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  1. WARNING: NECROPOST IN PROGRESS! @ Einstein I've done as much digging as I could on the archive.org/waybackmachine relating to Scud Storm. Unfortunately there are very few snapshots of the old BattleForDune.eu and FinalWarriorsProductions websites from the times between 2010 and 2015. From what I've been able to find from poking and prodding around seems like the last "released" version of Scud Storm I could find was version 1.4. Version 1.4 which was a "server patch" on ModDB. I have a friend who I believe has the more recent version of the game as I clearly remember the last release contained the base building mechanics, superweapons, GLA neutral buildings, and the weird non-vtol prototype aircraft. As of the site itself, the 2015 snapshot was the last snapshot taken before the site was presumably over-run by Chinese/Russian scam bots and the domain was released. 2015 Snapshot 2017 Snapshot Going off this information, it would be safe to say (unless anyone on the dev-team back then could remember a 1.6 public release) that 1.4 was the very last public release of Scud Storm. (again unless that was the FDS update, then 1.3 was the last client of Scud Storm) On another note, I have a friend who "has" a recent copy of the mod so I'll have to check it out and get back to you all on what version he has.
  2. Until Further Notice:

    I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from pretty much everything.... I'll get around to testing when I have time to (mostly on Sundays), and post anything I find that hasn't been identified already on the forums. First day of Tech School was rough, and the internet went out while I was working on my homewor. I really need to focus all of my effort into passing these classes in order to.... Well... un-fubar my financial situation.... I'll still keep in contact with a few of the close "friends" on Discord, so if anyone wants to just talk or get further updates from me, I'll occasionally check Discord. Other than that, I have no plans on returning to the W3D Discord, and if that eventually means I have to resign as a tester, then so be it unfortunately.

