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  1. I would say first when they done a Remaster for renegade what Im not sure if they did it but when yes it will be an effect because the its a new grafic new everything but I think APB and RA will be still the same even if they make a Remastered because we have let us say a remaster with renegade X sort of and I must say I prefer the old renegade more it is more nostalgic Thats why I would chose between RA APB and Imperial Apex ore something from renegade x for the first 3 because its the real feeling and it is good so how it is
  2. I dont trust them either cause they say also No Microtransactions also no lootboxes skin and so on that would be the first EA game who didnt had this for a long time and @jeod you are right about you say the problem more is tiberium dawn had neither controll groups the sepertet bars ore waypoints I think it will be go wrong even with the old westwood members Tiberium dawn and Red alert 1 are not made to be remasterd cause they are too old. It will be a completley new game feeling and not an nostalgic
  3. Ich wollte einen orca lift kaufen in orca_Heights das problem war allerdings das er nicht aus der waffen fabrik fuhr und dann durch den kauf eines anderen fahrzeug klar zerstört wurde was vieleicht das problem sein könnte ist das auf dem lift bereits ein orca draufgeladen ist und das es deswegen zu hoch ist betretten also fahren kann man den lift ebenso wenig A brief description of your issue wegen der reproduktion kann ich sagen das man einfach ganz normal den orca lift kaufen muss und das dieser eben nicht mehr rausfährt ich weis nicht obs am lift direkt liegt oder nur an der map ich werde es auf ner anderen auch testen
  4. I have a question will interium apex have a own launcher ore will it come in the w3d launcher and is a version of renegade required and when so is it compatible with only the cd version ore is it compatible with the origin version from the decade version ore the ultimate 17 years C&C version
  5. ok that looks awesome and the modell of the chronophere is awesome too but I dont wonder you guys make a great job about AR I hope you guys dont overwelm you self with it and continue the great job you do mfg commanderjack "I got a present for you!"
  6. I have a question about the Iron curtain and Im sure you will get the chronosphere too the thing is how you implement you it in the game because in the RTS way its one thing but in a game like Apocalypse rising its diverant because of how to use it and how good it works but Im interested in too and the reinforce bay is a nice idea because its a complete new structure what dosent exists in red alert 2 before it will nice too and may an idea for the sowjets maybe an Airbase HQ like the allies have with MiG Bombers because I know a mod where the sowjets have an airbase hq too like the allies and it wasnt bad because it gives the sowjets an additional aircraft what exist in red alert 1 too
  7. I will join you today yesterday I sadly cant come because I was ill but now I feel better so I can have nice with you today
  8. yes but I think the powerplant uis an buiilding who iss essencial to the base also it should be destroyed too for a victory the con yard is let me say useless its nice to see without a question but its only for cosmetic not for use
  9. it exist an tec center for both sides COOL
  10. of fuck moment when its dont goes over the w3d server I cant come because my origin man
  11. OMG I COME I WILL COME MY FRIENDS AND EINSTEIN PLS BE THERE TOO im sry that I dont anwersed you about the thing we talk but pls I want to play this with you
  12. its locatet in my games ordner and i try it as admin and as normal but nothing changes
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