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  1. Ayyyy I wish my PSP could connect to the internet..... I'd love to play some of that there Retaliation online.
  2. MPRA2

    I would have laughed if the stock death sound effect consisted of nothing but the Wilhelm scream.
  3. hmm..... I wonder if they'll keep the scripting where if you attack an enemy harvester, the AI pulls a giant army out of its ass and begins to World Police your base because one unit just couldnt keep his damn finger off the trigger and just slightly grazed the paint. Thats another thing they should add in, stance modes.
  4. I was hoping for TibSun to get a remaster too, but I'm sure that will be further down the road... IT REALLY needs a remaster, especially with bugfixes and the Nod Laser crashes. I'm a happy Apache though. Hopefully they'll add all the spec ops missions from C&C64 as well as the dinosaur pack.
  5. MPRA2

    that, and they just have no color to them. maybe color parts of them blue or something? I really liked the old Destroyer design. The new gunboat model looks interesting, and the Cruiser model looks pretty spot on in terms of what they looked like in the cutscenes... It might be because of spending too much time in Interim Apex. I don't undermine the modeller though, the models are amazing and the attention to detail just makes it all the better, however personally I just dont think they "fit" in the Red Alert universe. I also know that these models are "based" off of what the naval units IRL counterpart is, so I understand why this was chosen as a visual upgrade to the previous Allied naval units.
  6. MPRA2

    not sure how to feel about the new DD and GB models though... they just seem so out of place.
  7. MPRA2

    Huh.... Guess I missed a big patch.... Well..... Time to screw around in singleplayer.
  8. MPRA2

    I'm sure we could find a way to incorporate the Spy Plane and GPS Satellite. The Spy plane would be easy as you could just make a new room for the Radar Dome/Airfield or make a room in the Soviet Tech Centre for it. Add a purchase terminal to call the airstrike after lets say, a 2:40 cooldown as an example. Eventually after 5 or 10 seconds a "buffed up MiG" spy plane would make a high altitude pass over a selected area (it would be low enough for AA Guns to shoot at it, because in RAelism, you could actually shoot down spy planes with enough AA/Rockets) and relay a live video feed of the pass from the bottom of the aircraft, facing towards the map back to the monitor in whichever room the terminal+monitor are placed in. It would be the most sensible Idea, because base defenders/team leaders/Catting could safely sit in base and make quick callouts to fellow Soviets about rushes, Allied strength, unit locations, etc. As for the GPS Sat... I'm not really sure how that would be incorporated aside from "revealing" all enemies on the radar until the tech centre is destroyed after the Sat is launched. The Helicarrier, wouldnt really be practical to add into the game due to how useless it would be outside of maps without helicopters, and could also be abused as a "battle barge" where soviet infantry could just jump out of a Chinook onto the Helicarrier and use it as a "beefed up" Naval Transport, but you can fire from it. All I'm saying is that the Helicarrier would be a giant meme. Like when Demo Trucks were first introduced... *cough* Grenadiers, my personal favorite should just be used as an Anti-Infantry role with his original Incendiary Grenade loadout. I know in RA1, Grenadiers were decent against lightly armored vehicles like Light Tanks, Rangers, MGGs, Demo Trucks, etc. But IIRC the Flamethrower did a slightly better job en mass against light and even heavier vehicles if used correctly. I know there was this whole discussion about Grenadiers and Flamethrowers being the exact same thing, and to a point they are, however ingame the Grens would be better at taking out infantry from safer distances as well as doing sizable chunks of damage against buildings when put in groups of 5 or more, and given how accurate both the Flamethrower and Grenadier are in actual combat, they are roughly the same with the Grenadier being slightly better imo due to being able to chuck grenades further than the Flamethrower can launch his balls of love. I just want my napalm grenades back Pushwall.... come on man... I'm begging you Camo Pillboxes, why dont we just very VERY slightly lower the profile enough for it to still be able to target units and be useful, then just paint the thing exactly like the terrain to make it appear like a little hill? I mean you could put some "visual only" camo netting over the gun slits and I'm sure it'll be able to fire through it. I dunno...... At this point I have no more words. I spent all my word points trying to think of ideas. Oh and Cruisers. One of these days we need a cruiser. even if its just a gunboat with 3 triple mount turrets. Cruisers. We could also dabble in the "upgrade" system, as upgrades I believe were supposed to be a feature in Red Alert but was scrapped. I may be going crazy but there was an EVA voice line "Upgrade Complete" in the "Radio 2 Remix" track of Counterstrike... Might have been recorded just for the song though Badger Bombers would be nice, but I dont see any use in giving either side the ability to drop para-bombs or drop AI/PC soldiers into certain areas of play without it "breaking" the game meta, or having the Badger be too overly fragile.
  9. I propose an idea to EA. Instead of C&C Rivals, instead remake Tiberian Dawn for mobile. Its really that simple. Everyone knows phones have evolved to do more than just play minesweeper or Candy Crush. So I dont see this being a problem. -They could have used the original CGs instead of reshooting them -They could have updated the UI and controls as well as "mobilize" the graphics to look nice. -They could have implemented some kind of progression based multiplayer similar to C&C 4 where you can play online and offline skirmish matches. Every match will earn you "Green Tiberium" to "upgrade" and "research" new and existing units, which would take "real time" to complete.... They could have used their micro-transaction system to buy "Blue Tiberium", which could speed up the process or unlock the unit/upgrade (within a reasonable price). Now that would "bring Command & Conquer to a new generation" The real Command & Conquer. I know the micro-transaction system and unlock progression would be absolutely dumb, but how else would EA sell the game to the mobile market and keep making profits from it? It would be a necessary sacrifice to make to bring new fans to where it all began.
  10. MPRA2

