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  1. ganein14

    Don't forget the mech spam and sneaky tanyas...
  2. ganein14

    Neither usually. My Steam account is on almost all the time though.
  3. ganein14

    Will do that right now. Update: Nope, it started to download something, but it said that it failed to download something....
  4. ganein14

    No, I did what was told of me and I still can't join the server. Short of doing a complete reinstall of IA, I'm at a loss of what to do.
  5. ganein14

    Sorry for the delay, was apart of the Centurylink outage. No, running the game.exe itself as admin fixes nothing. Either through the launcher or the game itself. I can play it in LAN mode just fine, its connecting to the servers itself is the problem
  6. ganein14

    I have that as default for the launcher, but without being able to find the local file, I can't run the game itself as an admin.
  7. ganein14

    Yes, that did nothing.
  8. ganein14

    This is what I'm getting. I was able to play before @dblaney1 made a hot fix to things and this is what I'm getting. There's no option to update my client from the launcher either.
  9. ganein14

    For some reason, there are new files on the server, but the W3D launcher won't download them. It only says that it fails to download them and nothing more. Also, there is no local file created that the launcher can find and open up. I don't know if this applies to others, but if so, I'd like it to be known. If not, then I'd like to know how I fucked something up without doing anything to it.
  10. ganein14

    Loving the changes being made all around! Would the Tib growth machine affect all colors of tib? And if you build more than one, will it speed up how fast it grows?
  11. ganein14

    Please for the love of everyone's sanity, at least learn how to use periods.
  12. ganein14

    I was Pushwall, and it SUUUUUUUCKED!!!!! Not to mention the constant harassment from Longbows and you'd be lucky to have just one mammoth tank with full health to take the brunt of the turret fire, let alone half.
  13. ganein14

    Well, unless Fraynub gets a demotion, he is the Head of PR.
  14. ganein14

    So if the naughty ones get coal...what do the extra naughty ones get? Less coal? Raw carbon?
  15. ganein14

    I generally like to think I'm a nice person, but I do have a tendency to put number one first IRL.