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  1. Alstar

    Something from me regarding Siege. I noticed that the bridge on allied side is used way more often than the one on soviet side. It usually ends up with soviets chargin into power plant in early game. Reason for this is pillbox position, which currently is next to the wall pillar. Soviets can easily drive their supply truck to the wall of allied base and use pillar as cover to shred pillbox in seconds and then proceed into the base. Same thing cannot be told for Soviet side Flame Tower, where you have no such blindspot - you have to rely on range of rocket soldiers to take out flamer from safe distance and only then you can use the passage. You cant teamwork your way unless entire team takes infantry units that outrange the flame tower. Another thing regarding siege is how air tends to dominate this map, but i think Pushwall already have planned solutions for that.
  2. Alstar

    Oh hey, he means that one time i asked to kick him outta game for demonoobing and then he talked shit in comment section under one of Irwe3 gameplays :D
  3. Fun hates and avoids you then
  4. I think that ranks page lacks discord server button on bottom of it.
  5. Alstar

    Nah mate, you just have tendency to actually put your head right into someone's reticle. Or to get spooked by random mine. Or to get killed by minelayer who laid it. Which makes me sad that i havent recorded/screenshotted any of yesterday games :(
  6. Alstar

    Were there dragons in that dream? Scratch my previous question. Personally, im infuriated. I mean, i never usually go on a massive shitpost twitter streak. This is not the CnC people anticipated and waited for. Instead of that we got mobile crap. Even more funny, there were people willingly took EA's offer and promoted the 'game' on their YT channels. Also, this is probably one of worst clash-royale-like implementations i ever seen. Just dont touch CnC anymore and let modding community do it job at keeping the game alive. Because thats what they were doing ever since C&C4 and end of gamespy.
  7. Alstar

    Ziggurat is also available for free on Good Old Games https://www.gog.com/game/ziggurat
  8. Alstar

    Quake Champions is now avaible for free for entire week, grab it now to be addedd permamently on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/611500/Quake_Champions/
  9. Alstar

    The changes provided by Pushwall made it better tho. Thanks Push, you're a good man.
  10. Alstar

    I Agree, whoever enjoyed classic XCOM should pick up Xenonauts. It's damn good game, even if your shield guys are bound to die in first missions because of random critical hits.
  11. Alstar

    Small feedback from me, regarding the Coastal Influence. Today i played the first game on it after patch, and i have to say - this map changed insanely when it comes to positioning of defensive V2. To the point where i was unable to stop anything that came through island/bridge unless its right in front of me and im certain i can hit it without problems with arc missile. The only areas where i can easily straightshot at anything on bridge were Service Depot close to Refinery and right in front of entrance to bridge. Refinery fundations can also be counted here but (just like service depot) you can only fire from side on bridge, while risking your shots being most likely blocked. In addition to that, lowering the elevation of middle island makes it nearly impossible to attack Arties on island. The fact that bridge (and entire island) was moved a bit to the North also have a bit of part in that, as you need to fire over bridge to hit anything - and you still wont be able to do that. Another thing is defense vs naval. Previously you could rather easily fire at ships coming to attack the Sub Pen - now since the area is flat you cant freely adjust your V2 trajectory by pointing your launcher on hill from Refinery to SubPen and aiming that way. It can be done, but you must be very close to the water now. In other words, as someone made a joke in discord,
  12. For past couple of days Atari becomes even more annoying than he usually is - however at this points its straight teamhamerping. Various examples (that can be confirmed by other players): - Pushing other players vehicles (which sometimes makes mine laying a bit more problematic than it usually is) - Straight up doing nothing or just casually jumping around, even when right in front of attackers assaulting the base - (already known for everyone) Continious shittalk whenever he dies - In big TL;DR acting like an asshole. Yesterday the only thing he was doing for longer period of time was running after me and shooting me in the head, while i tried defending the base. I'd be fine with that, if he wasnt in my team. Sadly he was. Every time i died he teabagged my corpse. His presence usually ends up wasting a good player spot, because anyone else would be more useful than him - and that results in the games lost because of lack of playing players.
  13. Alstar

    I'd like to return to Shotties topic. Sergeant - Indeed, they are pretty good even at longer ranges. I saw people shooting down others from rather huge ranges and still taking kills. Guess thats the unexpected outcome of afterburn damage changes. I feel like their range should be reduced a bit as a compensation for that. Regarding their secondary, i really enjoy the slug. It feels very effective against vechicles and because of that shottie is always my #1 pick when facing mixed enemy unit comps. Also, HSing someone with secondary always feels good If it has to go away, let it be. If it's bound to be replaced, i guess some kind of specialized armor shredder slug would be nice. Starshina - In all the games i used it i dont think i have ever got a single kill from secondary. I dont know if i just suck that badly or its unreliable, but i couldnt hit the broad side of the bar with it. If you keep on missing at bunch of enemies who are inside your barracks then you know that something is not right. If i buy Starshina, its for primary exclusively.
  14. Alstar

    Bloody hell, thats a lot of changes. Balancethrower - Deserved bunch of nerfs. Grenadiers - well, they were in fact a bit too squishy. Medics - Well, now its gonna be harder to heal during combat but i like it. Armor cache changes also look good. Sniper - Oh boy, time to annoy everyone Spy - This gonna be good. And annoying. Now it will be a bit more useful beside ability to steal vehicles LT - Guess 800 price seems a bit too harsh but then i see their preformance. I have mixed feelings about this one. Rooftop changes - necessary. Now it's gonan be easier to fend off anyone who plans on flaring the rooftops. Complex - Whoa, Radar Domes are back. Feels like old times. KOTG sounds fine for me, those gaps were really annoying Pipeline now ends up being real oil control war. Overall, looking good for me. Also what is this with big patches coming out lately, APB, Forged Battalions, tomorrow Fire Emblem Heroes, soon MO xD
  15. Alstar

    You volunteer to organize that? :^)