    I have a better idea. How about we all play a nice friendly game of Wallpaper Simulator 2018.
  11. I was kind of hoping eyes would be set on here (in terms of the Red Alert series, more specifically APB). I highly doubt Joe Kucan will reprise his role of Kane one final time for a remaster since he now owns a studio with his brother and has moved on to "greener" fields wink wink nudge nudge.... fuck you its a tiberium joke... It would be nice to see EA take a look at Renegade and the W3DHub community and MAYBE work together to create some sort of Official APB/AR game with its own storyline in the C&C Universe. It probably wont happen sadly. As I stated in another post, I'd rather EA remaster the games in bulk than just remaster 1 single game at a time, kind of like what Gearbox did with Homeworld. I'd rather them not completely remaster Generals or C&C3/RA3 since it will kind of screw with the large modding base that the games already have since they will most likely use Frostbite (which isnt too horribly modder friendly) to modernize C&C with destructibility (and its EA's go-to engine). Better yet.... EA should pull up Tiberium, modernize it a bit, finish it, and slap us in the face with a cancelled masterpiece. Do it EA. Make up for your Mobile Mistake.
  12. MPRA2

    Either remaster Renegade/TD/RA or finish Tiberium. No exceptions. Either way, good job EA. You did something right in like what? 9 years? Actually better yet, do what Gearbox did with Homeworld. Build a remastered collection of the series starting with the first 3 games (Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, and Tiberian Sun) and sell it off for like 60 bucks
  13. MPRA2

    Something? ISNT POSSIBLE? HERESY!!!!!! Anything is possible with Renegade. If Dblaney and Kaskins can make giant bois in IA, then we can make cruisers in APB to please Einstein and put this meme to rest. In all seriousness, it probably isnt possible currently..... I know deep down it'll happen..... I know..... One day....
  14. MPRA2

    Cruisers confirmed?
  15. cough I like what I see cough So anyways to all the new chronodrivers; on all maps that allow said Chronotank, this is the overhead map as mentioned above: This interface is how you will "chronoshift" around on the map. If you do find yourself getting stuck in places, I'd advise making a forum post detailing it in the "bug reports". This is fairly new to the game, testing has been done to fine tune everything and prevent MOST cases of getting stuck on rocks, inside buildings, ontop of buildings, etc. but its not 100% hope I'm not breaking any rules or such by posting this since, its already out in the wild as an official update, but yeah gimme a heads up and I'll edit the post accordingly if such issues arise.