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  1. The previous structure was completed as a test structure to lead into this, the main event! I wanted it to have minimum repetition. This is with no detail added to the textures, the 'bird' is modeled. This is before any modeled emissive lighting was added, and I had not modeled any of the outer floor areas. Here is a look at a more complete version which has the Tiberium Wars style upgrade models, in place of the 'stuff' that was around the outer floor areas in RA2:
  2. Thanks for your comment!
  3. Here is my take on the Soviet battle lab from the RA2 alpha screenshots: I added the flags and the classic hammer sickle to add more interest. As usual I was indifferent with how this turned out.
  4. Thanks for the comment!
  5. Here is something that the Reborn crowd will be familiar with, the GDI Mobile EMP: This is not textured in this image Here is a GIF showing in game screens: 3 Stage GIF I am indifferent with how this turned out.
  6. Thanks! Er, I do not know what it is! Thanks for the comment!
  7. First off is my attempt at a Nod badged Blackbird: There are extensive topology issues, and I am not really happy with it at all. Next is my take on the C&C Rivals Drone Swarm: No Rotors yet! Here is an in game screen using EALA's Repair APC as a drone controller!: It is a bit of a nothing model, but it was interesting to complete.
  8. I agree with you, it is something that I will have to think about it in the future. Thanks to everyone for the comments!
  9. First project is an SSM redux. This is not a completely original project, rather it is a reskin of an MLRS I did a while ago, with the missiles that I did recently. Next project is a rather stocky stealth tank: I tried to add some contrast using the launcher, but I might just darken it, have not fully decided yet.
  10. Removing the 'camo' would be pretty simple. as would doing alternative colours. Thanks to all for the comments!
  11. So here is one familiar to APB fans, the Demo truck! I have since made the tires lighter Overall I am disappointed with how this turned out, it looks like a toy (even allowing for low quality RTS assets). I only wanted a Soviet badged version, but it is obviously trivial to have an Allied or neutral version if desired at a later date. The actual nuke warhead is an EALA asset from C&C 3.
  12. Thanks for your comment. It does look a bit odd with the extra height. Even more 'boxy'!
  13. So this is my take on the War Factory from RA1. I made a number of changes for gameplay reasons (the height of the structure is again so vehicles can exit without clipping the top frame), and also to make my life easier during unwrapping and texturing. First example is me making the front face symmetrical (it is not in RA1), so I could split the main building down the middle for unwrapping and texturing purposes: For the rear I decided to have some fans (done using alpha texturing) to have some movement, and also to have some detail for a player to look at. While I was struggling in the early part of this structure, and also really struggled with the texture (C&C3 has no proper shader for glass, and getting the right balance for large areas of glass can be tough), I really like this a lot! Here is a look at the structure in motion:
  14. This is a RA 2 styled Oil Derrick that I modelled and textured. Once it came time for the animations, I messed up (probably should have come here first), so the animation is off. At some future date I will redo the model rig, and have another try. There are some bland sections, but for an RTS, I feel it will do.
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