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  1. Its Risk of Rain all over again. People killing monsters just because of being monsters on unknown world while not realizing that they are trully invaders and murderes killing creatures that want to defend their homeland. When it comes to being a monster, how do you think, where lies Human Enough of this philosophical bs. Action sent, good night.
  2. That game had way too many bullshit passives. YES KAMUIXMOD, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.
  3. Dont worry about that. We have a scum to torture. (i should totally get a medal for that worst last stand ever in any mafia game possible)
  4. We have all the time in the world. You're outnumbered and without any way to kill anyone of us. Good luck.
  5. #vote NoLynch
  6. You wasted a perfect opportunity to use his nickname as continuation of sentence.
  7. I'll wait with vote for TIM to resolve KY's action.
  8. But that would make absolutely no sense for Jeod to be mafia since he did attempt to bring back ChopBam so he can give us his report.
  9. Yes we are. I dont care what are your reasons for not using incinerate on me again - Be it the fact that it was one time use only or the fact that its not beneficial for you anymore because you do realize that with my flip you're done.
  10. Wow, so he did actually had that ability after all. Im actually amused. Now look who is in the despperate mode now.
  11. Wow, looks like the tables have turned.
  12. That moment when you have a feeling that people have enough of you talking
  13. Because you're bluffing about your abilities. Prove me wrong.