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  1. aaaaaaaa

    Teamwork owns. Fuck skill.
  2. aaaaaaaa

    Bug abuse. (ban?) Map Mt.bog has quite low height limit. I can't use peony on the hill. Its shells get stopped in the skies. (Low height limit / invisible wall) Same problem with other old map, elbrus missiles fly into skies and blow up there (even if firing position is not on the hill). Look screenshot of this map: @yap @dblaney1 Please fix.
  3. aaaaaaaa

    omg what a n00b, use primary fire with shotgun. Shotgun primary fire now is OP. I can headshot you with a shotgun in 100 meters range. (From one building to another one in this map) Shotgun 10-15 times stronger than aa-20 pellet. Pls buff pellet. @developers
  4. aaaaaaaa

    How's no fun allowed? No way! This game has simple rules and objective is to destroy enemy base or explode a beacon on the pedestal. Achieveng these objectives is the most fun thing in my opinion. If you do well, whole your team fell proud and you feel good becasue all of you do well. It increases team's morale. The game is a simulation of some particular reality. And this game is a simulation of the war battle. There's no time for having side talks. Otherwise, for someone who thinks different, I'm not going to stop repeat "Find other game". Or other place to have a cozy talk with your friends. Staying afk and having talks with friends is a disrespect to other people who really want to play. They are not. You can easily counter the tactic which @TemporaryName described. 3 shotgun troopers can wreck these 2 armored cars and with luck kill all of home guard soldiers. If you don't want to hope for luck, you can buy 200-300$ delta force soldier, this is stronger unit than home guard. If teams are small (for example 4 vs 4) game usually goes quickly, especially if enemy team well organized. Someone told here, that team play is not a key to the victory and is a shit. But I only once saw ~10 units 36 mammonth tanks with couple of small ground vehicles and orcas as cover. And that were experienced players. They finished the game in 5 min after 1 hour of camping. And there no matter how skilly you are, you can pe super pro and put 6 dynamites in these tanks, if your team unable to react quickly enouch, you're doomed. This is not "cheese tactic" this is ability to communitate with other players and pay respect to each other. If new player (newb) learns the game and points himself as a teamplayer (participating in rushes, repairing tanks when necessary, seeking for stealth units like goliaths, etc) he becomes respectful. Why do you think killing 4 sydnays id bad? I think this is good, and why this is good I answered in other topic. Why you feel bad about killling 4-8 enemies!? That's weird. Because this number of enemies is nothing. You diidn't kill any of enemies's buildings yet! Your objective is not completed! Ofcouse, if you were staying on base for defending, you did well. Keep an attention that your enemy can buy greanadiers too. I love this big choice of infantry units. I think some vehicles need to be removed too or make access to the tier as upgrade, but I'll respond you later.
  5. Nobody used them even when they were OP. I suppose players didn't understand the game deep enough, becasue it is always changing and has unstoppable players flow. New players come. And other ones drop playing this game. - Similar as young kids do that with casual online flash games. Only few players keep play and don't leave. Those thigs are adjustable and fixable. You can add hub on any map in any place. This is wasy easier than modifying game executable which will get big group of players into trouble of compatibility. For now you can easily pick up enemy weapons. And soldier veterancy is easy to get, to use !weap command. Mutants are very effective. TP for the win [I've read some offtopic a bit]
  6. aaaaaaaa

    If you see some disbalance in this map, this is easy explainable. Typical scenarios. 2 cases when GDI loses: 1) GDI has the most of noobs in the team. Nod has more experienced players in the team and starting siege GDI base early. 1st thing they meet is GDI harv. GDI unabe to save it becasue it is goes quite far away of the base and easy destroyable. Even noobs from Nod team will attack it. GDI unable to get a good cash flow and runs out of money. Most players has funds less 1000. GDI can't afford good tanks and infantry. Nod has snipers surround GDI's base. GDI infantry becomes nearly useless. If 1-2 active GDI players go for harrasing Nod harv and if they lucky to reach Nod vicinity, they have difficulty to destroy Nod harvester, becasue Nod has stealth generator. Nod has credits over 2000 per player. ... GDI stays out of money. Nod keep shoting GDI base with cheap tanks and artillery, GDI noobs selflessly trying to repair buildings. Someone's thinking there's a chance to win. Nod heavy artillery appears. GG. 2) Nod has the most of noobs in the team. GDI has more experienced players in the team and trying to collect some money to siege Nod base. 1st things they must to kill meet is Nod harv and obelisk. Nod easy defends harvester becasue Nod has stealth generator and harvester is not so easy destroyable as Nod. Noobs from GDI just useless. Thay trying to collect money for some worthy unit, or just wasting money on shit units. Nod's good players minority able to organize noobish attacks on GDI harvester. Noobs have success, becasue GDI doesn't have stealth generator and easy destroyable. ... GDI runs out of money... Situations becomes similar to the case №1. ... Nod heavy artillery appears. GG. Not only. It depends of the map. On this map by playing as GDI your team must keep killing Nod harv and tiberium silos and defend your own tiberium silos and harv by any cost untill you able to afford high-tier vehicles and a good support for them. (Goliaths can easily kill 36 mammonth, you need amx 13 do defend it). As you can see, my opinion about imbalance on this map comes from stealth generator existanse. GDI hover mrls spam on this map is a real pain into the Nod ass. Good luck.
  7. aaaaaaaa

