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  1. MPRA2

    I have a better idea. How about we all play a nice friendly game of Wallpaper Simulator 2018.
  2. I was kind of hoping eyes would be set on here (in terms of the Red Alert series, more specifically APB). I highly doubt Joe Kucan will reprise his role of Kane one final time for a remaster since he now owns a studio with his brother and has moved on to "greener" fields wink wink nudge nudge.... fuck you its a tiberium joke... It would be nice to see EA take a look at Renegade and the W3DHub community and MAYBE work together to create some sort of Official APB/AR game with its own storyline in the C&C Universe. It probably wont happen sadly. As I stated in another post, I'd rather EA remaster the games in bulk than just remaster 1 single game at a time, kind of like what Gearbox did with Homeworld. I'd rather them not completely remaster Generals or C&C3/RA3 since it will kind of screw with the large modding base that the games already have since they will most likely use Frostbite (which isnt too horribly modder friendly) to modernize C&C with destructibility (and its EA's go-to engine). Better yet.... EA should pull up Tiberium, modernize it a bit, finish it, and slap us in the face with a cancelled masterpiece. Do it EA. Make up for your Mobile Mistake.
  3. MPRA2

    Either remaster Renegade/TD/RA or finish Tiberium. No exceptions. Either way, good job EA. You did something right in like what? 9 years? Actually better yet, do what Gearbox did with Homeworld. Build a remastered collection of the series starting with the first 3 games (Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, and Tiberian Sun) and sell it off for like 60 bucks
  4. MPRA2

    Something? ISNT POSSIBLE? HERESY!!!!!! Anything is possible with Renegade. If Dblaney and Kaskins can make giant bois in IA, then we can make cruisers in APB to please Einstein and put this meme to rest. In all seriousness, it probably isnt possible currently..... I know deep down it'll happen..... I know..... One day....
  5. MPRA2

    Cruisers confirmed?
  6. cough I like what I see cough So anyways to all the new chronodrivers; on all maps that allow said Chronotank, this is the overhead map as mentioned above: This interface is how you will "chronoshift" around on the map. If you do find yourself getting stuck in places, I'd advise making a forum post detailing it in the "bug reports". This is fairly new to the game, testing has been done to fine tune everything and prevent MOST cases of getting stuck on rocks, inside buildings, ontop of buildings, etc. but its not 100% hope I'm not breaking any rules or such by posting this since, its already out in the wild as an official update, but yeah gimme a heads up and I'll edit the post accordingly if such issues arise.
  7. MPRA2

  8. MPRA2

    Almost 50k dislikes on the trailer to the 2k likes.... EA pls... Before you go too far, just cancel it like you've cancelled every "good" C&C game.
  9. MPRA2

    I'm not gonna lie, but @ganein14's avatar sums up the whole Rivals reveal perfectly all in 1 gif. OH Did I also mention you could play as SETH? Yeah this guy: you know, the guy who KANE KILLED IN THE FIRST GAME? You can also play as Anton Slavik, ANOTHER GUY WHO WAS KILLED BUT OFFSCREEN IN TIBERIAN SUN.
  10. MPRA2

    I wouldn't mind a C&C game set in either 4 universes (Generals, Red Alert 3, Red Alert 1 &/or 2, Tiberium) based on the Battlefield Franchise... IT COULD in theory work if they keep to the original practice that Renegade had, but instead of pure "base destruction" win conditions, they'll have capture points as strategic objectives or maybe stick to a new base expansion mechanic/base destruction game mode like in Renegade.... Who knows... All we know is that EA will most likely never make a C&C game or something of quality in the franchise because of the iron bar to the nuts that is "C&C Rivals".
  11. MPRA2

    The only thing that makes the game C&C, is the label, having SOME units relating to C&C, factions, and Tiberium.... regardless I refuse to accept this game as part of the C&C series.... (though updating the original TibDawn Orca model is the only plus I can give to EA, as I love the Original look of the Orca).
  12. MPRA2

    There has just been Tiberium Alliances (the browser game thats literally dead) uhhh..... AT ONE POINT They had C&C 4 on the app store of iOS and Android but it got removed. Same goes with their Red Alert 3 game (I actually liked it, despite how low in quality and watered down it was... OH and you had to pay an extra few dollars to PLAY AS THE ALLIES AND THE RISING SUN.......) I'm not sure if its official, but there IS a C&C 3 game on mobile devices that use Java....
  13. MPRA2

    But in all honesty, I can think of a few idea that would ACTUALLY BE BETTER... I mean come on EA.... You want to innovate and all that, AND you're for the players yeah? IF you want to make a mobile game of C&C, THEN INNOVATE AND MAKE IT AN ACTUAL FULLY FLEDGED RTS! I know its possible, I KNOW IT IS.... Hell, even pick Tiberium back up...... Just please.... I hope this gets pulled and cancelled just like Generals 2 did (minus the extreme backlash its getting currently) I take solace in the fact that the trailer has 26000+ dislikes against 1.2 thousand currently.....
  14. MPRA2

  15. MPRA2

    Looks promising.... I'll definitely put it on a wishlist... Theres also a very similar game, its called "Call to Arms", minus the amazing Graphics, Sci-Fi setting, and Base Building.... You can download the free trial of Call to Arms on steam