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  1. [blurb]It's been some time since the last update! This month is but a simple blog as the team continues to perfect Apocalypse Rising.[/blurb] It's been some time since the last update! This month is but a simple blog as the team continues to perfect Apocalypse Rising. The past weeks have seen numerous upgrades under the hood, the creation of several new effects that will be important for certain buildings, and patches based on tester feedback. moonsense715 has been quite busy between Refinery interior modeling, updating the Desolator with new scripts and effects, and adding Tesla Coil state change scripts. In addition to those, he has also implemented Romanov's objective markers and Soviet Purchase Terminals and has been diligent in fixing bugs as soon as they are reported. Expect to see more pertaining to this in a later update. Our latest test highlighted some blatant balance issues, most notably OP Tesla Tanks and underwhelming Prism Tanks. With our testers consistently providing feedback the dev team strives to refine balance for all units and clear that hurdle, bringing us one step closer to public release. Included in this blog are two videos while the team continues to develop Apocalypse Rising. This one shows off a popular early-game tactic among our testers. They won't see this one coming! Be on the lookout for the next update! You may be in awe of what's to come.
  2. [blurb]Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses.[/blurb] Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses. Navy SEAL C4 Special delivery! After mowing down enemy infantry and clearing a path, the US Navy SEALs effortlessly dismantle enemy bases with their signature C4. Soviet maintenance personnel should be diligent in disarming any and all C4 planted as a single brick is packed with enough explosives to destroy a building. It is rumoured that Special Agent Tanya carries her own unique model of C4, although battlefield reports have yet to confirm this. Texture by @Romanov Soviet Doors Continuing with the renovation of internal infrastructure, the Soviet Engineer Corps have had every detail in mind from the purchase terminals right down to the doors. While it may not appear to be much to the average Conscript, the Soviet engineers are nonetheless proud to now have doors that are truly representative of the working class! Concept By @Squid Empire, Model by @Romanov Patriot Missiles To keep the skies clear of Conscript paratroopers, Soviet Siege Choppers and Kirovs, the Allies turn to the Patriot Missile System. Serving the role as the primary anti-air base defense, the Patriot utilises advanced targeting systems and detection equipment that allows it to even down enemy MiGs called in by Boris. Unable to defend itself against ground threats, Allied forces must be vigilant in keeping the Patriot Missile structures operational lest they be overwhelmed by Soviet air power. Model by @Romanov and @moonsense715. Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. End Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!
  3. [thumb]thumb_ar.3.png[/thumb] [blurb]According to NORAD we've got updates coming at us from all directions and renders pushing up through Mexico. I don't know how they snuck in on us.[/blurb] Dioptic manifold clear! Unit ready! Electrodes ready! Welcome to the Apocalypse Rising May Update! This month's update features the Allied Prism Tank, the Soviet Purchase Terminal, and the Soviet Shock Trooper. Prism Tank It's Einstein's Prism tech on wheels. The boys at the lab call it a Prism Tank. Careful not to burn yourself! - Lt. Eva Deployed late into the war, the Prism Tank is yet another shining example of Allied technological superiority. Developed by Professor Albert Einstein, the Prism Tank operated as the Allies' anti-structure artillery unit. Utilising the same technology found in the Prism Tower base defenses, the Prism Tank is effective against enemy infantry and structures alike. Powerful as it may be, the Prism Tank is not without weaknesses. It's light armour and low rate of fire make it particularly ineffective against heavy armour. Coordination with Allied Grizzlies and IFVs in the field combined with its long-range beam offers more favourable engagements against Soviet Rhinos and Apocalypse Tanks. "Intensifying light trajectory!" Model by @Romanov Soviet Purchase Terminal In the previous war, Allied and Soviet structures shared many similarities from external appearances to internal terminals. As the opposing sides' architecture began to take on more unique motifs, so did the individual aspects that made up the internal infrastructure. Soviet engineers stayed true to the industrial element that is the working class and designed accordingly. Putting aside the sophisticated and sleek features that their Allied counterparts possessed, the Soviet Engineer Corps set about and designed a straightforward and reliable Purchase Terminal for use throughout friendly bases. Serving the same purpose as its previous war iteration, Soviet units may access these terminals and purchase infantry and vehicles from the Soviet arsenal. Depending on the country chosen (Russia, Iraq, Cuba, Libya), additional units may be authorised for purchase. "(56k modem dial-up sound)" Concept Art by @Squid Empire, Model by @Romanov and @moonsense715 Tesla Trooper Always striving towards the next step in Tesla technology, the Soviet Union has introduced a new class of soldiers into their ranks: the Tesla Trooper. First deployed during the occupation of Washington D.C., these shock troopers are highly effective on the front-lines. Armed with a Tesla Coil gauntlet, the Tesla Trooper is particularly devastating to enemy armour columns. Shockingly, the Tesla Trooper has proven to be equally effective against enemy infantry, due in part to the armour they wear that their Conscript and Flak Trooper counterparts lack. Wearing an insulated combat uniform that also houses the back-mounted Tesla Generator, the Tesla Trooper also cannot be crushed by enemy vehicles. It is this heavy armour and deadly weaponry that makes the Tesla Trooper a threat to all Allied units in the field. "Commencing shock therapy" Model by @Romanov Screenshots Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. End Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!
  4. [blurb]Oh deer. It looks like Romanov has been talking to Jerad2142 a bit too much lately. We have venison galore in this meaty update![/blurb] So, it's finally 2017 and it's time for our first blog this year! GI Update The Allied attack deer is a very versatile unit. It’s ability to sustain itself for long periods of time by eating grass from the environment makes it exceedingly useful for extended deployments. "Oh deer..." Allied Sniper The allied sniper is a great threat to any soviet infantry. Equipped with his trustworthy AWP, he is capable of decimating the enemy with his quickscoping and 1080noscope tactics, pwning every n00b that crosses his way. "Noot Noot" Soviet Doge The soviet doge is well suited for extended cold missions; in addition, by being a doge it is able to trick families into thinking it’s just a loving pet, when really it’s a super secret spy. "Many bites. Such hat. Very deadly. Wow!" Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. End Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!
