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  1. Has anyone found the jetpack yet? Area 69 came from the RP2 days which I believe pre-date Jerad. I have a hunch that Area 69 is supposed to be a defence force against the deer. Area 69 is somehow the "sensible military" in this game (an unusual trope given the genre & other themes). Thankyou Cat. Glad it has been useful. Certainly. I'm not sure how ECW is licensed; but I'm happy for this to be CC BY, public domain or anything similar (if there are no objections). Maps should be photocopied and shared until the point strangers are accidentally stepping on them on the streets. I was planning to make a few more black-and-white A4-style maps for parts of the game that are hard to memorise. Alas I only tend to make these things when I'm sick and off work, so it'll probably be another 2 years until you see more stuff :P
  2. Area 69 has been a mainstay since RP2. I could never get very far into this base when I was younger, but now the powers of the paladin course through my debit card and progress is surmountable. This time around I tried to make something you can easily print out onto a sheet of A4. My previous ECW sewers map turned out to be a bit unwieldy to use whilst playing. As denoted on the map: not to scale, not all secrets marked and trap streets cannot be ruled out. Good luck! militbase_V1.pdf militbase_V1.svg
  3. My best hopes & support to everyone in this, all sides.
  4. Hmm, I thought I had email notifs setup. Apparently not. @sicanjal: still having this issue? Have not played in a while, I might try reinstalling some time soon since I'm off work sick intermittently at the moment. Last time I checked I managed to ruin my dotnet install somehow. Der Papst has setup a thingy on Lutis for W3Dhub, so I might look at that, and I now have a graphics card that can support dxvk (yay).
  5. @wolf: Thankyou, I think I saw this mod many years ago and have not been able to find it since. By memory it hates scripts, so I'll need to put it on a vanilla install. :D Obelisk of ...dark?
  6. Notice: your user account is currently using 584.2GB of the maximum allowed 0.01GB.


    (If you are merely just trying to snack on the GIMP warning dialog then please disregard this message.  Free upsamples are delicious.)

  7. I had to edit armor.ini to defeat this guy. Apparently one of the only useful warheads for me was flame, so I made flesh invulnerable to everything else and added a big multiplier to this warhead type. Watching buildings go down in seconds to a flame tank was satisfying.
  8. Update 2019-06-01: ECW now works, it's fix seems to be trivial. Does this now mean that all release W3Dhub games now work on Linux/Wine? I'll have to give Reborn another test (I think I've only played the Testing version).
  9. Released in December 2002, Nod expressions are some skins I like to use with IA to make my low-caliber vehicles seem a bit kinder. How couldn't you love that transport copter? Original download link . Mirror: nod_expressions.zip The author for this pack is listed as "RenegadeZone" Diane, which I think might have been James Bunting's partner. Kudos to them for keeping this site online, so many skins on other sites have been lost to the internet dark ages. I didn't like the Nod buggy skin in this pack so I made my own variant a while back: Download: v_nod_buggy_.dds For those that find the hard, cold floors of Nod buildings oppressive: delight yourself in luxurious, thick red velvet carpet: I have no idea who made this skin, I've lost track of the original archive. Nonetheless it's kept me warm and comfortable for many years, so I'd like to share it, and hope that I will rediscover the anonymous upholsterer so I can attribute them properly. EDIT: compression has utterly destroyed this screenshot, it looks much nicer than shown. Download: gd_flor.dds Finally, I had a bit too much spare time at the Nod air-depo a few years back: It's amazing how many airframe washes some crayons can last. Download: 19_c130.dds
  10. I put some of the changelogs into a free neural network service. Some highlights: Now we know the real plans for the 2020 releases :D EDIT: My god, this could easily be confused for actual mod feedback. What have I done.
  11. Topology wise: it's very similar to many maps. Both C&C_Field and C&C_Under have one open route, one infantry route and some overlap in the middle. EDIT: many IA maps follow this too. Texture wise: yes it's going to look like other maps. I've kept the custom texture count low, it's mostly using default renegade textures. If this map turns out to be any fun then I'll make the main map geometry prettier. Hopefully I'll be able to give this a play online against others soon. I'll contact DB and see if he is kind enough to put it up on his ttfs.
