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  1. Thanks for the votes, everyone! As promised, I have started a new thread to congratulate the top three voted MVPs. Click this link to go straight to the honourable mentions thread! As always, this wouldn't have been possible without everyone's participation, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
  2. Is this on? What? It is? Brilliant. So I just talk on this, or... oh, okay. Welcome to the APB Honourable Mentions thread! You have voted for the top three players who have participated in the Games Night. Without further ado, let's give a shout-out to: @Pushwall! Thanks to your team skills, piloting skills and ability to adapt to the situation, you collected 4 votes. Congratulations! @Dghelneshi! Your being a great teamplayer and consistent hard work has not only earned you a $5 Steam Card for a runner's up prize, but also an honourable mention at 4 votes. Reach round with your arm and pat yourself on the back! @Silverlight! Although people don't talk a lot about your game skillz, a lot of emphasis was placed on your tactics and planning helping to win the day multiple times, enough for you to sit with 3 votes. A job well done in my opinion! Though we may not have much to award you with, know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Great job to you three! With luck, I hope to implement this more often, so while you may not win any gifts you will get recognition for being fantastic players. I'd also like to thank everyone who participated in the Games Night; you are helping breathe life into this community!
  3. Voting is now closed! Stand by while we process the votes and churn something out.
  4. You did him a favour methinks
  5. Hello everyone! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their participation in the Games Night. It's refreshing to see so many active players in the server, and I hope to see more in the coming weeks. Now, to get down to business. It should be noted that in case any players are unable to claim their prize, there is a 48 hour grace period before it is handed down to the next player down the line. After checking the scores, I am pleased to announce that we have a winner. Congratulations to @Y2K! You have won a $25 Steam Gift Card for your hard efforts and murder spree. But that's not all. We have a little surprise for those who have been working just as hard. @DMB and @Dghelneshi, congratulations on being runners up! You have won a $5 Steam Card for a job well done! Finally, we would like to give some honourable mentions out to those players who have performed notably. This is where you guys come in. Starting from the second this is posted, a vote will be going out. If you have played with someone who you feel deserves a honourable mention, now is the time to express your gratitude! Please bold your choice, preferably with a reason. You have 3 votes. You're not allowed to vote for the same player more than once, and please don't vote for yourself. Votes end on 24th January, 23:59 GMT. Let's get voting! Votes are now CLOSED. Thank you! Votes so far: Pushwall - 4 Topazjuan - 2 Dghelneshi - 4 Silverlight - 3 SilverShark/TOTD - 2 Alexcuervo has now timed out. @Dghelneshi, contact Fraydo for your new steam gift card! [blurb]The statistics are in, the straws have been drawn, and the bot has been given treats. Check the thread to see who's won our APB Games Night![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.b.png[/thumb]
  6. You know what? I haven't flown a Mig yet either. Maybe we should pretend to be an Ace Combats!
  7. Hiramaky

    APB Games Night

    Gamers rise up for the APB Games Night! $20 Steam Card for the most exemplary player!
  8. Privyet comrades! Starshina Hiramaky here, with an announcement calling to arms. I've recently intercepted communications from the Allied scum, and have deduced that there is a Games Night session on the 19th January. They're planning on beginning operations at 8:30PM GMT. We must interrupt their activities and send them crying back to their babushkas, for Stalin! But wait, that's not all. The Kremlin has contacted our Intelligence Department, and have given us permission to grant a 20 Credit Gift Card from the Steamworks Factory in Petrograd to the lucky tovarish who exemplifies himself as an outstanding soldier. While we understand that it may appear a little capitalistic, I have it on good authority that it is all in reward to the great Soviet cause, and thus thoroughly deserved. See you in the action! [blurb]APB Games Night on the 19th Saturday at 8:30PM GMT! Be there or be a four-sided object! Read inside for more details.[/blurb]
  9. Clearly we need to rely on our freedom-loving Anglophiles to bail us out on this one. Get SammyD on the line.
  10. I saw the forum title and got excited about some John Woo akimbo shiet and got slightly disappointed. On the other hand, some more work on guns are always appreciated, as although an arcadey feel is important, I can see a few issues. Personally, I kinda feel that the weapons need more oomph to them. It needs to feel more like I'm firing, so perhaps the gun sounds need to be edited. Otherwise, I can only really refer to OWA's post above. He says it much better than I ever will.
  11. So you're telling me there won't be a DLC you can buy that replaces the commando skin with Isaac Clarke? Sad!
  12. inb4 mammoth tanks are placed behind an "Advanced GDI Technology DLC". $14.99 including skins. $4.99 for a one-time Ion Cannon use.
  13. That MAD raid was amazing, and one of the biggest highlights of the night. Alongside playing Road Wars in a Storage Container against some Naval Transport in LP.
  14. As mentioned in the Discord, the Debut/Premiere/Benninging of APB Thursday Throwdown went off to a very promising start. With players of up to thirty, it was action packed. It was high-octane. It was emotional. Cheekis were breeki'd, and Freedom was unleashed on commies. Tactics were put to use and players new to the MP APB scene such as myself were quickly learned in the Art of War. While still rough around the edges, it is something that will bring us all together in a scheduled event. With the exception of a very few, everyone got on with each other, even when they were on the losing end. As someone who suggested the idea in the first place, I thank you for taking the time to join in. While it's still in its early phases, please feel free to offer suggestions on how the Thursday Throwdown could be better improved. I hope to see more of that tomfoolery and shenanigans tomorrow, where we will: Suffer demo raids, Endure spies sapping your PP's, Wince at the Mammies and Hinds, Curl in a ball and cry at enemy rushes. Be there, or be a 4-sided object.
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