which the server hasn't caught up to yet) or if your client hasn't yet downloaded the latest version to your PC. Alternatively it could mean that your PC has a corrupted always.dat or has loose files in the data folder for the game. You can attempt to fix this for yourself by doing the following: Close and re-open the launcher to get the latest game definitions. Select the problem game on the left side of the launcher, and click "Install Updates". If this option does not display, then choose "Repair Installation". Once the update or repair completes, try to join the server again. If at this point you still have problems, then it is likely the server has not updated to the latest version. Try joining the official W3D Hub server. If you can't join that either then create a topic in this subforum and ask for support. Launcher Crashes In the event that the launcher crashes, please create a new topic in this subforum and include the following: A description of what you were doing when the launcher crashed. Any extra details that might be useful. Include the errors.log and diagnostics.log files from "My Documents/W3D Hub/Launcher" as attachments to your post. Windows XP As of June the W3D Hub launcher no longer supports Windows XP and the majority of our games are or will soon be incompatible it. We recommend upgrading to a newer version of Windows to play W3D Hub games.
  17. So I had wanted to wish some folks here a Happy Birthday when the day comes around, but then that's me flooding the forums with "Happy Birthday So-and-so!" and "Happy Birthday That Guy!" That said, this thread shall be christened The Great Birthday Thread. When birthdays come around, expect a celebratory post. PM when your birthday is coming if you would like, or maybe I'll spy someone's coming up and wish them a happy birthday before they even realize it And today in birthdays, it's none other than our resident Lead Tester and Testing Director @Nodlied! Of what I know of him, Nodlied likes Countryball and tanks. And other things, I'm sure Anyway! Wish our good man a Happy Birthday and post a picture of best tank HAPPY BIRTHDAY NODLIED!
  18. Hello everyone, I just posted on Reddit again, and would appreciate everyone taking a moment to go upvote and comment on the topics. Let's bring awareness to to APB, and W3DHub in general, and draw some new players in! Link to the r/games topic here. Thank you!
  19. due to some low disk space issues i'm currently moving some files around for which the servers ave been taken down temporarily. once i have moved all files to another disk the servers will be started again. ETA from the making of this post is about 30 min
  20. [blurb]It's time to pay our monthly server bill and we could use your help. The target is 72€ (72 euros) and if our target is not met the servers will be going down in 1 day.[/blurb] It's time to pay our monthly server bill and we could use your help. The target is 72€ (72 euros) and if our target is not met the servers will be going down in 1 day. I'll be sending some spare money and I ask that you do as well. Any amount you can donate is very much appreciated! Please send donations to TeamWolf's Paypal account @ christopher_johnston_@hotmail.com @TeamWolf should let us know when the target is met and the bill is paid. Thank you for your time.
  21. IRC and Teamspeak The Server has a bot that sends messages to IRC about how the game is going and you also can see who is in-game. The channel for this is #W3D Hub-apb on the rencorner irc server (irc.rencorner.com). If you want, you can join the W3D Hub TeamSpeak3 server at ts.w3dhub.com and talk with your fellow APB players. Rules These are the server rules for the APB server. If there are any questions please contact a moderator. If you are in-game, try !m to see if there is a moderator online, in-game, or getting highlighted on IRC. Always follow the instructions of moderators English is the main language on this server so please speak English when playing with other people. (if you are just with 2 people then it's fine just as long as you speak English when there are more people of whom you are unsure if they speak English). If you want to speak in a different language to someone please use the PM system. Open a chat window press '/' and start typing the name of the recipient. Press space and then type your message. No cheating No impersonation of any form, be it either clans, players, or both. This includes wearing clantags of a clan you are not part of, or making a tag to make it look like you are part of a clan that you are not part of. Examples an [sG] member wearing the |-TA tag or a -|TA member wearing a [sG]- tag. No Team-hampering No blocking the AI Ore Trucks No unfair bug abuse No Killwhoring or any other kind of whoring (these issues will only result in a ban or kick if it is done on a daily basis and is bad for the community) No abusive language of any sort. No ban or kick evading. Breaking any of these rules may result in a timed ban, kick(24 hr ban) or a qkick(warning kick, aka quick kick). The only place to appeal your ban, kick, warning or qkick is on these forums in the complaints section so don't go into discussion in-game or by PM'ing a moderator through back-door politics. If you are having any problems with a moderator in-game, either contact me or post in the appropriate forum section (Bans & Complaints).
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