  5. [blurb]AR December Update[/blurb] Welcome to the DecembAR update! New soldiers join our roster! Note: Click images for big. Allied G.I. Out with the old GDI Soldier placeholder, in with the new and complete Allied GI! Modeled, textured, and finally in-game, the Allied GI is ready for some action! Created by @One Winged Angel and @Romanov together, the GI makes up the core of the Allied infantry. For close quarters combat, GIs are armed with the MPK5. Taking a more defensive position, GIs may also deploy a protective ring of sandbags around them and open fire with the FN Minimi Para. The Allied GI marks another completion to the RA2:AR infantry roster, as well as a huge milestone for the team. It feels great in-game, it's fitting of the Red Alert 2 style, and just looks badass. "Squared away, sir!" Soviet Desolator Hailing from Soviet-aligned Iraq, the infamous Desolator makes his appearance! Equipped with the dangerous rad-cannon and protected by his radiation suit, the Desolator is a potent anti-infantry unit. Firing a concentrated beam of radiation from the shoulder-mounted rad-cannon, the Desolator can melt away enemy personnel and wipe out entire squads. Additionally, the Desolator can deploy his rad-cannon and make a toxic environment for the enemy. While having to be immobile to do so, a deployed Desolator offers area-of-denial, forcing the enemy to rethink their advances. Desolator model and rad-cannon model created by @Romanov. "There goes the neighborhood!" New Team Member! True to our word of always hiring new team members, @devilslayersbane has recently been hired onto our staff. Given the task to produce a new Portable Flak Cannon, devilslayersbane set out to do just that and presented our Soviet Flak Trooper with a new toy. Project Leads One Winged Angel and moonsense715 were thoroughly impressed and had to show us internally for opinions and thoughts. Needless to say, we absolutely approved of it and welcomed him aboard with open arms. Official joining as a Modeler, devilslayersbane will be a valuable addition to the Apocalypse Rising team and to our W3D Hub staff. "This gun's heavy." Allied War Factory Internal moonsense715 continues to work diligently on our buildings and has further improved the Allied War Factory, both internally and externally. It's but a few textures away from being complete, and yet moonsense has made amazing progress on this visually appealing structure. "Vehicle ready." Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. Team Messages OWA is currently working on another game that you might just see in a Humble Bundle in January. moonsense715: *Tasks overload* Killing_You has been upgrading vehicle engine and weapon firing sounds. FRAYDO: Ready for the new year! 2017 will be grand! End Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!
  6. [blurb]Come have a look at the new Apocalypse Rising November Update! Good things packed inside![/blurb] Welcome, comrades! As we near November we bring to you another Apocalypse Rising update! This month's update reveals the addition of a crucial structure, a weapon wielded by our dangerous Allied commando, and lastly, Deutschland's finest. Ore Purifier An advanced financial structure, the Ore Purifier refined ore and gems and increased the income of a Commander's base by 25%. This would allow the Commander additional funds with which to further build up their forces and train additional units. While originally an Allied structure, this economical advantage would break the balance between the Allied and Soviet teams. In Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, the Ore Purifier will be a capturable neutral structure. Control of this structure is of great importance and can mean victory or defeat for your team! (The Industrial Plant may or may not also appear ingame as a capturable building, this is to be decided) Created by @Romanov. Sig Sauer The Sig Sauer, Special Agent Tanya's personal choice of sidearm. With a 15-clip magazine combined with her deadly precision, Tanya has mowed down entire enemy infantry battalions with this. We're trying our best to make this weapon dual wielded, but right now ingame it's a two hand-held pistol. Created by @Romanov. Dark metal is hard to pull off good but he nailed it again. Tank Destroyer Deutschland's finest. Available to Germany, the Tank Destroyer is an effective anti-armour unit. Armed with an advanced anti-tank cannon, the Allied Tank Destroyer can punch through Soviet armoured divisions with ease. However, its anti-armour specialisation makes it ineffective against enemy infantry and moderate against structures. Let's see who's tougher! Created by @Romanov. Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modelling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. Team Messages OWA: I am crazy busy at work! D: moonsense715: My brain is completely fried thanks to 9000+ tasks everywhere (W3DHub + RL). Other than that, bots are fun and create laughable situations FRAYDO: We're always taking tester applications! Apply today and get your hands on AR! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Einstein: I swear to Premier Romanov that there is an AR bot named MPRA2 but nobody believes me... I guess when the tests are this crazy and fun, the crazy rubs off! End See you next time
  7. Check out the October Update for Apocalypse Rising! Surprises found inside! Hello, everyone! It's time for another dev update, and is there much to cover! So much so, that we can't fit everything into one update. Progress has steamed ahead and each testing session has become more interesting than the last! With so much content being divided into equal parts, expect several updates as we catch up on our reveals! Today's update: Bots, Attack Dogs, and Spies! Bots In C&C Mode A wonderful feature we are proud to introduce into AR, bots now populate the maps and fight the good fight! Upon the start of each match, AI offensive modules and AI defensive modules are loaded in. Speaking generally, bots that attack and defend join the battle, meaning that players can play the game against the AI! Offensive bots immediately move out to engage and attack the enemy forces. Defensive bots, on the other hand, will remain at base to protect against trespassers. The offensive bots forces comprises your team's ground arsenal, from infantry to tanks. Infantry AI will support friendly tanks and engage enemy infantry. Additionally, they will infiltrate enemy buildings, and will even attack weakpoints within the enemy base! If the unit is armed with C4, they will stick it onto major weakpoints. A little C4 knocking at your door! Tank AI will prioritise enemy armour first before engaging enemy infantry. If properly supported by friendlies, they may even bring down a base defense or two, and then move on to shoot base buildings! Offensive bots battling for field control. The defensive bots forces comprises of basic infantry and engineers. Infantry will be stationed around the base and inside friendly buildings to ward off enemy advances, as well as chasing and killing enemy units that enter the buildings themselves. Engineers will be positioned at Repair Nodes to repair any damages caused to the base, but will leave the building they spawned at to run to other buildings when repair duty or C4 disarming tasks call. Naturally when attacking the enemy base, it would be viable to send soldiers inside to wipe out the repairing personnel. An Engineer bot taking care of a Repair Node. Bots are removed/added back to the game dynamically depending on the playercount (if enough players are ingame, all the bots are gone). This ensures the game is always full of action, even if there are only a few players online. A lot of time has been spent on this new feature by @moonsense715 that makes bots able to play classic C&C mode. In short, the AI learned how to destroy and repair bases. He'll be working on improving offline and online gaming experience in AR by making bots smarter. Soviet bots paradropping. Invasion confirmed! Attack Dogs Attack Dogs have made it ingame, and are purchasable from the Barracks. Both teams have their respective canine companions; the Soviets with the Siberian Husky and the Allies with the German Shepherd. An effective anti-infantry unit, Attack Dogs introduce a new element to close-quarters combat. Consider biting enemy infantry while inside a building! Allied and Soviet Attack Dogs, created by @Romanov, animations by @Jerad2142. Spy Tactical Espionage Action. Always with an affinity for subterfuge, the Allies again employ the use of Spies in the Third World War against the Soviet Union. Armed with his quick wits, a silenced Walther PPK, and a Disguise Kit, the Spy seeks to obtain intelligence and sow confusion among the enemy forces. The Spy's sidearm, the Walther PPK, created by @Romanov. With spotting scope in hand, a Spy may find an enemy infantry (or a driver of an enemy vehicle) to disguise as from a relatively safe distance. Once disguised, the Spy may then bypass enemy base defenses without worry. Moments later, the Soviet base finds itself without power! Fancy that! Secondly, with the same disguise ability, he can act as a decoy unit by targeting teammates. Imagine the soviets seeing 2 Tanyas approaching their base, but they don't know which one is the real threat! @FRAYDO demonstrating @Romanov's disguise scripts. For base infiltration, the Spy has a slowly respawning hacking device at his disposal. This ensures that the Spy cannot sprint from building to building shutting everything down. The mindful Spy will keep note of the cooldown timer of the hacking device, as well as soviet movements within their base while determining which building to infiltrate next. Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modelling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send me or One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. Team Messages OWA: Work at Creative Assembly has been slowing down progress, but the G.I. should *finally* be in the game before the end of October. Also there is work to be done on vehicle cameras now that we have a multitude of new vehicles. Stay tuned for more updates. moonsense715: MEGA amount of dev progress in August and September! Building interiors are done and tons of new units were added to the game core. FRAYDO: Testing sessions have been crazy fun! If you haven't already applied to testership, what are you waiting for?! Romanov: TDBERR Killing You: *Creating lots of sound effects* End Any questions?
