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  1. Neijwiert

    Very sad news to hear. He was there for me to introduce Renegade modding almost 10 years ago. Was literally playing a ren game with him this week. RIP community man, coffee man and repair whore
  2. Neijwiert

    Pausing my entire antivirus did not solve the problem. I'm running Karspersky Anti Virus.
  3. Neijwiert

    No never had any problems with Chrome running it normally. Only happens when I click profile.
  4. Neijwiert

    Whenever I click Profile in the launcher it tries to start chrome but it always gives me an application error (chrome gives the error). Exact message: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.". I get this every time and have never been able to open my profile. Also when I downloaded the mods I had to close and re-open the launcher in order for the 'Join Server' button be enabled.
  5. Neijwiert

    Right. But its still ill advised to download it then still. Im gonna stay out of it for now since you guys clearly don't agree with me. @xCommanderJackx I hope you get it fixed and I suggest you contact the maker of Renlist.
  6. Neijwiert

    Lol never download a random DLL from the internet. You want a virus? Because thats how you get a virus.