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  1. Yah well I havent bought an AA trooper in months so obviously I was mistaken when the exact same thing happened to me. You must be right, the AA trooper is bugged.
  2. That opinion is exactly why you didnt understand what I was saying. And you can go ahead and dismiss everything I have to say on this subject. But while you go making an assumption about my intelligence, I've never had a problem figuring out what killed me.
  3. and you died from burn damage after whatever set you on fire had also died, which is why it didnt tell you what killed you
  4. was killed _ was happening when people died from burn/tib damage but its not broken, you just gotta readjust ur meta.
  5. crashdump.20210722-175824-r8439-n1.dmpcrashdump.20210722-222047-r8439-n1.dmpmore from today
  6. crashdump.20210720-230944-r8439-n1.dmpcrashdump.20210721-192340-r8439-n1.dmp
  7. Infantry: the m1a socom is a fantastic rifle and I love to use it. the dmr is, in fact, useless. the dragonov is similar to the dmr, but useful for sustained heavy aimed shots at close-medium range. the aa12-he is a pos, he means high explosive but does less damage to vehicles than the incindeary. the einfield is also, in fact, useless. the melta definitely needs more ammo. u get 33 to reload, thats 11 shots. unless you can refill, this is useless for dealing with vehicles. all bh with carapace armor are really lame actually. they just move too slow. tarantula is decent but I wouldnt buy the unit because its easily picked off by anyone with decent aim. completely disagree with odellus on the bh elite (ak107), great anti-inf weapon. completely disagree with threve on the pic sydneys. they do decent damage to vehicles, and some serious damage with heavy weapons upgrades. (mk2) as for all the cheap units with rocket launchers that are not schlotskis, why bother, a free shotgun trooper's ats and the vulture are going to do better in ANY situation. flame and chem backpack weapons are good, when u get them using a !wep. but if u buy the character, your too slow to do anything but remove barricades built by sappers. the volt rifle is great, however if your using secondary fire, you have the same problem with ammo as the melta. vehicles: threve is wrong about titan 105mm, it moves much faster than titan rails. there IS a decent Nod vehicle under 900, the t34 artillery. but yah, nothing has damage, mobility, or even armor/hp that can compete with the gdi selection. but tbh havent ever tried killing a pillbox with a spitfire apc. I would recommend changing reload time on the humv tow to something like the 10 shot amx. Nod needs something comparable to the 400 churchill and the 800 centurion. the only real answer is the amphibious amx for 950 which has very little hp/armor, or the 1250 t54. and even if Nod wins that fight, nowhere near cost effective. bh light tanks might be an answer, but they need their cost reduced dramatically.
  8. I had an 800 GDI centurion and destroyed a bh laser light with over 80% hp in a single shot. they need to like remove sweet spots or something cause their and absolute waste of money also make the t54 cheaper
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