  8. Well, hello again everyone. It's been just over a year since we've done one of these, which is pretty bad on our part, but hopefully you'll forgive us in lieu of the wealth of AR info that we're going to be offering today. A lot has happened since the last update; Apocalypse Rising now has a new home at W3D Hub, a new development environment which is already doing the job of proving to ourselves that the gears can once again start turning and that there are still a good amount of W3D developers looking to collaborate if they are given a chance! We've got lots of new assets to show off and we're looking to expand our community and team from here on out. One of the big developments that happened last year was AR's migration to the development build of scripts 5.0! this means that we can make use of the latest and greatest developments from the talented individuals who are pushing the envelope on what the W3D engine can really do! We're thinking that this year will be a great year for AR; we've got a lot of energy back and we're looking to really push forward with the project in a way that couldn't be achieved before. We all hope that the community that we are building here will eventually be the go-to place for all W3D modding, but we'll speak more about that later, so now enjoy the resurgence of Apocalypse Rising! Robot Tank Romanov has done a magnificent job of recreating the Robot Tank for the Allies to utilize in the battlefield. This unit is essentially a hovering drone that mounts a couple of light cannons. Players will need to activate terminals to purchase this vehicle and use it in the battlefield remotely. This means that their character will be vulnerable if the Soviets storm the base, but they will not be killed if their Robot Tank is destroyed. In AR, Robot tanks are a great alternative to the Grizzly Tank in terms of speed and their ability to cross water, however they are not as well armed or armoured as the Grizzly, which is why they are somewhat cheaper. Robot Tank control will eventually be dictated by the Robot Control Centre, but for now their operation will be controlled from terminals in the Air Force Command HQ (until the RCC is modelled). Mirage Tank Romanov has modelled up a new Mirage Tank, since the placeholder model that we have ingame currently is around 10 years old now. We are looking to include more than just Radar Tech in our first release now; so extra battle-lab tech units, such as the Mirage Tank, are being created for full implementation. In AR the Mirage Tank is pretty good against infantry and light to medium vehicles, but it is not as effective against buildings, meaning that any Allied team looking to smash in some Soviet defences will need to back up their Mirages with Prism Tanks (and yes, that means the Prism Tank is coming soon!) Tesla Tank Romanov has also finalised the model for the Russian Tesla Tank (he's been a busy guy this past year!). Soviet Russia has access to this unique, but natural extension of the Tesla Trooper. The Tesla Tank goes against the normal conventions of Soviet Tank design because it is fairly lightly armoured and very mobile. The twin tesla coils mounted on the turret are incredibly effective against enemy infantry as well as being fairly good against vehicles. The Tesla Tank will probably be the first vehicle in the game that makes use of danpaul88's country randomiser. For those of you who don't know, this game mechanic randomly picks from the countries in Red Alert 2 at the beginning of the match so that battles will play out slightly differently each time for the most part. This should hopefully keep the gameplay pretty fresh! Here are some images of the new Tesla Tank, built using the best bits of concept art and RA2 installer renders. Attack Dogs Something that a lot of people have been wondering, ever since the start of AR's development, is whether dogs would eventually be implemented or not. Well I'm pleased to announce that with the hard work of Jerad and Romanov, we have our solution! Jerad from ECW (Expansive Civilian Warfare, the mod that used to be RP2) has recently joined our team to help out with us and eventually fully integrate into W3D Hub (but more on that in a community update). He brings with him a wealth of information on how to create custom character animations and skeletons for Renegade which is incredibly invaluable knowledge given how niche the W3D Engine is. With this, he has been able to set out the framework for attack dogs and how they will be implemented in AR. Here are some videos showing some of the animations in action with a stock model that Jerad bought. Romanov has created the Allied Dog model (a German Shepherd) that will be rigged up to these new animations so that we can use it in AR. Here's a screenshot! Among other things, attack dogs are great against infantry and are especially useful when routing out spies. It is currently being decided on how they will fit into AR's balance, but at the end of the day, they should be an incredibly cool addition! One more thing to note is the fact that now we have a dog skeleton, it will be possible to create Tiberium Fiends for Reborn as well as eventually creating additional skeletons for things such as Floaters, Viceroids and the dreaded Tiberium Veinhole Monster. The possibilities of what we can do with animals and other creatures just became a lot more open! Spys Chronometer and Spyglass Romanov has modelled the "weapon" for the Spy! We say "weapon" because although it acts like a selectable weapon in-game, it is more of a utility. With the Spyglass and Chronometer, you will be able to target any enemy unit from a long distance. This will activate small holographic projectors affixed to the Spy's Tuxedo, making the spy disguise himself as an enemy or friendly unit. Whilst Spies can choose to disguise themselves as enemy units, they can also disguise themselves as friendly units; allowing the Spy to be a SEAL or Tanya decoy to confuse the Soviets. Here's a render of the textured models! We anticipate that the Spy will be a really fun unit to play as once he is in the game! It's refreshing to have a unit that we can really have some fun with and enhance their abilities to shake up the gameplay a bit. Hopefully a smart Spy will cause some entertainment on the battlefield as they troll the Soviets with their abilities! Gurdian G.I.s Spectre M4 Sub-Machine Gun When choosing what weapon we wanted to use for the Guardian G.I., we wanted to pick a weapon that would match the chunky aesthetic of the character. after deciding that using a third MP5 would be a bad idea, we settled on the Spectre M4. Not only does it share similarities with the concept art, it also falls in line with our design for the Allies being a multi-national fighting force that uses guns from all over it's territory (the Spectre being italian). Moonsense has already rigged this weapon up and it's in-game, but you'll have to wait for a screenshot of that. Team Updates We'll hopefully be keeping up this tradition in our new community round-ups! But for now, let's see what people have been up to! OWA managed to procure a job at The Creative Assembly in June of last year. Since then he has worked on and been credited in Alien: Isolation and Total War: Attila as a QA Technician! He has finished the Conscript model and moved on to work on finshing Romanov's G.I., making a new Apocalypse Tank and generally improving the community services! There's an AR forum skin on the way! dtrngd changed his name to moonsense715 and has rerigged all of the weapons with new hands! He also has been working silently on the Allied Airforce Command HQ. danpaul88's been working on the launcher, mainly fixing bugs and upgrading it with new features! cfehunter is back and has joined the graphics/shader department of the engine/scripts team led by Jonwil. Jonwil has been working hard on a ton of new script features for all the mods! Romanov has been modeling and texturing all sorts of assets, as you can see that everywhere in this blog Generalcamo has joined the team and has been working on making aircraft fall on death like in RA2. He should have a video ready soon! Killing_You has been working on vehicle sounds, and will soon be moving on to start on weapon sounds! Dee Bingo and Methelina from the BFD team have been working together on an exciting character model but we can't tell you any details just yet! Squid Empire has been drawing concept art like a machine for developers to use for reference. Nuclear Kommando created a bunch of new Interface graphics and has moved on to upgrade the ingame HUD. Pushwall from BHP helped moonsense with ingame vehicle physics. Byamarro has been lurking around and has textured the Conscript. We are looking for Testers! We need people to test all this cool new stuff we made and are making! If you are interested in becoming a part of history, CLICK HERE to learn how to apply! The last AR Random Corner This is unfortunately the last AR random corner. Luckily for you though, it's