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  1. Volkov's napalm grenades should also explode on impact; I hate seeing them stick to the ground, and then eventually get eaten by the ground (noclipping through the terrain) just before exploding and causing little to no splash damage with a short fire proc. On that note, since the Sergeant no longer uses its slug round as its secondary, perhaps this can be relegated as Volkov's primary fire on the AP cannon. It can serve as a somewhat compromise for the players that preferred volkov when its AP cannon was the "sniper" cannon (myself included), and players who wanted the napalm grenades ba
  2. nice one trying to get rid of your timeout role by rejoining and then proceeding to call out whoever placed you on the timeout role to begin with most of the time you've been on the discord was to provoke others under the guise of carrying a discussion on C&C surely when you make your complaint like this you will get out of whatever trouble you are in, right if you were to conduct yourself more appropriately, that would be nice
  3. am i still a good boyo i still medic IRL at my local hospital here have a ball cradle santa
  4. Description On maps that have purchasable helicopters, you are unable to replenish depleted ammunition on the actual helipad structure itself; You can only replenish ammunition on an available refill pad only. If the refill pad is destroyed, all helicopters are single-use, single-infnatry transports at that point. Maps affected: Seamist - Allies, Soviets HostileWaters - Allies (since they are the only side that can buy helicopters on this map) Pacific Threat - Allies, Soviets RidgeWar - Allies, Soviets Siege - Allies, Soviets (particularly scre
  5. I second this statement. SSDs are the single best upgrade you can possibly get, especially for older laptops. Check out this one laptop from MSI, $670 at the time of this post: https://www.newegg.com/black-msi-gf-series-gf63-thin-8sc-030-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16834155183 You can use however much budget you have left over on an external hard drive for that large storage that you desire.
  6. Not any time soon... I haven't really been interested in forum mafia. Even if I was, my IRL job as a hospital nurse wouldn't allow me to keep track of whatever day/night cycle shenanigans; The work I put into my job can get really physically and emotionally draining at times. As for ads/relations, I would occasionally post on the W3D Hub Facebook page with content generated by myself... Content such as this rekt-video-turned-forced-meme among some of the APB players
  7. I'm pretty sure I'm nice by default with what my IRL job entails And I'm sure Santa is real, too. I mean, I saw him at the mall the other day!
  8. Found a building/terrain seam in RA_Pipeline. This is located at the first large silo when going towards the sea.
  9. ooh new models Looks like I have some work to do on the classic colors pack once again...
  10. Description The Soviet War Factory on Coastal Influence seems to have its vehicle creation pathfinding broken, where every vehicle purchased seems to want to get to the inaccessible rear area of the building. The Allied War Factory pathfinding does not appear as bad, however. In that case, all purchased Allied vehicles will immediately make a slight right turn after being created. Reproduction Steps Be Soviet in Coastal Influence Purchase any Soviet vehicle Rinse Repeat
  11. This. I've been using GIMP to add onto this texturepack ever since even the Beta days of APB.
  12. I know Aprime is working for Linus Media Group/LinusTechTips these days; There is slight potential to be had there since it's a computer hardware channel... PS. Aprime if you are reading this have someone make a product B-Roll that includes some crappy gameplay on the next monitor/AIO review
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