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  1. Good luck to everyone! Time to get some funds for Halo Infinite. We will use the cruisers in your place Admiral Gary.
  2. Attention, all combat personnel: Please report to your action stations. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.
  3. It will be fun, we just need to find new teamwork ways, depending on the team we could lock the gems and bombard dome with arties... Or sneak behind the soviet ref with rockets or lights, or deploy MRJ while phase rush advances, or use the other tunnel entrances... Or maybe ranger rush the coil... Or rocket rush the coil... Or rifle rush the coil... We used the tunnel a lot but... but there are a lot of options... Which we could try... If people started playing APB more...
  4. This is 60 players Hostile Waters, I tried the new spectate mode. Try to find you if you played!
  5. Time to organize some grenadier rushes.
  6. Pushwall Dghelneshi Totd PXD2000 Fraydo Hiramaky moonsense715
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