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  1. btw Threve is silently crying when losing 1v1 and usiung !kill, comand to kill a player after losing. I suggest you to focus fire on him first and !nooob him for any suitable and unsuitable reason. He is a potential loser too.
  2. n00b RQ EVERY GAME STUPID n00b
  3. Need more restore upgrades on mapswithout construction yard. All game no restore upgrades appeared... Map: Cold River E03. Map: Infinite Isle E06. Purchase terminal in HoNOD is unseen. Map: Mt.Pass E03. To purchase the GDI base defenses upgrade it is need to keep jumping into this upgrade terminal and keep pressing action button while jump. And fix problem with coastal guns please.
  4. Irequestc that too. That noobs says saomething worthy, pls listen to him.
  5. This story is based on fiction and any similarity to real people, places, or events are purely coincidental. 2 days ago. A story about mad guy. INTRODUCTION I was playing a game 2 days ago and I saw some n00b player was afk all game long, I tried call mods to kick him, but no mods were around. This is not first time I met long-afk noobs ingame, so I ignored his ugly behaviour easily. I continued to play because my team need to win. MAIN PART Chapter 1. Some random guy was suffering of hard emotional stress that day. You know how some boring shit may happen with you? No? No, wait. Let me tell you something right now. This guy was really depressed! He probably was ready to finish off himself, his suffers was unbearable! I don't know real resons of it, but let's say he didn't have sex for long and he asked hos gf to give him a fuck But his girlfriend didn't give him a fk (probably woman period days, so she can't) He went mad and he was need relax and to do something to cool down, and started to look for anything to relax He became angry, becasue no good idea come to the head So he decided to play this shit gaem a little, he runned IA and tried to play. but it turned in a way he didnt get enough luck in game, his expectations fallen into absolutely collapse... He wanted to be like a rambo and kill everyone around but the best he can to do was only decent gamepley. The anger and the rage were coursing through his veins, but he couldn't fee it, he was complitely mad at this point. So he decided to chill out in other way, he decided to watch for players and deal a punishment to somebody, no matter who, for example who plays not fair. But unfourtunately all existing plkyers did well and didn't break the rules... Well this quite sad fact couldn't stop our hero and he turned off his mind simple unconsciously. He dropped his tank and stood afk watching for unholy playing players. He hoped to catch at least a one and punish him hard!!! Chapter 2 Meanwhile some stupid n00b just was afk for normal players. I had asked !showmods to kick him - you know, nobody resppond. Other game started already, the new match. He was afk. I forgot about him. ... The battle was hot and I spent all of my money (ROFL, is that a war or an act of shopping?) I couldn't afford anything good to help my team mates, and I started to think how can I help my team. And... I've found empty stealth tnk on the repair pad! So lucky! No players around, just some AFK n00b stood in pp. Loser. I decided to sell this stank, so I have enough money to buy a good tank. "YOU has been kicked for: Team hampering" message appeared on my screen. Hmmm... (I was thinking): Any (yes any) good player would sell this or take in use - quite of then vehicles are abandoned on the base, and players share it without unbinding. (no drop empty vehicles on the base is a rule of safety, so if you take abandoned vehicle you will make your base a little bit more safety) I joined this game to clear the things out, but some guy who kicked me coudn't tell me anything he just was unable to listen. I didn't know what to do. I got an idea what to do. Since as I was playing as Nod I re-joined as GDI, it had less players than Nod, but it's better to play with losers than with traitors. (screenshot shows Nod has less players, but a lot of players RQ after me, otherwise I couldn't join as GDI) Chapter 3 Lookging for singular unfair players in a big crowd is boring and made stressful anyone who doing that. So our guy who was looking for vile acting players was in a critical line of rage. The huge luck unexpectedly arrived! Some player just stolen his tank! "Ahhhhh, Finally! Here I got it" - thought the guy, and didn't understand what happend: his right and left hands texted !qkick so quick before he finished yet his thought and didn't really see anything. The full flow of his internal rage was going outside