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  1. I'd say ask @FRAYDO He's pretty good at doing a Mario Party betrayal over losing 2 infantry.
  2. Its Adolf Hitler though.....
  3. so since we havent had a new topic in 2 months, I'm changing my image to a new boss.... A WOLFENSTEIN BOSS! OH but it isnt just any average Wolfenstein boss, its a gender swapped Wolfenstein boss.... oh yes......
  4. Boss Nass is a boss. change my mind.
  5. When you're a GDI Soldier in Mission 1 of Renegade
  6. Already found a bug. Loaded up a skirmish match on Volcano and when swapping between first and third person views, the "firing" muzzle flash on the rifleman's AK-47 would always trigger upon entering first person mode like such. It also appears to happen to every soldier in the game who is currently holding a weapon. IE if a shock trooper has his shock rifle out, it'll be the tesla discharge effect upon switching to first person, shotgunners have muzzle flash upon switching to first person, snipers, same thing, pistols, and machine guns.
  7. If I am correct, wasn't the Soviet Union a giant monster?
  8. CUP Units should give you all you need for the vehicle portion.... (As I see its in the required items list) Guess I have a reason to install Arma and the 300GB of mods again I suppose...
  9. We wont be able to pick up his transmissions anymore...... Guess we can't secure that beach-head after all... RIP
  10. So uh, Scud Storm refuses to work.....

    Was really hoping I could push some popularity into it so it could get running again.

    Rip flying as a particle cannon beacon......

  11. Eh, I suppose I'm obliged to take part in this even though I'm not a fan of "super hero" stuff.
  12. Renegade X should get a fully fleshed out singleplayer re-imagining of the original renegade. I'd support that. it'd be pretty funny if Renegade X got a cosmetic lootbox system though. Take a chance to get a cool Rifleman camoflauge but you end up getting a SBH skin that you'll see for all of 2 seconds when you fire your laser rifle.
  13. Step 1. Download the W3DHub Launcher. Step 2. Install ECW and Interim Apex (because people usually play that) Step 3. Get bullied by Testament and Co. (they dont actually bully you, its just how they show their love) Step 4. Meet Fraydo and Jeod, then become a filthy weeb. Step 5. enjoy the W3D Experience. Edit: I forgot to mention, always punch the deer and cats in ECW.
  14. I do enjoy a good trip to bluehell in 15 FPS if your helicopter sneezed near a tank on a service depot.
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