a good one! First off we have a sad song to mourn the passing of the Random Corner. If you guys played Metal Gear Solid 3, you'll know how crazy this is. Some interesting archive footage of the Mark VIII Liberty Tank! Also for you 40K fans out there! Here's a remake of Episode 1 of Bruva Alfabusa's If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device! It's a great series for those of you who haven't yet seen it! Finally, to celebrate Space Jam month here at W3D Hub, here's some Command & Slam! The Future of Blogs and Updates Hey guys OWA here. I wanted to address you all directly about how long it's taken to push this update out. I won't lie to you guys and gals, but the time it took to post this was pretty unacceptable on my part (mainly thanks to my escalating work schedule and lack of motivation over the last year), so in lieu of this I've decided to re-vamp the way we deliver our game updates. What I'd like is for our content to be posted as it's finalised, instead of waiting for a big chunk of stuff to release all at once. I feel that smaller updates will help to keep you guys engaged in what's happening as well as help us out with critique at more crucial times. When we founded W3D Hub, one of our goals was to be open to the community about some of the cool stuff we were working on, so this ties into it quite nicely. Through these smaller development updates, you can keep up to speed on the cool stuff that we are doing! Also, for those of you who prefer reading larger updates, so that you don't have to keep checking back, we are also considering running a fortnightly/monthly W3D Hub community roundup, which will include all of the latest developments from all of the mods, as well as keep you guys informed about what's happening in the community. Please feel free to voice your opinions on this, as we'll take it into consideration for our next updates! See you on the battlefield! - OWA
  9. Hey guys! Welcome to the latest Apocalypse Rising Update! We've been letting this one brew for a while, but it's finally time to show you guys what we've been up to. Sorry for the delay! First off before we get into the graphical content, here's a music track to listen to whilst you read; of course, by our resident music maestro, FelipeCZ! Metal Army.mp3 Fort Bradley It seems like a long time ago now, but at the beginning of the year we released a video on moddb that featured a new map! A remake of Fort Bradley, the first Allied mission from Red Alert 2! In the Apocalypse Rising version of the map, you will be protecting New York from the Soviet Invasion by capturing points around the city. Of course, the Soviets will also be trying to do the same so Allies will have their work cut out! We call this game mode 'Invasion'! Those of you who are into the game Minecraft may have noticed that the C&C Minecraft group also did a remake of Fort Bradley recently! Well we are proud to say that we collaborated together to bring you both this video and the Minecraft project! Soviet Sea Invasion! Don't adjust your monitors, because you are reading it right! The Soviets are invading the seas thanks to Romanov! He has been working on the Sea Scorpion and Typhoon Attack Sub! We were originally going to include naval units in a later patch, but we decided that we could implement a couple of soviet units to decorate certain maps with (although the Sea Scorpions might serve as ai defences on some maps to protect against Harrier attacks from the sea). "Good under pressure." The Typhoon is the first naval combat unit available to Soviet players, and requires only a naval yard to construct. Only Allied destroyers and dolphins can detect them while they are submerged. Typhoons are, in turn, also capable of detecting and firing on other submerged units. While the submarines themselves are invisible, the torpedoes are not, which allows an observant player to more or less guess the location of the submarines even if the player can't see the submarines. Typhoon attack submarines can be intentionally surfaced by friendly fire as well. Typhoons also have no defense against aircraft and, unlike the Destroyer, cannot attack ground units. "Nice day for a cruise!" Sea Scorpions can decimate Allied Ospreys, Harriers, Hornets and Rocketeers rapidly with their flak cannon. In numbers, they are a match against a destroyer. With their speed and superb vision range, they can also search the open waters in no time. However, they are relatively frail, so shore defenses or destroyers can pick them off easily. Having no defense against underwater threats also makes them vulnerable to Dolphins. Romanov has paid attention to the details on the ingame model as well as the concept art for the hydrofoil; a unit that would later become the Sea Scorpion. As a patrol boat, the Sea Scorpion is fitted with a flashlight as well as it's powerful flak cannon! Expect this ship to pack a punch! New Units for RC1! Through internal testing, we have discovered that there just aren't enough units to make the gameplay varied across all of the maps. With this in mind, we have decided to reinstate the Mirage Tank and Apocalypse Tank for first release inclusion! We have a feel that the Mirage Tank is a great ambush unit and will be a solid counter to the more solid Apocalypse Tank, whilst the Apoc itself will provide a much needed breakthrough unit for the Soviets to carve a path across the battlefield with. Along with these two units making a comeback, it also gives us the opportunity to include other units as we go along. Who knows, you may see the Battle Fortress and Siege Chopper going onto the purchase lists if they get fully completed! Another unit that we are going to try and push into the first release is the Robot Tank! This amphibious unit will give the allies another route for attack as well as provide them with their own remote-control unit! Romanov has completed the model and the results are fantastic so far! The main advantage of the Robot Tank is that it cannot be mind-controlled. It has a powerful cannon as its primary armament, however it had little armour. Another feature of the tank is that it runs on an advanced hover drive system, allowing it to move quickly, and also navigate over water. Because the tank is stripped down to the essentials, and does not have its own heuristic-based computer to guide it, the tank itself is fairly inexpensive. Robot tanks have no anti-air defence. The Robot Tank is merely the extensions of the robot control center - the tank itself does not possess any intelligence. So, if a Robot Control Center is destroyed or shut down for any reason, all of the Robot Tanks that are currently in the field will also shut down. If the center later comes back online, then the tanks will power up again. Any tanks that happened to be over water when the center was disabled will of course sink, and can not be reactivated. In Apocalypse Rising, the Robot Tanks will not require a Robot Control center initially, but it will be worked in later as an extra structure. Sidebar Graphics AR's resident 2D Graphical Artist, Nuclear_Kommando, has been finishing up his new custom Allied and Soviet-themed sidebars for Apocalypse Rising! Whenever you access a purchase terminal you will be presented with these really nice looking graphics! Not much else to say here as pictures speak louder than words so feast your eyes on the images below! Competition Results! Sorry that this is really late, but we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Apocalypse Rising "Design a Reinforcement Bay" competition! There were some pretty awesome designs posted in the end, but we are pleased to announce that the team has voted Squid Empire's designs as the winners! Honourable mentions go out to Gezking and Eternity 6 who produced some great concepts using Minecraft and Spore; but ultimately it was Squid Empire who won us over by converting one of his designs into an actual Red Alert 2 sprite! So congratulations Squid Empire! We'll be contacting you shortly so you can join us and help us consult on the interior design of the structure, as well as other bits and pieces relating to the Reinforcement Bay! Team Updates! So what has everybody been doing over these months.One_Winged_Angel celebrated his birthday on the 12th. He's now 24! dtrngd has moved to Germany and is still working on Fort Bradley! danpaul88 has been working on the launcher and getting patches out for reborn. Romanov has just started his fourth year studying computer science! Dee Bingo is back! Killing_You joined the team and has been making sounds! Dawnblaze will be back at the end of February! Teamwolf has been drinking heavily. Triattack has been working on a new APB throwback event (details to follow). The rest of the team are baaaaaaaaaack! Apocalypse Rising Random Corner! In true Apocalypse Rising fashion we have some funny videos to finish off this update with! Goat Simulator! Zlad - Elektronik Supersonik! If you don't know about OpenRA, now you do! See you next time! Hopefully soon yes!
