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  1. ganein14

    They probably think we're too blinded by nostalgia for them to care about their greed.
  2. ganein14

    I think the last game that had EA's mark on it that I bought was Red Alert 3.
  3. ganein14

    This is just my two cents on the matter, but why not give Volkov a general buff in all aspects, but limit him to one per team?
  4. So you're saying that just because you don't like something...we should stop working on it despite all of the effort that has already been put into it. I'm just going to stay quiet and let a mod handle this... @Einstein
  5. I suggest you watch what you say. Quite a few people here happen to enjoy ECW, and a few of us (myself included) have put close to eight or nine years of work into this project. @Jerad2142 has pretty much been the only real driving force behind this project, as without him this wouldn't have been possible for the others to achieve.
  6. I know how to take out the Defiant without getting hit in a dreadnaught, but the problem is that it pretty much requires no fog, a very large view range and some time to spare.
  7. Why should Jerad2142 stop updating ECW?
  8. What do you have your view distance set to?
  9. ganein14

  10. ganein14

    ECW is worked on by only one person here (to my knowledge at least). The only possible thing that ECW and AR have in common when ECW was in development, is that they shared the same pool of testers when it migrated here.
  11. ganein14

    Calm down...I don't mean to be or sound rude, or backseat mod if one could consider it that, but this kind of overbearing attitude tends to be what kills mods. Besides, everyone that's working on AR, testers included, is doing so of their own free time. We all have lives beyond games that come first.
  12. ganein14

    totd too OP...plez bant.
  13. ganein14

    It's after I fixed it. Sorry about that.
  14. ganein14

    Here's the link to the version that was too large to upload here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TfboJd6AvcQv3KnCvSUaQHJXNyuy0dgS
  15. ganein14

    I'll see what I can do about uploading it. I don't have much money to spare, so I won't be able to use Dropbox.