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  1. That’s exactly what a hacker would say.
  2. Hind is being partially reverted next patch.
  3. He shoots me and I die wtf hacks
  4. To clarify. the T-62 is overstatted and frankly OP right now, because it has to be. It has to be able to fight Railgun Mammoths and Titans because Nod’s standup and fight ability is otherwise heavily flawed and unviable. It has is drawbacks, very weak side armor being about the only thing significant. Not as much health as GDI equivalents (though much more DPS and range). It and the Tick Tank Firebug/120mm are about the only heavy tanks Nod can actually use for tank work. And the Tick Tanks have to be deployed to be worth their price and can’t aim down when they do so heavily limiting their usefulness on quite a lot of maps as a result. For the T-62 to be nerfed, other Nod tanks would need to be buffed.
  5. I think the issue is that most other Nod tanks are useless and/or overpriced (black hand light tank, Bradley 75mm, microwave tank) or have glaring issues with their design making them hard to use or stupidly fragile because of the weakpoint system (Stridsvagen/Black Eagle respectively). The T-62 shouldn’t be Nod’s only viable tank. It should fulfill a role of being a Mammoth equivalent, as in pretty good at all things but not great at everything. It has great range damage and armor right now, with good speed to boot. The 1900 credit Mammoth is unused because it can’t outrange defenses and is slow and inaccurate.
  6. Thoughts on the current patch: - Un nerf the Hind or reduce its price to 800 because that’s what it’s currently worth. - Tunguska tracking is broken, unit is fairly unusable currently - Black Eagle turret ring is at the same spot as tracking weapons target causing Sheridans and Humvee TOWs to two shot the tank - Air in general is really annoying. They’re inaccurate but have huge range meaning you can get plinked at across the map indefinitely. I swear their guns used to have way less range, they seem to be able to fire almost twice as far now and are three times more annoying to deal with since now they outrange everything with their machine guns and have bottomless clips so eventually something will hit you. - Add a script that doesn’t allow Guard55 to purchase snipers
  7. All of Nod’s high tier tanks except the Stingray are really fantastic. The Black Eagle has an issue with a weakpoint but it has an immense range, deals decent damage and it’s fast. The 120mm Tick Tank is a bad T-62 on the move but deploying it turns it into probably the most overpowered unit in the game. On top of having ridiculously high range like the Black Eagle when you deploy, you also gain a massive boost to your rate of fire and effectively have something like 2500/2500 hit points due to the armor type change. You can solo a 36 inch mammoth or fight two Railgun Mammoths and win. If Nod ever spams this unit they effectively become unbreakable and I fully believe the Tick Tank will eventually become so FotM it’s going to get overnerfed in the future The Tunguska is the best AA unit in the game bar none, and even has use against tanks, but it’s not an MBT don’t try to use it as one. You’re AA/Support. The strongest AA/Support in the game. The Koskan is great. Simple as. The Infared Tank is a great infantry killer and okay against tanks. Ezeks are kind of the opposite, but also die in about three shots. I kind of wish they would get further nerfed not because I think they’re OP but because Nod’s arsenal for the late game is incredibly good and plays to Nod’s strengths of being a skirmisher/defensive faction but all everyone wants to do is run around invisible and make it impossible for GDI to pick anything that doesn’t have 1000 health and heavy armor.
  8. So, playing around with the Hind. I only have a couple problems with it. - One, it's way too durable. However, I think you're over-nerfing its durability. It's VERY slow, just in general but especially by air unit standards. It cannot retreat. - Two, it's got really good range, much higher than the other air unit's guns and higher than the ORCA Fighter's tracking range. - Three is just a QoL thing. It shouldn't shoot invisible bullets and not make splash. That makes it sorta hard to guesstimate how far its range actually is in practice, but it absolutely shreds through ORCA well before they can engage you, and you even outrange a few units like the Hover MLRS in practice, and since it has Medium armor Stingers barely even tickle you. I don't think it should have Light armor, and buffing Stinger against it would probably make Stinger even dumber against Apache and Comanche too. So to my point I would suggest really only nerfing its health. 760/760 seems decent. I would also say it could use a minor reduction in range, to effectively on par with the ORCA Fighter, about 10m higher at max range. I do like the idea of it going to 80 ammo per salvo, but I think you should only have the 240 ammo in reserve as it does now. I would also say the gun should do 15 steel damage and 10 splash shrapnel damage. 2.7 steel damage is too low, it would make the thing useless almost useless against the ORCA Fighter and fairly worthless against tanks in general. It kind of is, you can do a little bit of damage, but the real problem is you can do that damage largely without retaliation, which is why I would suggest a range nerf more than a damage nerf. But yes its steel damage is in general a little too high. My last suggestion would be to only reduce the fire damage to about 75, instead of 41. The total fire damage reduction is enormous, and makes the unit very bad at killing buildings. If nothing else, Nod should have an air unit very good at doing that, like GDI does the ORCA Bomber. Gutting it down to requrining at least four Hinds to kill a building under repairs is a big overnerf. The flame shot at least requires Hinds get close due to its tiny range.