  10. Welcome to this long overdue update for Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising. The only project in the entire world that is dedicated to bringing you a Red Alert 2 shooter experience for the low, low price of free! A Message from the Team Red Alert 2: Ablogalpyse Writing Alright comrades, now that the serious stuff is out of the way; grab your pickaxe and stock up on ammo because today's update is related to the Chrono Miner script and new weapons! We also have some pretty new content to show you! Also, happy Halloween everyone! Chrono Miner Scripts As you may know the Chrono Miner is fully working in game. The way a Chrono Miner works when driver by a player is really simple; you drive to the ore patch, harvest the ore, then once you are full of the precious metals, you press Q and boom! You are chronoshifting back to the refinery. Then you can unload the ore to process it into credits for your team and start the whole mining cycle again. An interesting tactic that has become a bi-product of this vehicle's abilities, is the option to use it as a trojan horse of sorts. Chrono Miners can be used to draw the enemy fire, whilst Grizzly tanks hammer away at the base defences. Then, the miners can return to what they were doing previously; since they can simply chronoshift away from the battle and back to the safety of the Allied Ore Refinery. To give you an example, here's a little video. Fort Bradley When we started developing Apocalypse Rising a few years ago, we asked around the community to see whether any of the similar (but dead) projects were able to give us their assets as a headstart. One of the projects we acquired was a Battlefield Vietnam mod called Verge of Armageddon; developed by DarkAngel (yes the very same) and Svensmokavich. A map that came with those assets was a reacreation of the opening mission of Red Alert 2; Lone Guardian. After acquiring a model of the Statue of Liberty from another dead project, dtrngd decided that it was time we had a map that could really sum up what Apocalypse Rising is trying to achieve; a Red Alert 2 FPS experience. What better way than to fill the skies of Manhattan with Kirov Airships and blow up the Statue of Liberty! This map will feature a new game mode: Invasion. In this game mode, Allies will have a base, but Soviets will not. The Allies have to defend points around the city from an airborne Soviet invasion force. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that all Soviet forces are para-dropped into the battle and must then capture the points in the city in order to win the game. We envision this game mode to play out similarly to Battlefield's Conquest mode, but with a few unique Red Alert 2-esque twists! Country Swing BogdanV started making a new map. This map is based on the RA2 desert-based map, Country Swing. For those of you who don't know what the map looks like in RA2, here is an overview of it. He has started on the map itself in 3ds max which is shaping up to be pretty good. The main point of contention will be the middle choke point of the map, but there will be also ways in which you can flank around to avoid it. AWP Sniper Rifle Romanov has been really cranking out the models lately and the AWP is no exception. This powerful Sniper Rifle is the British Sniper's best friend and it is highly effective against infantry units. Allies will get a 1 in 5 chance to wield this powerful weapon every round, as the country selection won't always land on Britain. However, if Britain is selected then Soviet infantry will definitely have to keep their eyes peeled for that guy who loves to camp; the British Sniper! Javelin Launcher When the Guardian G.I. deploys, he gets armed with this deadly rocket launcher weapon to turn Soviet armour battalions into scrap metal. Shiny! There was a lot of debate over what the Guardian G.I.'s deployed weapon should be. First it was an AT-4, then it was an SMAW, but we've finally settled on the Javelin because of three key points. -The Guardian G.I.'s deployed weapon is called "Javelin" in the RA2 ini files. -In RA2, the weapon appears to be wire-guided, like the real-life Javelin. -The weapon is able to take on both ground and air targets, just like the real-life Javelin. Romanov has done another great job on this. I think we know who the team member of the month (or last few months even) is. Robot Tank Artwork Byamarro has whipped up some great concept for the Robot Tank. This picture gives a look into how the Robot Tank should appear once finished. This is complete with a little satellite on the back so it can communicate with the Robot Control Center. Competition Time So, we've been having a big think recently and have decided to deviate from Red Alert 2 just a tiny bit. Don't worry though! It's a move that is sure to make the game a lot more fun! We want to add a new structure for each faction, but we need you (the community) to design it for us! If you can't make 3d models, then don't worry! You can still submit 2d drawings/images for your entry to the competition! So what do we need you guys to design? Well, he's an explanation of what we're looking for. One thing that we have observed through playing games of Renegade, APB and TSR is the fact that the gameplay slows down and becomes less enjoyable when ingame structures are lost. For example, losing your War Factory and Helipad on Ridgewar in APB after the first enemy rush can make it pretty hard to come back from; not to mention the fact that you have to walk everywhere due to the lack of vehicles. Another example, although not as extreme, would be on TSR's Grand Canyon map. Losing a War Factory on that map can mean for some painfully long walks across the battlefield with little-to-no infantry cover. So what do we intend to implement? The short answer is; a dedicated structure to provide reinforcement units that can be purchased at a higher price than normal once the War Factory or Barracks has been destroyed. It will function kind of like the Starport from the Dune RTS games. We call it the 'Reinforcement Bay'. List of gameplay features:The reinforcement bay is an indestructible structure featured on all C&C-mode maps. Players can use it as a secondary War Factory queue at no extra cost whilst the War Factory is still functional. If the War Factory is destroyed, players will be able to continue buying basic vehicles from the Reinforcement Bay at an increased price. These vehicles will be air-dropped via parachute (a bit like the Nod Airstrip in Renegade). If the Barracks is destroyed, you can buy basic soldier kits from the Reinforcement Bay at an increased price. When the Refinery is destroyed, the Reinforcement Bay will begin producing credits every once in a while (Think of the USA Supply Drop Zone from Generals). The credits will be para-dropped in and give every member of the team a fixed amount; although it won't be as regular as a Refinery dump. The Reinforcement Bay will constantly spawn Supply Trucks (maximum of: 3), this will allow players access to transport even when they don't have any cash. List of design requirements:A minimum of 1 room(s) is/are required to allow players to spawn at the Reinforcement Bay and purchase items. The Reinforcement Bay must have a Helipad/Drop Zone that is large enough for vehicles to land and drive off of. The Reinforcement Bay needs to have a garage that will allow Supply Trucks to spawn and drive out. Basic Concept: Here is a simple model that we threw together to show you guys the type of thing we are looking for (in case you wanted a visual idea). Notice the air pad, the supply truck garage and basic hut-type structure. Competition Rules:You may enter as many times as you like! So if you want to do an Allied Reinforcement bay and a Soviet one, you can! Your entry must be emailed to bluehellproductions@gmail.com, PM'd to One Winged Angel or posted in the competition thread! This competition will close on the 1st of December! This gives you all one month to design your structure(s)! The winner will get their structure(s) modelled and put in-game as the official designs for the Reinforcement Bay! A thread for this competition can be found here! Feel free to discuss your designs and ask any questions you may have about the competition in the thread! Community Announcements! So let's see what the team has been up to! OWA has been meeting up with BHP community members (from left to right: TerrorTowers, TeamWolf, Kane000, OWA) at Comicon London! dtrngd has been working on all manners of Level Edit, using all manners of SVN. danpaul88 has been working on loads of new surprises for you all! Romanov has been modelling and texturing like a boss! TeamWolf has been working on Isle of War! The rest of the team has been gearing back up to tackle some more AR work now that Reborn is out! Also worth mentioning is the fact that we are running a RenAlert 9935 throwback event that kicks off on Monday next week! If you want to find out more, click on the picture below! Finally, the community team extends their invitation to come and join a Halloween TeamSpeak and TinyChat event this evening at 10pm EST/2AM GMT! We'll all be dressing up and getting on camera in the name of Halloween (also so that Venom can add more pics to her collection of course )! So come join us on TeamSpeak at ts.bluehellproductions.com for frightening fun and spooky frolics! The Random Corner! Here's a few funny videos to laugh at before we sign off on this update! We like adding these to show you guys that we have a sense of humour. Some Medieval Fun Times! Some Space Marine Nerdiness And finally! Don't forget to REMOVE GDI! That's all folks! We'll catch you next time for another Apocalypse Rising Update! In the meantime, don't forget to enter our competition and attend the 9935 event next week! Lots of things to do next month, starting tomorrow! If you guys have any questions about the competition or anything else mentioned in the blog, please don't hesitate to ask!