and moving on... The guy got an incredibly exciting feeling in this moment, he never felt so good before as now. He felt his stress is going away, and a nice and pleasant warmth spreading inside his body... The orgasm was coming and guy came twice into his trousers. He never felt so good as now. He even was thinking to stop relationships with his GF and continue to punish some player everyday, that's so wonderful! The good feeling was ok, but unforgivable rude interrupted by some chaep message of justice: He was confused and didn't know what to do. "What if?.." He had his friends - buttkissers in game who tried to help him in this one of the most difficult moments in the life His mind partially returned into his head and he was able to made a text which had some sense. However, this text didn't have enough sense for the glory of the justice, and other messages of the truth were blasting his mind, one by one: He told he is a Mib but who know what he really is? Our hero got an idea "I will mute this annoying voice and everything gonna be ok" The battle was hot and players were good. The flows of in-game money was so significant so everyone could feel the tase of blood regardless of comprehansion they playing a game. All of the playing people were happy this day, exept of this guy. Or maybe he got his hapiness too? He was talking something, talking a lot of things, looks like he was happy whan he was doing that: But for that moment, nobody listened to him, even his butt-kissing friends were busy with more important things. (For real, why not?) The sun was shining and the skies were going clowdy and about to cry... Life is good. CONCLUSION My buiseness in GDI was going well, and I got high points very fast. No matter that we lose, the game was fun and people were happy. AFK guy didn't even get 1000 pts in Nod team in the all game. Loser. Here are rumors that AFK hero continued his rage in forums. But it is just rumors, nothing more. Shut up loser. ----------- Personally, I've reread that what I wrote now and this is a good Good story I see. Regardless I'm the author, I got even more new from it and improved myself nonethless. And this loser will cry soon. And remember, the justice will engage you everywhere, you can't hide of it. !!! Warning !!! weak mind persons, kids and other people with vulnerable feelingfs don't read this pls, it will irreversible damadge your mind !!! Skip this spoiler please, it may hurt your feelings. Well, enough for now. Feel free to leave your worthy and useless opinions / explaionations above. Any of your feedback will be just ignored in the most retarded way. Thank you.
  6. More info aabout recent changes. What i like and don't like: Koksan (Nod) mora accurative secondary anti-tank fire, but still a little not enough accuracy. Need more fore rate speed for anti-tank fire. I like Kane will and GDI Health training upgrades now are more effective. COASTAL GUNS (All sides) Enormously long range of guns, they strongly outshoot the visability range. So they hit you long before you can see them. **I don't know if hominng trajecroys for coastal shells is fixed. But I remember that was a real problem with homing coastal shells. Absolutely impossible to get close, only tteam rush has a chance to destry this gun (night map without air units, but with navals and agt and obelisk) Yap said he's going to set dynamite delay to ~1 sec, I din't check this yet, but if he did, this is good change. Update. Screenshots. Coastal gun shoot at me when I can't see it. And even when I went more far away, it was keep shooting to me. And weird thing, it was keep shooting to empty vehicle non-stop when it was more far away, but absolutely without damadge!
  7. Unfourtunately I've deleted 7 GB of crashdumps, only new ones left: http://www.mediafire.com/file/be0l14ronn8i7sm/crashdump.20190421-083752-r8269-n1.dmp/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/s6i576vtpw5xcwa/crashdump.20190504-123346-r8269-n1.dmp/file 14 days for download
  8. I played this game on Celeron 2.7 GHz without lags.
  9. Hopefully this map won't lag as Infinite isle or winter assault D52 does.
  10. Nobody listened to you. It is 3 sec! Dynmite has been worsed successfully Thanks for your all feedback!
  11. Finally! Here is worsed dynamite. 1 hour to install and wrong information about weapons. Here it says 2 pcs, but really only 1. And no info about how many sticks per 1 charge.
  12. Haha. This one is best! Sorry if it is your real face, but I guess it is not.
  13. I like only this one, others are useless ( MMY OPINION !!! )
  14. More detailed graphics... more lags?
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