  9. So. Ships. Some people love em, I really really hate them. For three main reasons. 1. The only counter to big ships is big ships Battleships and cruisers are incredibly durable. Absolutely ridiculously incredible durable, which means killing them takes a really really long time. And their supposed counter, the Torpedo Boat, is absolutely anemic even if now its torpedoes aren't slower than engineers at least. They just don't do any considerable damage because Battleships have a CONSIDERABLE amount of hit points. Torpedo boats need to do a lot more damage than they do now, and I mean 4 or 5 times as much per torpedo. But that only really solves one issue, the other issues comes down to the fact air and land (and amphibious) units are really bad at engaging warships. The best you can really get is something like the Koskan for Nod, but either way you're either a flimsy, stationary, or flimsy stationary target for ships to murder at their leisure because even if their damage is relatively poor they still have WAY more hitpoints than you. Which brings me to. 2. Ships have way too much health They're boring to fight. They take forever to kill. They take so long to kill if the other team spams them and you have an M113 ADATS it's a fantastic way to make MVP because you will get so many points for shooting them unless they actually manage to kill a building (they usually wont) then you are guaranteed to beat them in points, especially if you intercept them before they reach your base. Their damage is significantly less than their price tag would imply. You're not buying 12,000 credits worth of damage (nor should you be able to), you're buying 10,000 credits worth of hitpoints, and 2,000 credits worth of damage. There's a bit to be said about them doing a ton of AoE damage, but that goes into my next point. 3. Help I'm getting motion sickness from this Have you ever wanted to know what a 10.0 BAC level is like? Well you're in luck because just go up against a Battleship and have it focus you and I promise you your screen won't stop shaking until 5 seconds after your beleaguered death. Ships have too many guns. It makes fighting them annoying. It makes fighting them nausea inducing. It makes fighting them cause the sound engine to shit itself like with the AMX-30's autocannon and randomly stop producing any noise for a couple seconds because there's too many overlapping SFX. It would be much nicer if the ships had one player controlled gun and one AI controlled gun with a vision range of 0 you order to fire (T) when you want it to go active. The befits of this would be that You can engage two targets simultaneously You can separate AA and anti ground abilities thus giving the player a primary fire, an alternate fire, and his AI fire to work with, effectively three weapons (for instance an AEGIS Frigate that sports a 57mm deck gun that can fire AP or HE, and an AI controlled missile launcher you can designate to fire at aircraft) You can balance the ships easier by reducing their potential damage output from 24 guns to just 4 or 6. People fighting them won't also be fighting to keep their lunch down. Also Nod needs a decent mid-high tier amphibious unit. Their highest tier amphibious combat unit is the BRDM Spitfire which is ill up to the task of engaging ADATS, let alone capital ships. I think this part is well known but I just wanted to reiterate that. But here would be my total suggestion for making ships a bit more approachable and better defined into roles so that there is an incentive to get an actual fleet together, and not just try to sneak up on a base with 4 battleships in the 6 minutes they take to arrive there. Reduce ship model size. Yeah, they're too big, it makes them hard to control and necessitates they be slow. I know their model sizes are already toned down but the larger ones are still far too large to comfortably navigate most of the maps that have water in them. By reducing their models you can: Increase their speed and handling, making them more fun to use and allowing them to be an organic part of the battlefield, rather than a fancy game of Space Invaders how they work now. Reduce the amount of guns they have. I specifically have a suggestion for this which I will make in a followup post to the thread because this one is getting very long. Reduce their cost, reduce their health. Make them a unit that exists on a comparable level to the rest of the units in the game. They can still be the King in price and hitpoints but they don't need to dwarf it all so massively. It's not exactly like they're just better armored than everything else, they just have so many raw hitpoints only units with massive damage output can reasonably dent their enormous HP pools in any reasonable time.
