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  1. He still has until midnight (your time) to post.
  2. I have come back from the grave to say Bah humbug.
  3. I may not have played in a long time, but if it's still a thing....remove the sticky bomb's ability to harm buildings.
  4. Judging from the looks of it, all Medal had to do was pop open a door to the PP and toss stickies onto the MCT. Unless their throwing range was nerfed into the ground. In that case, look at Threve's options.
  5. I don't think Liten approves of anything...
  6. Just to help spread Christmas cheer to others.
  7. Mine would be either money or meteor....heavy lean on meteor though...
  8. Good luck getting a hold of some, but thermite would be a fitting death.
  9. Why not have an option to buy the Obelisk/AGT back like the other buildings?
  10. Just spam Orca Bombers or Jumpjet troopers to kill them: Or conversely counter Nod artillery with Nod artillery.
  11. For references sake, look at the biggest tank ever produced: the Maus, and you'll see why tanks don't get bigger.
  12. The only launcher I agree needs a buff, if even the slightest, is the AGT one.
  13. Then outside of proxies, how would you counter such a thing? Especially if said spy could be lucky enough to pick up a repair gun?
  14. Make the mushroom unkillable and expire after the Peony's fifth shot. If two are fired within that time by the same Peony, they should merge and become a Super Mushroom that would lay waste to everything around it. /endpartialsarcasm
  15. Then it's probably your drive that's FUBAR. I've had that happen to me when Windows ME was still relevant.
  16. I've always used the launcher whenever there was the option...Even as far back when BHP offer one I used it. I guess I forgot such things were able to be done...
  17. I honestly thing this topic is worthless. We don't and won't control what others do or don't when it comes to playing these games. If they use Renlist, good for them. If they use the launcher, good for them.
  18. If you don't "aim", you won't live long enough to accomplish much of anything. Even destroying the enemy base requires you to AIM at their buildings The thing is, dynamite not that much bigger than a charge of Timed C4. The fact that it can easily kill even upgraded base defenses without being directly attached to them is a problem. As I stated in the OP, there are places where throwing them WILL guarantee at least one kill and can't be reached in time. Hence, the suggestion of a delay to throwing them. Attacking is all well and good, but if you do nothing more than just attack, you are effectively giving the enemy a win. if you don't make repairs, place proxies where they can sneak in, hell even setting up MSAs so you can see cloaked or false units, you're giving your enemy free access to the base. Even if you go down those angles yourself. IA has a steep learning curve, Not to mention a lot of the maps are rather large and the bases in said maps are tend to be spread out from one another.
  19. I couldn't agree more Threve. I feel this topic should be one that deserves a pin.
  20. I thought Jerad2142 was the only durr. Wait...don't tell me that the durr is secretly a bioweapon Jerad unleashed upon us...
  21. There are other islands you could colonize. Perhaps even if you get enough followers, you could invade and take over Veyrdite's colony.
  22. I wouldn't mind switching modes from combat to country founder in IA sometime.
  23. No, its not solved. It shouldn't have to take so many players just to stop one person. The defenses should be able to handle themselves against one person rushing right at them without needing to worry about losing them.
  24. And that's my problem...either we HAVE to work together and ignore your team. Or we focus on your team and you can eventually sneak in and start taking down our main structures with little effort.
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