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  1. I've been ranting about this for months. Stop using them as MBTs and start using them as mobile turrets. They're worthless on the move and amazing deployed.
  2. Thoughts about the repair meta?
  3. ORCA Fighters are anti air, anti tank. You're fast enough to hit and run, and durable enough it's really hard to be shot down while doing so. Stop loitering in attacker craft. You die to rifle bullets, so the best way to not do that is to keep moving because you're three times faster than anything else in the game. Also yes, ORCA Fighters are not supposed to be able to kill buildings. They did that in 2017 and every game with air ended when GDI got bored and decided to buy three Fighters to level the entire Nod base.
  4. Infrareds actually delete anything on GDI, especially if you can aim and hit a weakpoint. Just use the alt fire and terrain. Sometimes Nod has to buy actual visible tanks though, that's the point. Stealth tanks are glass cannons, use Nod heavy armor to go head to head with GDI, you're worse but not by that much. Stealth tanks are support (and currently bugged to be far more effective against buildings than they're supposed to actually).
  5. Okay hear me out. Hotwire buffs. Like full health autoheal and well, burn damage is actually being gutted next patch so that's half the issue done and dusted. Perhaps making her radar immune like the rest of the Dead Six since she's apparently not Kaskins you lied to me.
  6. Edited as of May 8th, 2020 Pillbox Health reduced about 15% They're very annoying to take out, just really far too durable for how often they show up in GDI bases. Laser Turret Health increased by about 25% They're way too fragile. Other than headshotting infantry as soon as they come in range, they have very little impact on a Nod defense due to them simply dying in 3 or 4 shots from most weapons. Especially since a lot of higher tier units or just rockets outrange them Hind Gunship reverted gun and fire rocket profile to pre patch, except give it about 5m less maximum range, and retain its current health and shield values. Brings it back but less bogus since now it won't be able to kill an ORCA Fighter before the Fighter can get in range. Comanche Escort gun replaced with a Laser Cannon for a nose gun that deals 25 laser_nobuilding and 10 fire splash damage in a radius of 1.0. Rate of fire about 75% of what it is currently on the gun so it isn't too good at killing buildings and defenses. Gives it a reason to exist because the current one is complete trash lmao Banshee alternate fire to the primary fire, no alt fire mode, ammo count of 3/6. Increase damage per plasma ball by about 10%. Makes it an attacker craft rather than a gunship, ideal for attacking ships and buildings and slow moving tanks without requiring you to stop due to its godawful acceleration often getting you killed. Melta Infantry cost to 700 (extremely underpriced) GDI Combat Engineers receives health regeneration (2 every 5 seconds) Not cost effective and lacking in a role other than mining before you can afford Hotwire. Sappers/Pioneers receive Repair Gun Mk II Mostly just a quality of life change, but also because paid for engineers should have a better repair gun than the free one. Would assist Sappers greatly in their in theory sapping ability that is never used. Nod Lancer damage increased by 40% The unit was hit pretty hard by the weakpoint damage multiplier reduction and has no real niche to fill compared to the much cheaper Melta now. Reduce repair strength by 20% across the board except for the Mk I Repair Gun Repair trains are too effective, and so is bottling in your base endlessly repairing for over an hour while the team hammers your base. While it is possible to overcome repairs, it's usually the result of catching a building not under repair or an unseen "rush." There's often little incentive to keep an enemy team off your base because yes while they get a lot of money and points, so do the defenders for repairing. In fact repairing a building under fire is one of the best ways to make fast cash reliably in this game. This nerf to repairs would make it far more important to halt the enemy team BEFORE they get to your base, rather than cowering in it, while also nerfing field repair cheesing with Mk IV/V or just Hottyswapping, as well as make Steamrollers less effective at just face tanking all damage. This nerf would make damage dealing significantly more important and lead to faster paced games that reward aggression, without completely neutering repairs or making repair tanks themselves useless. Essentially, it would now take 1/5th less damage to break through repairs, making tanks return to frontline slower after being mauled, make tank assaults on bases much easier, and make repair "duels" not indefinite stalemates. Make AGT gun a timed powerup weapon like the Obelisk Gun Because it's fucking stupid to have an infinite ammo AGT gun like that ree. Ban Guard for Hacking Ban me for Bitching
  7. Dunno what to tell you. The bolt actions do about 100 steel damage while the ramjet is 200 steel with explosive splash damage. Ramjets can body shot low tier infantry if you hit center mass and kill Mobius infantry in two headshots, or one headshot and two body shots.
  8. Their bolt actions do a little less than half the damage of a Ramjet rifle.
  9. There's 15 other units that have headshot ability and aren't bolt action. So nah it's pretty bad at everything. Commisar/Adriana is 300 credits more for a unit that's much better against infantry and has great anti tank supporting ability.
  10. Oh also placing proxy mines in the other team's base should be a bannable offense.
  11. Yeah, I used to think this unit was useless. It still is except for this cheese. Which is pretty gay and unfun with no real counterplay if they get on top of an MCT. One can argue, hey, if you didn't mine your base jokes on you. I would also argue that there's a large variety of reasons someone could have gotten into your base, such as there being 3 people doing it, or 1 Home Guard and 1 Military Police (firesuit armor). Or someone bumrushing your base at the very start before you can effectively mine it because you spawned on the other side of the base that takes 30 seconds to cross and defenses are fucking worthless. It's just not well designed, the unit. It's got a bolt action rifle and sticky bombs, that it will NEVER use against tanks because it has no way to realistically engage a tank that doesn't drive on top of it, and if you want anti tank there's much better units. It exists specifically to kill a building at the start, which I would double argue is a bad thing inherently. Destroying a building within the first 5 minutes of the game, should honestly, just end the game with the team that blew it up getting the victory. Losing a building at the start is garbage, it means the match is inherently less diverse and fun. A worst case scenario, losing HoN/Bar or Air/War Factory means you have no way to win the game except against the most braindead of retards. Losing PP or Refinery means you have no ability to leave your base because your income is crippled, making the game incredibly slow due to one team effectively losing all initiative for anything except sneeki breeki. Either that, or building rebuilding should be tied to game time, not playercount, so that restoring a destroyed building costs 3000-6000 for the first 10 minutes, and scales up to 30,000-75,000 by the hour mark. But realistically, one 100 credit infantry shouldn't be the best anti building unit in the game. Their grenades could just deal steel_nobuilding and fire splash damage and they would be fine. Either that or their timer needs to be longer or they need to have like 1 disarm hp so engineers can in fact disarm them. But then, of course, if you couldn't solo a Con Yard with one, they'd be useless because the unit has garbage weapons for actually playing the game instead of doing PvE.
  12. Another issue with them is they're basically undisarmable.
  13. It does a lot of damage Of course it's not an armor killer
  14. 20s as in twenties. Not 20 seconds. As in each shot deals about 20 damage to the target if it has heavy armor.
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