    Hol on guys. I'll reply soon.
  8. Yes. @Veyrdite If you say that "no fun" to play without barracks, then youhave to defend barracks. I think your opinion looks effeminate and pity is not acceptable here. Your modification will remove team chat from the terminal. This is quite bad. You misjudge the importance of that small text box. Mutant hub was really useful in first versions. Mutants were so strong, so they can be successfully used instead of the regular infantry. Most maps have 2 mutant hubs, and it is not a problem to use mutants. Single hub in the tunnels is not a problem at all, assuming the use of self-healing mutants ability. You just need to get a real team, not a team of single-playing noobs. Sincece you has your team organized and not panic-walking in random directions noobs you will capture this hub easily. I don't see mutants as popular unit now. They are not OP as before. I'd like to say they needs a little "buff". They are easy available and cheap units. And still nobody uses them... Do you know why? In addition, I want to ask you to play vanilla renegade in other server just to feel the pain of losing the building. When you can't restore anything. This is way more painful. For me, to have fun in this game is to kill enemies and enemy's base buildings as fast as possible. In this mod over 50% games end up in "time-out" reason, and winner is choiced by scores. This is so disgusting to play 1,5-2 horus and see that you didn't do anything... Well destroyed 1 building, and that's all. And even if enemy doesn't have conyard, all these engineers with sticky bombs and shotgunners with AT bazookas don't let you to have a real win. They keep holding the line for a plenty time. Toxin truck was a good option to break this pointless resistance and make a lesson to this lame. Becasue if you lost PP, Airstrip and Refinery, you has almost no chance to win. I know this is hard to do, but just accept it as is. Infantry < vehicles in most cases.
  9. aaaaaaaa

