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  1. Well without revealing too much, I'm pretty sure MAJORITY of the issues encountered in 1.6 will be fixed/remedied... 1. The Cyborg Reaper is getting a complete redesign as I was told, so I'm pretty sure a lot of us will be happy with the changes. 2. I don't think GDI should be able to "purchase" a TibDawn Mammoth tank, as it doesn't really make much sense lore wise, since the Mammoth Mk I was phased out of production in the interim years following the first tiberium war in favor of mechanized walkers like the Titan. 3. The Riot Trooper should be a bit more useful than soley C
  2. I need to be kept away from the game files..... Like, banned from ever accessing the files.

    Game.exe Screenshot 2021.02.22 -

    Game.exe Screenshot 2021.02.22 -

  3. Genuine feedback. I really think we should change the Ore Silo's aesthetic to more fit the Remastered version. Anyways I do agree that Tanya SHOULD receive some kind of nerf, as its way too easy to solo-kill defenses. It does get really irritating sometimes when a Tanya rushes up with a ranger to the Tesla Coil on Zama, and just nobody seems to want to do anything about it, and by the time an engineer can even get near it, the Tanya kills them, or the coil explodes. One way we could alleviate this is to eliminate the "dead zone" for the Flame Tower and Tesla Coil to allow point blank fire
  4. attack dogs scripted by Jerad.
  5. well I'm not sure how that'd be balanced.... Yeah I hate Tanya C4s instakilling everything while nobody can defuse it in time, but like.... Whats an alternative solution? if we split it into 2 separate charges it'll have to do 50% building health for each C4. Or we could increase the timer to 45 seconds, I dunno. Either way it'll lead to people complaining about Tanya not being effective anymore. Or we could have it be so that engineers can almost instantly defuse C4.
  6. Since we're on the topic of Ridge War, honestly the map needs a rework. Both bases *should* be ontop of a "ridge", or elevated... Also the soviets should get a single tesla coil along with the flame towers, and the allies, maybe a few more pillboxes/turrets in strategic areas (The barracks is the most annoying thing to defend, as the pillbox can just very easily be destroyed by pretty much anything, opening the entire allied base up to a kov rush that can't be stopped without the entire team diverting to defense). Ridge war also has a special issue where you move UP into the allied base,
  7. I say we bring napalm and HE grenades to the Grenadier, and maybe MAYBE replace the RPG trooper with a cheaper "AA soldier" role? I never was a fan of the RPG trooper tbh..... I kinda liked the grenadier having napalm grenades, and grenades that did decent damage to vehicles.
  8. >_> close enough I suppose. c_volkov_scorchedearth.wav
  9. I just want to say that I should win a ban for hunting down KY on Stormy Valley and killing him and his forklift after my Hind ran out of ammo. I'm somehow improving in APB. I had fun.....
  10. Currently seeking new employment. Should have a better schedule and everything in place mid January, so I'll be able to attend more weekend focused tests.

  11. Well I'm glad that the problem can be fixed and I wasn't the only one... Just really sucks it has to be a daily fix.... Hope you guys find the source soon.
  12. @FRAYDO looks pretty sus. I say we eject him.
  13. I have off on Monday, but I have stuff going on... Oil change, work meeting, deposit tips into my account, etc. Next days I have off are Wednesday and Sunday.
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