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  1. KevinLancaster

    Raap said the Destroyer was poorly done out of the new models in the update thread, also Coolrock explained why they decided to replace the old models:
  2. KevinLancaster

    Would the Allied Tech Center have some sort of radar or enemy visibility bonus while it's active to simulate the GPS Satellite?
  3. KevinLancaster

    I sent the crash dump. I found it seemed to happen more often if I launch the game through the launcher, not directly from the .exe, but it isn't a certainty. Related to the issue, when I've exited from the map the Quit Game text on the main menu ocassionally gets garbled or disappears.
  4. KevinLancaster

    When trying to run Metro in Single Player, the game freezes and crashes after the team selection screen.
  5. KevinLancaster

    Is it possible to remove the grating in the Sub Pen? It prevents submarines from surfacing fully affecting your ability to board and exit depending on the direction you're facing, and due to this can lead to an issue where you get stuck on the moving sub in a continuous falling state you can't escape from.
  6. KevinLancaster

    They don't have to be removed, they could slide open temporarily when you get near them like the doors on the Naval Yard.
  7. KevinLancaster

    When you fall under the Naval Yard, you end up walking on an invisible plane just under the surface of the water, unlike the Sub Pen which has an actual floor. Is it possible for the Sub Pen doors to open up to make entering and exiting with subs easier? The doors seem to just be a decorative obstacle as is.
  8. KevinLancaster

    ⏰ tonight's almost over!
  9. KevinLancaster

    Will the Calico have it's magazine fixed? It seems to be stuck in the arm of the character which is seen while reloading. The game also seems to reset your controls settings every time you update.
  10. KevinLancaster

    Is this the reason for the IA server's removal from the listing at CnCNet?
  11. KevinLancaster

    Is it possible to create a marker for warps in progress, or have a coordinate grid on the teleport map? It can be hard to indicate an exact attack location with vague references to buildings and terrain features.
  12. KevinLancaster

    Game is missing icon

    Description In the latest update, the .exe had its icon removed and all shortcuts to it use the generic Windows application icon. Reproduction Steps Update to Create shortcut to C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\game.exe
  13. KevinLancaster

    Is it possible to have the exit location be above the vehicle so that you would land on top of the sub/ship?
  14. KevinLancaster

    Perhaps the RPG could have more splash damage in comparison to the LAW as he didn't receive the homing ability instead of the pistol.
  15. KevinLancaster

    This map calls for a Zorro thief someday.