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Found 3 results

  1. With C&C Remastered right around the corner, it's time to share those friend codes. Let's add one another and play!
  2. Voe and I were talking about trying to organize an APB clan war type of thing with anyone interested. Some high level play with teamspeak and everything.The problem is that we don't have the playerbase to support two high-end clans facing it off properly without one overpowering the other by sheer pro-player-snatch-up. To counter that we're going to try and make a community-wide roster and put everyone in teams prior to a match depending on game experience so the team skillsets are somewhat evened out. Anyone who applies to participate cannot expect for their entire clan to be placed on one side, it all depends on how many skilled players we have to put in game. We'll need somewhat evened out teams. We can handle this by having two very experienced W3D Hub staff members picking team members prior to the begining of a PUG (Pick-Up-Game) match on teamspeak. You don't have to have a microphone to participate (but it would greatly boost the quality of the game if you did!), but you do need to be able to listen in and follow directions if a strategy is being put in motion in game. Anyone who wants to join up and apply to play in PUG matches can just leave a reply here. We're trying to see how many people we can scrape up to play in organized matches. Ideally on a weekend for this first test. Anyone can play as long as you cooperate, don't go against a chosen team leader's game tactic and don't team hamper or break any server rules. We also need people interested in moderating and helping organize the thing, just keeping track of people and helping set up teams prior to a match on teamspeak. (moderators feel free to edit and add or remove people from the roster) POSSIBLE PLAYER ROSTER:
  3. BATTLEFIELD 2: PROJECT REALITY A free standalone game with great cooperative gameplay! Some of us W3D Hub staff members (and our friends) have been playing Battlefield 2: Project Reality these last couple of months every now and then, and would like to invite members of the W3D Hub community to join in on the fun and play with us! The game is a standalone total conversion of Battlefield 2 (2005) and is completely FREE! You do not need to own Battlefield 2! Thinking about joining us? Already have the game set up? Want to see Wallywood attack an enemy tank with a shovel? Leave us a reply and join the fun! GAME SETUP INSTRUCTIONS: Download and install Battlefield 2: Project Reality! (click the image under "Mod Downloads", then get the "PR:BF2 v1.3.5 Full" client) Set up an offline account (choose a nickname). (decline if the launcher first asks you to make an online account, then you'll see the offline option) Make sure your game is up-to-date! (the current game version is Download and install Zee's mod! (this changes a few things so that the game is easier to play with less people) Download and install Evolve! (a simple LAN program which we use to connect everyone to our server) Add AZ-Stalker and ZeeHypnotist to your friends list on Evolve. (so we can add you into the party's room) Join AZ-Stalker's Party on Evolve. (one of us has to invite you there first, so don't worry if you don't see it yet) Connect to the W3D Hub TeamSpeak server at ts.w3dhub.com! (you don't need a microphone as long as you can listen in and respond via the in-game text chat) Join the Zee Hive channel. (because that's where all of the awesome things happen) PLAY! Here's an alternate download for Zee's mod if you're having trouble with the individual archive overwrites: [ Zee's Mod 09-08-2016 ] This version is installed by just dropping the folders into the designated location (easy!) but the download itself is about 450mb in size. EXTRA NOTES AND TIPS: - We do not intend on playing with people who are negative or have been causing trouble around W3D Hub or its game servers. We always try to keep up a positive, fun and relaxing atmosphere while playing, so please act accordingly if you do get in a game with us. We have cooperative fun, we do not play competitively. - You will not be able to play online or with anyone who doesn't have Zee's mod, but we do keep backups of the original files so just ask if you need them. - When setting up Zee's Mod, you'll have to open the game's individual archive files and then drag-drop-overwrite the mod files into each of them (about 4 times). - Don't update your game after you've already played with us. That could brake Zee's mod and you'd be one version ahead of the rest of us. - If you see AZ-Stalker, Zee Hypnotist and Wallywood in the Zee Hive channel on TeamSpeak, we're most likely playing so join in! - Make sure to download the game via the torrent link, it's much faster that way. - We have a Skype group going for notifications about when we'll be playing. Do NOT use that group for chatting. We do not want constant notifications. - Feel free to ask for help regarding anything in this thread! - Did you know we can build base structures and defenses in game? ZEE'S MOD CHANGELOG: VIDEO OF THE GAME IN ACTION: What are you waiting for? Go download the game!
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