  11. Heya everyone! Sorry for the lack of correspondence recently; we've been pretty busy, but not with AR. This update covers March, but it's been posted in April, so we can't really call it the March update. Since things have taken off with Reborn, we've switched production over so that we can essentially turbo-release Reborn and get something out this year. This has left AR with not much progress lately. It's not dead, but we're just not working on it currently because Reborn is more important and closer to release. Here's what the team have been doing recently: OWA has been working on Reborn dtrngd has been working on Reborn danpaul88 has been working on Reborn ChAoS has been rigging weapons for AR! Romanov has been modelling weapons for AR. The rest of the team have been working on other things in the background. New Infantry We decided that it was time to kick out the renegade infantry for good because AR needs a release sometime this year (hopefully after Reborn is out). So we've borrowed some infantry models from C&C Reborn, so that we can release something that doesn't have any bits of Renegade in it anymore. We'll be releasing AR with these new models (after Reborn) if OWA doesn't come up with something soon, since AR has been dormant for too long and we want you guys to play it. We've chosen appropriate replacements for each unit in the game, so check them out below! first up we have the GDI Soldier replacement for the G.I. The name G.I. is kind of nearly GDI, so we figured this GDI unit would be the best replacement. He even comes with sandbags! The second replacement is the Cyborg for the Soviet Conscript. We figured that the Conscripts are kind of like robots and both Cyborg and Conscript start with the letter C so it'd be the best choice! The next replacement is the Mutant Hijacker for Crazy Ivan. We figured that the Hijacker is pretty crazy himself, listening to that hip hop music all the time, so he'd be a perfect Crazy Ivan. We also figured that the Flame Trooper would be a good replacement for the Tesla Trooper because they both have dome shaped heads (plus the Flamer model isn't being used by Reborn anymore). In this screenshot you can see him getting a +5 reading bonus at the bookcase (another new game mechanic we'll discuss at a later time). The final image is again of the Cyborg Conscript looking at a new unit that'll be making it's way into the AR release candidate. It's not Radar tech, but because it's OWA's favourite unit we decided that the Siege Chopper should be in the first release (Allies are getting the Battle Fortress to counter this). New Forum Skin This has been a while coming, but OWA is proud to announce that the new APB-themed forum skin is nearly ready for the public. there's just a few colour changes to make with certain obscure menus, but after that it should be ready to rock and roll! Not much more to say on this, so here's a nice preview of what to expect. Random Corner Since there's not really much else going on at the moment, let's head straight into the random corner for some funny videos. Bad lip reading at the NFL Hentry the Hoover Challenge Game! Chi-Ha is Tierless! Finish Sorry for not having that much this time guys, but hopefully we should have more for you when we make our next update in 6 months time. See you all then!
  12. Welcome to this November/Movember update comrades! We're celebrating this month of growing charitable facial hair by dedicating this update to the man with the most face fuzz in Red Alert 2! You guessed it; it's General Vladimir! Anyway, here's what those scoundrels on the AR team have been doing recently: - OWA grew a moustache for charity (pictures to follow), he's also been working on the Conscript model. - dtrngd has been working on optimizing the base buildings so that they don't lag the game out. He's currently working on a quick fix using LOD, but they will be VIS'd later. - danpaul88 has been working on some Conquest mode scripts. This is essentially a Battlefield-style mode where teams compete to control points on the map. Captured points means more score for your team. The first team to reach the target score wins! - ChAoS has been working on the weapon hand rigs. Check them out in this update! - Ric has been working on the internals for the Air Force Command HQ. We've got a great idea on what we're going to do with this structure and it should prove to be one of the most exciting interiors yet! - Dawnblaze has been working on updating BogdanV's spy plane model and getting it ready to unwrap. - Romanov has been modelling a Javelin missile launcher for the Guardian GI Tester Recruitment Open! The wait is over ladies and gentlemen! We are now hiring testers to playtest all three of BHP's games; AR, APB and TSR Either fire an email off to bluehellproductions@gmail.com or pm either Chronojam, One Winged Angel or Wallywood on the forums and tell us why you think you'd make an awesome tester! Good luck to you all! Soviet Conscript But this guy was done! Why are you re-making him again?! The short answer? He was literally too short. This meant his neck bent in the wrong place which looked pretty weird. Also some new references were found and the model was corrected to fit them. One Winged Angel has been making these updates, since this is his pet project. This is the best version of the conscript yet and should prove to be the final model. Please Note: On the second image the shoulder pads have been removed because they clip through the arms, however this will be remedied when the character is rigged, since the arms will fold down instead of being stuck in a T pose. Also, the coat hasn't been modelled over the legs yet. This is still very much a work in progress. Javelin Launcher Romanov has been modelling a Javelin launcher for the Guardian GI. w were originally going to go with an AT4, then an SMAW, but now we've finally settled on the Javelin launcher; partly due to the GGI's weapon in rules.ini being called JavelinMissile. He's made a great start on this and the model is about ready to unwrap now! ACHQ Update Ric has been working on the interior for the Air Force Command HQ! This structure will be where you'll need to go if you want to fly a Harrier or get para-dropped out of a plane (USA only). The structure will have several rooms above ground, along with a large underground basement where the Harriers will be built. There will be four elevators which will correspond to the four landing pads; so that when you build a Harrier, it will be brought up to the ground level from the basement. Here are a few pictures! ChAoS's rigging progress ChAoS has been rigging up the weapons in first person view with a little help from Eggman891. these use the new hand rig that was going to be in APB until the project was put on hold for some reason. These new weapon poses will preally help to define AR as it's own game and pull it away from Renegade even more! Kudos to ChAoS for taking on this job because it's tricky to get right and he's doing a great job! Take a look at the rigs for the MP5, the Beretta and the Electric Drill! You may be wondering about the HUD that is shown in those screenshots. It is a HUD made by Deathlink6.0 of the RenegadeX team, but has been modified by Soulhunter to work with Scripts 4.0 and therefore AR. We plan to tweak it for our own use later on, but thanks goes out to the authors of this cool HUD for the awesome work they have done! Hopefully they approve of its inclusion in AR! Forum Skin The new forum skin has been given to the testers for bug checking. After the bugs have been squashed it should be rolled out for everyone to use! Here's a reminder of what you'll get when this is rolled out! Random RA2 Corner Some video goodness right here! Battlefield 2 at it's worst best These guys love Battleships Here's a video with some neat cosplay in it. (Fun fact, the Red Engineer that is at the beginning of the video is OWA!) End Drop by next month for some more good stuff!