    #1 Despite of how mod is messed up for now, grenadiers are still great. They have unique role. Every unit should have an unique bunch of applications. Tank crew nerfed too much. It needs a good dynamite! Or faster regeneration for vehs. Or something else. (See #23) #2 Rocket soldiers too underpowered. They needs bigger range in primary fire (in parabolic trajectory mode). Anti tank is ok. Flamethrower is good, but needs +20...50% mode dmg for buildings (to MCT). Most people are noobs and don't know how to use this unit. I'm going to say more. Most people don't know about existance of second pages with infantry and vehs. #3 Chem trooper was good for removingmines in tunnelswhan it could spawn a viceroid. Don't know ifhecon do this now. I'm not using chem sprayer infantry becasuechem sprayer was incredebly corrupted and now thisweapon is useless. Fanatic needs to do more damage to tanks and +0,5...1 m more range. Look this video, if you are n00b you may think the D3 version of chem sprayer is OP, but in real game with goodplayers I would be killed in 3-5 sec as max. Usually I get destroyed before reach the base. Becasue someone defending base in the helicopter and/or stank. But losers can't do that and always cryin "aaah shit!! this thing is so op!!!!!111 pls nerf!!!" LEARN TO DEFEND THE BASE NOOBS THAT'S THE EASIEST THING IN THE GAME I'd like to quote the good statement of the good and well known player not only in IA server, but on others too: #4 This is not CS. GTFO u sniper n00b. All your "great skill in aiming" is for other game. Here lags < 1 sec (up to 1 sec) makes all "aiming" pointless. It's more like a luck-based. #5 No. It should contest mobius suits, but not in 1 to 1 relation. Mobius should be assumedly based on its price stronger. Petrove needs regenertion ability to contest mobius suits. #6 Agree. 100% truth. I told that before. A lot ofnoobs cried about melta gun OP. Now it is useless after nrefing. Sydney PIC is way too OP. It has sniper range + melta gun damage + armor more than melta gun soldier AND ABLE TO DO WAY MORE dmg THAN RAVESHOW. Nerf pic sydney please... remove sniper range and sniper aim ability. Or buff raveshow. Melta gun must be stronger, this is unique unit. Add +30% dmg. If you want to have GDI something like that, reduce gunner radius + add damage to his gun. 9 shots is just madness... guys... really... wtf? Make it 6. Also gunner is just OP on air targets now. Reducing his radius will make stinger soldier (AA Specialist) be useful again. #7 SBH has unique role. But they can't do much against vehs and team work. You described acrion "sniper SBH n00b plays vs sniper n00b" which points me to my guess that you are sniper n00b (see #4 and GTFO). AA spec was really good, but seems getworse after noobish cries "this aa spec too OP" I told in #6 one of the reasons why he is useless. Normally it should do 70-100% dmg in 1 shot to all 600-2500$ aircrafts except hind. Needs buff. #8 Destroy the war factory first. And stop being a sniper n00b (see #7 and #4). #9 Confirmed in #6. #10 I think their numberspawns no matter how many players on the map, sometimes I need to kill 5-6 viceroids in 1v1 or 2v2 match to reach teh enemy base! #11 Mendoza is not enemy of mobius, use petrova. See #5. Mendoza is good for defusing mines by running through them, and his secondary fire (charged) to MCT quickly destroys the building. Probably needs more running speed, to be fast as home guard. Charged volt rifle shot prob needs more dmg to MCT (not checked yet, but due to total nerfing of everything tendency I guess so). #12 A lot of anti air units get really weak. Mitsubishi, zsu (double barrel), SIDAM* is useless as they unable to kill cheap helicopters while thay just simply flying over them. *Recently noticed that SIDAM extremely powerful against some stealth Nod aircraft. killed it in 2 sec. But banshee armor feels invincible to this. I found funny how GDI Avenger still OK, and I think just becasue noobs didn't use it frequently enough. But the most funny thing Avenger > ZSU + SIDAM taken togrther in firepower comparison. But costs 500$. Guys... really... wtf... This is not balacing the mod, this is making the things bad. I'm impressed again, sorry. (see #6) Can't say anything more about it, becasue a lot of AA stuff needs more careful testing: (autocannon apc, wessel, splitfire apc, avenger, adats(done), mitsubishi, tunguska, zsu, sidam, stryker tow, dobuble tow apc,stinger sites, stinger soldier, gunner) #13 See #12. Don't nerf... It has weak armor. In D3 it is only the unit which able to counter stealthed comanches-66. Because has fast-turning turret. Don't forget this is AntiAir unit. That means there shouldn't be air units which could be able to kill it. Aircrafts supposed to work together with ground units. Tanks and light vehs can easily wreck avenger. #14 Yeah, less than obelisk range. Useless unit. I told about it before. But didn'y commented my opinion there yet. #15 AAVP? Do you mean big APC with autocannon? Amx 13 as anti air? The barrel doesn't have pitch angle good enough for that. As anti-tank it needs more armor. +30% and +10% more dmg to tanks. Amx-30 one of the best low-cost tank and harv destroyers. Agree. #16 Yeah. But developers seems making models for complitely other game (about cold war times) and testing them here. Who knows. #17 Agree. But Avenger and ADATS are good. Use RMB to shot guded missele from adats, and wait untill it reach the target. But adats sucks against stealth aircrafts. See #13. #18 Are you sure? I think this is obsolete information. #19 Yes. They are a bit too huge. And they require teamwork. Always. Their main purpose to finish the game quickly when bunch of enemy losers keep reparing buildings from inside and doesn't let you kill them fast enough. #20 ROFL. Thanks for the info, I'll try. Looks the same stupid like grizzly tank model when few missile shots from tunguska kills it. #21 - Disable your ass. - No. Say "NO" to infinite long games! - ... [I didn't fucking understand] - Nah. Artillery is a Nod feature. GDI artillery is out-of-style thing. Buff MRLS. See #14 Avenger and AMX escort beats stealth and non-stealth aircrafts and tanks. Checked and confirmed in teamplay. #21.b I could easily dodge this hige missiles. Yeah. See #1. This unit is unique. I found that chaingun was pretty good against light air units in previous versions. And that was cool thing. Bring this feature back please! #22 No. U n00b or waht? No more units like thisin game. If you can't kill sucky 100$ soldier with the same grenadier or evenwith rifleman M3 grenades, just delete the game and gtfo. #23 1 dynamite was a good option aswell... or give him repair gun and remove C4? + See #1 #24 Agree. See #2 and #6. It's ok. Don't worry. Don't use unit in purpose which it is not purposed for. #25 Everything is ok. Delta force flamethrower might be underpowered a bit. AT soldier is ok too. Flamer needs a little buff. See #2 You noobs if you going together as a tight compact group it is your ptoblem you could be easy reped with any artillery or C4 aswell. This is one of the common mistakes whan people do an infantry rush. How not you understand that? #26 No. Wait. Buff melta soldier. And it should be able to drive due its low range. See #6. Also a lot of GDI tanks suck See #16. Some tanks needs buff. Simple Vulture shotgun is really OP even compared to SS-20 pellet. Buff pellet damage to infantry. #27 It SSHOULD BE ABLT TO DRIVE TANKS. Reduce range and add dmg. SEE #6 #24 #28 Ramjets way too OP on vehs. Especially on light vehs. Need -75% dmg to vehs. Becasue a lot of people buys them and trying to fight vehicles. Every single one who uses it against vehicle feels himself a hero, but really he is ineffective. #29 Not agree with "pocket carl gustav" thing. The aiming is way more difficult. And huge and powerful tanks is one of the concept ideas of GDI, remember? Agree with the rest, also see #6 and #9. They are not OP. But there is a big problem when "team mates" begin to build this shit everything on the base and you can't drive your tank out, you just unable to pass through all these amchineguns and you can't destroy them! Not sure if they actually need ammo crates, but i think thay should run out of ammo and disappear (self distruct) after some defined number of shots, and they should be undeployable by the team mates with refund. Nah, 30 vs 30 is max + noobs and losers not allowed. And open another one server (with bigger limit for the rest ones) Infrared might be annoying, yeah. Not agree with the shell speed, I don't feel a big difference. vanilla renegade choppers have unlimited ammo too. Yeah, 36 gun needs more accuracy. I'm not sure about limit in 1. Too few and boring.But there should be something which makes difficulty in purchasing them. Like the upgrade which adds 1 more unit to this limit. And limit should be flexible, depending of the map and current number of players. I'm for B2B to be allowed, you are not my friend in this point anymore! But yeah, B2B shouldn't be allowed for peony and elbrus simply because GDI doesn't have anything for answer. (Shield doesn't count becasue defenses become useless and base easy vurnerable for planting the beacon) No. You have sensor array. Go play CS. See #4 #8. Bullshit. Buff m270, It is really useless now. Unable to hit even obelisk. See #21 #14. Agree. See #12 #6. Yes. Even longer for hover mrls? are you ok man? It is longest thing in the game i think. (try unguided mode n00b + see #4 #8) Not sure. It definetely needs different barrel angles. It is too limited. Sandbags armor were ok. Few IR(InfraRed) tanks weren't able to kill me. Agree with increasing diamler speed back as in d3 version. Evrything is so slow in this game. Sometimes I think that this game was created for retards... See #21.b. However that was fun to shot to hugeaircrafts like orca bomber and zepellin airship. No comment.
  10. aaaaaaaa