  3. Personally, While I agree that Interim Apex has gotten A LOT worse since breaking off from MPF, I do have to give everyone credit for the quality and effort put into the mod... One of the few MAJOR issues with the mod is that it is completely bloated with "filler" vehicles that serve mostly no actual purpose once credits start rolling in... I know I keep getting told "every vehicle has a counter." "even the low cost vehicles that nobody uses are useful." etc.... You never see people using a good portion of the roster because X vehicle is better than Y. Just as an example: Nobody uses the M1 Abrams because the Challenger 2 or a tank that costs a little bit extra is vastly superior. Remember, this is just an example and now what I actually think. Vehicle balance is as perceived as bad because there is just way too many un-necessary vehicles ingame for both factions.... I would definitely suggest cutting the roster in half at LEAST.... I know you guys worked hard to create all these vehicles, and they really do look and feel great, but there is just too much vehicle fat on this steak. On another note, a lot of the "other" non meta vehicles are just used as meme vehicles, VERY early game first 3-7 minutes of the match, or when you're desperate and low on funds and need to get units in the field asap. Infantry on the other hand, have a bit more versatility to them than the vehicles. Although a lot of the "anti vehicle" infantry aren't really that great at taking out vehicles, especially if upgrades are thrown into the mix, almost all of them serve as excellent anti-infantry soldiers. I also very much enjoy that you can "build" defensive turrets to soften the impact of losing your main defense structures, although they are pretty costly for what they're actually worth, and the mortar emplacements are pretty broken since they are the only automated buildable that can fire over walls and at long range from behind cover as well...... Anyways, I'm terrible at Renegade, so I try to stay away from infantry combat since I can't aim to save my own life..... I can't rail too much on the infantry because of that.. Since I got onto defenses, another one of my major complaints about Interim Apex is how absolutely weak ALL of the defensive structures are. Most maps (or at least the times I've been playing) rarely if ever feature "full" defenses such as AGTs and Obelisks, and only feature low tech turrets, guard towers, and a few pillboxes and large caliber turrets. Even with the defensive structure upgrade, every "basic" defense in the game can be EASILY dispatched by some cheeky little shit camping ontop of something, or in the corner of the map, whittling away at all of the defenses (mind you this really makes walls pretty weak too since you can have someone just climb onto a vantage point and rocket/snipe everything), or someone using an anti-building/vehicle infantry and just cheesing the AI by *glitching* your character so that the defense cannot actually fire upon you, as an example, halfway hiding behind a pillar, or obstacle that prevents the defense from targeting you, while you're still able to easily fire upon it. I don't want base defenses to be too strong so that you can just constantly spam tanks and never have to worry about having to defend your base, but defenses as they stand are just extremely weak and are easily taken out within the opening 10 minutes of a match...... By Rocket Soldiers....... Also, the AGT/Obelisk are really fragile when it comes to aircraft attacking them, and some artillery but I don't think anything could be done about heli rushing an AGT/OB and somehow manage to save the defense unless you either saved your SAM structures, or stop it before it gets to your base. Anyways.... IA still has potential but its just hampered by how much bloat content is there. There's my yearly criticism of Interim Apex. I'll see you guys next year.
  4. Ah well, maybe one day once all the main projects (AR/BFD/Reborn) are publicly released, have enough polish on them, and are doing well enough to leave be for a few months, some of the guys might pick up interest of adding Scud Storm to the W3DHub roster. It has potential, and Renegade X Firestorm is kinda doing the same thing that Scud Storm tried doing with base building, so I'm pretty sure eventually someone will come around to work on it. At least we can hope. I'd gladly work on it if I had any experience outside of sound design, and I wasn't in an unemployment/money situation thats been really screwing with me, but I wouldn't even know where to start.
  5. Well without revealing too much, I'm pretty sure MAJORITY of the issues encountered in 1.6 will be fixed/remedied... 1. The Cyborg Reaper is getting a complete redesign as I was told, so I'm pretty sure a lot of us will be happy with the changes. 2. I don't think GDI should be able to "purchase" a TibDawn Mammoth tank, as it doesn't really make much sense lore wise, since the Mammoth Mk I was phased out of production in the interim years following the first tiberium war in favor of mechanized walkers like the Titan. 3. The Riot Trooper should be a bit more useful than soley CQC like he is in 1.6... I'm sure the team could find more toys to give him aside from just the shotgun, but the EMP grenades might be a nice idea. 4. I believe the JumpJet Trooper will be buffed a bit in 2.0, but I don't think a modified airboost version of the M16 Mk II Pulse Rifle should have an explosive area of effect. 5. Umagon and Ghost Stalkers honestly should be squishable along with any "biological" life form, not counting Cyborgs. Thats just my opinion. 6. Both factions are getting new toys in 2.0, I'll leave that up to you to speculate. 7. The Tick Tank, I'm pretty sure they'll look into an alternate fire mode but as for the deploying mechanic and self healing? I'm gonna have to say no on that one. Nod has a mobile repair vehicle that can effectively repair in the field, while GDI has to retreat back to a service depot, remember Engineers and Technicians can no longer repair vehicles, only structures. 8. The Disc Thrower should probably have a bit more splash damage, and a slightly better and controllable grenade. Its pretty difficult as is to accurately hit targets at anything beyond pistol range, especially if its a vehicle or infantry thats on the move. I don't think the Disc Thrower should get EMP grenades if we, lets say give the Riot Trooper EMP grenades. 9. No comment on that :P 10. No comment, other than it should not act like an Anti Vehicle mine. As for the final point, Quality over Quantity... Reborn is not Interim Apex, and should not be saturated with so much content, that half of it either devolves into meme purchases, or just never gets used outside of the first 3 minutes of a match. Ontop of that, how could the dev team come up with lets say 5 more infantry and 3 more vehicles for both factions that would be completely new and were not in the Tiberian Sun games?
  6. I need to be kept away from the game files..... Like, banned from ever accessing the files.