  10. I’ve actually come around on the tank crew in a small way. His auto healing is very useful when you’re on anti ship duty on a budget, or in general have 100 free credits laying around. I kind of feel like he should just be free though. In regards to units and their viability. I think it’s absolutely critical for low tier units to be “OP” like the Sheridan is, for exactly the reason you listed. The superheavies at 2k and up. I’d like to see the recon bike improved, it was rehauled into a Humvee TOW equivalent but it a kinda bad at that because it’s not on a turret and has lower effective range as a result.
  11. Well yes but they were designed with such in mind. If they behaved as an “oh shit there’s a battleship at the base hurry” unit I wouldn’t hate them so much. Right now it’s more “which Neanderthal thinks this is fun right now?” I’d lay it out pretty linearly. 700 - Torpedo Boat: Cheap, fast only useful with torpedos attacking slow capital ships. Long reload time but absolutely chunks if it hits a ship. A torpedo would ideally deal about 400 damage after armor calculations each. Around 500/500 medium armor. 1200 - Destroyer: Fast and agile, and loaded with MGs and a small cannon for ripping apart aircraft and torpedo boats but terrible at dealing with tanks, defenses, or buildings. 800/800 heavy armor. 3000 - Missile Boat/Frigate: Powerful offensive laden ship with accurate weapons good at dealing with tanks and buildings and capable of dealing with other ships, but relatively fragile favoring speed and firepower over armor. 1100/1100 heavy armor. 6000 - Cruiser: An all rounder not great at anything but not bad at anything either. Slightly less damage than the Missile Boat/Frigate tier ship but able to deal it longer due to better durability. 2400/2400 heavy armor 8000 - Battleship: Although only marginally better armored than a Cruiser it sports significantly heavier guns. Though very inaccurate it would have huge range and be perfect for taking out a base if it can get in range, but absolutely requiring escorts to defend it against air and smaller sea attack. Would remove most of its secondary and tertiary batteries, only keeping the main guns and a couple AI machine guns. 3600/3600 heavy armor. Would feature a big buff to it’s per shot damage but a reduction in total screenshake due to it firing fewer shots so fighting one isn’t a seizure hazard. Also this would come with toning down ship models a little bit. I understand that might look weird and battleships are already half size, but their physics are beyond broken right now and already clutter the relatively small oceans they feature in.
  12. In response to January 29th changelog. - I’m fine with the Bernardini going to Medium armor, but it’s armor should be increased at least back to 400 if that’s going to happen. - Not sure if Strid was buffed or nerfed from the previous patch by the way. It doesn’t seem like it needed a reload speed nerf or a damage increase. It just needs to be easier to aim and it would be a great unit. - Hind overhaul and gun overhauls are very big. - I’m not sure which Comanche had its gun changed, I’m assuming the Escort? It should have had its gun buffed if anything, it’s very useless at anything except headshotting infantry because it’s so flimsy if anything shoots back you die, and unlike the anti tank variant it doesn’t kill anything in a reasonable amount of time that wasn’t already almost dead. - Gun changes to the Apache and Orca are fine, honestly. The Escorts should be anti air, and the Anti Tank should require their missiles to kill tanks. - Hind. Very big change. The only issue with them was how durable they were, and how long ranged they were. I’m not sure the gun itself needed changing. I do like the ammo change, however. I would have to see how it plays out now but it looks overnerfed against vehicles, which it wasn’t super good at killing before unless they were light tanks.
  13. Yeah torpedo boats are still completely worthless. I get battleships are a 16k ship, but, maybe reduce its price so you can justify reducing its health pool? It’s just too big, too much a wall of meat. They’re not fun to deal with because dealing with them just takes so much time. They don’t do 16k worth of damage, but they are 16k worth of annoying.
  14. Which leaves me the question of what are you supposed to do against ships as Nod? The 10-RC, BDRM, Geko, all their amphibious units have very low damage to deal with ships. The ADATS primary fire is the only amphibious unit I've really seen up to the task of taking on ships, and only because they're so big and slow you can't miss. If the only real counter to naval is more naval, I think that's poor balancing. Air units get eviscerated by naval, even Battleships have an overabundance of AA and can take out Hinds and Banshee with ease. Though the worst part about dealing with huge ships is just their perpetual screen shake due to multilayered salvos turning my game into a Magic Wand Massage Tool.
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