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  1. I'm surprised the map itself isnt just a deer head.
  2. I blame China for all the world's problems. But I also put blame on our government for going a bit overboard on the lockdowns... I agree people should distance themselves and not create large crowds needlessly, but shutting businesses down for weeks on end was just too far. More or less, people need to use damn common sense and not be smelly fucking cavemen, then we wouldn't have had to deal with 1.4 million cases, and a very possible total economic collapse.
  3. Just received this email an hour ago so I just thought I'd put it up for those who haven't checked or gotten an email. TL;DR You still get the game on time, but physical shipping won't begin until August/September the earliest.
  4. One thing that worries me is that I have no idea how I'm going to renew my license in 5 months to continue work as an electrician. I don't have the money at the moment due to some very rough financial things going on with our house and only shelter, and the only classes available for my required credits is a 200 dollar package which I then have to pay 30 dollars to take an exam, then pay to renew my license.... I really don't know what to do at this point.
  5. To quote our lord and saviour Shigeru Miyamoto: Although it would be a good move to throw out a few PR blogs/trailers for the big projects currently being worked on, as to draw more interest in the now very active C&C community (due to the remasters).
  6. I'm okay with this.
  7. Remove the cruiser from APB and replace it with a steam-boat with 50 cals. would have been a cute idea.
  8. I like the technician(RA/TD)/engineer(Renegade). Because its a good meme, and its a free repair-whore that I can panic buy when we're about to lose the important buildings... In all seriousness though I like the Naval Transport because it looks like a VERY realistic design that could be put into practical use, if not unloading vehicles up the ass, unloading people and cargo.
  9. Even construction workers like myself are severely hampered by protection measures. Supplies arent coming in, so we're slowing down on what we can do, and we have to maintain about 6 feet away from everyone. Some companies wont let their employees take off, and will terminate them if they are too scared to come in due to the virus. We have had people at our site who have later tested positive, so I'm not sure if we're going to be shutting down or not. All in all business as usual but with the added benefit of not being able to find much food/supplies at the stores because they are all raided the moment the stores open up.
  10. My main concern is how badly screwed all of us Americans (and Europeans) will be due to the incoming economic fallout. Best case scenario, things go back to normal with minimal financial disruption, worst case is the entire world goes into a global depression about on the scale of the 1930s if not worse. I'm really hoping that the world can come together and not think about greed for one minute and help everyone out until this goes back to relative normalcy....
  11. When you play APB and this is your one and only purchase lolbow ready.mp3
  12. imagine hearing this in 4k 60fps remastered. Silos Needed.mp3
  13. Testament always likes to play ECW. Go ask him.
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