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  1. Infantry: the m1a socom is a fantastic rifle and I love to use it. the dmr is, in fact, useless. the dragonov is similar to the dmr, but useful for sustained heavy aimed shots at close-medium range. the aa12-he is a pos, he means high explosive but does less damage to vehicles than the incindeary. the einfield is also, in fact, useless. the melta definitely needs more ammo. u get 33 to reload, thats 11 shots. unless you can refill, this is useless for dealing with vehicles. all bh with carapace armor are really lame actually. they just move too slow. tarantul
  2. I had an 800 GDI centurion and destroyed a bh laser light with over 80% hp in a single shot. they need to like remove sweet spots or something cause their and absolute waste of money also make the t54 cheaper
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