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  1. By play I mean can't join the event cause I'm using a laptop and working in the new location.
  2. Sorry can't play, cause I'm away from home for the rest of the month.
  3. Sorry if a sound like a newbie but, can you show tell me more about the D3 era? (Throw in some images of old and present versions of the vehicles while your at it!)
  4. Sorry doing non mafia stuff like trying to make building form the UK interesting so I could graduate and question my life choices
  5. The game hasn't started yet! You can watch these before playing our mafia game.
  6. Watch these 40k themed mafia videos by alfabusa to get ourselves immersed in the universe of the Grim dank- dark future!
  7. Are you gonna redesign other models like the fuel tanks of the flamethrower battery of tesla trooper etc?
  8. This is what I'm talking for anyone whos curious. I hope some people are nostalgic seeing these screen caps of the game! https://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/command-conquer-renegade-mod/sole-survivor-1-1
  9. Once where done with Renalert, are you guys gonna do Sole Survivor mod for Renegade?
  10. Sign me up! And here's play list of 40k music to listen to while playing this.
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