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  1. ganein14

    Same here.
  2. ganein14

    Whelp, time to go sharpen my axe
  3. ganein14

    Has the Plain of Elemental wood finally opened?
  4. ganein14

    ganein14's quesiton (pronounced gain-in four-teen) : Were there any tracks you wish could've been implemented into the games you developed them for, but were cut for various reasons?
  5. ganein14

    Then why not add something that the original Shallow Grave didn't? Say, something like defenses and walls? Perhaps even a Gap generator and/or Coil or two to help with the defense?
  6. ganein14

    I think this would be an interesting addition to the forum. Though I think we shouldn't have to pay for some icons.
  7. ganein14

    I'd kill to see Shallow Grave remade. Especially if it had the song Journey playing throughout it.
  8. ganein14

    It's too boring in here too.
  9. ganein14

    Same here, as you can't easily camp the subs/boats as they come out.
  10. ganein14

    I still remember the days of when Phase tanks were invisible not only to radar, but soviet defenses as well when they were cloaked. It was always worth a laugh or two to see the reaction of a soviet player bought a demo truck and found it blowing up right in the middle of the base.
  11. ganein14

    Or customize the sound that plays?
  12. ganein14

    What if one had the money and knowledge to set up and buy a server of their own for us to use here in the NA?
  13. ganein14

    Just out of curiosity, is Camos Canyon the only tech 5 map with bot support?
  14. ganein14

    Here's to hoping that we'll eventually see first person reload animations