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  1. I only looked at tweet and it instantly forced me to open this forum just to say. Fuck that map. Seriously. Fuck it. Cant wait to play it again.
  2. Limited ammo makes me wonder about specific situations when you run out of it - will player be virtually useless or some sort of meele attack will be provided as a last resort combat method?
  3. I cant wait for retarded OT rushes with rifles at the start of the game on River Raid.
  4. Pushwall - I mean, if you ask for best preforming players and you dont mention Push, you are a filthy liar. Topazjuan - That was some sick flying on HW, i forgive you killing my MIG with yours Dghelneshi - Did way too much to write about. Just look look at stats of games that happened during evend, it speaks for itself.
  5. Then i would get asked to reveal my coords so someone can test me. If i lie, i only prolong my death.
  6. My thoughts exactly tbh. Once everyone started proving themselves i knew that neither me or KY can come up with a claim that would even partially clear us out. KY being unable to submerge, pen hauling me would not work. Allies would be unable to win without using Helicarrier - and we failed to summon that twice. We had no idea what would we even benefit from that until Vert wrote about that in scum doc. But that was around the time i sent the surrender post.
  7. You don't understand, i misstyped c2 as c3. And I haven't noticed that until verti said so.
  9. Okay, honestly we got absolutely no chances anymore. We cannot claim anything, none of kills went through. None of plans were successful either. There is absolutely no option for us to win this anymore. With that being said and me having absurdally less time with each day thanks to brain damaging work, i can only do this thing right now. ##Surrender
  10. Orange revealed his coords, Jacko fired at that, it got revealed as no hit, then at the start of night map reveal has a unit detection at the exact spot where Orange was asking to shoot - C2.
  11. Blessing because you reveal stuff. Curse because not only you reveal stuff, but also we have to deal with you posting pics of Kongou.
  12. It's the 50% i have mentioned about him. Also there is a specific reason for which i do not reveal info about myself. I'm trying to figure out the rules of this game. So far everything comes together for me - in massive TL;DR Allied NK depends on coordinates. Here are the pieces we got so far: - No deaths during D1. As i recall, noone got trully revealed. - Start of day 2 - we have reveal of KY on A7, hit on M12, Jeod revealing he got SPulsed (which according to role sheet discovers his coords), Orange revealing his supposed location that got confirmed. That's 4 coordinates which they could chose from. Yet... - Day 3 - Everyone still alive. Here i raise question to @ChopBam to finally confirm his allegiance. If you are Sub Pen, who did you select. Then i'd like his target to speak up. In this game, whoever gets revealed, is in a massive jeopardy. Which is why Spy Plane is both blessing and curse.
  13. It's one of possibilities, but do you remember how d1 ended thanks to lack of information (and jacko's slippery vote)?
  14. As of now, i have only 3 solid town reads. Jeod, Orange and Voe - Both Jeod and Orange were successfully tested, Offensive Voe is 90% of me a town read. His D2 actions speak for itself. Orange also with massive confidence fired at spot revealed by FRAYDO - maybe knowing he would be unable to hit air? Thats a ballsy move that i approve. Cat5 seems like he knows something. Whatever it is beneficial for us or not, i do agree with him in something - there is absolutely no way for subpen to move people around, for goddamn sake. Shade is still on my suspicion list, however a bit less after he pushed the Jacko train. I still suspect him. FRAYDO is a degenerate, thus scum and should be hammered claiming spy plane. So far noone is countering that claim, which im inclined to go with. Also, havent fired a shot yet. Leaning town. Nodlied - not really much i know about him, unless im missing something. We could use option to see all user's post in the thread. He can fire tho. KY - For his D2 i'd mark him as town. Rather cautious of ChopBam. Also did not fired yet. ChopBam - Always stirring the pot. If i had to guess he would be the chaotic neutral of this game, with sometimes going protown to randomly instilling chaos. It's 50/25/25 for me on being town/3rd/scum. It's difficult for me to point out who should i vote. I'll try again rereading later everything for more clarity - that is, if i survive.
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