    Game.exe Screenshot 2021.02.22 -

    Game.exe Screenshot 2021.02.22 -

  7. Genuine feedback. I really think we should change the Ore Silo's aesthetic to more fit the Remastered version. Anyways I do agree that Tanya SHOULD receive some kind of nerf, as its way too easy to solo-kill defenses. It does get really irritating sometimes when a Tanya rushes up with a ranger to the Tesla Coil on Zama, and just nobody seems to want to do anything about it, and by the time an engineer can even get near it, the Tanya kills them, or the coil explodes. One way we could alleviate this is to eliminate the "dead zone" for the Flame Tower and Tesla Coil to allow point blank fire instead of outright nerfing Tanya. The V2 does also seem really underwhelming, especially vs infantry. I think in its current state its fine against buildings, but I'd vouch for a slight buff against vehicles (especially direct hits), and a massive damage buff against infantry.
  8. well I'm not sure how that'd be balanced.... Yeah I hate Tanya C4s instakilling everything while nobody can defuse it in time, but like.... Whats an alternative solution? if we split it into 2 separate charges it'll have to do 50% building health for each C4. Or we could increase the timer to 45 seconds, I dunno. Either way it'll lead to people complaining about Tanya not being effective anymore. Or we could have it be so that engineers can almost instantly defuse C4.
  9. Since we're on the topic of Ridge War, honestly the map needs a rework. Both bases *should* be ontop of a "ridge", or elevated... Also the soviets should get a single tesla coil along with the flame towers, and the allies, maybe a few more pillboxes/turrets in strategic areas (The barracks is the most annoying thing to defend, as the pillbox can just very easily be destroyed by pretty much anything, opening the entire allied base up to a kov rush that can't be stopped without the entire team diverting to defense). Ridge war also has a special issue where you move UP into the allied base, which kinda derps the AI. Making it very easy to spoof the defenses and destroy them without them even targeting you, and the soviet defenses can't really attack the allies on top of the cliff after the one flametower is destroyed (which is VERY difficult to get to and repair, as its technically outside of the traditional "base" boundaries. This is just coming from someone who thinks defenses are pretty much useless in APB/IA/W3D Games as a whole, since 1 or 3 people can just grab an LMG soldier, or a rocket soldier, and just delete the entire bases defense grid due to AI spoofing, or just plain outranging. Or maybe just have both bases on Ridge War be in a crater. I dunno.... Welcome to MP's 2 hour long wall of text. Anyways APB is pretty solid as is, just needs some QoL, and some balancing updates here and there.... Its for the most part a fully complete game the way I see it.
  10. I say we bring napalm and HE grenades to the Grenadier, and maybe MAYBE replace the RPG trooper with a cheaper "AA soldier" role? I never was a fan of the RPG trooper tbh..... I kinda liked the grenadier having napalm grenades, and grenades that did decent damage to vehicles.
  11. >_> close enough I suppose. c_volkov_scorchedearth.wav
  12. I just want to say that I should win a ban for hunting down KY on Stormy Valley and killing him and his forklift after my Hind ran out of ammo. I'm somehow improving in APB. I had fun.....
  13. Currently seeking new employment. Should have a better schedule and everything in place mid January, so I'll be able to attend more weekend focused tests.

  14. Well I'm glad that the problem can be fixed and I wasn't the only one... Just really sucks it has to be a daily fix.... Hope you guys find the source soon.
  15. @FRAYDO looks pretty sus. I say we eject him.
  16. I have off on Monday, but I have stuff going on... Oil change, work meeting, deposit tips into my account, etc. Next days I have off are Wednesday and Sunday.
  17. I'm down to play. I picked the game up to see if I could play it with friends because I'm too socially awkward to find and join public games.
  18. Reborn had some internal disputes and disagreements, and has been shelved for the time being... Best to just leave it at that for now. Its not "dead" but its not currently being worked on but don't worry, it'll re-release eventually just have some patience. Also Interim Apex is not a "replacement" for Reborn, its just another mod under the belt for people to enjoy. As for Yuri's Revenge units: I'm not at liberty to say what will happen, nor do I really know what will happen. If you remember later versions of Scud Storm there were neutral GLA buildings in a small hidden base area on one of the maps that you could capture and buy units from. There might be a third faction, or Yuri's units might just be relegated to the Soviet faction. I can really only just speculate. Best to wait for a devblog in regards to Yuri's faction units.
  19. View File RAelistic vehicle alarms Just a small mod that I HOPE brings a little bit of "realism" while retaining the Red Alert feel of the vehicle alarms. I refined/amplified them base on my sound settings (using loudness equalization), and did a little tweaking as to make sure they don't nuke speakers and murder ears when loudness equalization is unticked in your sound settings. If you do end up encountering ear destruction, feel free to leave comments as to which sounds are still too loud based off of what sound settings you're using, and I'll add in a lower volume variant of the problem sound effects. This mod adds: custom Longbow/MiG damage alarm custom YaK damage alarm custom Mammoth Tank damage alarm custom "Realistic" Allied boat alarms custom "Realistic" submarine alarm. Install Instructions for those who have never downloaded a Renegade mod: put the .WAV files in your Red Alert: A Path Beyond "data" folder where the always.dat file is located. Submitter MPRA2 Submitted 08/05/2020 Category Custom Audio  
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