  12. @Kaskins do you want us to provide our feedback in this announcement thread, or elsewhere? The humvee felt very weird at low speeds today. Not sure if I just hit some random oddities or if the low gears have changed. Goliath weapon changes are going to be interesting to see, I'll have to give it a go. Ditto for the physics changes on the strykers and ships. Dynamite changes: that's like clipping KTFF's wings! You monster :D Infantry re-arrangements: nice to see the suit'd versions of characters now cost more, so hopefully strategies other than PIC suits will come more into play. Projectile velocity equation: interesting. I know from previous experience on another game that projectile speeds are hard to get right, and that putting random numbers in (as I do) never seems to cut it without lots of iterative testing. I presume by "weapon size" you mean the shell diam, and that you're only applying this to non-gravity shell weapons? > Vile Facility after multiple complain I have make the out of the map a death zone. An instant-death zone or one that warns players as they approach it? If this is invisible it's going to be hard to work out where is allowed and where is not (until you try it). Hopefully not invisible instant-death, that's the brother of invisible walls and the child of Vanquisher turrets. > Vile facility tree’s are now temp permanently indestructible. Yes Eco warfare. 
  13. A small golf-themed map with infantry-capturable turrets in the centre, intended to dominate the field against vehicles. May contain visceroids. This map is a Work In Progress: I'd like to see what people think of the overall map concept and layout before I attempt making things pretty. Many maps follow a "two path" design, where the infantry can weave in and out of both paths but the vehicles can only use the larger one. This map is an attempt to make obtaining vehicle 'control' of the major route more complicated (and affected by the minor route). Various curiosities: A chemsprayer that doesn't shoot "through" the terrain visually, and a general appreciation of projectile (ammo) elasticity. Objects with curious physics. A minified airstrip. Absolutely zero secrets I wanted to name the map C&C_Golfcourse, but it turns out ACK beat me to it. In the tradition of my username I named the map something difficult to spell until you pay particular attention to the order of the letters >:D Thankyou to scripts authors: namely Danpaul88 for dp88_AI_Turret, Blaney for DB_capturable_object, and Jonwil for helping me with my long lists of LE/W3D issues. Known problems (1) Airstrip drops do not drive out as far as expected. I'm not sure if this is due to a hardcoded timeout (slow vehicles are more affected) or the sudden drop. (2) WF has a few glowly-yellow decals floating above it where the chimneys normally are. (3) Bad meshing of the two golf greens (note the dark areas). I'm fighting Gmax when it comes to cuttings and small polygons. Requirements The turrets on this map need scripts 4.x to work. Scripts 4.x is not bundled with this map, download it from TiberianTechnologies.org. License AKA "oh god, I've never thought about how licensing for community maps works." This .mix file contains original artwork, 3d models and other assets. This material is under a Creative Commons BY SA license, copyright William Hales 2019. Use a tool like XCC mixer or RenegadeEx to identify and view this content. This map uses and references material from C&C Renegade, Copyright 2002 Electronic Arts Inc. You need a copy of this game+data to play the map. This map uses scripts from TT Scripts 4.x (GPL, source available online). This map, as far as I can tell, only references ("links") to scripts, however I may be incorrect. C&C_Goldcourse_WIP1.mix.zip
  14. 30 second clip: one of the oldest Rene tactics is ramming. With IA's faster vehicles and lots of ledges it's getting more and more tempting. vehpush crf25.mp4 No audio, sorry. I hadn't fixed my audio recording setup until later.
  15. > Based on what Dblaney said Renegade is capable of going beyond 60fps but is best not to as if your fps is higher than the server it may cause some de-sync with the server ( server fixed at 60? ) or at least how I interpret Dblaney message. I regularly play in the 100-200 FPS range, never thought it was an issue. Is DB talking about physics timesteps here? The contributions of these (1/60th of a sec vs an arbitrary 1/framerate of a sec) are probably minimal compared to the effects of ping. Being 250msec behind in your simulation and having different inputs to the server (your player's input) are going to create a lot more divergence than a smaller physics timestep will do. Shared "lockstep 60FPS" physics is only achievable over LANs, not the internet. > In addition, IA texture size are restrict to 512x512 and I refuse to go beyond it, like 1024x1024. Thankyou This will mainly affect laptop/integrated vs dedicated users: ie people who have limited VRAM or bad RAM<->card transfer techniques. I appreciate being able to play games on my laptop. > We need the processor that will make single process program to be able to run by multiple cores. We're unlikely to ever see a processor that turns a single-threaded job into a multi-threaded one, it's too hard of a problem to solve on paper let alone in hardware. Maybe if quantum computing can quantum-teleport/syncrhonise states between multiple cores & mirror memory banks in some weird ways that might perhaps help, but that's a dream. > Yes HUGE difference in directX which may be game breaking since Renegade is single threaded I don't follow here. Is there some inherent performance loss from using a newer directX that can never be worked around, due to threading? Or is this just a general statement (unrelated to the DX implementation change)?
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