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  1. Hmm, I thought I had the ability to move topics, but it appears I cannot. @OWA can I request you move this to "General Discussion/Help & Support"?
  2. Veyrdite

    I have not been playing this IA for a while, but I had similar feelings coming from mpf's IA. It always "feels" disappointing when you discover a weapon/vehicle has been nerfed, as it renders some built-up player knowledge useless and puts you back at square one (like games that take away all of your weapons without warning once you get to a certain mission). I think sadly this is something we just have to tolerate. There are so many vehicles, currently many of them are sub-par, and if the aim to try and get all/many of them as useful as possible to keep the gameplay varied it's going to require pruning the tall poppy vehicles a bit. > I appreciate game balancing, but the balance shouldn't be in the way like every unit has the same power as any other one. That's boring. Balance is a delicate topic. Too much balance can be boring. Too little balance can be bad. Luckily this is a game where 'possession' of sections of the map (ie you being there in a vehicle) has a counter-acting effect to balance issues. If the enemy players see a single OP vehicle they'll team up and focus on it. Granted this effect would be stronger if it were a everyone vs everyone game (not teams), but it's at least something. Probably the biggest weakness to this self-balancing effect is vehicle speed & stealth. Fast or stealthy vehicles get to the enemy base without being noticed. At the same time slow vehicles are boring and don't require as skilful driving during fights (IMHO). This is not an easy game to balance. Is it better for players to see and feel constant small changes, or would it be better for changes to be sudden and coincide with some visual changes (eg minor skin changes) to make things clear? I'm not sure.
  3. I've been debating whether or not it's wise to add this to the guide. In the long term: I think the guide is better if it tells people to install normally and then shows them how to work around individual problems. This means that when problems are fixed in the future the guide is still valid, and if users experience different problems (eg different graphics drivers) they're not lost. The opposite end of the spectrum is a shell script that does everything for the player. This is very specific to wine and launcher versions, with little tolerance for changing conditions. I too often come across guides that read like scripts, looking like they're designed by genius' but giving a newbie no hope of understand what fixes they are implementing and how to fix things if they go differently. Thoughts?
  4. Edited and updated to reflect a few bugs that have been fixed in recent (4.3, 4.4) wine versions. Any objections if I rename, move and pin/sticky this topic into "Help & Support"?
  5. Veyrdite

    I had success reinstalling without having to uninstall first. The installer even remembers the correct (custom) installation path I chose.
  6. For now the deer rely on spawners and generally looking cute. Secretly Jerad has been building a 'reproduce' behaviour which, when turned on, makes the durr multiply like rabbits. The Deer have captured the Forgotten Tiberium Silo The Deer have captured the GDI Tiberium Silo Veyrdite: wha? Veyrdite was killed by a deer (Engineer/C4 vs Deer/Deer Teeth) Fortran42 was blown up by a deer (Sakura/Ramjet vs Orca Escort/HE Missiles) Veyrdite: ??? Deer143: Durr Deer122: charge Veyrdite was killed by a deer (GDI Soldier/Automatic vs Mammoth Tank 120mm/120mm HE) GDI Weapons Factory is under attack Perdito: rq Perdito: !tc Host: Perdito has changed to Deer to balance the teams Perdito: Fuck
  7. Move aside comissar, you're being replaced with a tier 5 flag bearer class. Postlight island authorities would like to remind travellers of the risks of bringing foreign invasive species into the country. The Postlight Isles are a pristine and protected habitat, customs takes this matter very seriously. Don't give him any ideas. I'm now somewhat worried I'll find two labelled graves on the island. Havoc66 takes the credit, I had no clue about the island until he directed me there. I'm imagining a proper "forgotten shipyard" with ironclads, cutters and imperial cannon.
  8. We decided to flee the trappings of civilisation and start our own team compromised of sapper forts and multi-modal vehicles. Havoc66 and I are going to spend our days on the sunny beaches of Postlight island. Free from Tiberium, nukes and dblaney. (Yap you're invited)
  9. Description Mesh for stairs/ramps between floors in this building above the NOD base are incomplete. Players going up these stairs get stuck in the geometry. See screenshots for exact location (Proxy report for ErickGCH)
  10. Veyrdite