  13. Intro Welcome to the Halloween update! (Although there's nothing really scary or Halloween-related about it). We've been hard at work on AR this month, getting lots of new art assets ready to get in-game and forging ahead with the project as best we can. Our new team members have fitted right in so far and we're all having fun making this game into something that you guys will really enjoy playing when the time comes. OWA has been working on finding a job and may have something exciting coming up. dtrngd release Beta 2 to the testers and it's going down really well! (New tester signups will be happening after we have a staff meeting with the other BHP teams). ChAoS has been rigging weapons (with a little help from Eggman891) for first and third person views. These look great so far, but more on those next month. Byamarro has been working on a few different things; textures, odd bits of artwork and a video with FelipeCZ. Bogdan has done some more work on destroying civilian structures. Check out the new bridges further down! Dawnblaze is modelling lots of nice structures and weapons. (His latest project is rather Grand). Teamwolf managed to get Isle of War ready for Beta 2, so we have a new map to play with now! Catalyst is a pony and he knows it. That's just about all of the team news for now, let's get to the meaty bits of news! New Staff Another comrade has joined our cause to bring this game to the fans faster: let's give a warm welcome to Romanov! He is here to create nice models and slap some great paintwork onto them as well, which means he is a 3D/2D artist! New G.I. Romanov jumped into work right away and with a few design instructions and help from One Winged Angel, he has produced us a new GI. Those of you may have seen the other model by Fango two years ago, but unfortunately he has gotten busy and we never got the chance to get the model. Nevertheless, the new model is here, and is going to be textured fairly soon. Updated AR Intro Byamarro and FelipeCZ has been working together to create a new game logo intro for us. It's still not complete, but here's a preview of it: <iframe width="640" height="480" src=" http://www.youtube.com/embed/P2WtbwyHVKk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Portable Flak Cannon Dawnblaze has produced a fresh new Portable Flak Cannon model for the Soviet Flak Trooper. It's the portable version of the regular Soviet Flak Cannon defense, nigthmare of all those Harriers, Nighthawks, Rocketeers and anything else that is an airborne threat to the Motherland! A Bridge Too Near (The Road) Now that our first urban type map, Isle of War is getting into the beta test builds, we were in need of the bridges and roads from Red Alert 2; but with better art than we had before. First, Ric has created the roads: They are very easy to place next to each other and match perfectly, so mappers will have some fun putting these around their cities. Just like those Lego road tiles you can get. Second, BogdanV is currently working on the bridges and their destroyed variants. Here's a glance of what they will look like after shooting them to "death": Note that this is still a WIP image of the bridges, the models and textures aren't 100% complete yet. Random RA2 Corner What if Yuri's army was part of the RA2 Allied and Soviet storylines? What if the Allied forces were to run into Yuri's psychic defenses when rushing the Kremlin in the final mission? The answer is below! Also, some Nintendo themed videos this time! <iframe width="640" height="480" src=" http://www.youtube.com/embed/sAzzbrFgcUw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> <iframe width="853" height="480" src=" http://www.youtube.com/embed/sAtWQ_xn0kI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> End Thanks for reading this update! There had to be something Halloween related in all of this, so here is the Monster Mash. <iframe width="640" height="480" src=" http://www.youtube.com/embed/AxcM3nCsglA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  14. Intro Welcome to the Apocalypse Rising September update! We've been working hard on the game to push the latest beta out for the testers. Lots of things have been happening in the background and we're pretty much back and active again after the period of inactivity we experienced between February and August. True to our word, here's the update for September. Here's what the team's been up to by the way: One Winged Angel has been job searching, but no luck just yet. dtrngd has been coordinating the new staff members to get into their position easier. danpaul88 is out of hospital now, which is awesome. BogdanV has moved to the UK now and One Winged Angel met up with him a few days ago for a secret transfer of super top secret AR files. ChAoS has been sharpening his rusted rigging skills and started making the SEAL's MP5-N ingame-ready with the new hands. Byamarro has been working on a lots of cool stuff. Videos and webby things. Eggman891 has been helping out ChAoS here and there. Teamwolf has been working on Isle of War. Before we hit into the AR updates, we have a couple of things to announce! Firstly, the APB classic forum skin is almost ready! Expect it sometime next month. Secondly, we'll be looking to hire a new batch of testers very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement! More New Faces We've hired some more new team members to help us out with the game! Say hello to Dawnblaze, Axelia, and FelipeCZ! Dawnblaze is a 3d artist who works using Autodesk Maya. This program is different from the 3d creation program we use (3d Studio Max), but it features the ability to export the files to the formats we need. He has started working officially for us by modelling the Portable Flak Cannon for the Flak Trooper! Axelia is a friend of OWA's from real life who he met at the graduation ceremony this year. She is an expert on game design theory, documentation and organisation; so she will be helping to keep the team on the right track, brainstorm ideas for the game and help us write some of those all important documents that back up the game when it's released. User manuals and the like. She's a fan of Red Alert 2, so she knows her stuff! FelipeCZ is our final new team member this time around. He is a composer/musician who will be helping us write original music for the game! New Textures Byamarro has been working on re-texturing the War Miner to make it look truer to RA2. He's done a pretty good job with this and it's definitely an improvement on the old War Miner texture. Check it out below! BogdanV's Destructible Building BogdanV has been working on a few destruction animations for various civilian structures. Here's a video of the office block getting roughed up a bit. Bogdan has also been working on some new bridges for the testers to blow up! <center><iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/kw1FwFLkLsI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></center> Allied Walls DawnBlaze's "test" model was remaking the old Allied Walls. Test modelling is a process every new 3d artist has to go through before they get hired. The walls have turned out pretty neat compared to the ones we had before and they've immediately made it into the game. Here's a few shots of the old walls and the new one: Old! New! V3 Aim Helper Currently, one of the the most underpowered units in Apocalypse Rising is the V3 Rocket Launcher. We've been playing around with different rocket trajectories and such, but at the end of the day, the arc of the rocket is so important to the RA2-ness of the unit that we can't really tone it down to make it easier to shoot. This is why we have approached the problem from a different angle. In the next test build, the V3 will be equipped with an aim helper. This feature allows you to switch your primary weapon (by hitting Q), to an aim-helping trajectory line that will help players to get their shots on target 99.9% of the time. Some people may argue that this takes the skill out of using the V3, but the reality was that the V3 was so hard to aim without the helper that even the best of us would have had a lot of trouble. Hopefully this will make the V3 a better option for new players who want the satisfaction of blowing things up with comically sized rockets! Here's a screenshot of the aim helper in action! The green squares will be changed to something more suitable before the game is released. New Music FilipeCZ has been cracking on with some music for the game! The first track he's made up for us is called Counter Espionage. It sounds pretty Klepacki-esque so it should fit right in with the rest of the RA2 soundtrack. Take a listen for yourselves using the magic mp3 player thingy below! Counter Espionage http://www.mp-gaming.com/ar/dt/CounterEspionage.mp3 The Random CornerHere's come random videos for you guys to have a chuckle before we're all done here! <center><iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YmokqDrIBKg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ztRBs3riPsA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zUrqoI-vA8U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center> We're done here!Come back next month for more fun and ARness!