    Players mistakes

    "why don't you just stop calling everyone lamers and play the game? Be normal. Its actually pretty easy. If you win, cool. If you don't, whatever. Just play. If you can't do that, then you are choosing to ruin it for yourself and others. Now, we've been pretty light-hearted about this so far. But seriously, chill out." @Einstein ©
  11. aaaaaaaa

    On the last week good players were: Rozpierdelator jeff560 n00bless mrfry Si1ve2rol erwerwer nod398 Muslium Kickmofo Cereal_Killer [remind me if i forgot someone] Also some players were playing pretty well, but not eonugh to be good. They are decent ones. Decent players: Cjxor - sometimes was doing stupid things lynx - needs more skill in picking correct tactic, keeps trying to play good Jack - good helper, but still newb, looks like a team player. artbsd - has showed himself as a team player. [MVP]aaaaaaaa - tried to play hard sometimes. huntya14 Try harder to play better guys. Noobs: aka_Slave - newbie. DMG_Mirror -newbie. (standing on airstrip drop zone + doesn't know what to do) cocain_010 - loser spazoid8 - playing for years, still doesn't know how to play, total n00b. AmrO.Elmarsy - useless as ususal Gnathog ... etc
  12. aaaaaaaa

    Players mistakes

    cocain010 jumping around no defuse beacon no capture ATMs for money, useless n00b, no victory for you Thank for clearing thos thing for a newb. Whan i started to play this mod I didnt understand what's on thhere pictures. ALT button were there very small and not understandable. Now it is bigger. @NicolasTahiti what was that hard to undestand? Tell us.
  13. aaaaaaaa

    @Jeff560_BZH_fryou are good player. They can wish everything, just becasue they are suck. Ignore trolls losers and f00kers. Play hard go pro!
  14. aaaaaaaa

    Players mistakes

    Haahaha. That made me laugh. Saved.
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