    Where are the screenshots of me? This topic has been has been highly disappointing! I've discovered that SIDAM launchers are useless on many maps: Event maps without obvious ceilings still sometimes have transparent flight ceilings, rendering this vehicle useless. I need to try deploying on steep slopes. It turns out Nod's mobile repair vehicle is fast enough to out-run the turn rate of a titan''s weaponised top half. It's also short enough to avoid direct fire from the titan's weapons. Unfortunately it still takes quite a while to take one down; the DPS against heavy vehicles is low. This titan was already damaged when I engaged it. Mining building entrances with proxies is an outdated tactic. Who remembers hiding mines inside the front doorway of the HON? These days we can use shield-bearing AI to take the mines directly to the intruders: Yes this worked. 1v1 match, I heard a *boink* whilst trying to destroy the enemy base. Lots of laughing ensured Modern Rene occasionally provides some nice modern fog artwork: Shortly after pouring the bunker pictured below, the concrete contractor was fired for using too porous of a mix. Links to the Sydney Opal tower are being investigated and physicists are debating how the sandbags maintained their shape as they tunnelled through macro distances of solid material. The ceiling later melted. Now for the works of my favourite developer, Jerad the Grey: A few matches back Cisco and KTFF got married: The relationship turned abusive when Cisco discovered KTFF used Aruba gear in his toxin tractors. KTFF fled with a friend. They were last seen driving away on an obscure stunt map. On the topic of mystery maps: good luck working out what map these four screenshots are of. Finally some prettier 1920x1080 shots: (Maps: Temple of Cervinae By Jerad, Infinite Isle in Interim Apex by ??? TODO:update) I also have some panoramas I want to stitch together. Perhaps another time.
  11. Veyrdite

    I don't actually have to put any effort in here. I have not cleaned my tank for a month and I think this is old melon.
  12. Thankyou Dghelneshi. I've seen "MSAA" quoted so often I've always assumed it's what you describe as SSAA. I had no idea there has been so much effort into optimising traditional ("worldspace" is the right term?) AA. My oblivity shows the optimisations have succeeded > most of the newer and cheaper ones operate in screen space after the image is already rendered The pits of hell oscillate mildly. > others suggest it's a more spacial interpolation/filtering thing (ie filtering of textures on planes inclined to the camera). I meant this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anisotropic_filtering A better wording might be 'mipmapping method'. Many games call this 'texture filtering' in their config; which is probably a bit too generic of a term.
  13. Veyrdite

    That's an HTTP iframe on an HTTPS site. The forum probably isn't interfering, it's your browser refusing to accept it. Check your browser console -- mine is confirming the block. EDIT: NB any third party countdown services are in the same category as 3rd party advertisers. Visitor tracking, etc.
  14. Veyrdite

    Thankyou for including the GMT time, muchly appreciated. Terms like EST and CST tend to get re-used in different countries. (1AM GMT = 12PM noon in eastern Australian time Sydney).
  15. Updates to "launcher crashes 15 seconds after login" and cpu core pegging I've now tested extensively on my desktop (Radeon HD 6850 with 'radeon' in-kernel drivers) and my laptop (Intel HD Graphics 405, Braswell). Both exhibit these problems reliably. A few posts ago I mentioned these two problems being miraculously fixed, it seems that was pot luck that day. I have not been able to reproduce it again. My best guess is I had some part of dotnet or the launcher still hiding away as another sleeping process. Anti-aliasing deep dive All of my statements about AA not working are wrong, it's my eyesight that needs checking. From the best I can tell: the launcher's AA setting is proper old-fashioned MSAA and the in-game FXAA setting is the crappy 2D filter AA. Each setting is only accessible from the afore-mentioned places, so it takes a bit of searching and discovery. FXAA immediately makes me unhappy. Small objects in the distance (vehicles, people) go blurry. The AA settings don't seem to have any effect on close foliage (where texture pixels >> screen pixels): Some further away and overlapping foliage with different in-game texture filter settings (both MSAA and FXAA turned off): I'm trying to read up on supersampling; but I'm a bit confused. Some sources refer to it as a generic category of AA methods that MSAA sits into (where MSAA usually uses a square grid); others suggest it's a more spacial interpolation/filtering thing (ie filtering of textures on planes inclined to the camera). Screenshot reference: Wine version=wine-4.0, Card=Radeon (BARTS) HD 6850, Driver=in-kernel radeon Linux 4.19.18_1