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  1. Blujet

    This is amazing! I can't wait to see the final version.
  2. Blujet

  3. Blujet

    Honestly, I think it may have been a case of a few bad experiences poisoning the well (Hostile Waters Advanced naval buildings being nearly unkillable after the first few minutes, along with it taking FOREVER to get from one base to the other, Siege's grindy nature combined with huge bases that result in it rarely ending in base destruction.) Though I may be wrong, as getting feedback beyond "it sucks" from most people who play seems to be like pulling teeth, judging by the difficulty of getting it for HW/Siege and shotguns.
  4. Blujet

    I feel like what Raap said: Basically sums up my thoughts, Though I dont not know if it should be made to be a more all-round anti-tank/building unit, or a dedicated tank destroyer.
  5. Blujet

    I remember the allied team on pipeline organizing a chronorush on the Soviet bar (I was a part of it and this was just after it got added.) we had several tanks in the rush yet we barely managed to kill the bar, and it would have failed if even a single techie was reparing the bar. Granted the chrono is supposed to be a tank killer (I think its supposed to have anti-building dps equal to that of a Medium Tank), yet I don't see it being used that way much. I think it is partly due to it not playing the way that one would expect the chrono tank would (effective against buildings and tanks as opposed to being a dedicated tank killer.) Though if it was as effective against buildings as like say, a phase, I could see it running into problems balance wise.
  6. Blujet

    I was in that match, and I would say that this is my opinion as well, hell, I didn't know that the ASP got Tanya'd until all the Soviet buildings started blowing up, and I was on the Allied team.
  7. Blujet

    This immediately reminded me of a similar trick in BFBC2 You could even lock on behind a rock or building, however, you needed to hit the target with a tracer dart gun first before locking on (this dart gun replaced your side arm.)
  8. Blujet

    In that match both buildings died, the only reason the soviets won was because I was repairing the sub pen non-stop (I never left the base), and their NY died and completed the chain reaction first because of it. EDIT: the match also didn't have a ton of players, and the entire allied team attacked (I don't remember the NY ever being repaired.)
  9. Blujet

    I think this may be needed, as I have only played it 4 times since the revamp, one of which devolved into "who can rush down the other side's naval building first?"
  10. Blujet

    My main problem with Siege other than the problems mentioned earlier is that (at least when I have played) the match was basically decided as soon as one team snipes a building with the cannons (usually the RD. And I've seen it done by soviets more than the allies, though that last bit could just be the games that I have played as the balance stats shows the allies winning more than soviets so *shrugs shoulders*.) Then the team that got their building sniped usually loses due to not being able to get enough points to make up for the loss of a building or kill one of the other side's buildings. More often than not, I've often seen one side control the middle of the map and when that happens, it was extremely difficult for the team on the backfoot to take it (though the bridges have helped as it provided an alternate attack route, however it usually does not help enough turn the game around, as it is either ignored or rendered irrelevant by the other side having aircraft. Thus removing the element of surprise or stopping the attack completely.) TL;DR My main problems with this map are that it is basically take the middle or die and that it is near impossible for the team on the backfoot to make a comeback. All of this is from my experience with the map, so feel free to take any part of this with a grain of salt. And I have not got enough time on Hostile Waters to get a feel for any problems it may have.
  11. Blujet

    Now I can die in a trench for the emperor!
  12. Blujet

    ##vote Killing_You gg
  13. Blujet

  14. Blujet

    To answer your first question, I am a vanilla town, no night targets. I also have a Dayshot ability. To answer your second, Jeod said that he was a Necron, and that he was looking to add Dark Apostle Verti60 to his collection. As soon as he mentioned that he was looking for someone to add to his collection, I immediately thought he was Trayzn the Infinite, as he is a Necron whose main schtick is collecting notable people and objects throughout the galaxy to add to his collection. If you want more info: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Trazyn