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  1. MPRA2

    We wont be able to pick up his transmissions anymore...... Guess we can't secure that beach-head after all... RIP
  2. So uh, Scud Storm refuses to work.....

    Was really hoping I could push some popularity into it so it could get running again.

    Rip flying as a particle cannon beacon......

  3. MPRA2

    Eh, I suppose I'm obliged to take part in this even though I'm not a fan of "super hero" stuff.
  4. MPRA2

    Frogs are green right?
  5. MPRA2

    Renegade X should get a fully fleshed out singleplayer re-imagining of the original renegade. I'd support that. it'd be pretty funny if Renegade X got a cosmetic lootbox system though. Take a chance to get a cool Rifleman camoflauge but you end up getting a SBH skin that you'll see for all of 2 seconds when you fire your laser rifle.
  6. MPRA2

    Step 1. Download the W3DHub Launcher. Step 2. Install ECW and Interim Apex (because people usually play that) Step 3. Get bullied by Testament and Co. (they dont actually bully you, its just how they show their love) Step 4. Meet Fraydo and Jeod, then become a filthy weeb. Step 5. enjoy the W3D Experience. Edit: I forgot to mention, always punch the deer and cats in ECW.
  7. I do enjoy a good trip to bluehell in 15 FPS if your helicopter sneezed near a tank on a service depot.
  8. I boycott this until CamosCrossing gets fixed. I want my Manya/Medic hill rushes. other than that, I'm pretty hyped for the re-release of "Beta"
  9. well this made my week.
  10. the C-130 Hercules... I'd rather have a jet that looks like the one from TD than the Renegade C-130.
  11. I do happen to have the only available version of that mod. Its actually from the C&C 3 Tiberian Dawn mod. I really wished the mod would progress but I believe it kinda died after its first release. This is what the AGT actually looks like ingame. https://imgur.com/a/QnwAX0d sorry for the imgur upload... my normal Giphy uploader wouldnt work, and I cant be screwed to edit the video, save it, then hope it goes through the upload. Also, heres the closest thing I can get to a render of the TDR AGT... I cant really go through another 30 hour install/move/copy process for Generals..... Not now... Anyways it looks a bit renegade-ish. Since we're on the topic of Tiberian Dawn... Please, I'm begging you.... No Renegade airstrip please... Thats all I ask of you to do.
  12. MPRA2

    But..... Glacier was one of my favorite maps.... I'll give you something to say "Lord, anything but this" over... Hourglass. With helicopters. and high tech units. and a GAP generator.
  13. Alright, so after copying my renegade install, "downgrading" it by repairing the game, then installing SS 1.01... Here we have both a quick look at the AGT, and the Obelisk. AGT: Obelisk: There are also some old vehicle files, like correctly camoflauged tanks for GDI. (Nod is red, and the attack cycle looks like a hot wheels car....) Also each vehicle does look a tad different from the APB/Renegade models. Oh I can also get a view of a full MCV as well as Tiberian Silos, but I'm not sure the MCV is a priority, and I'm sure the silos have a better model than one from like 2004. Right, so note to anyone who wants to play this.... make a backup of your renegade files with the most recent scripts, put it on a USB, and pray that your install didnt get corrupted. I had to go through and modify my renlist and some of my core game files just to get it all back up to the way it used to be... So I'd do that if you dont want a huge headache 😛
  14. Not to my knowledge. And yeah, the sprite looks pretty awkward. We'll be going off of the render, and we'll have to use some imagination. The only TD AGT render I was able to actually see a full 360 view of was the one from the Sole Survivor mod. I could go and grab a few screenshots of the AGT to use as references to make a happy medium between the TD AGT and the closest 3D rendition of it. Might make things a bit easier instead of just building one from that one image and some imagination.
  15. Honestly, the only reason to have interiors for the defensive buildings is so you can repair them safely and faster with an indoor MCT. Other than that, to me I just think its not going to kill gameplay if interiors weren't added, it'd just be a convenience so us repair whores/base guardians who suck at combat could actually repair the defenses without constantly being sniped or shelled in the open.
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