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  1. I'd like to return to Shotties topic. Sergeant - Indeed, they are pretty good even at longer ranges. I saw people shooting down others from rather huge ranges and still taking kills. Guess thats the unexpected outcome of afterburn damage changes. I feel like their range should be reduced a bit as a compensation for that. Regarding their secondary, i really enjoy the slug. It feels very effective against vechicles and because of that shottie is always my #1 pick when facing mixed enemy unit comps. Also, HSing someone with secondary always feels good If it has to go away, let it be. If it's bound to be replaced, i guess some kind of specialized armor shredder slug would be nice. Starshina - In all the games i used it i dont think i have ever got a single kill from secondary. I dont know if i just suck that badly or its unreliable, but i couldnt hit the broad side of the bar with it. If you keep on missing at bunch of enemies who are inside your barracks then you know that something is not right. If i buy Starshina, its for primary exclusively.
  2. Bloody hell, thats a lot of changes. Balancethrower - Deserved bunch of nerfs. Grenadiers - well, they were in fact a bit too squishy. Medics - Well, now its gonna be harder to heal during combat but i like it. Armor cache changes also look good. Sniper - Oh boy, time to annoy everyone Spy - This gonna be good. And annoying. Now it will be a bit more useful beside ability to steal vehicles LT - Guess 800 price seems a bit too harsh but then i see their preformance. I have mixed feelings about this one. Rooftop changes - necessary. Now it's gonan be easier to fend off anyone who plans on flaring the rooftops. Complex - Whoa, Radar Domes are back. Feels like old times. KOTG sounds fine for me, those gaps were really annoying Pipeline now ends up being real oil control war. Overall, looking good for me. Also what is this with big patches coming out lately, APB, Forged Battalions, tomorrow Fire Emblem Heroes, soon MO xD
  3. You volunteer to organize that? :^)
  4. How to turn the tides in 2 minutes.
  5. No idea, but he instantly left after i finished my countdown
  6. So some of you know that i was streaming some of games from past two game nights. I managed to record overall 7 games, and its time to release them. For now only one, but i'll keep on updating this post whenever new one comes out. Also an invitation to everyone else who wants to show their videos from games, go ahead and post them here
  7. I wonder if your explaination is a coverup for nerfing double flare drops (which i honestly dont mind). Also, its a C&C after all, we have tanks created by a massive magnet in a barn and tesla coils. Imo it should stay like this.
  8. I think the problem with arty medal is the fact that some players have 100% progress on it but still havent advanced to other ranks. I have Bronze medal with 100% progress from what i see.
  9. Company of Heroes 2 is free to grab from Humble Bundle - Number of keys is limited! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-of-heroes-2
  10. Its Risk of Rain all over again. People killing monsters just because of being monsters on unknown world while not realizing that they are trully invaders and murderes killing creatures that want to defend their homeland. When it comes to being a monster, how do you think, where lies Human Enough of this philosophical bs. Action sent, good night.
  11. That game had way too many bullshit passives. YES KAMUIXMOD, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.