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  1. "Bant." - killboy06
  2. >drgdrgdrgdrgdrgdrgdrgdrgdrg
  3. I want to sad react but I can't.
  4. Topic locked. Sammy, you have certainly proven yourself to many of us here that you are not a very good listener. Your ban will stay in place for a considerable amount of time.
  5. Use your eyes. Not your mouth.
  6. You should really pay better attention.
  7. ...

    Is this supposed to be a music and aesthetics thread?
  8. ... You have such an extensive history that one of your two logged warnings got expunged. Seeing how the one highlighted here is completely of your own doing, getting caught by the chat filter, I will not be surprised that the other missing warning is the same exact thing, or similar, given your general behavior. Do you have proof? Where is your screenshot/video? Did you take a screenshot/video at the time? This statement is questionable, at best. Do you have proof of FRAYDO saying he will kick you the next time you do this? Otherwise, the deed has been done. You got warned by me. An offense like that technically is considered a warning, but FRAYDO did not follow through with an actual !warn, and I did. It's really all a matter of coincidence that this was your 3rd warning and got kicked for it, and rightfully so.
  9. Let's find the reason together... Gee, you say you don't have any warnings, yet you actually checked yourself if you did. To further my point, you try to play even more dumb than you already proven and tried to convince myself and others that you don't have any... I ended up warning you because you got caught doing something against the server rules: Not only did you not get caught by another player, a MODERATOR also caught you in the act and told you to stop it. So what did you end up doing? You immediately rejoined as your original "sammyd" nickname in an attempt to circumvent my warning against you. Your continuous and willful ignorance of the corrections placed against you give me reason to believe that my original ban time of ONE (1) day will not be enough, and that more time would be considered.
  10. Noticing it too. You have to force it on using whatever video card driver you have.
  11. [mechanical man intensifies]
  12. You should've been on teamspeak where testament was being so salty
  13. I have more! plus a few from other games a while back