  15. Welcome one and all to this long and overdue update from us over at the AR team! Despite the gap between our last update and this one, we're still very much alive and kicking. development has been slow this past few months as the team has gone through education, exams and other life events that take away our AR-time from us. Let me just take this opportunity to update you guys on what we've been doing and introduce a couple of new staff members before we hit into the game updates. One Winged Angel has graduated and achieved his wizard's diploma Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Games Design. Applause!! Also a picture of the man himself in some silly clothes. dtrngd has been on holidays but is now back to work. danpaul88 has recently been taken ill. We all wish him a speedy recovery! cfehunter got a placement and is now working as a programmer for a year! BogdanV is back in action and has been working on destruction animations for civilian buildings. Destructible cities in my AR? Yes please! (This also means destructible bridges too by the way). Eggman891 is going to work with ChAoS to bring good quality first person arms to AR. This means no more Rene-arms! Chevy787 has been taking a break, but will be back to work when he has time again. Guy with a wrench has gone missing. Teamwolf's been working on Isle of War, but he's also been having a lot of success with Battle For Dune: War of Assassins! The rest of the team has been busy with other things. New team members Let's give a warm welcome to TWO new members in the BHP family: Byamarro and Deik10 (formerly known as Silverlight)! Byamarro is here to do general texturing work. This is excellent since we were in desperate need of such an artist! Deik10 has joined to help us with various graphics, such as the Main Menu, the Sidebar, Help screens and so on. These great team additions should speed up our work a little bit and should bring more stuff to show you guys in the coming blogs too, so stay tuned! Game Updates Ever since dtrngd has gotten his hands over the main game build, he's been doing a lot of Level Edit work. Here are the main points he has changed since the Beta 1 test build: New Points System The points system was giving just as much score as veterancy points, which turned out to be extremely unbalanced during the test games. It has been completely revamped and should prove much better. Veterancy Upgrades The upgraded weapons of veteran/elite units have become more powerful, not to mention elite units now acquire their X-Treme weapon, which pack much more firepower than the previous elite upgrades, each with a special addition (for example, double-shell for Grizzly tanks) Here's a full list of what a promotion gives you in the current test build: Veteran Rank *15% faster reload (vehicles) *15% increased range (infantry) *15% better accuracy (spray weapons) *15% more damage dealt *15% resistance against all warhead types Elite Rank *15% faster reload (vehicles)(Note: vehicles with double shell upgrade get the regular reload time back.) *25% increased range (infantry) *25% better accuracy (spray weapons) *25% more damage dealt *25% resistance against all warhead types *Special weapon upgrade (surprise for players ) *Explosive splash damage added (rockets and tank shells) *Health + armour regeneration Battle Fortress When One Winged Angel was doing his masters thesis, he wanted it to tie in to Apocalypse Rising in some way, so when it turned out that he was doing an investigation into team-based multiplayer vehicles, the Battle Fortress was an obvious choice. In AR, the Battle Fortress will be a major threat for the soviets to contend with on the battlefield, but only if the Allies have the teamwork to utilise it's full potential. This behemoth is only armed with a machine gun when only one person is making use of it, so more players have to commit themselves to give the vehicle a wider range of potential. We're expanding the amount of abilities that the Battle Fortress has in AR, compared to RA2. That means that infantry units that had no special weapons inside a Battle Fortress will (within reason); this gives the vehicle a potential support role. Want a bigger repair vehicle? Just put 5 engineers into a Battle Fortress and repair all of your team-mates as they head into battle. You may have seen the vehicle model already on Teamspeak or Facebook, but here it is in all it's glory. dtrngd will be putting this ingame when he gets the model, so it may appear as a special crate unit in the debut release. Dolphin Ketsi is a university friend of One Winged Angel's, who specialises in modelling all sorts of organic creatures. She made the Giant Squid that was shown in the last update and has since made us an awesome Dolphin (his name is Lumpy) to counter it! We decided to take more of an inspiration from RA3 with the Dolphin, since it's RA2 incarnation hadn't really got any decent art references for us to work from. The Dolphin will be really effective at countering Giant Squids. Unlike units such as the Terror Drone and Robot Tank, that are pilot-less, the Dolphin will not be remote controlled. When you purchase a Dolphin, you will spawn in the water and become it. Here's a render of the Allies' flippery friend, Lumpy the Dolphin! Soviet Barracks update Work was halted a while ago on this structure when our former texture artist, TheBeerinator moved over to our sister project, A Path Beyond to help with their paint jobs. But now that Byamarro is with us, he and dtrngd resumed work on the Soviet Barracks internals. Here are a few images of the latest changes: Purchase Icons Deik10 has already jumped into deep water, he is working on the sidebar graphics. Here's a sample of his first attempt at the IFV and V3 Launcher purchase icons: Forum Skins The forum skins we've had on this new forum, haven't really been very C&C-ish, so One Winged Angel has set about making some new ones. He's made an excellent start on a replica of the old A Path Beyond forum skin which will hopefully be rolled out publically soon. This will follow with a Reborn skin, an AR skin, a BHP skin an possibly some faction specific skins as well. Let us know if you have an idea for a skin and we'll consider it, but for now, here's the APB skin in all it's new-old glory. Recruitment We have a shiny new recruitment image! Feel free to spam it around to support AR and help us finish the game faster! AR Team's Funny Corner <center><iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/68ceVELA-VA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> 4 Year Old Calls 911 For MATH HELP!! <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QxcCC2g1Ke0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Police academy guy does electric guitar with his VOICE o_O</center> Grand Finale We're going to hopefully try and squeeze out a new update once a month, so watch this space!