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  1. Hello! Welcome to W3D. As for your questions, TS:R 2.0 is still in developement and thus not available to the public, yet. The server itself though I have no idea.
  2. Let me help you with that Einstein.
  3. Welcome guest, what Einstein said is good advice to listen to, as an outdated OS would leave you quite vulnerable as any back doors that haven't been patched, could be readily exploited by those with evil intent. Aside from all of that though, in my personal opinion, Tiberian Sun: Reborn is currently the less demanding of the two that are currently out.
  4. Despite the fact that I haven't been in a game of APB in a long time, I still enjoy seeing your content Raap. If you don't believe what I said though, I think my current avatar will display my feelings well enough.
  5. While that's good to hear, you should at least wait for someone from the dev team to announce it. Or ask them if you can announce it for them.
  6. Serious?! How is it possible for something to not have enough ram to delete things!?
  7. ...I'd consider that forum a lost cause for anything regarding discussion as to the sheer amount of spam from bots there...
  8. Wait, that site's still active? I thought it had been shut down and had fully migrated over to here...
  9. LOL, forget assault gap, I think you've topped that with the assault MCV.
  10. Can anyone recommend me and others here for future reference, some mods for C&C 3 and how to install them for the steam version?
  11. Never has this been more an apt time for this picture.
  12. @Timeaua next time, lure it onto a bridge, and then bomb the bridge.
  13. @thedisclaimitory PLEASE, pay attention to what's being said to you, and practice typing real English and proper grammar. I'm willing to forgive a lot when it comes to the English language as I know it's a hard one to learn if it's not your native language, but I feel like I'm getting brain and eye cancer trying to read and understand your posts. Back on topic though, I've been away from the testing scene for a little while and am eager to see what surprises this update will bring.
  14. Totd OP, please nerf or bant.
  15. Excellent job on the introduction for ECW Testament. Far better than I could've done.