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  1. Just gonna necro this thread casually. The real purpose of the camo pillbox was that it was tougher to kill, as chad mentioned. So just focus on making it tougher than the standard pillbox that makes it more effective i.e More health or higher damage resistances vs basic infantry.
  2. Sup Cooly. ❤️ I'm here again, but now doing code stuff, something I actually have some kind of skill in... unlike hand rigging and animation.
  3. For me, my biggest issue with Siege is the cannons. I've mentioned it before but I recall being summarily dismissed. I think they are far too effective as base razing due to where they're positioned, seeing as only infantry or artillery can damage it in any way. It feels cheap seeing as you probably already have lost control of mid for the enemy team to get that far forward. If you haven't already lost mid, you'll probably lose itas a consequence since you either need to hang back to repair; grab an arty unit and hanging back to snipe it, but also at immediate un-dodge-able of being 1-hit killed by the cannon yourself; or use inf to get up to it, but pray that you won't be pummelled by the vehicles holding mid as you try to get to and run up the slopes to reach the cannon. That's my feeling of Siege anyway (Hello me @Fegman891 in the logs).
  4. This "Weaker" rocket solly sounds very much like the difference between the Rocket Soldier and "Gunner" in Ren. Maybe keep both tiers available, Basic: 250, Advanced 500 or something, and remove the "advanced" tier on destruction?
  5. We need more badly offset MY SIG IS TOO BIG post backgrounds instead!
  6. To be fair, when the server was US-based back in the day, 100-200ms is a perfectly playable ping. The fact that the game has dumb netcode ironically makes it more accessible for players with higher latencies. even 300ms+ is still playable, albeit fairly warpy. Game engines like Source cack themselves with pings like those.
  7. Not stupid at all. It's a good way to introduce new players to the game universe. In fact, it's also a good opportunity to slide in some pre-play tutorial content, such as unit and structure functions, and maybe tips on a few basic tactics.
  8. And it was a suprisingly good night. Music was shit, but getting pissed with Ben and Pete just made it worthwhile. Also, Ben epically faceplanted on the way home though, grazing his arm, cutting his fingers, and twisting his ankle. Poor sod.
  9. Not doubting the quality of Xarah's logo or anything, but personally I would have preferred to see the 2nd place "AR" logo to have won. The reason for that is I think that Xarah's is a bit too rustic/subtley coloured and doesn't quite suit ARs bright and colourful style. Still, congratulations anyway.
  10. "That's all I has scheduled really, apart from... FLAAAAAMMEESS!" - Awesome stuff as always. :>
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