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  1. I think Firestorm has a slightly different ruleset in multiplayer compared to the campaign to maintain consistency, like how Red Alert Aftermath gave the Allies the super-strong Turret and weakened the Tesla Coil in MP.
  2. Some things noticed while testing: The Grenadier is rather far down on the infantry list for its cost. On Volcano, after buying a Yak and leaving it on the Airfield and buying a MiG afterwards, the MiG landed on the of the Yak. After accidentally getting into the Yak and driving it out of position, the MiG stayed in mid-air. The MiG's fly in animation after purchase looks very awkward due to the lack of any animation or jet engine exhaust. Somewhat unrelated,
  3. What happened between .9935 and 1.2, and between 1.2 and Gamma (besides naval getting removed). Were they any good?
  4. Could it be possible to just package the launcher on Steam but without the games?
  5. Since this seems like enough of a general maps suggestions thread, would it be possible to do an air raid map? As the amount of planes available to players on the maps they are present is fairly limited, a map where they are the focus could be interesting. Allies try to defend like in Seamist.
  6. That SS AGT doesn't seem to have the support pillar with the warning stripes on the back: Found some other C&C mods that have done a remodel of the AGT: TD Redux for Generals seems to have one as well, but I can't find any renders: https://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10740/sshot337.jpg
  7. Has there ever been a rear view of the AGT? The in-game sprite doesn't seem to make much sense.
  8. Mobile HQ mode was part of Nyerguds patch: The unit appears in the Capture the Flag (CTF) multiplayer mode of Command & Conquer when bases are disabled. Normal CTF games spawn the players' MCVs with a flag attached, which is placed next to the construction yard on a flag pedestal when the MCV is deployed. When a player manages to steal the flag from its pedestal and bring it to their own, the 'resign' function triggers for the player whose flag was captured, causing all their units and structures to explode. The mobile HQ compensates for the lack of fixed base positions to steal/capture flags in no-base games; its destruction triggers the 'resign' function for the owning player, again causing their immediate destruction. http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Mobile_headquarters Note that AI players will get a Mobile HQ in Capture The Flag mode too, since the AI never has a base, and technically the Mobile HQ mode is simply CTF mode without bases. http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/patch106c_r3_en.html#toc_8.2
  9. For a small buff, remove the turret restriction from the fuel drums mounted on the back? It's a balancing feature from the original releases of APB long before the team had any access to W3D engine code. Should the drums be kept because they were on the original Westwood render they could be mounted lower.
  10. Santa is secretly Thor's father, Odin: Beware or he will smite you.
  11. Maybe the build time could be dynamic based on vehicle cost, like in the original games?
  12. The APB official server is showing no map, zero players and no ping as if the server was down, however the ranks site is reporting fine and it's possible to join the server. Edit: seems to be resolved now.
  13. Will boarding and unloading zones be adjusted for the new swimming mechanic? There are now places you can be swimming that you would have died in previously, and cannot return to the coast in time or board a ship.
  14. You can try connecting to the server IP on the player stats page: https://www.w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/#/ Using the RenLauncher from CnCNet, you have to put in the same folder as game.exe (folder should be apb-release): https://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Renegade/renlauncher.exe If you have the game up to date already.
  15. Raap said the Destroyer was poorly done out of the new models in the update thread, also Coolrock explained why they decided to replace the old models:
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