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    I like lo-fi music and vapor wave um I’m interesdes in old computers (I have a really rare computor tablet from1998). I like to play rtfs games (and as to be expected I love Command and conquer

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  1. For tiberian dawn I’d say Nod attack bikes for red alert 1 I’d say allies artillary for tiberian sun it would have to be Nod artillery but if your talking firestorm I love me some good fist of Kane for red alert 2 I’d be the devastador but if we’re talking yuri’s revenge it wou probably be guardian G.I especially if you put them in the Apc for renegade it would be the stealth tank for generals it would be overlord tank escpecially with the tank general for command and conquer 3 Its a hard choice between flame tank stealth tank and obolisk tank but I think obolisk tank would have to take the cake if were talking kanes wrath I’d say MARV i never really played red alert 3 that much but the prism tank For command and conquer 4 (yes I played that) it would be the leviathan (it was the flying saucer that was basically of Flying Fortress it had fighters it had anti air defense ground defense and it had the most powerful laser I’d ever seen oh and my favorite tank in interim apex is titan with railgun
  2. Yeah um one question what the heck is Tiberian dawn ground zero?
  3. Simple Spam artillary. artillery is the answer to everything playing red alert? Nod artillery. doing exams? Nod artillery. playing tiberian sun reborn? Nod artillery. getting bullied? Nod artillery. the answer to life the universe and everything ain't 42 its not artillery
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