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  1. BUMP This is all fixed now, please see https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/417270-linux-and-wine-how-to-get-all-games-the-launcher-working/
  2. The blame will likely sit somewhere in either the game or your graphics drivers. There's a really big list of potential problems, not much can be found out without performing extensive debugging on your device. If you are running integrated Intel graphics on that old processor then you will be running some form of period graphics drivers too. Intel (like most companies) gives up on providing notable updates or development for older models. Whether you blame the old hardware or the old drivers is arbitrary; they both need each other to work. Whether you blame the game instead depe
  3. Ah, sorry, I thought your W3Dlauncher was crashing. The log you attached is for the launcher, not the game. This logfile is probably from some point where you (temporarily) didn't have working internet, hence the TLS connection error. MSAA is a type of anti-aliasing. It makes thing prettier but it's completely optional. Thankyou for telling us, this is useful in case someone else encounters your problem.
  4. How did you fix the problem? Any ideas, or did it magic itself?
  5. > The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Is the date and time on your device correct? This is very important, despite how silly it sounds. SSL/TLS needs your computer to have an accurate date and time for (amongst other things) checking if certificates have expired. EDIT: other things to check whenever you have SSL/TLS problems: Are you using the internet in a country or through a provider (or at a workplace) that does traffic analysis & spoofing (aka MITMing)? This can lead to invalid certificates being presented. Do you have any s
  6. I always assumed AP = normal and HE* = higher damage but less accurate. Didn't know that all the HE* variants were unique, or all of these rules at all. Now all I can think of is "AH", for those cold northern missions where you care about enemy comfort.
  7. Confirmed Wine-only. Cause is completely different to all of my crazy ideas. https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49778 Working on a patch for 5.0 to workaround this problem. StrCmpLogicalW() is likely very nuanced and complicated in Windows, so I don't think a proper fix for Wine will happen in a reasonable time frame.
  8. New info: DXVK and those extra files are unrelated, the same error occurs without them My game is sending the wrong version number to the server, so it thinks I'm running the wrong version of the game. I have a hunch this could be due to subtle string handling differences between Wine & Win that (until now) have not caused any major issues other than occasional corrupt newlines in chat.
  9. I misread that as "identical except for", apologies. Thanks dg
  10. @Dghelneshi if you post the MD5s of the mismatching files then I should be able to track which patch/archive they should be coming from.
  11. Could someone with a working copy of 3.5 please post the MD5sums of their game files? I can compare them with the list I posted above and find which downloaded zip/patch the difference comes from. Eg: Download md5sum for windows Extract it to your apb install folder Open CMD.exe and navigate to your apb install folder Run "md5sums.exe *" Copy + paste the results If this problem is caused by inconsistent file variants then we should be able to work it out pretty quickly.
  12. Wait a second, something is off: The server is running 3.0 and has players, but I auto-updated to 3.5?
  13. Description After updating and trying to join today: "Connection to server refused: version mismatch" comes up in the (in-game/menu) red dialogs, then the game closes. Using "repair installation" in the W3Dhub launcher does not fix this problem. I did recently "import" the game, but I would have thought that the update and/or repair feature would fix any potential problems. EDIT: removing/renaming the apb folder and rei-installing does not fix this problem. Question Could having extra files in the game folder (eg my dvvk-cache and .log files) potentially cause the m
  14. Necro merchandatis! I have a copy of Renegade that came with two valid serials. I think they accidentally added another sticker without realising there was already one there on a different 'page' of the case. Clear jewel case, CDs printed in single colour (green on one, orange on other IIRC), contrasting to my first discs of Rene which were printed in more colours. Now I'm remembering using the 2nd serial to host a server and play around with the lua FDS plugin. Lots of fun creating objects and attaching scripts upon chat commands was had.
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