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  1. Im still surprised noone questioned Mojoman for his D3 jump, even better, he scored a lot of town points from everyone (as i thought).
  2. This is one of bets abilities i have ever seen.
  3. Oh right, can someone from dead party link me in PM the dead doc? Jeod is probably getting his deserved rest.
  4. *throws another 1 dollar to jar with "Town members killed by overconfidence of Cat5" on it* Good luck town.
  5. Suddenly, Voe revealed himself. Also, it's not the first time Cat5 was lying about his actions.
  6. Indeed it was.
  7. He was talking about FRAYDO being a scum for not playing any FF games.
  8. Hey Mojoman, just a small question. What is your business with me staying in the game, esspecialy that couple of most "brilliant" minds of mafia already put me on chopping block? Is it that you know for some reason that im Town and are trying to score couple pretty easy town points since you realize that you're next? I'm not implying anything tho.
  9. They will take it as "desperate attempt to save his own ass, which is a very scummy move", so dont bother with it.
  10. I just realized that my role is mix of "bulletproof = scum" thinking of Voe and "roleblocker = scum" of Cat5. Cant wait till i flip town. ##vote Alstar
  11. Whatever floats your boat guys, at this point i feel like voting myself out but then it would be me slapped for game throwing. I'm still suspecting that there is only one scum between us. Beside that, i dont think i have option but reveal all my abilities. Flashbang you already know. Guarenteed roleblock, unalterable. My passive however, - Riot Shield - grants me single time immunity to any kind of action, after which it breaks. My role is Riot Trooper. Feel free to do whatever you want with this information.
  12. Also, i just realized that Mojoman was using stolen ability during this night - that puts him off the list of scum, unless hypothesis of Cat5 that players with several active abilities can use them all during single night is correct.
  13. It would be more likely for K_Y to be third party, as he can vote mafia out while still completing his own objective, whatever it is. Thus saying, my suspects for scum is Mojoman, while K_Y is Third Party.
  14. Hard to say. We're not aware what real VERTi60's abilities were. Maybe he was the one responsible for Nodlied's death, while scum targeted him. Nodlied wouldnt do anything, as i roleblocked him. No real suspects around current game roster, but its possibly one of players that wasnt roleblocked this night or their alignment isn't confirmed. - so everyone beside ChopBam and FRAYDO. Then Voe have only mason ability that he can use every single night. Cat5 claims to have only passive night ability. Irishman sounds likely, but the mafia being nightkilled during his roleblock does not connect That leaves, beside today's main suspect (me), Killing_You and Mojoman - if we claim that VERTi60 wasnt the one to nightkill Nodlied.
  15. Irishman is off my list for sure due to D1/D2 events. Same thing for Voe/Cat5. Even if overconfidence of Cat5 tends him to lynch town from time to time. FRAYDO is confirmed town. Killing_You - quick to jump on the bandwagon after FRAYDO's reveal, we dont really know anything beside the fact that hes bulletproof and claimed medic (Medic Superman? LOL). He's was one of my suspects. Then again, he voted Mafia out of the game. Mojoman said he only have passive ability now. Voted Kamuix D1 and Nodlied D2. I'm waiting for his post explaining why he thinks im not part of scum. ChopBam. Man about which i probably knows the least. Looking at his previous votes (Irishman and Nodlied respectively). Roleblocked N2, which clears him a bit due to N2 double kill. Mojoman is the only one who is for now ringing the bell. But if he isnt, In my opinion whoever Mafia is, he's hiding pretty well. I dont think i can find anything else.