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  1. RA2: Apocalypse Rising took longer than any other mods W3D Hub has made for Renegade, almost at the start of making RA1:APB i actually expected it would have its official release later than Apocalypse Rising, and anyway thank you for the feedback.
  2. Yuri's Revenge? You mean a 3rd faction or just Yuri units as part of Soviets? EDIT: And i almost forgot this question, what happened to TS Reborn? Is Interium Apex a replacement for it?
  3. Hi again, and this question is a little different, is there any chance that RA2: Apocalypse Rising is going to be or maybe is now a revamped Renegade 2? I know that there are units from RA2 alone, but will be adding Renegade 2 units like the Hind Transport or Cyborgs (with that cone hat) a possibility? I was just curious since Renegade 2 was a little different from the original RTS game for some designs (like the Kirov).
  4. I missed this reply, and why did you say that?
  5. Strangely, i never seen ANY topic talking about that red alert: a path beyond and tiberian sun: reborn servers are down 3 days ago, are they temporarily down or for a long time?
  6. My 'C:\' Local Disk was more than 3GB while installing.
  7. This is very strange, the download of APB is success, but why when installing APB it will fail after it tries to install 'always.patch.'?
  8. 2 days ago i think i witnessed the number of players in servers, they were more in late time like 1 AM (my timezone is +2:00: Cairo Timezone).
  9. What are the most times more than 5 players could be active in-game online for TS:R & RA:APB?
  10. Do some fans are currently playing TS reborn or RA APB? i noticed that day 1 player was playing in RAAPB server.
  11. You might think i am really new to this site, no, actually i had an account since 2015 but i forgot it entirely, even i forgot i had an account, so the main question here is: why cannot i sign in to the W3D Launcher if i already have an account? i am even sure of my username and password, EDIT: it actually happened to me since my very first time trying the bluehell launcher in the old times.
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