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  1. He still has until midnight (your time) to post.
  2. I have come back from the grave to say Bah humbug.
  3. I may not have played in a long time, but if it's still a thing....remove the sticky bomb's ability to harm buildings.
  4. Judging from the looks of it, all Medal had to do was pop open a door to the PP and toss stickies onto the MCT. Unless their throwing range was nerfed into the ground. In that case, look at Threve's options.
  5. I don't think Liten approves of anything...
  6. Just to help spread Christmas cheer to others.
  7. Mine would be either money or meteor....heavy lean on meteor though...
  8. Good luck getting a hold of some, but thermite would be a fitting death.
  9. Why not have an option to buy the Obelisk/AGT back like the other buildings?
  10. Just spam Orca Bombers or Jumpjet troopers to kill them: Or conversely counter Nod artillery with Nod artillery.
  11. For references sake, look at the biggest tank ever produced: the Maus, and you'll see why tanks don't get bigger.
  12. The only launcher I agree needs a buff, if even the slightest, is the AGT one.
  13. Then outside of proxies, how would you counter such a thing? Especially if said spy could be lucky enough to pick up a repair gun?
  14. Make the mushroom unkillable and expire after the Peony's fifth shot. If two are fired within that time by the same Peony, they should merge and become a Super Mushroom that would lay waste to everything around it. /endpartialsarcasm
  15. Then it's probably your drive that's FUBAR. I've had that happen to me when Windows ME was still relevant.
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